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Posted by on Sep 15, 2013 in Kids Tablet Wifi Posts | 71 comments

Fuhu Nabi JR vs Vtech Innotab 3s: Android vs Tech Toy Learning Kids Tablets

Fuhu Nabi JR vs Vtech Innotab 3s: Android vs Tech Toy Learning Kids Tablets

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Introduction to the Vtech Innotab 3s

Screenshot vtech innotab 3s

This new tech toy is a great addition and upgrade to previous models for the 3 to 9 age group. One of the noticeable upgrades is the landscape setting by default on the 5" improved resolution screen. They have also added a rechargeable battery which has been a major complaint of parents for the Innotab and LeapPad in previous years.

They have also reintroduced WiFi after it failed in the 2s model and was excluded in the 3 model. This new WiFi enable tablet also has a web safe browser and a kids connect subscription included. They will be able to text you and view parent approved web sites on the internet.

Now you have the option to buy cartridges, download content, or play on Kids Connect for even more fun. They offer a wide range of learning games by Disney, Nickelodeon and many more great publishers. It includes more than 20 apps and can be used as movie viewer or music player.

Save up to $19 on Innotab 3s

Introduction to the Nabi JR Android Kids Tablet

Screenshot nabi jr

 The Fuhu Nabi JR tablet is the only Android tablet I would recommend that is under $100. It has the learning capabilities of tech toys like the Vtech Innotab or LeapPad but is so much more as well.  It is running the 4.1 Android Jelly Bean and built by a company(Fuhu) in the top 10 for top growing companies this year.

The major reason this is happening is because they paired with a couple of great component companies like NVIDIA who has been a top producer in CPU's and other computer components. 

They offer a learning center and great parental controls including a kids safe web browser. They have a really cool learning center that lets kids earn coins for completing learning games so they get more games for free just by learning. You can also download from the Nabi or Amazon store where they also offer tons of learning games and books for free.

See Nabi Jr Nick Jr Edition

Let's Compare Specs on these Kids Tablets

Screenshot vtech innotab 3s


Screenshot nabi jr



Screen Size




Battery Life

EXP Memory


Included Apps


Web Browser




5 stars

5 stars


8 hours


350+ apps

20 apps

4 GB


Swivel 2 MP

See New Innotab 3s Bundles



5 Stars

5 Stars


8 hours



30 Apps

4 or 16 GB


Swivel 1.3 MP

See New Nabi Jr Nick Jr Edition

Digesting the Information

These two kids tablets are very similar in everything from price, to expandable memory, and even music playback options. The biggest difference is going to be the fact that the Nabi Jr is and Android tablet and it has a lot more options as far as content. You can read a full review on the Innotab 3s if your interested in one of the best tech toys available today.

If you want to view the best tech toy then check out the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra. It has better software for parents and over double the content for $50 more.

If you want to try out the best Android kids tablet for under $100 then you should get the Nabi JR. It is far better than the Ematic and other Android tablets for kids.

I appreciate your reading my comparison review between the Fuhu Nabi JR and the Vtech Innotab 3s. If you have questions or comment about either of these tablets feel free to leave them below or contact me on the contact us page and I will get back to you promptly.

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  1. Trying to figure out what to buy in btwn the nabi jr and innotab3s for my 2 year old girl. She has a 4year old sis I was able to get nabi 2 for on Black Friday. She’s starting to play with my iPad using d sprout app coping big sis but I have not encouraged that..which one would u recommend…thanks for the great review

    • You could get the Innotab 3s and then when you upgrade your older child just hand the Nabi 2 down. The LP and Innotab are not long term purchases as kids grow out of them by 5 or 6 usually depending on how much exposure they have to real tablets.

      My top pick for a 2 year old is the Nabi Jr Nick Jr. It is what I purchased for my 2 year old nephew.

