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ClickN Kids Tablet Review with Looney Tunes Phonics

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ClickN Kids Tablet


ClickN Kids Tablet Reviewclickn kids tablet included games

Price – 99.99

Release Date – October 2013

Age Group –  5 and Older

Related Publishers – Android,

Looney Tunes Phonics

Quality – Good


What is the ClickN Kids Tablet

The ClickN Kids Tablet is a dual interface Android tablet meaning you can get in and out of the kids safe app and use it as a regular tablet. The Parental controls are based on the Kids Place app which locks kids inside a safe program where they can’t purchase apps, has a web filter, and they will only have access to the apps that you allow them to have. I would say it was safe for children younger than 5 to use with adult supervision.

It is loaded with 30 apps like Talking Tom 2, Team Awesome, and the Looney Tunes Phonics program. The Looney Tunes Phonics program is designed to help children of all ages to learn to read and has won awards for outstanding educational program for kids for 8 years in a row.

You will have access to the full Android market via Google Play. This includes all of Google’s apps like Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Maps, Chrome Browser, and Google+.

You will have an option of 8 different colored bumpers to decorate and protect the ClickN kids tablet. The durability has yet to be proven by this tablet since it is a new product.

They  have managed to produce it for $99 and  it includes lots of software which makes me question the quality of the internal components.

ClcikN Kids Tablet Specs

It has a 7″ multi touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480. It’s nothing impressive compared to many of the other kids tablets that have been released this year. They all seem to have around the same specs.

The processor is a Dual Core 1.5 GHz and it has 1 GB RAM which seems to keep the programs running fairly smoothly. Considering the low resolution of the screen, speed should not be an issue with the 4.1 Jelly Bean OS.

The memory included is 8 GB minus the firmware and software space required for the included programs. You can expand the memory by up to 32 GB with the micro SD slot. They also claim 5 GB of cloud space with Google Drive but anyone with a Gmail account has this available already.

It has 1 front facing camera with no specs but based on picture quality I would say it was between .3 Mp and 1 MP.

It has Single Band Single Antenna WiFi which is going to give you around 3G speed if you have a decent home internet service that runs your network. There is no Bluetooth on this tablet.

There are 2 speakers included and the sound quality is average for this price range.

Other ports include a micro USB to connect to your computer or a charger and a headphone port.

It has a built in rechargeable battery(3600 mAH) that lasts up to 5 hours  for music play and 3 hours while using video and internet. This is actually my main concern with this tablet. A short battery life usually means a poor battery and the first thing to fail on a cheaper tablet.

In the Boxclickn kids tablet looney tunes phonics

  • ClickN Kids Tablet
  • Matching Gel Case
  • USB Cable
  • AC/Wall Charger
  • Instructional Guide
  • Quick Start Case Guide

The Good

  • Looney Tunes Phonics
  • Great Price($99)
  • Expandable Memory
  • Google Play is Availableclickn kids tablet dual interface
  • 30 Apps Included

The Bad

  • Poor Battery
  • Poor Camera
  • Average Screen
  • Average Speakers

The Breakdown

This tablet is a great bargain and has a great learn to read program if this is your primary concern. You will also have access to the full Android world which is basically new to the kids tablet market to have a kids tablet with Google Play. The main draw to this tablet is the Looney Tunes Phonics program and Android Market but I see little value in this tablet otherwise.

Your going to get what you pay for. A kids tablet with average components and battery that will potentially fail. It is getting good reviews from parents so far but it usually takes 3 to 6 months to see if the components will hold up to children’s use. There are very few options for kids tablets in the under $100 range but here is a very good option.

You can stay very close to this budget with a Kindle Fire HD 2nd generation model(around $110) and it has FreeTime Unlimited which is a kids app and subscription to over 10,000 kids games, movies, and books by publishers like Disney, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros.

If your looking for the best kids tablet on the market then check out the new Nabi 2 Nickelodeon Edition($199).

Buy ClickN Kids Tablet

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  1. Screen broke on my childish click n go tablet would Luke to know where or how I could get it repaired along with the cost of getting it fixed.

    • The best place to try is a cell phone repair shop in your area. I wpon’t speculate on price but I would say it is possibly cheaper to buy a new one.

  2. We have two clicknkids tablets and I will say if the screen get crack it will not work any more. They dont stand behind this product so if you buy get the warranty.

  3. I am having the same problems as most of you. I bought my daughter one for Christmas and it has quit, will not power up. I took it back to Walmart but it was non refundable because it was over 15 days old. I kept calling the company and kept leaving messages so I finally called Walmart online and asked them for a number to this company, they gave me a different number. I finally reached a real live person and they emailed me directions for a hard reset which I thought was crazy since I have a tablet that will not power up but anyways I tried it and nothing happened so I called back and was told to reply to the email with my name, address, phone number, serial number, description of problem and a copy of my receipt, then they would send me another email giving me more instructions. It has been a week and I still have not received any more instructions. I called back and was told by Cynthia that she could not access my email but would give the warranty dept. my message that I am waiting on my email with instructions to come. Still Nothing. I will call on Monday and make them aware that they are selling a company’s product that will not stand by it. I will also be contacting the Better Business Bureau. If you have been ripped off by this company please reply to me specifically (Gina) so I can notify these places of the amount of people having these same issues with this company. Gina Sanderson

    • I did not post your email as I don’t want you to get potential spam but I will definitely try to forward you messages from any parents who want to join on this.

