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Posted by on Oct 8, 2013 in Kids Tablet Wifi Posts | 8 comments

Disney Junior for Kids has Gone Tablet Friendly

Disney Junior for Kids has Gone Tablet Friendly

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disney junior home screen

Disney Junior for kids has gone tablet friendly for an even better way to get your kids involved in a fun interactive website. If your unfamiliar with then you should definitely check it out. It is not an Android app yet but all kids tablets that have web browsers should now be able to access yet another fun educational game.

Disney Junior does have apps for your Apple products and hopefully with how fast the Android market has grown we will see some new developments in that area. For now you can still use this product in your internet browser.

What can Kids do on Disney Junior ?

You will see in the home screen that there are several options. Your child can use the scrolling character bar to pick their favorite character and then it will give them options of games,videos, make and watch live on Disney Junior.

Some of the characters include Mickey, Minnie, Jack the Pirate, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, and a holiday promotional item. Right now it’s a pumpkin that gives you fun Halloween activities.

If they choose one of the activity icons like games, video, make, or watch live then you go into the category and can see which characters have a page in that activity.

Disney junior for grown ups

The other home  screen option I want to bring to your attention is the for grown ups button in the top left. On this screen you can plan themed parties, learn craft activities, discover new recipes, use night light for various video ideas, watch Disney Junior, or explore Disney products.

If you have COX, AT&T U-verse, Charter, or Google Fiber you can verify your account with Disney and get on demand videos. If you are not affiliated with any of these companies you will still have some video options but not nearly as many FREE options.

Under the merchandise section you will find everything from characters and Blu-Rays to CD’s and apparel.

How does Disney Junior Work on a Tablet?disney junior halloween fun

It actually looks a lot like the original website on my Kindle Fire HD and iPad mini so I don’t think you should run into any issues with it converting to your kids tablet no matter what you have. It is an interactive website so the kids tablets that have faster WiFi connections are going to display and run a lot smoother then a LeapPad or Innotab.

Disney has done a great job re-coding the website to be tablet friendly and it can be used in either portrait or landscape mode. So if you had questions about whether it would be available on your kids tablet, you now have an answer.

I hope you enjoyed this article and it gave you one more fun way to incorporate technology into your child’s life and that you will find lots of fun activities to do with your child including cooking, baking, games, and more.

Feel free to leave comments or questions and let me know about other interactive websites that your kids love and will help other children grow too. I’ve left you with some fun Halloween activity shots of this months holiday activities.

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  1. Do you know if you can watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes on the Innotab 3S or if you can use You Tube?

    • You cannot use Youtube currently. The only way I really see you being able to get MMC on that tablet is downloading the shows and converting them to the proper format on an SD card.

  2. I am totally confused as to which tablet to buy for my 18 mo old grandson. He LOVES Mickey…it’s on 24-7 while I babysit him while his mom teaches. I can’t get on my ipad unless he’s asleep(which is rare), because he wants to watch Mickey on Netflix. So, for my benefit, I want to buy him his own…what do you suggest..he is a very active toddler and Mickey is about the only thing that keeps his attention. Thanks for your suggestions and I love reading your reviews!!

    • The best product to stream movies on Netflix is the kindle fire HD. Also with the FreeTime unlimited subscription there is lots of Disney content.

  3. How do you access the disney junior site on a leappad ultra?

    • You would need to add the URL to list of approved websites.

  4. I’ll bookmark the Disney Junior site for my grandson. Babysitting just keeps getting easier and easier. :-)

    • I was really excited to hear about this. A great number of parents and kids already love this website and now they will have access to it on their tablets.

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