  2. Inno tab 3s or nabi Jr can you down load game to the 3s or is it just chipswhat’s the big difference my boy is 3 like to draw play watch movies please email me thanks how is the cameras on both of them how does the web work on the 3s

    • They are both 2 MP cameras on these 2 tablets. The main source of education and games on the Innotab are cartridges much like a 3ds or other handheld game system. The Nabi Jr will have Android apps which are much cheaper in the long run.

  3. First off id like to say, thank you so.much for your website, It has been such a big help and one- stop shop for explaining the different devices! Being able to read the other comments has really helped answer some of my questions however I do have a few more, can you download games on the Nabi that kids can play when they are not in range of a wifi connection? can you buy a Wi-Fi plan to use with the Nabi 2 like you can with other tablets? i bought my tablet off someone and purchased a plan that I added to my cell phone plan thro Verizon that gives me a acess to the internet with a set amount of GB when there is no WI-fi available and am wondering if I could share my current tablets plan/3G connectiion with the Nabi or add the Nabi to my plan so it has its in own set amount data minutes . Also, I have a 2 almost 3 yr old that loves to play on my tablet and go on YouTube and we need a device that will keep her entertained in the car on long road trips as we just moved 3 hrs away and hv to travel back once a month for Dr appointment so currently we let her play with my phone but she’s burning thro my data minutes and.costing me a fortune in overcharges. Also, she does access internet with ease and seems fairly tech savy and I.want a tablet that will gfow.with her for a long time , do you recommend the Nabi jr or the Nabi 2? I bought one but am not sure now which one it is bc it doesn’t say on the box 2 or junior, it just says Nabi and says ages 4-40 and it has sponge bob on the box, I bought it on black Friday and it was the last of any nabi devices and had been left on a shelf in a separate dept and.I didnt.know thr was more than one type of Nabi so I didnt think ti ask, which one do you think this is and which one do you think would be better and.last awhile and grow with her, the jr or the 2? thank you so much for any advice you nave.

    • That is the Nabi 2 Nickelodeon edition you got. It does not have a 3G card/wireless card like that so you cannot add a plan to it. It can be paired with a phone or hotspot though. There are tons of apps that can be downloaded that work without WiFi. I recently found over 100 Fisher Price apps and most of them were free and didn’t require WiFi. You could also add movies from your own collection to the tablet.

      I’m glad you liked the website and hope you will share it with friends on FB or G+. If you have any more questions let me know and I’ll try to help.

  4. Hi Ryan,

    Wondering if you can buy the Nabi Jr in Canada. And if so can you access the same apps from Amazon Canada. Last Christmas I bought the Kindle Fire for my daughter while I was in the US because my niece loved it. But I soon realized the content that was available for download on Amazon Canada was alot less than Amazon USA.

    • I talked to a Canadian Fan A Tech last week and he said they would be releasing their products to the public in December and it would support almost every app they had available. It’s going to be at the minimum their core products but probably not special editions.

  5. Oh my, I am so glad to have found your site!!I have a20 month old son who is very intereste in technology already. He can turn on and open my iPhone, loves to play with my laptop and is working on using the ps3 controller to get around in Netflix.
    I want to get him a LeapPad Ultra a Nabijr/2 or an Innotab3, I need help firmly deciding!!! HELP! LOL
    I want it to grow with him for at least a couple years, easy to use for non tech savy grandparents 9ir will be traveling between 3 households), and I want it to not have to be plugged in constantly(good battery life). I was dead set on the Leappad but then I found the other two products while browing and they both look decent also, price is not a deciding factor. I love that the Nabi is Android based)i hate my iPhone, lol). I guess on of my main questions would be, is the LeapPad Ultra to advanced for a smart toddler?

    • The LeapPad is not to advanced for him and I would say all of the devices you mentioned would work fine for him. If he is learning to use and iPhone(age range is not 2 and up) then he will be able to learn how to use whatever you get. I think parents underestimate how quickly they actually learn compared to us. I would say go Android if he will have WiFi at the places he is rotating too. The only reason I say this is the educational content included and a lot of the videos etc on the Nabi’s needs wifi.