    • I bought 3 of these stupid things for my children for Christmas, 2 out of the 3 will not power up even plugged in I’m having the same issue as you, and one just froze I can’t shut it off, I can’t restart it the touch screen just stopped working! I paid $100. each at Walmart and they lasted my children a few weeks and stopped working. We also tried going to Walmart and could not return the items because it was past the exchange date.

    • I purchased a click n play for my grandson and the screen is all blurry and has lines going through it that makes it hard to read. I have tried to call customer service since it is still in it’s 90 day warranty. I tried to call customer service but the voice mail is on repeat. I tried to reach a live person several times but no luck. I purchased a extended warranty through Walmart but they tell me it is not there problem to contact the manufacture. So I guess we just wasted $100.00 I will NEVER recommend this product to anyone.

    • hi there. I am having the same problem as you with my daughters tablet. I don’t have the receipt since she got it from her grandmother for Christmas. I will not turn on. I tried calling the company. lest tons of voicemails and nothing. I don’t know where to go from here.

      • Your best option is to go through the company with no receipt but they haven’t been real responsive to many parents.

    • Yes.. we are having the same exact problem . please tell me if u get anywhere .

  4. Purchased this tablet for my son. Have it to him for his 5th birthday Jan. 6th. Screen is already cracked and will not turn on. $100 down the drain. Called customer service and there is nothing they can do; because my husband did not buy te extended warrenty. I don’t know where to go from here….

    • I don’t understand why some companies either have a great case included or have great cases available for purchase after market and others don’t. Most all tablets will only take so much abuse but some seem to break from very small drops. That was a big plus for me that the Nabi 2 comes with a great case and is the only kids tablet that passed a 10 foot drop test. I personally bought the Kindle Fire HD and got a marware swurve case and it has worked out great for my 5 year old so far.

    • How did you even get through to them? I’ve been trying to call 888-999-1683 and keep having to leave messages. My son’s screen went shows a bunch of lines and we can’t see anything that’s on the screen. Not sure what to do myself.

      • If your passed the 30 day mark then Walmart probably won’t take it back so your best bet is the website or that number to reach them for a replacement.

    • I am also a consumer that had purchase this tablet, and its horrible. It freezes and stops working and my 3 year old dont want it. I would like to return it for a refund very upset with this product. Not good at all. Parents do not purchase the ClicknKids tablet not good tablet. trying to get my money back. Im having problems. I also didnt purchase a warrantie didnt think I needed it.I also dont know where to go with this, but I will report to the BBB

  5. My son received this for Christmas. The touch screen didn’t work. I called the company the day after Christmas and was given instructions on how to reset the tablet. This didn’t fix the problem. I was told that email would be sent on how to return the table for a replacement. No email ever came. When I called 3 days later I was cycled through to the voice mail system. No one ever called. I then contacted the company by email. Another 5 days passed before anyone contacted me. I was once again given the reset code. It didn’t fix the problem. When I wrote back to the company I was given a name and number to call… That person was unreachable. I asked for the manager and he assured me that he would email me the instructions on how to return the tablet for a replacement. He promised me that the email would arrive before the end of the working day. He even sent me an email to make sure that they had the correct email address. That was 11 days ago and still no email. This product might work well, but we will never know. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! Click-n-Kids does not stand behind their product and will not help you if you have problems with it.

    • I really wonder why they never got back with you. This is definitely not an acceptable way to take care of customers who do have issues.

    • I had the same problem with one that we bought for my stepson. I just used a tack and pressed the reset button and haven’t had any problems since. Hope this helps.

  6. I purchased in early November 2013. Battery life sucks! It freezes! My son did not use it for over a week and now the darn screen doesn’t work. Wish I would have done more research on the product.

  7. I bought 3 of the clicknkids tablets for Christmas. Two of the 3 are having issues with freezing as well. I’m able to reset them with the an pin & the small reset hole, although that’s getting quite annoying. I appreciate the info about the “two box” button to close the app. I hadn’t realized that.
    I am disappointed to learn that the pre-loaded apps use up almost all the storage. Each of the kids have downloaded few games and we keep getting an error that we need to free up more storage. If we buy the micro sd cards for these, will it that allow us to download additional games, books, movies etc? (I’m not super computer savvy) Thanks!

    • You can add movies and books to your SD card but most apps are protected to not allow storage to the SD card. There is an app you can try from Google Play called root internal to external sd that does allow this because it basically tricks your tablet into thinking it is stored on the internal memory.

