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Posted by on Oct 10, 2013 in Kids Tablet Wifi Posts | 55 comments

Buy a Kids Tablet in 2013 – See Your Best Options

Buy a Kids Tablet in 2013 – See Your Best Options

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If your looking to buy a kids tablet in 2013 I have put a list together of your best options in 2013. I have reviewed over 30 kids tablets this year to make your shopping easy. I have also put together some of the great bundles that kids tablet companies have recently released so you can get the best value for your dollar.

Buy a Kids Tablet for Ages 3 or 4

Buy LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

leappad ultra green


If your looking for a great educational tablet for your pre-k child then the LeapPad Ultra is a top of the line learning tablet. With over 800 educational games and interactive books you can’t go wrong with this option.

Some notable features are WiFi, HD Screen, 2 cameras, 8 GB of memory, 7″ Screen, No batteries required, kids safe web browser, and 11 apps and games included. Comes in Green or Pink.

The LeapPad Ultra started out at $149 but you can generally find it at Amazon for around $139. Scroll to the bottom of this link and you will see 1 option for $139 and I suggest you hurry before they sell out.

Buy LeapPad Ultra for $139

Buy Vtech Innotab 3s

Screenshot vtech innotab 3s

The Vtech Innotab 3s is very similar to the LeapPad Ultra but at $50 less. It has around 400 educational games and interactive books. Featuring great publishers like Disney and Nickelodeon.

Some Notable features include WiFi, 4 GB of memory that can expand by 32 GB, swivel camera, 5″ screen, kids safe web browser and 20 apps and games included.

They have released 2 new bundles for $99 and you get a couple of cartridges included or you can get the original.

Buy Mickey Mouse Club Bundle Buy Fairies Bundle

Buy Nabi JR – An Android Kids Tablet for pre-k

Screenshot nabi jr wingsThe Nabi JR is the only Android kids tablet developed for ages 3 and up. It is also very reasonably priced at $99 and is made for everything from the educational wings program to thousands of less expensive Android apps on the Nabi store.

Notable features include WiFi, Wings educational program, swivel camera, 5″ HD screen, 4 GB memory with optional 32 GB expansion, 1 GHz processor, .5 GB RAM, and lots of included content. You can also get the 2 year warranty for only $20.

Buy Nabi JR

Buy Kids Tablets for Ages 5 and Up

Buy Kindle Fire HD 2nd Generation

Screenshot kindle fire hd

With the new Kindle Fire line launching you can find this top entertainment kids tablet for nearly half the price while supplies last. They also offer services like Amazon Prime(compare to Netflix) and FreeTime Unlimited the most content for your dollar starting at $2.99 a month for over 10,000 kids apps, games, books, and TV shows.

Notable features include WiFi, Bluetooth, Great looking 7″ HD screen, front camera, 1.2 GHz processor, 16 GB or 32 GB of memory, 10 hour battery life, HDMI port for connecting to TV’s, HD speakers, and free trials of Amazon Prime and FreeTime Unlimited.

The new Kindle Fire line is an amazing set of products as well. They are the best looking and sounding tablets available for their price.

Buy Kindle Fire HD See New Kindle Fire Tablets

Buy Nabi 2 – Best All Around Kids Tablet

Screenshot nabi 2 kids tablet

The Nabi 2 is my top pick among all kids tablets. It’s super durable, has a great educational program, and has lots of available content including the new Nickelodeon edition. 

Some notable features include WiFi, Bluetooth, 7″ HD screen, 1.3 GHz NVIDIA Tegra processor, 8 GB of memory that can be expanded by 32 GB, 2 MP front camera, 8 hour battery life, mini HDMI port, and over 50 pre-loaded books and apps.

Buy Nabi 2 Backpack Bundle Get Nabi 2 Nick Edition

 Buy Kurio 7s – A Great Family Tablet

kurio 7sThe New Kurio 7s is setup to be a great family tablet to share. It has 8 profiles for a specialized experience for each family member. It has 4 web browser settings for the youngest to the oldest in your family. It has over 60 apps included and DR Nussbaum’s educational program.

Some notable features include WiFi, a 7″ HD screen, 2 cameras, dual core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of memory that is expandable by 32 GB, between 5 and 8 hours battery life, and an included bumper case. All of this is included for $149.

