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Posted by on Aug 2, 2013 in Kids Tablet Wifi Posts | 8 comments

Are you Looking for a Kid Friendly Durable Tablet

Are you Looking for a Kid Friendly Durable Tablet

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Kids can be very rough on tablets and toys in general. If your wondering which kids tablet will hold up to the punishment of a child, the Nabi 2 is what your looking for. It is a new tablet line brought to you courtesy of Fuhu. They also sell a tablet for 3 & up called the Nabi Jr and for older kids they developed the Nabi XD.


The Ultimate Toughness Test

Want to see a live test of how tough these tablets are? This YouTube video will show you these tablets can handle more than your kids can dish out.

Want some more details on these super tough tablets?

What’s the Price of Fuhu Nabi Line of Kids Tablets

  • Nabi Jr – 99$
  • Nabi 2 – 179$
  • Nabi XD – 249$

How Kid Friendly is this Durable Tablet?

The Nabi products are Android based and have great parental controls. There is a kid safe web browser powered by this WiFi enabled tablet. The Wings programs handles all of the parental controls and kids learning programs. Through mommy/daddy mode you can control the content on the web, which programs the kids have access to and more.

This kid friendly tablet is an Android OS but the Wings program makes it very easy for any child to navigate. You can also add apps from the Fooz Kids University store and it is compatible with the Amazon store. Children simply scroll through picture icons with the apps names to load their favorite content as displayed below.

Screenshot nabi 2 wings

Nabi 2 Kids Tablet Specs

The Fuhu Nabi 2 is actually one of the most powerful kids tablets on the market. It has an HD 7 point multi touch screen that is durable enough for a kid to step on. It also has options to expand the memory with an SD card, WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, front facing HD camera, headphone jack, Lithium ion rechargeable battery, microphone, and mini HDMI port to connect to TV’s and more. It processes apps with one of the best processors available right now, a Quad Core CPU 1.3 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 mobile processor. In graphics and processing tests it fell in 4th place of all tablets behind the iPad, Nexus, and Acer Iconia.


Yes this is a kids tablet even if your 40 and want a really great kids tablet. You will find just as much great stuff on it as your kids will.


Is the Nabi 2 the Best Tablet for kids

The Nabi 2 is the most durable kids tablet on the market and is designed for ages 4 – 40. With the educational and easy to use Wings program your kids are sure to love this tablet. This tablet will also grow with your children because it is so powerful and durable it will be around for many years. See the full review on the Nabi 2 kids tablet.

Want the best price on this great kids tablet?

Walmart has it at 179.99

eBay Top Results

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  1. You’ve piqued my interest in tablets, Ryan. Looks like this tablet could be something both my grandson and I could enjoy! When I first glanced at the Fuhu Nabi prices, I thought I saw 995, 1795 and 2495. I had to do a double take and peer a little more closely. Not sure where you’re located, Ryan, but folks here in the States usually put the dollar sign in front of the numbers. Just a suggestion. Enjoyed the information, and I will probably go hunting for one of these devices. :-)

    • I am glad you found this interesting. I’m trying to help parents and Grand parents find quality products that will last and offer not only great quality content and durability but education. That is a great suggestion about the dollar sign. If your interested we are an affiliate of eBay Amazon Walmart and kmart to try and find you the best price new or used and we user several links to get you to the right pages of these stores. Happy hunting on tablets and I hope I have been a helpful resource and you will continue to use this site as a reference

  2. Cool video – they certainly look sturdy, robust and well made. All the same, there’s no way I would enlist enlist the help of my three year old to make a video like that. It would be a matter of time (minutes) before he was testing other, probably less rugged, items he found around the house.

    • That could definitely be a concern. I love the whole dad and son doing a project together though. I hope my son will learn to be an internet marketer as well. I love sharing my world and knowledge with my friends and visitors.

  3. Haha. That was a cute video. I don’t even have kids, but I had a good time watching the video. They really did test it’s durability – not some ‘fake’ review. I’m pretty clumsy…maybe I should get one of these instead of a new iPad!

      • I am a kid as well. I love these tablets. When my son goes to bed I watch movies and play games outside the kids apps.

    • It is almost as powerful as an iPad but half the price. I will share a video where a computer tech guy checks the graphics and others specs and how they compare to other top tablets.

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