  8. I bought a click n kidstablet for my granddaughter for Christmas she still has not been able to use it because it doesn’t take a charge and wont turn on I keep calling customer service and getting nowhere I am really frustrated 3 weeks after Christmas and nothing is done in my opinion the clicknkidstablet is junkdon’t buy one for your kids

    • I would try returning it to Walmart as a DOA. This does happen with tablets on the rare occasion. Not sure how many are having the same issue with this tablet.

  9. WOW! I wish I had found this site much earlier. I purchased 3 Click N Kids tablets at the same time and the first thing that got my attention was that one of the chargers was different. My children 6,8, and 9 got these tablets on Christmas morning and already to of them are broken. The screen is broke for two of them. Not to mention I was experiencing the same problems with battery, parental controls, and apps. I have had one Kindle Fire for over two years and the thing has been shuffled around way more than these tablets, and my fire is still in new condition. These tablets are awful and I should have done some more research before buying these for my kids!

    • I hope you come back to visit the next time before you make a purchase. I really try my best to get parents to the right tablets for their kids.

  10. There are way too many restrictions for the kids apps on this tablet. It is supposed to be designed for young kids to navigate but it is even hard for me due to all the “accept agreement” and “do you want to try this new app or that” and also “Need adult assistance to access this app”. My 3 and 6 year olds are constantly coming up to me to help them access already installed apps. I can’t figure out how to do it unless I power off and then reset the tablet. Also, what is with that tiny power button that you have to press and hold for at least 5 seconds to power on the unit? This product is not what I expected for a kids’ tablet and I’m really not happy with it.
    I have computer knowledge but this tablet makes it very difficult to create settings and allow even the basic apps already installed to run without “asking an adult for assistance” or exiting out of Kids Place and redoing it. It’s hard enough just to find the “settings” menu. Who puts a tiny fingernail sized power button that you have to hold down for several seconds just to turn it on on a KIDS TABLET? Ugh.

    • I feel your pain. This is why I usually suggest other products at the bottom of my reviews. The parents as consumers still have the choice of what they want to buy but I leave alternate suggestions for a reason. I know done where probably gifts this year but I really can’t think of one tablet at the $100 mark I like besides the previous gen kindle fire HD.

      Thanks for leaving your opinion. Hopefully next year I’ll do a better job of steering people towards better products but I’m just not a very blunt guy, like don’t buy this product.

  11. Well I have read your review and all the comments and am not sure I agree with you on the Kindle Fire. I purchased 8, one for each of my grandkids. Right now they are all sitting unable to be used because they will not charge. All of them were replaced within the year because of this issue so these are all actually the second each child has had. They have a very cheap charging port, especially when they push this for children. Even my daughter and daughter-in-law have Kindle Fires that have the same issues. The tablets still worked great, but once they died they were unusable because they couldn’t be charged.
    Having said that…. I purchased 8 of the ClickN Kids for them for Christmas this year because of customer reviews on I also purchased the extended warranty for each because I was concerned since it is a new product etc. All 8 have been working fine for the past three days. But there are issues that make me wonder if I want to return them. First of all, like others have mentioned, the WIFI is less than desirable. Also, you don’t seem to be able to uninstall any of the pre-installed apps. This clutters up the storage if you want different apps than are on it already. Since the kids have all had tablets before they know what apps they want and there are quite a few that they don’t want. We also haven’t been able to find a way to change the four digit pin, so if the kid learns the pin what do you do then. So I am in a quandry trying to decide what is the lesser of the evils. I love the accessibility to the Amazon store on the Kindle and the ability to watch the prime content. But what to do about the lousy charging port.
    I myself own the larger Kindle Fire HD and it still came with the same cheap port. Just not sure what to do. Any ideas?
    Another plus for the ClickN Kids over the Kindle, the memory is expandable, which you mentioned. On the Kindle it is not.

    • I have never had an issue with the charging port or battery failure on either of my HDs or my newly acquired HDX. This is the same port nearly every major tablet and smartphone company uses. I also prefer a 10-14 hour battery life over 2-5.

      Google Play is always nice to have but other than that I really can’t think of anything else that would make me choose this tablet over a Kindle Fire HD.

      If I had to spend $100 a year on a tablet I know that years experience would still be better.

      I know we’re not talking apple but I could get a new updated Kindle 4 years in a row before I hit the price of a new 16 GB iPad. The only tablet that I like as much as my new HDX is the Nexus, which uses the same charging port.

      The expandable memory is somewhat inconsequential because apps can’t be stored on them. You might as well call it a media card as opposed to SD card. So you will be stuck with the 4 GB of leftover memory or you can get the 16 GB HD and have nearly 3 times the memory available not to mention a nicer screen and better speakers and a lot faster wifi.

      The only thing I don’t like about a Kindle is no kids web safe browser included.

      Have you had charging issues with your HD?