Buy Kurio 7s @ Amazon Buy Kurio 7s @ Walmart

Buy Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″- The Best Android Tablet in 2013

kindle fire 8.9 hdxThis is absolutely the best running and looking family or kids tablet in 2013. Available for pre-order and will be released in November. The specs, look, and feel are unreal. With your 2 subscriptions(Amazon Prime and FreeTime Unlimited) and optional wireless connectivity to your TV you are going to fall in love with this amazing piece of equipment. Optional service through Verizon and AT&T will be available in December.

Some notable features include 2560 x 1600 screen resolution, 2.2 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, memory options of 16, 32, and 64 GB, Dual Band Dual Antenna WiFi, 2 cameras with 5 and 8 MP resolution, under 1 pound in weight, 365 days a year support, and so much more you need to take a look at this kids tablet.

Buy Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″

I hope I have helped you buy a kids tablet in 2013 and this information helped you find the best options available. I have done full reviews on all of these tablets if you want to learn more about these top kids tablets for your family. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you promptly.



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  1. how to unlock my child touch screen please let me no he locked it what can i do

  2. Absolutely do not buy the XO Tablet by Vivitar. I spent days researching affordable tablets for my daughter for her 8th birthday & thought I had made a great choice for educational use. Well the battery port is absolute junk. She has used it only a handful of times and I have been the one to plug in the charger. It quit charging about 5 days ago & I noticed the port was bent and indented. Now its completely inside the tablet. Very disappointed! :(

  3. Hi
    Thanks for all your reviews very helpful. My question is we just gave my 5yr old daughter who is in the 1st grade a nabi2. We loved all the pre-down loaded educational material on there but we have had problems with it running correctly. We did not find it user friendly, but maybe that is due to us only having apple products in our house. We are definitely frustrated. We are really considering on returning it. What would you recommend for us to get? Definitely would like to have an educational component to it. The iPad mini we did look at but gosh it’s expensive. Any help I would appreciate. Thanks

    • There are quite a few educational games on the Kurio and the parental controls are wonderful. The one thing I don’t like and since your an apple owner it will be very noticeable is the loose fitting charging port. I definitely feel a connection when I put the charger in almost all my products. The screen and sound are also above average for a kids tablet.

      The best Product in my opinion is the Kindle Fire HD for the price. They haven’t added a date to when their educational program is coming out but it’s supposed to be first quarter. It will be added to the FreeTime subscription which is wonderful in my opinion. I have only purchase 2 apps while I have had it and that was Star Wars angry birds one and two because me and my son play those together. Overall this is my favorite for many other reasons and it gets consumer reviews close to apple. Apple usually 4.3-4.5 and Kindle 4.1-4.3

      Just my opinion but if you don’t like the Nabi those are going to be your best options. The SG Tab 3 kids is really nice too.

  4. Wow you really have the best research out there on tablets. We are looking to get my son one as a big brother present. He will be not quite 2.5.
    1) We are looking for the best deal. We want one that has acess to free or cheap aps not something that is going to keep costing us a bunch. Ideally not to expensive but will spend more if it’s the best deal in the long run. Nothing over $200. Less is better.
    2) We want it to last. Not something he will grow out of in a couple years.
    3) obviously we need it to be toddler tough or have tough cases available (factored into the cost)
    4) easy to use parental controls.

    Thank you for any help you can give.

    • Thank you. I have done more than a 1,000 hours of testing and researching this year.

      Best two options Kindle Fire HD($139) with a iBlason kids tough case($25). You can view this one on my Cyber Monday page. Add the FreeTime subscription for $5 a month and no need to ever purchase an app.

      Or Nabi Jr Nick Jr edition($139). Not as beautiful or large but very kid tough with good internal components and 16 GB of memory.

  5. Hello Ryan,
    Thank you for your great reviews, your website is the best.

    I bought my 2.5 year old the Samsung galaxy tab 3 kids for Christmas. She has not seen or played with it yet, so with that said I am not sure if this was a better choice than the Nabi 2 Disney edition? Or even the vtech Innotab 3?
    She loves going on the PBS app as well (Educational content is very important for us)

    She currently is using a first generation ipad,but I feel like it’s too big and I’m cheating her out of a kids, educational content tablet.