      If everyone’s house does not have a WiFi network then stay with the LP Ultra or Innotab 3s. The LP is probably a good starting point and you mentioned battery life and I believe it is roughly 9 hours. The cartridges are a little pricey but they are good education and it’s fairly durable. The one thing I don’t like about the LP is not being able to use Netflix and no expandable memory. Also a lot of people have experience problems with the WiFi.

      There are issues with every product so I’m not going to nitpick. If you decide Nabi I would get the Nabi Jr Nick Jr as it has been updated and has twice the memory of a Nabi 2, plus the included apps will be much more appropriate.

      Thanks for the question and let me know if you have anymore. Also, hope you will give us some FB likes or G+’s so more parents can find us.

      • Ryan,
        that answer helps a lot, thank you! I agree with children being smarter than we give them credit for and not challenging them enough. I also noticed even though the LP Ultra says 4-9 yrs old, you CAN download the apps for smaller children on it.
        I think I will have the family get a LP for him to travel (no wifi at their houses) with and get an inexpensive Android based tablet for us to try at home with our wifi.
        I absolutely “liked” your FB page and invited all my friends/family with children to do the same!!

        • That sounds like a really good plan and I really appreciate the support.

          I’ll be adding some How To videos after I get through the crazy buying season when everyone needs answers.

          Appreciate the visit and comments

  6. Hi! I have a 19 month old and he uses my Nexus 7 2013 for apps like Fisher Price and Duck Duck Moose. I bought him a Leappad Explorer2 and a Nabi2 because I went overboard on the whole shopping thing. But now I’m a little worried that Leappad would be somewhat inadequate for what we do everyday and Nabi2 would be way too advanced for him. Should I get a Nabi Jr. or should I keep either or both of my purchases? Also, he was diagnosed with CP and was born at 24 weeks. I’m not sure what the best thing for him would be at his age because he likes technology. Thanks!

    • If you didn’t spend a ton on the Nabi 2 I would keep it. I verified and the Amazon AppStore has over 100 fisher price apps and 20 apps by duck duck moose and that is going to be your biggest source of apps. If he is used to the Nexus the LP Explorer will be a big disappointment. I wouldn’t go for the Nabi Jr either because he is also used to a 7″ screen.

      • Thanks! I was trying to decide on whether the built in apps would be good for him. Since I have a Nexus, he already has access to both Amazon and Play Store. I’m more concerned about the Nabi 2′s content. Would it be appropriate for an almost 2 year old? Thanks!

        • It’s more geared towards 4 and up. The Nabi Jr would have better preloaded content. The Nabi Jr Nick Jr model has been upgraded and is a much better pick and what I got my 2 year old nephew.

  7. What is the difference really between the Nabi Jr (the 16GB one) and the Nabi 2. Is it just the screen size? Wouldn’t you be able to have the same content on both? I have a 3 year old and a 6 year old. I am hesitant to spend more money on the Nabi 2 for the 6 year old if it can have content on it that is age appropriate for him and it is really just the screen that is smaller.

    • They come preloaded with some variances in apps. The Nabi 2 content is appropriate for any child over the ages of 3 or 4. The Nabi 2 is a little different but you actually get more internal memory with the Nabi Jr 16 GB.

  8. I need help! I’m torn between the new vtech and the
    Nabi jr for my daughter she’s a little over 2 and half years old n is smart. Now does the vetch you have to insert games and the nabi you don’t have too? I wanna know which one would be able better for her. I’m confused. Thank you!

    • The Innotab does use cartridges. I’m not a big fan of this unless you don’t have WiFi. I would let that be your determining factor.