      • Ended up returning all 8 tablets to WalMart because the kids were trying to download a couple of apps and it said the storage was too full and we had to free up storage before they could be installed. Well we couldn’t get any of the pre-installed apps to uninstall. Then we noticed that the total internal storage said 0.98GB. And then it showed how much was taken by apps, music etc. I wondered where in the world the 8GB of storage was. Called WM and they saw the same thing when they looked at one there. It appears that the tablets only have 1GB instead of 8 GB. Already ordered Kindle HD for the kids. Crossing my fingers that all will be well with the chargers. BTW, I have only seen that charger on android phones and the Kindles. The other 4 tablets we have had had the post into hole charger which was much sturdier. Thanks for your input. Helped me decide what to do.

        • Your very welcome. I have Samsung Products, Kindles, and Google Nexus products that all use that charger. It is fairly common among Android products like Smartphones and tablets. I think my favorite charger is on the iPhone 5 and new iPads. It’s real snug and I have had my phone and iPad for about 6 months with no issues like I used to have with chargers constantly breaking.

  12. I did forget to mention that we have reset it and turn it back on but it keeps doing the same thing it keeps freezing up and the screen doesn’t go off or anything.

    • We bought on for Christmas and it’s doing the same thing as yours Sherri!!!

    • We purchased 3 of the Click N Kids tablets. Wow. 2 of them have frozen up. The info that came with the tablets don’t say what to do. I can’t charge, turn off, NOTHING. Purchased from What to do…..

      • So even when you hold the power button it won’t reset? A common issue with tablets freezing is to many apps running in the background. Even though you exit an app it runs until you stop it. The 2 rectangle button is where you view what apps are running. If you continually stop them the tablets should not freeze. It’s a crucial part of maintaining your tablet.

  13. Hi Ryan, I had just purchased two click n kids tablets for Christmas 2013. One of them keeps on freezing and when I plug it in it gets hot on the back. Is there anyway anyway it can be fixed or should I just return it?

    • That sounds like a manufacturer defect and they should replace issues like that up to one year. That’s what I would do.

      • OK thx. would it be worth just returning it and getting the Nabi 2?

        • I wouldn’t say that was out of the realm of a good decision. Almost all tablets will have a percentage chance of failing in one way or another but less likely in the more expensive ones because of higher quality of components.

  14. I bought this for my 5 year old son. The battery life is terrible. I’m returning it to walmart.

    • It says 5 hours but with wifi on I was getting closer to 3. Not really as long as you would hope for in a tablet.

      • I am not satisfied with the clicknkids I bought 4 for my grandkids for Christmas. Two of them froze up the first day. Also can you download music on them? I am considering returning them and getting the Nabi 2 tablets

        • Sometimes freezing is caused by excessive apps being open. If you use the 2 rectangles icon regularly it should eliminate the freezing unless something is just wrong with the tablet.

          You can add music to them. With Google Play there are apps like music paradise where you can get music for free or you can put your grand kids music on your PC and transfer it to the tablets.

          If you continue to have issues with the freezing even after that I would take those back.

  15. I purchased this tablet for my son for Christmas. I wasn’t too impressed with it. The battery drained too fast and now it won’t even turn on. I will be returning it and getting something different.

    • It got good ratings from a lot of consumers but my thoughts were very similar. I would rather pay an extra $40 and get a Kindle Fire HD. The screen pixels were visible and the battery did drain very fast. You can get a little more battery life by adjusting brightness and turning things like WiFi and Bluetooth off.

  16. My daughter bought 3 of these click-n-play tablets for her children. We had to return one of the because the it would never come on, she replaced it with the same kind. And when she got the replacement it worked at first and now nothing, then after her son started playing with his it stopped working. Now this is just wrong in my book.

    • It sounds like it is a common issue with the tablets you are getting. I have not had many complaints from other parents but it’s just now Christmas when many are being opened.

  17. I just bought the click n kids for my son for Christmas 2013 and I decided to set it up and try it out for him! It was working out at first, but I don’t know what happened or how it happened but the tablet will not unlock for me! The screan is moving and rotating but will not unlock. I’ve tried resetting it and it just keeps shutting off! Please don’t tell me I waisted my money! Can anybody help me figure this out? I don’t know what to do!!!!

    • I would personally take it back and exchange it if you have issues in the first month. This is usually a sign you will have issues later. Every tablet company has a few that go out with problems that can’t be predicted because machines do most of the work assembling them. They should have no issue exchanging it but Walmart is usually somewhat of a hassle, not my preferred place to buy technology.

    • I think if you put your finger on the lock and slide to the right it will unlock. Hope that helps!

      • 2 of the three I got are doing this as well. They won’t unlock either.. just a blue screen with a lock inside a circle on the right. It’s as if the touch screen sensor is not sensing the touch

        • You can try doing a hard reset. Most tablets will need you to power it off then hold the volume plus button when you power it back up. I’m assuming you already tried the soft reset of turning the tablet off and then back on.

        • Ours is doing the same thing! This is crap!!

