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Best Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Cases and Accessories

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Check out all the best Kindle Fire HDX cases and accessories. Everything from the original flipfold cases and the new origami cases to screen protectors and replacement chargers. Get the best accessories and gift cards to load your kids and grandchildren up with a few bucks to buy apps. Don’t forget to get your FREE Amazon Prime and FreeTime Unlimited Trial.


Amazon Kindle Fire 7″ HDX Cases

With a new tablet comes lots of new cases and accessories. Here is some of the best and highest quality cases you will find for your dollar. These cases will also fit the new Kindle Fire HD 7″ 3rd generation. They are the same size and shape.


Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Origami Case

This is the newest sensation in cases for your Kindle Fire HDX 7″. It is a folding origami case that stands on it’s own. It is very durable and has a sturdy outside that will stand on it’s own by folding the cover fold into the backside of the case. It comes in several colors including Mineral, Pink, Purple, Slate Grey, and Citron. It runs 49.99 at Amazon. There is no screen protector because the tablet snaps into the case.


Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Leather Origami Case

They also sell a leather version of the origami folding case. It comes in 3 colors that include Black, Blue, and Red. A little more expensive than the Polyurethane model at $64.99. The tablet snaps in place but does not have a screen protector.


Marware Origin Cover for Kindle Fire HDX 7″

A much more affordable case but not quite as stylish as the origami case. The Marware Origin case is still very nice and folds in 3 different angles and has a magnetic clip to close the case. It has a soft inside to protect the screen when closed. There is no plastic screen cover. You have the option of 5 colors that include Black, Light Blue, Lime Green, Pink, and Purple. Right now you can save 29% and get it $19.99.


Belkin Chambray Cover for Kindle Fire HDX 7″

Another popular cover maker(Belkin) has also designed a great fitting case for the Kindle Fire HDX 7″. The tablet snaps into the case and has 3 grooves that keep it in place at different angles. There is also no screen protector on this case but it does have a very soft inside to protect the screen when closed. Your color options are Black, Blue, Purple, and Pink. This case starts at $39.99.


iBlason Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Case

The iBlason Kindle Fire HDX 7″ case is at an exclusively low price of $4.99 right now. You can get in in more than 10 colors and it has a feature called auto wake. So when you unfold the case it will prompt your tablet to come out of sleep mode. It also has an elastic strap for your hand, pen or stylus holder, and spots for a credit card or two. It has 2 standing positions but no screen protector.


Otterbox Defender Series for kindle Fire HDX 7″

The ever popular Otterbox has designed a case as well. Most of you know this as the most protective scratch and crack preventer. Right now it is only available in Black but your best option if young kids are going to be using your brand new $230 tablet. This case comes in as the most expensive case as well at $69.99. It also has 3 standing positions including portrait mode.


Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Screen Protectors

Are all screen protectors created equal? The answer is no so here is a brief description about them and how much they will cost.


Marware Clear Screen Protector KitĀ for Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″

This kit comes with 2 screen protectors, applicator tool, and cloth to clean the screen. It is also clear and will not add reflection or color distortion to your Kindle Fire HDX. you will not have to cut or adapt this screen protector in any way. This kit will run you $14.99.


Invellop Anti-Glare Screen Protectors for Kindle Fire HDX 7″

I don’t know how this is possible but they are offering 3 screen protectors for only a penny. Yes 1 red cent. The one catch is the screen protectors are not available for Amazon Prime shipping and they are going to charge you $4.99 for shipping. In the end you are still getting 3 anti-glare screen protectors for $5. Anti-glare screen protectors usually have some texture and will make the tablet a little darker in the daytime.


ArmorSuit Military Shield for Kindle Fire HDX 7″

This is general the company I use for all of my devices. I have never had any issues with their products and they always have very reasonable pricing. This screen protector is currently on sale at a 78% discount to combat the price of the previous company. It is $4.95 but also not available with Amazon Prime shipping.


Chargers for your Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

There are many chargers on the market but again all chargers are not created equal. The first product up is actually my favorite Kindle Fire accessory no matter which model you have.


Amazon Kindle 9W PowerFast Adapter for Accelerated Charging

This adapter is produced by Amazon and is safe for all of their products. It’s 9W of charging power. This fast charger basically cuts your charging time in half. Don’t worry if you forgot to put your Kindle Fire HDX on the charger the night before because you can charge it fully in as little as 4 hours.This accessory is included with the new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ model. Simply plug in your USB to mini USB cable to charge.


Fintie 5-in-1 Accessories Kit for Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

The Fintie 5-in-1 accessory kit comes with a car charger, a USB cord for data sync, stylus, fishbone to eliminate cord tangling and a Velcro wrap to keep your accessory pack together. The USB cable is not for charging but one of those comes with your Kindle Fire HDX. This combo pack is normally $23.99 but is on sale right now for $8.99.


I hope you have found a bunch of great accessories and cases for your Kindle Fire HDX. If I’ve left off one of best Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ cases and accessories then leave it in the comments and I will add it for everyone to see.

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  1. I can’t find a protective cover or any case for the 3rd generation Kindle Fir HD 7″ I bought for my 4 yr old grandson help!!!!!!! He needs a protective case
    I can’t believe Amazon puts out this product and NO CASES for them,,,
    I shouldn’t have bought it,

  2. I sure hope to other hdx cases. I mean if you are going to release a product make sure you have a variety of selections in cases. Not just plain ole boring colors. I don’t want a skin, I want protection for my kindle and I want something that fits y personality.

    • It usually takes a little while for the case companies to catch up to the tablet manufacturers. Idk why they don’t produce both or coordinate and give the other companies a prototype so they can be released together.

      Still confused about this myself. That would be a great company to start though. Designer cases made by the customer. Send your own picture or pattern in and have them customize it.

  3. i can’t buy any case in Vietnam :(

    • Amazon won’t ship to you in Vietnam? Do you know of any retailers that will ship to you?

  4. Do other Kindle Fire models have such an extensive array of cases and accessories?

    • Actually they pretty much do but this a first for the new Origami cases and they are a really cool and protective case.

    • If the range of cases that became available for the previous Kindle Fire models is anything to go by there will be many, many more cases for this new Fire HDX model in the very near future.
      One thing is for sure you’ll almost certainly never see two Kindle Fires, in covers, looking alike!

      • I agree 100%. They were just released but we will be seeing a lot more in the near future.

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