    Thank you!

    • There is quite a bit you can find on Google Play as far as education. I hope to be putting a list of educational apps for parents to try and comment on so as a community we will have a great list for future parents to try.

  6. Hi Ryan, I’m in the UK and so glad i found your page!! I’m so fed up or looking at reviews and then changing my mind about what to buy! I have a 2 1/2 year old son, who dropped my ipad 2 weeks ago – so since then a gadget has been on his xmas list! I was thinking Innotab 3 but don’t like the idea of cartridges – although the price makes me happy as they have reduced lately. He loves the ipad for games and for going on youtube to watch videos. I have wifi but would want something he can use when we are out for long journeys in the car. Any ideas? I’m thinking more tablet since he likes apps on the ipad and ony my samsung mobile phone. Whatever your opinion is im going with as I give up trying to think for myself when there’s so much of a choice out there!

    • Since he also uses a Samsung phone and it has Google Play giving your more app options, in the UK, you may not have with the others, I would go with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids. There is an app called tubemate you could use to download Youtube videos or you could add your own using the video I made. Good for on the go away from WiFi.

      Thanks for the questions

  7. I am confused on which tablet would be best for my two year old daughter. Her father, aunt, grandma, and I all have an iPhone and iPad so she has become quite familiar with apple. We were going to get her the iPad mini but I would rather egg a child friendly device. I am looking at the smarttab jr, what do you think? I want a device that would allow her to play games or watch something while we are out running errands. We do have wifi at the house though. I also like apple’s App Store wide selection of apps. Please help.

  8. You have the most informative and helpful review site on kids tablets I have found. Thank you for your assistance for all parents. I know there have been others ask the same question but I am getting too much information and opinions that I am confused on what I feel is my best option for my situation. I have a 2.5 year old and a 7 year old first grader. I already have a Galaxy Tab 3 for myself and both kids love it. I like the android platform and would like to keep android OS for the kids tablet I buy or one that will “cooperate” with it (hate to purchase the same apps more than once). I have a InnoTab2S for the younger one but got tired of spending so much on the cartridges. I can’t afford much more than $100 and would like to keep it reasonable. I like the Kurio 7 and Nabi review you gave but it sounds like it isn’t compatible with the android OS (Google Play). My husband and I looked at the CLickN Kids 7 but not sure on that either. Also only buying one tablet for the kids to share. Ok with all that said, what I am looking for is as follows:

    1. Obviously kid friendly
    2. Price right
    3. Compatible with Android Google Play (if possible)
    4. multiple kid and age use (if possible)
    5. Educational (highly important)
    6. Kid entertainment (got my own tablet don’t need my own entertainment)
    7. Parental Controls (if possible)– if Google Play compatible I can use an app lock app also
    8. It seems you are a huge fan of Kindle Fire HD and would like it except the monthly fee.

    Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

    • I think that is a little misconception about Google Play and Android OS being Synonymous. Kindle has their own Android OS and its not Jelly Bean or all the others you hear about but it is still Android. The reason these other tablets do not allow Google Play is by their choosing not because they are not Android. They usually block Google Play because many apps are by 3rd parties and are riddled with Gambling Games, possible Viruses and just poorly built apps, not saying all the apps are bad or poor but standards are different to qualify to put an app on Google Play.

      I think the ClickN kids tablet is probably your best option. The Camelio and SmartTab are the only other kids tablets in that price range and the ClickN kids tablet is just built better and runs better. The main education is going to be the Looney Toons phonics but with Google Play you can find a ton of other educational apps to supplement. They have basically integrated Kids Place app and a couple other parental control apps to make it a safe tablet for kids on the internet, denying purchases, etc.

      I am a big fan of the Kindle Fire because it has quality apps, books, and videos for $3 a month that are built by companies like Disney, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, EA and more. This is not for everyone but I don’t ever really buy apps with the exception of Angry Birds because me and my son play together. It is also a much higher quality tablet than most because Amazon makes almost nothing on their tablets and depends on their subscriptions, movies, eBooks etc to make money instead of their product thus they can spend more on the components of the tablet.