          • I had the same problem with my daughter one, I had to let the battery die then turn it back on for it to work. Because my daughter love it I don’t want to return it just yet but if it keeps happening I will..

          • If you have a consistent reoccurring issue I would trade it in for a new one as well. If your not past the one year mark you shouldn’t be having issues.

  18. Hi Ryan great reviews, I will be buying my 5 year old girl a tablet in a couple of days for chrismas. I was considering the click n kids but am afraid of the quality. my second choices are the kurio 7s or kindle fire. In your opinion wich is a better tablet for learning and quality? I have no problem downloading or paying for learning apps as long as they are effective. I am trying to stay away from the $200 price range. thank you

    • With Amazon releasing info that they are coming out with an educational curriculum for kids that is what I would be purchasing. It is way above the quality of other kids tablets. There are quite a few educational apps you can use to supplement it until it is released early 2014. No other kids tablets can match the quality of a Kindle Fire and with an new learning program being added it will easily be the best tablet for years to come because they really don’t make any money on these. They sink every penny into quality components so when they are on sale Amazon loses money to bring consumers quality products.

  19. I have a soon to be 4 year old that wants a tablet I keep researching and can’t decide. He likes to play games like bowling and racing games & just any fun games, but I want him to learn to and he likes to watch movies and shows as MMClub and Bob the builder. Which tablet is good to do all of that on with WiFi and able to get something like Google Play for free with it. I am only buying him 1 so I wanna make sure I get exactly the one that is right for my little guy.

    • Since you have WiFi I would get the Kindle Fire HD. It will have plenty of shows and apps in the FreeTime subscription, which is about $3 to #5 a month. Instead of purchasing apps they give you unlimited access to 10,000 childrens apps, video, and books from Disney, Nick, WB and more. Also there are a ton of free Fisher Price learning apps on the amazon AppStore.

  20. I just bought my two year old the clickNkids for Christmas. I have spent the last two days trying to set it up for her and I’m not impressed. The way its set up is kind of confusing and the screen is just….off. I am considering taking it back to Walmart and exchanging for the nabi Jr since its selling for the same price. She really enjoys the younger kiddo games with colors,animal and numbers. Plus watching videos through YouTube or Netflix or even amazon prime. She even enjoys playing with the camera part and skyping with grandma. I am looking for something durable-she broke our nexus 7 pretty good. One that has WiFi and the ability to download more apps. My question is, if I switch to the nabi Jr will the screen look better? Or should I try to get something that costs more?? I’m trying not to spend more but I also don’t want junk….

    • Yeah I mention the screen in my video because I could see the pixel strains in it. The Nabi Jr is a better screen and has lots of age appropriate content. I would get the Nick Jr model though($139). It won’t be close to your Nexus though. If you want a great quality tablet for cheap then the Kindle Fire HD is the best($139). picture a processing quality close to a Nexus. The Kindle Fire HDX is actually better than a Nexus in my opinion.

    • You mention watching videos through amazon prime? We tried to load that onto the ClickNKuds but wasn’t able to. Can you help?

      • There are ways to do this but in my videos It is on an SD card. I put my sons videos on the tablets so he can take them on the go.

        As far as watching prime I’m still experimenting. It was originally designed only for the Kindles and various devices like a PS3. You can download a flash apk and the apk installer app and others say they watch prime from tablets like the Nexus. I was working on this last night. If you need help trying to get it to work let me know. I can do a video after I figure it out.

  21. I noticed it has google play so i can download the netflix app but how is the funtionality when using netflix on this tablet? does it run slow ?
    thank you

    • You will need to be much closer to your router with this tablet but I didn’t have any problems with streaming movies. If you have a fast Internet connection you shouldn’t have any issues.

      • THANK YOU i did purchase it and set it up and it seems like you cannot connect to wifi while using the child profile or am i missing something?

        • Does it connect when your in the parent mode? If so then it may just be in the settings.

  22. I have to kids, ages 10 &5, that love to play on the iPad and iPhones and playing minecraft and watching netflix kids. What would you suggest for a good price that will not cost over $300 for the both of them. I am leaning toward either the Nabi 2 or the Kurio 7s.

  23. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful content! I have been reading through all of the posts and I am still a bit unsure of what to do. I have a soon-to-be 8 year old (Sunday) that loves to play games on our iPhones. He has asked for an iPod touch for Christmas. When I asked him what he likes about the iPod, he says “playing games”. He also seems to like recording videos and taking pictures but I think the opportunity to download games is his biggest reason for wanting it. Of course, his mother and I would love to have some educational elements involved as well. To add one more wrinkle to our dilema is his 4-year old brother that wants whatever my older one gets. I am not going to spend $300 apiece on an iPods (more like $150 apiece) so I started to investigate tablets.

    I am looking for something where we can easily access apps to download. As a result, I am thinking an Android system may be the way to go but I am torn by all of the reviews. It seems to me the Kurio 7 comes up quite a lot in your recommendations for the slightly older group (8 year olds). Would this be your best recommendation for my boys?

    Thanks so much!!

