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Posted by on Aug 27, 2013 in Kids Tablet Wifi Posts | 2 comments

Best Tablet for Kids to Play Games

Best Tablet for Kids to Play Games

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Why the Kindle Fire HD was Built for Games

There are many great kids tablets but some are centered around education and some around media. If you want the best tablet for kids to play games I would recommend the Kindle Fire HD. Amazon built this tablet to be centered around media.

It has a more than adequate processor and 3D graphics processor to run all the newest games. It has thean Android OS and you can find tons of free games at Amazon.

Another great feature I love is the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited. I say I love it but my son is the one that really loves it. I pay $2.99 a month and he gets access to thousands of games books and TV shows that are 100% safe for kids.

Screenshot kindle fire hd

The Fastest WiFi available on a tablet makes it an ideal for streaming videos music or games to your Kindle Fire Hd. Some other great features include the Dolby Digital Speakers and full HD screen for great looking movies and games.

More options include Amazon Prime or Netflix for this tablet. It also comes with a mini HDMI port so you can connect it to your TV. We find lots of great movies the whole family loves to watch like Avengers. You can also use the Bluetooth accessory for wireless headphones or speakers if you love music as well.

If you want o view the best 10 apps or games for kids you can view this article I wrote about the most popular games for kids. There are thousands more in the Android Market that your kids will love to play.

The Kindle Fire HD has been very durable for my 5 year old son. I got a Marware Swurve case that fits it and we haven’t had any mishaps yet. He is pretty careful with it but there are a lot of great cases available that will keep your investment safe.

Another Option for a Great Kids Tablet

Another plausible option for the best tablet for kids to play games is the Nabi 2. It is very durable and also an Open Source Android Tablet. The Nabi 2 has some of the most impressive specs for any tablet. It runs a NVIDIA TEGRA processor and keeps pace with the Nexus and iPad when it comes to pure processing speed.

Screenshot nabi 2 kids tablet

Read the Full Reviews

In the full reviews I’ve highlighted the tablet specs, what comes with the tablets, the pros and cons of each tablet and the best price on the internet right now.

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  1. More great info, Ryan. Keep posting these informative reviews. My grandson will eventually thank you for it. :-)

    • Thanks for the comment and reading Bill. I hope many more parents are getting the information they need from my website.

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