      Thanks for the comment and hope I answered all your questions and feel free to leave me anymore you might have.

  9. Hi Ryan:
    What an amazing site and helpful imformation. I have read your reviews and you commets but as many parents I am still undecided.
    I am looking at buying my 12 year old son and my 4 year old daughter tablets for Christmas. I was wondering which products you would recommend. My son likes to listen to music, watch films, play games, text his friends, share homework ideas, read, etc and I would like them to serve as educational too. I know I have to be careful with my choice as there is such an age difference and I know my daughter will want to do exactly the same as her brother but I want them to have differnet devices that are suited to their ages and needs.

    • For your son my best 2 suggestions are the SG Tab 3 regular model or the Kindle Fire HD or HDX. Those will perform well for all areas mentioned. The bonus to the Samsung Galaxy is having the Google Apps. With Google a Drive he could collaborate with other friends for homework. You also will have Polaris office on both.

      You could get your 4 year old daughter the SG Tab 3 kids and essentially have the Same tablet but hers will come with parental controls education and kids apps. Seems like a win win for your situation.

  10. I’m looking for a tablet for my 3 year old daughter. Something educational

  11. Thank you Ryan-Very informative site. Buying for autistic teenage son. Non verbal, but loves Nintendo dx & iPad, have to assist in usage. I want something that he will feel comfortable using, easy enough for me to understand/assist with, sturdy & affordable. Also, must have special Ed apps. Leaning toward the nabi xd 10 in. Always thought the tablets were great for special needs kids when first introduced.

    • I would go with a Nabi and also would contact Nabi to get one because they will give you a discount as they support the Autism foundation. I can’t remember the discount but I know it’s pretty good.

  12. I have been looking at your reviews and it looks like the Nabi 2 or Nabi JR is the best option for 2 1/2 year olds. I have not seen a review on the Ematic. Do you have any comments on it?


      • Hi Ryan, can you please help me to choose the right Tablet for my 9 year old daughter? She is a Special Needs child and she cannot walk or talk at this time and also her intellectual capabilities are not at the same as her peers. However, I have an IPad and she loves listening to stories and movies and music. At this time she’s now going to start school for the very first time, but I want a Tablet that I can use now and later on as well when she’s progressing. I was looking at all your reviews and I’m leaning towards the Nabi 2 Disney, but I wanted your advice first.

        • I think that would be a great choice or even the Kindle Fire HD. She would have more book selections that read to her with FreeTime Unlimited but only if you have WiFi. For around $3 to $5 a month she will have access to over 10,000 books, games, and videos.Both can be found at Best Buy and yoou can get the Kindle Fire HD for $99 at this link

          Thanks for visiting and commenting

  13. Hi Ryan, I’m a mother of 3yr old twin boys. They love my iPhone and I’m trying to decide on which tablet I should get them that will cover the educational and entertainment area. I really liked your review on the Tabeo e2 tablet but the age group doesn’t match my boys. They like the learn 22 learn app and they love subway surf and temple run. Thanks in advance

    • I think the Nabi 2, Kurio 7s, or Kindle Fire would be much better. They have all of those apps you mentioned above. If you have questions about those individual tablets jet me know and I’ll do my best to help you get the best fit for your boys and budget.

  14. Hi… First off this was an extremely informative site– I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this! I guess I just need some advice… I have a 2 year old and an almost 5 year old… They both need a tablet so they won’t fight lol. I’m sold on the nabi jr nick jr edition for my 2 year old… And I thought I was sold on the nabi 2 for the older one but… I saw the kindle fire HD… Now I am just confused! I want the older one to learn how to read and write– those are my biggest concerns. Entertainment would be cool too… Any suggestions? Again… I seriously appreciate this site, my research on kids tablets stops here!

    • Thanks. The Nabi 2 is set up with a curriculum and is very in depth but does require WiFi. The Kindle Fire has apps available to do these types of things but it would not be a curriculum and you would have to find them. I have a couple pages on these types of apps. I really like 22 Learn and the learning games by Kevin Bradford. Either way you will be getting a really good kids tablet. The Kindle Fire is entertainment heavy and the Nabi 2 is more educational but not as good looking or sounding.