    • I really do like the Kurio 7s for the older kids that aren’t quite tweens. The games by Nussbaum are very good. The web filter is awesome and so are the parental controls. It is one of the few in that price range that has 2 cameras as well.

      Thanks for reading and visiting.

  24. I have three boys ages 3, 5 and 9. I originally planned on buying the nabi 2 for my 9 year old, and the nabi jr. for my 3 and 5 year olds. After looking into this ClickN Kids Looney Tunes tablet, I can’t decide what to choose. Which would be considered better?

    • The Nabi’s are better. The only bonus of the ClickN kids tablet is having Google Play and the Phonics Reading program but the Nabi’s are filled with educational content.

  25. My son got the nabi 2 last year; we love it. His little sister (6yrs) wants one. We were hoping not to spend so much. Of coarse we don’t want to have to buy a new one next year.We felt the nabi jr. may be too “young” for her. Concerned that we would be disappointed with the click after using the nabi.Any advice?

    • The best device on sale right now so you could get it for around the same price is The Kindle Fire HD and it’s $50 off on my Cyber Monday page.

  26. wanting to get my 4 year old a tablet. her main use for it are games, netflix, and skyping her daddy. What would you recommend?

  27. Have you been able to connect it to a pc or laptop. I have 2 and cant get either one to connect to my laptop. I went to settings, storage, menu, have it set to MPT. I am in Parent mode. Any suggestions.

    • Go to developer options in settings and turn those on then turn on your USB debugging. If it still doesn’t connect you might try pdanet drivers. You can search pdanet and it will be on a page labeled joansfabrics.

      • Thanks Ryan, It ended up being a bad cable. I swapped out the cable from my GPS and it instantly installed the drivers. Thanks Again

        • Your very welcome. There are lots of variables when these tablets malfunction.

  28. do you have to have internet to be able to use the Click?

    • You should have it to set it up and register it but after that you will only need it for downloading games. A lot of games will play without wifi and the looney toons phonics works as well.

  29. Does the kurio have a play store

    • It does not have Google Play. It has the Amazon Appstore, Kurio Store,and 1 Mobile Market.

  30. For 2 years in a row I bought the Innotab and last year Innotab 2s with WiFi. Store employess said yes you will have internet access. Nope! I have a 5 year old who is reading but I want something she can grow with where I’m not spending $100-150 every year. I’m leary about the Click because its so new and some reviews on the Nabi 2 say because they don’t like it bc of some preloaded material(Spinlets) that you can’t hide or delete. She likes playing on my iphone and I have an older tablet from about 5 years ago when they were first coming out. Any suggestions. Looking for something where she can play games but also has some educational possible preloaded material?

    • Something in between the two that also gives a lot of parental controls and apps is the Kurio 7s. I agree, I wouldn’t want to keep investing money and not getting what I thought I was getting. Unfortunately a lot of people at stores give misinformation but they haven’t actually spent the time to get to know the products and know what they can actually do. My wife liked the 10s so much we decided to keep it over some of the others. We are giving the rest to her brothers and sisters. My point is the Kurios are very nice for the price and have the functionality of a real tablet unlike the Innotab and LeapPad.

  31. I don’t have a smart phone or a tablet/reader or laptop. We only have a desktop pc. Our 5yo son shows no interest in phones or video games (he has a Wii with Mario Kart and Mario Galaxy)and my husband doesn’t want to encourage it as he doesn’t even have an email address. I know how behind he will be with friends if he doesn’t have some electronics experience. Our 2yo daughter loves to flip through pictures on my phone, watch youtube and play poppit on pogo. I purchased the ClickNkids tablet, but haven’t had it out of the box. I feel so behind in the world of electronics. Thank you for your reviews I really appreciate the time you took to explore the products and write them.

    • Unfortunately the world changes whether we follow or not. My Dish guy used a tablet and several other jobs will require the use of technology as well.

      Although screen time should be limited with the exception of educational apps. Under 5 should be an hour and over 5 should be 2 hours based on studies I’ve read.

      Your welcome and he will enjoy his tablet.

  32. hi. great info above..thk u. i have a 5yo and 1.5 yo. the 5yo loves my phone (galaxy 4) and i’m wanting to get him a tablet. i really liked the clickN KIDS bc of the google play ability. i want him to be able to play educational games, games he’s already familiar with from my phone, and be able to watch movies (netflix) and shows (disney, pbs, etc). but you mentioned you worried abt the battery life and the screen quality. my budget is 100-150$. what do you think? does the kurio 7s that you like alot have movie capability (netflix or otherwise)?
    thank you!!

    • I see you have another comment so I’ll answer both in your other comment

  33. Thanks for all the information, this is a great review of this tablet. Do you happen to know if the tablet ‘boots’ into kid mode, or do you have to launch the Kids Place app once the tablet starts?

    • Thanks and you can boot to the either. I think by default it will boot to kids mode but you could uncheck it in settings so it would boot to parents mode. It will also require parent password though.

