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Posted by on Aug 12, 2013 in Kids Tablet Wifi Posts | 0 comments

Best Android Tablets for Kids

Best Android Tablets for Kids

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Are you looking for the best Android tablets for kids that have parental controlsScreenshot apple knock by android and content geared towards children. It is not so short of a list these days as tablet companies realize the need for this growing consumer market.

Some of the top companies are producing Android tablets with parental controls and some new companies are also launching products hoping to gain a share of the Android tablets market. Once dominated by Apple is now split almost 50/50. The Amazon

Kindle Fire and Fuhu Nabi are leading the way with the close competitors being Kurio, Meep, and Ematic FunTab Pro. The breakdown of these 5 tablet lines will give you a good idea of which one to buy.

They range from $89 to $199 and some even rival the best tablets like the iPad, Galaxy Tab and Google Nexus which run nearly twice this amount. You can see full reviews by clicking on the highlighted kids tablet names.

Amazon Kindle Fire Kids Tablet

Screenshot kindle fire hd The Kindle line has introduced FreeTime which is an app that securely keeps children from using anything outside of the FreeTime that has not been given access to by the parents. You can also subscribe to the FreeTime Unlimited for $2.99 to $9.99 a month, depends on how many profiles you have and if your an Amazon Prime Member.

This subscription gets your child thousands of apps, books, videos, and TV shows. In the parental controls you can control how long a child spends on 3 categories that are books, apps, and video.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime you will also get access to thousands of movies you can rent for free kinda like Netflix.

The Amazon Kindle Fire starts at $159 and is not only the most content rich, but also has the fastest WiFi available on all tablets. If you upgrade to the Kindle Fire HD you will get a full HD screen, 2 Dolby Digital Speakers and a great color/contrast screen for $199.

Nabi 2 Kids TabletScreenshot nabi 2 kids tablet

The Nabi 2 kids tablet is the most durable tablet on the market. Fuhu has come up with an app called  Wings. You can follow your kids progress through the mommy/daddy mode.

There is also a kids safe web browser. This tablet also has an  optional subscription called Spinlets+ TV which gives your children access to more than 700 hours of shows like  Strawberry Shortcake, Paddington Bear, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Busy World of Richard Scarry, Madeline and more.

This tablet runs a NVIDIA G Force processor and rivals the processing speed of the fastest tablets available today. If your interested on more information about this tablet see the full Nabi 2 review. It starts at $179 these days.

Kurio 7″ Kids Tablet

The Kurio line was there first attempt at a kids tablet line. It features many things Screenshot kurio 7 like 8 individual profiles with independent web filters, a few free pre loaded apps that are free anyways, and time limits for each user. You can purchase apps via the Kurio store. This tablet started at $199 but is now down to $99 due to some minor problems with their tablets. Read the full review on the Kurio 7″ kids tablet to see what other issues may arise if you purchase this tablet.

Meep Kids Tablet

The Meep is brought to you by Oregon Scientific and was a great tablet in theory. It Screenshot Meep kids tabletis running the outdated Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It has cloud based parental controls you can access through WiFi. There are some cool accessories like drums, piano keyboard, and game play mat. There are also 50 top Apps included with your Meep Tablet. This tablet starts at $149 but read the full review on the Meep kids tablet before you purchase it.

Ematic FunTab Pro Kids Tablet

Screenshot ematic funtab pro

The Ematic FunTab Pro is one of my favorite kids tablets ideas. It has very impressive parental controls and the Zoodles learning program is adaptive to your child’s skill level and teaches all of the basics and fundamentals like letters and numbers. It also has over 45 pre-loaded apps. Where this tablet falls short is the Ematic companies customer support. If it doesn’t work you will more than likely just be purchasing a new tablet. Read the full review on the Ematic FunTab Pro before you purchase it. The tablet runs around $129.

Conclussion for Android Tablets for Kids

The Kindle Fire gets the best reviews from parents across the board. I’m not saying don’t buy the other tablets but be aware of potential issues you may have so if you run into them you will get your replacement before your warranty expires. Kindle also has the best customer service of these kids tablets and with a few adjustments to an actual learning program and a web safe browser the Kindle Fire will blow all the competition away by miles.

My Second Favorite is the Nabi which also gets very good ratings and is very durable for the child that is hard on their toys. It has great parental controls and quite a bit of content to keep your child busy. Fuhu is a new company and is also struggling with customer support. I hope to see them address these minor issues in the near future to remain a top competitor.

The remaining three almost seem like a gamble and I’m not into throwing money away. If your interested in the features of these other tablets I would wait until the second gen models come out and see how they preform before I bought one.

If your not concerned with a lot of parental controls check out the Samsung Galaxy 3 Tab 8″ . One of my favorite tablets, I have owned 2.

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