  15. I just purchased the Tabeo e2 for granddaughter and trying to down load movie from toysrus movies and we get outofregion on this – how do we get around this

    • Where are you located? Have you tried contacting Tabeo yet? I have never had this error personally and would have to investigate it more.

  16. I am looking to purchase tablets for my 3 girls ages 6,9,11. I use mostly apple products so I am uneducated with most of these tablets. I watched some of your videos and am still unsure which would be best for each child. I am looking for mostly education for them but understand that my 11 year old will probably need a kindle product. I am not sure if any of these tablets can access apps I already have purchased from iTunes. I watched the Samsung Galaxy 3 kids review and it had a pretty young feel to me. They enjoy games like princess dress up, Angry Birds, Templerun, etc.. I guess I am looking for educational apps that seem more like games to them. Also important to me is parental control and possibly WiFi for the oldest. Thanks for your time and your excellent website.

    • I would definitely get last years Kindle Fire HD for the oldest because it has a camera and you can get the 32 GB for around $130. If your budget is a little bigger the Kindle Fire 8.9″ will have 2 cameras which is a big bonus because if she isn’t already into Facebook and posting pictures it won’t be long until she is.

      For the younger 2 all of these have wifi. The tablet I like best for educational games for the elementary school kids is the Kurio 7s. It also has a lot of parental controls and very flexible web browsing filters so you can set it up the way you see fit for each child.

      The new Samsung kids tablet is an outstanding piece of equipment but I’m not really sold on their education. I’m still going through it as I have only had it for 2 days and try to be as thorough as possible with reviews and giving each company a fair shake when I review products for other parents.

      Thank you and it has been a fun site to build and can’t wait to start some new sections and put even more info on the site.

  17. What are your thoughts on the Clickn Kids tablet?

  18. I’m looking to buy something educational for my 2 1/2 year old. I had an ipad for work (and had to return it) and he can navigate it easily as well as my iphone. I did not like that he could get into other apps while playing games and that I had to purchase more memory on icloud due to all of the games and books. I’m a teacher so education is a must! Should we get him a Nabi 2? Leap pad2? Ultra? Innotab 2s or 3s? Since Black Friday is right around the corner, I’m hoping to find a good deal. Thanks so much! Great site!!

    • The best deal and best tablet your going to get on Black Friday is the Nabi 2 regular edition at $99.

      Out of all the tablets I have reviewed this is the only one I have seen come through.

      • Thanks for your response. I love this site! So if I wasn’t worried about a great deal on Black Friday….What is your best recommendation based on what I said I was looking for? Nabi 2? Leap pad2? Ultra? Innotab 2s or 3s? Kindle Fire? Thanks!!

        • I noticed that about a lot of sites they don’t respond to their visitors. Not okay, lol. Anyways….

          I really don’t care for the LeapPads or Innotabs because of cartridge costs and limitations as well as limited longevity because kids get bored with them because they have already used products like the iPad. For his age I would go with the Nabi Jr Nick Jr or Nabi 2. The special editions have a lot of extra content but I don’t know if I would spend an extra $100.

          The Nabi Jr Nick Jr has been updated with the same processor, twice the memory, and has a 2mp swivel camera. You also get some nick jr apps, videos, and games for $139.

  19. I was looking at the Google Nexus 7 for my 6yr old & 8yr old Boys. I like the fact that they have a rear and front facing camera and full access to the Android network. Can you put movies on this tablet and do you have any suggestions for 10 inch tablets?

    • You can definitely put movies on the nexus 7. I’m sure your wanting to stay with the theme of Google Play so my best recommendation is either the Samsung Galaxy tab 3 10.1 or the Nexus 10. They are both high quality but more affordable than an iPad.

  20. Im looking at getting my 6 and 4 year old tablets for Christmas. Ive got it narrowed down to the tabeo e2 and the nabi 2. I’m curious if the nabi 2 can have movies downloaded onto it like the tabeo and I have a kindle fire and considered just getting my kids those but ive had trouble with a week charging port and since kids are rough I don’t want them to break it. (They already broke mine once) I’m also wondering about apps for both of these options. Will have have to buy the same apps twice etc. Sorry for all the questions. Ive been doing research like crazy and am lost.


