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Posted by on Oct 13, 2013 in Kids Tablet Wifi Posts | 4 comments

Buy Cheap Vtech Innotab Games for your Learning Tablet

Buy Cheap Vtech Innotab Games for your Learning Tablet

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If you have a Vtech Innotab and you don’t want to pay the normal 24.99 for game cartridges then you have come to the right place. You can actually buy cheap Vtech Innotab games for your learning tablet at a discount rate up to 50% off. These aren’t the bottom of the barrel worst games that are being discounted either. You can find all the popular games like Dora the Explorer, Planes from Pixar, Mickey Mouse, and Madagascar and save anywhere from 2 to 12 dollars.

Vtech has done an outstanding job by keeping their software and cartridges forward compatible. Meaning if you have children ages 1 and 3, you could buy the cartridges now and even if you bought newer Innotabs later you will still be able to use all these learning games for your second child on their new Innotab.

With the Vtech Innotab 3s you also have the option to expand your memory by 32 GB. If you want instant access to these purchases you can actually download at the time of your purchase and add to the Learning Lodge where you can add it to your Innotab.

A lot of the new games focus on the middle age groups 4 and up and 5 and up. If you have a 3 year old many of the great 4 year old games will work fine as your children are probably already learning about shapes, numbers, and letters. Most games focus on the core subjects and have fun games, E-books, and creative activities.

There are so many options that you can choose your child’s favorite characters and everyone of these games receives more than 4 stars from other parents.

Vtech Innotab Games for Ages 3 and Up

Here is a list of games for kids aged 3 years and most of them are great for kids up to age 6. I have also included a brief description of what subjects and a summary of the game so you know what your child will be learning. You can target what subjects you prefer your child to be spending their time learning.

Bubble Guppies – This game includes 7 adventures including social studies, ¬†patterns, counting,observation, and creativity. You will also receive the E-book “Bubble Puppy”


Vtech Innotab Games for Ages 4 and Up

These games are designated for 4 years and up and most are great for kids up to 6 or 7. I have included a brief description of the games as well.

Team Umizoomi – Focuses on matching, sequencing, and counting. It also comes with an exciting adventure E-book with Team Umizoomi.

Dinosaur Train – This game has 3 different activities featuring many dinosaurs and other creatures. It includes the E-book “T Rex Teeth”

Jake and the Neverland Pirates – Learn about classification, reading, logic, and creativity with Disney’s Neverland Pirates. Includes an E-book and some creativity activities like decorating Bucky or wacky pictures of Captain Hook.

Minnie – Learn about counting, shape matching, colors and patterns. Has 3 fun activities and an E-book “Trouble Times Two.”

Planes – An adventure racing game with Rusty that teaches math, logic, and memory. You also get the E-book “Planes.”

Dora the Explorer – Another great game that focuses on letters, shapes, and counting. Has an E-book featuring Dora and Boots learning sounds and voices.

Monsters University – Mike and Sully learn about math, letters, and memory. Has an E-book based on the movie Monsters Inc.

Thomas the Train – colors, reading, and math are the focused subjects. Includes fun songs and an E-book.

Toy Story – Has fun adventures with the Toy Story gang focusing on letters, shapes, and counting. Includes Toy Story 3 E-book.

Disney Princesses – More letters, shapes and counting with the Disney Princesses. Also has a couple creative activities and 2 E-books with Cinderella and Belle.

Vtech Innotab Games for Ages 5 and Up

These games are designed for ages 5 and up. The subjects are usually good for kids up to age 7, 8, or 9. Find what subjects your children should be practicing.

Madagascar 3 – This game focuses on spelling, math, and logic. It also contains an E-book based on the popular movie “Madagascar 3″

Disney Fairies – 3 adventures with the Disney Fairies focusing on counting, shapes, and letter order. The E-book included on this game is called “Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue.”

The Penguins of Madagascar – 3 games focusing on letters, shapes, and counting. Has an E-book about Kowalski inventing a magic helmet and some creative activities that lets kids build pictures with the penguins.

Scooby-Doo! – More Letters, Shapes, and counting with Scooby Doo. Join Scooby with a spooky and fun adventure in the E-book “Mystery Inc.”

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Learn shapes, numbers and colors with Mickey and Donald Duck. Includes an E-book, 3 games that use the tilt sensor and touchscreen, and 2 creative games for making pictures.

Cars – Math, logic, spelling, and vocabulary games with the Cars Crew. Also has Cars 2 E-book and 2 creative activities.

Vtech Innotab Games for Ages 6 and Up

More games for the oldest age group of the Innotab. For ages 6 to 9 years old. A brief description an summary included for each game.

Spongebob Squarepants – 3 educational games that use the D-pad and touch screen. Also includes and E-book with Spongebob working at the Krusty Krab.

TMNT – Join the Ninja Turtles on 10 different learning games that include math, science, geometry, logic and vocabulary. Features the E-book “Mouser.”

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  1. Looking at an article you posted here on 8/9/13 titled -Innotab 2 vs Innotab 3 vs Innotab 3s – you stated that -the 3s “Against the 3 it has WiFi, a battery pack, kids safe web browser, bigger screen and the 3 will have more cartridges available because it is backwards compatible”.
    I’m reading this as the 3 is backwards compatible but that the 3S is NOT. Is that correct?
    I have older innotab games and was hoping that they will work with the 3S that I’m considering purchasing.
    Thank you!

    • I’ll check my wording but currently all of the games work with all systems. If you had older cartridges they will work on the new 3s. What I was trying to convey is there is possibilities for games that will only work on the 3s because it has WiFi and could potentially produce peer to peer games where 2 kids who both have Innotabs could connect and play together. I have not seen any of these from Vtech yet but the 3 would not be able to do this because it has no WiFi.

      Sorry for the confusing wording.

  2. Sorry, Ryan, I’m a little tablet-challenged. OK, I’m a LOT tablet-challenged. Is the VTech a different animal from the other tablets….like Apple is different from Microsoft? Are the VTech cartridges exclusive to the Innotab?

    • Actually yes. LeapFrog and Vtech both have exclusive games for their tablets. You won’t be able to use all of these cartridges after your kids grow up, however you could easily resale them because all cartridges have always worked no matter which model. So in 3 years when your child grows out of them you could probably recoup up to half the value of the cartridge if it is still popular.

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