  34. What would you say is better? This one or the nabi jr?

    • I would get the Nabi Jr for ages 2 to 5. I would get the Clickn Kids if my child was 5 or over. I would only purchase the Nabi Jr 16 GB model though.

      • Well my son is 5. I was just concerned about the bad stuff you mentiond about the clickn kids. Why would you choose this one?

        • If my budget was $100 and Google Play was a must and my child needed some assistance with reading. It’s not bad for the price.

          • Right now the regular nabi and nabi jr. are on sell for under $100. You would still say Clickn Kids? and Thanks for replying.

          • Your welcome and if it was me I would get the Nabi 2. Mee Genius has a lot of reading material and eBooks. You will need WiFi for the Nabi 2 to access a lot of the apps.

  35. Thank you for the reply, if you don’t recommend the Nabi XD for my 8 year old, what would you recommend. I thought the xd b/c it attached to a keyboard. I am up for anything, I just would like to buy something that might last more that a couple years but not ridiculously priced? Thanks again.

  36. Would i able to download apps such as Temple Run, Angry Birds? My 4 y/o uses my ipad with no problem and enjoys those games. i want to make sure if i get the ClickN KIDS 7″ Tablet that i can download those games as well as others

    • You have full Google Play access so everything on the Android market is available. You can add all of these to the Kids Place app which is where your kids apps will be available.

      Thanks for the questions.

      • Thank you for the quick response. How about the screen resolution, compared to other devices? In viewing your video it looks pretty good. how would it compare to say an Ipad or maybe a kindle, are they anywhere close?

        • I could visibly notice pixel strains with the naked eye. The screen is one of the components I didn’t like about it.

  37. Hi Ryan !
    I have an 8 and a 5 yr old (6 in February ) , do you recommend the kurio 7 as oppose to the click n tablet ?

    • I really do prefer the Kurio 7s to the ClickN kids tablet. It is really just a higher quality. I like the Phonics program but that is really the only good thing about this tablet besides Google Play. The Kurio looks a lot better and runs a lot faster, and the educational apps are second to no other tablet company. It also comes with more apps already on it.

  38. do you still have the princess Nabi 2 for sale?

    • No I don’t. Someone already bought it. Thanks for inquiring though.

  39. I appreciate your thoughts on the Click n kids tablet as I am finding it hard to decide which is best for my 5 and 7 yr olds (soon to be 6&8)….was also looking at the Polaroid Kids Tablet…any thoughts about that one?

    • I did look at it. It’s in an article I wrote about Android kids tablets for under $100. My thoughts are if this is your budget go with the Clickn Kids tablet.

      I like that it has access to Google Play out of the box and they preloaded some content. The main draw is the Looney Tunes Phonics Program. If you purchase 2 of these tablets then for about $10 you could get some good games to compliment what is already on the tablet and you will only have to buy apps once.

  40. Hi there..I am also considering a tablet for both of my girls for Christmas (ages 7 & 9) and was wondering if you have looked at the Toys R Us tablet called Tabeo 2? Wondering how it compares. Thanks :)

    • Most definitely, I have a written review and a video review. I’m a little at a crossroads with this tablet and whether I would recommend it.

      Feel free to leave more questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting and I hope you will recommend us to all your friends on FB and G+.

  41. I just purchased this for my 6 year old who is on my IPAD. while it offers several neat features and is easy to navigate, not as grown as the Ipad. As far as outside durability, It’s encased in rubber, so far so cool. It’s less than 24 hours old and it does this blink thing. The whole screen blinks, its been doing it since about 2 hrs into play time. We’ve tried charging it again, reset, everything. Time to go back to walmart :(.

    • I’m really sorry to hear that but this is actually a common issue for tablets under $100. I don’t outright tell you don’t buy it because it is your money to spend but you do run the risk of things like this happening more frequently. At least a company like Kurio or Nabi is almost forced to make it right because bad publicity could ruin their companies.

      I really appreciate you sharing your experience to let other parents know. Again I’m sorry you had bad luck with the one you got.

  42. Can u use the preloaded loony toons apps without wifi or any internet service??

    • It is software that is preloaded on the tablet and does not require an internet connection. I haven’t played all the way through to see if at some point that changes, but will be doing so in the next couple of days. I will also be adding some videos that show you more about the tablet and it’s capabilities and software that is included.

  43. I am really debating on this or the Nabi 2 … we already own the leap pad with lots of games and videos. My daughter is 3 and likes to play some of the “big kid” games because she has an 8 year old brother. What do you suggest?

    • I would go with the new Disney edition Nabi 2. It is durable and educational for every 3 year old. They also give you access to the Disney channels and Disney Radio. On top of that they have added a lot of games and books by the Disney Princesses.