    • Tabeo e2 has blocked the Amazon AppStore. I’m sure someone will release a patch that will allow the AppStore to be downloaded but no guarantee.

      You can copy movies from your PC to the Nabi 2 as well.

      As far as purchasing it twice you won’t have to if you buy two tablets that have the AppStore. If you click see My Apps and select cloud it will show everything available that you have already purchased and you can simply download them.

  21. I’m looking to purchase a tablet for my children this christmas. They are 6 and 2 and are able to work an ipad efficiently. Originally I was looking to get only my six year old a tablet but I know there would be a ton of fighting over them. So now i’m looking to purchase them both one.

    I have been looking at the Kurio, Nabi jr, and the Kindle 7, first generation. I had been leaning towards the kindle fire for both of them since I can get it for $75 while the others are over $100. I just wasn’t sure how my 2 year old would do with it. I was planning on sharing it with her. Any input is greatly appreciated! I am clueless on all of these tablets!

    I know I am not interested in the innotab or leappad because my son had one and didn’t use it much after the first year.

    • The only thing I would question would be the durability for your 2 year old. My son is 5 and he operates is just fine so great for your 6 year old. I would get the Nabi Jr for your 2 year old and get the Kindle Fire HD 2nd gen. They are $100 but the quality is well worth the extra $20. They both can use the Amazon AppStore so anything you buy through there would be available on both tablets, win win. Feel free to ask any other questions you have and thanks for commenting. Also if you don’t mind recommending us on FB or G+ it helps other parents find us.

      • Thank you for your quick reply! I was reading more through your pages and I thought somewhere I read the Kurio was the best family tablet? I originally started looking at that but the reviews were so back and forth and thats what pushed me to look at the kindles. The real question is Kurio or Kindle for a six year old?

        Also reading more I think the Nabi Jr does look like a good option. It uses the amazon app store also? Is the battery life decent?

        I will share on FB! Thanks so much!

        • I’m doing a Nabi Jr Nick Jr video review tonight after the family goes to bed and you will get a real good look at what it can do.

          I really like the Kurio 7s and the Kindle Fire HD. Much better education on the Kurio but the Kindle is the best looking. My son is 5 and the first one I bought was the Kindle Fire HD. I love FreeTime unlimited and so does he. It costs me $3 a month and has literally more than 10,000 things to do. Some kids are just to rough to handle it.

          It’s not super fragile like an iPad but not as durable as the Nabi 2. The Kindle Fire HD looks and sounds the best and FreeTime Unlimited is a huge plus. Like I said the biggest gap it doesn’t fill is an educational curriculum.

          My comments vary depending on what a parent wants it for. If you want entertainment then the Kindle Fire HD is the way to go. If you want durability and education then get the Nabi 2. If your budget is $150 and you still want a great tablet then the Kurio 7s is your best buy. All of this is still age dependent because if your child is under 5 I wouldn’t have the same list of tablets to work from that are realistic good matches.

  22. We are looking for tablets for our twins who will be 4 years old in January. Both are quite adept at using an iPad and iPhone. We want educational and fun games more than anything. Thoughts on what to get them? I hate to buy a LeapPad Ultra and have it last only a year or two max. I want this to grow with them a bit more. Thoughts?

    • I agree. Once they hit four I would go Android and if they can already use an iPad I would go with the Nabi 2. They have released a Disney edition and a nickelodeon edition. The Nabi 2 actually processes at almost the same FPS(frames per second) as an iPad but they are super durable and offer a lot of education and entertainment.

      The other viable option is the new Kindle Fire HD. Not quite as durable without a good case like the marware swurve I got my 5 year old. Kindle’s FreeTime unlimited has over 10,000 kids apps, games, tv clips, and books and I only pay $3 a month for that subscription. Both will work great for your twins. If you need more information then let me know.

      Thanks for the comment and question.

      • Thanks so much for the info! Helps a lot! Great site by the way!

        • Thanks for the comment and the compliment. I have been working really hard on getting it to be a complete listing for parents. Is there anything you would like to see me add?

  23. So many tablets, so little time. :-)

    • This is really only about half the list I could have come up with. I felt this was the necessity of great tablets worth mentioning though.

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