  44. My oldest daughter has a Nexus 7 and my youngest who is 3 loves it, I want something with the Google Play Store, but I don’t want to pay $150+. In your opinion would the ClikN be a good buy. My kids are pretty good about taking care of their stuff and my little one handles the Nexus well so I’m not worried about her tearing it up, I’m more worried about it failing on her. I purchased the Leap Pad 2 last year and it’s sitting on a shelf because of poor battery charge. I do not want the same experience twice. Before we do that I will just buy another Nexus or the new Samasung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

    • It is really still to early to tell if the ClickN Kids tablet is going to withstand the test of time because it has only been on the market for a month. It usually takes 3 to 6 months to see if they start having issues. This is why companies release so close to Christmas so they can sell them before any negative PR comes out about them. My best recommendations for Android kids tablets are the Kurio 7s($149) which will have lots of content for yourchild or the Nabi 2($179) which also has a lot of kids content. Your child would probably like the new Disney edition that comes with the Disney Channels and Radio. These do not have Google play but have lots of places to get free and paid Android apps that are available on Google Play.

  45. Hello I have a 4 year old who loves to play on my ipad and I am looking for the best kids tablet I have read so many reviews and just not sure I am wanting to stay between 100-150 on price I really like the click n kids tablet but again want something that will last and similar to a ipad please help!

    • I would go with the kurio 7s for that price range. I just did some video reviews on it and the educational content and the way it functioned was really amazing. The movies I put on it looked really good as well. I would get the most for your money. My wife actually just put ours on eBay for $125 and it’s 2 days old. I only used it for the video reviews.

  46. My dilemma is that I do not want to buy something that wont last. But I am also buying 4 of whatever I decide on. So I have to keep price in mind as well. I was looking at the Nabi, and have read your reviews on it. I really like it. BUT, I just don’t know if that will be in the budget. Do you think getting the ClickN kids would be a mistake?

    • Something in between the two that I really like is the Kurio 7s. I just completed a full video review. It’s 150$ and I have one that I used for the reviews I’ll give you for $100 to help you out with the budget issue. I also have a Nabi 2 nickelodeon you could have for $150. I spend a week going over them and then just box them up and let them sit unless someone is in need. Get back to me on the contact us page if you are interested.

      • Do you still have the nabi 2 for sale? Also if price wasn’t an issue which one would you prefer nabi 2 or kurio 7s

        • I really love the Kurio 7s educational content but the Nabi 2 Disney has been my favorite review this year.

          I actually still have one of each of these. The Nabi 2 nickelodeon has already been bought and shipped. The Nabi 2 disney is $160 plus shipping and the Kurio 7s is $120 plus shipping. Both of these tablets have less than 20 hours of use

          • I have been looking for a tablet for my 2, 6 and 9 yr old. I bought the meep. They all had issues and were returned. I have been looking at the Nabi 2 and the ClickN Kids. Then I see that you have also commented on the Kurio 7. I like the educational program on the Click, but know that the kids like playing my cell phone that has google play on it. The subway surf game they love it a lot. I want them off my phone. What would you recommend?

          • The original Meep! was unfortunately a pretty bad failure. Lots of software issues and lack of support from the company.

            Depending on your budget I would go with the Kurio 7s for the older children. I really like everything about this product for the price and it has popular games like subway surfer through Amazon. For the younger I would go with the Nabi 2 because of its outstanding durability. It will also have the Amazon AppStore so you would get apps for all 3 every time you purchased an app. I was so impressed by the Kurio 7s this year. Although nothing is outstanding besides the content it has above average specs all around that make it a best buy for me.

          • Do you still have the Nabi 2 Disney or the Kurio 7?

          • They have both been bought already, sorry.

          • I was wondering if you still had the Disney Nabi for sale, I am looking for it and the Nickelodeon. I am a lot like these others and I am trying to find the best product and price. So far I like the Nabi for what I have read but is a little high, hope it does really hold its own hardiness. I have a 3 & a 4 and a 8 yr old. I thought of getting 2 Nabi 2s and one Nabi xd. Any suggestions?
            Thank you for you thoughts and time.

          • No someone already bought it and the nickelodeon edition. The Nabi 2 will be on sale at Walmart for $99 on Black Friday. I love my XD but I don’t suggest it for kids because of limited accessories including cases that will ensure it stays in tact.

  47. Great concept with the dual interface. It seems the possibilities for these tablets are endless.

    • Most kids tablets are actually dual interface and then they build a kids safe app and learning center inside the OS. I like how this tablet offers google play as well. Most kids tablets try to keep people purchasing inside their own stores because they make so little on the actual tablet. They are companies and have to profit to stay in business, but great job ClickN.

  48. I’m glad that the tablet is starting to be geared towards the education side. Let’s face it, this new generation of kids are going to be so technologically able compared to the previous ones, we might as well make it educational.

    • Totally agree with you. Why limit your kids when we have no solutions and tools to get our kids ready for life. I love they have made some durable for kids under 5 because young kids have brains like sponges and if you make it fun then they really excel. My son recently went on to a kindle fire and he loves all the books from Disney and Nickelodeon. I think every good parents goal is to want our children to be more successful than we are. Thanks for the comment.

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