  9. I have been torn between these two, trying to decide which will be the best one to get our daughter. Right now she plays several learning games on my iPhone as well as on the tablets at therapy. Our daughter has Sensory Processing Disorder and has OT, PT and Speech. I started seeing a big learning improvement from her playing the games. I don’t want something that is too much for her, she’s only three. She doesn’t need to surf the net or anything. I do want something more than just the simple aps I have on my phone. I have been trying to research for the past month but with a pending brain surgery I’m not able to always focus. I want her to be able to have access to the games featuring her favorite characters… Mickey Mouse, Sofia the First, Team UmiZoomi, Bubble Guppies, etc because I know those will help make learning even more fun. Games/Apps that help with her counting and colors and shapes but this is how she learns so well, it’s what sinks in with her. Now of course she’s fascinated with the Nabi Jr because she sees the commercial and loves to sing along “good morning red bird” but I just want to make sure I pick which is best for her without overwhelming her with things she doesn’t need. Which do you recommend?

    • They actually have a Nabi Jr Nick Jr version that features the Bubble Guppies and Team UmiZoomi. It is actually is a better tablet as well. It has an updated processor and more memory. You can see my Nabi Jr Nick Jr video review here.

  10. Okay so I am thinking of getting my three year old daughter something like this for Christmas but there are sooo many different brands out there.. First off we have no internet connection besides my phone so we cant get wifi.. Do you need internet connection or wifi to use these products.. I mean there is nabi jr, innotab, leap frog, and v tech.. My daughter loves to play on my phone to play games and music.. Help Me Pleasee!! Email Me Personally tho cause I help asap please..

    • With no internet connection your best bets are going to be the Vtech Innotab or LeapFrog LeapPad because it doesn’t require WiFi to work. The games are more expensive but it is your best option.

    • innotab is vtech and yes you need internet connection (even for the innotab) to be able to dowload games and apps.

  11. I am so confused. My son turn’s 3 in January and I want to get him a electronic learning device. I heard good things about the Nabi jr and Innotab 3s. I was wondering if the innotab3s can download games like Fruit Ninja, Temple run ect? And do I have to but games for the Innotab 3s?

  12. Hi there I am thinking of purchasing a tablet for my 8 yr old son and debating over the innotab 3s or the nabi jr. He enjoys going on the net listening to music aging games, u tube so I think I’m set on the nabi jr but what really interests me with the innotab 3s is that parents can message( text ) to the inotab does the nabi have this option. My other question is I’m from canada and wondering where u can by nabi jr?

    • For the options you are wanting I would get the Meep! X2. It has an awesome text program that you 2 could use and it will work on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

      He is to old for an Innotab in my opinion. The Meep! X2 is also international and has multiple languages.

      • Thanks so much do you know which retail stores would carry meepx2

  13. I was just wondering what 2 tablets to get my kids. My 2.5 year old son loves educational games. He is able to turn on my iPhone 5 and go to the apps he wants and YouTube videos on his own. He does get upset when things don’t load quick enough. I was thinking the nabi jr but I noticed that the nabi 2 will be on sale on Black Friday . I also have a 3 year old daughter who has a mobigo . She is not as tech savvy as her little brother . Would she be ok with a nabi jr, nabi 2 or leap pad. Thanks :)

    • I would get them both the same thing. The Nabi 2 is a great deal but the Nabi Jr Nick Jr($139) is still a great option because it has some additional content, twice the memory, and the same processor. It is a couple inches smaller but the camera swivels so you can use it in both directions. You won’t have to budget your memory with the Nabi Jr at 16 GB. I chose this one for my nephew as opposed to fighting the crowds.

  14. Hi Ryan,
    For starters, I don’t know what the field “website” is referring to?
    As for my question, I have a daughter who will be 3 y/o on Nov 25 (Yes, she was a Thanksgiving baby :)I am BEYOND GRATEFUL for this site as I too am overwhelmed & completely confused by all these electronic devices out there. I placed an Sophia Innotab 3s bundle on layaway & was getting it out for her birthday & am now wondering if I’ve made a HUGE mistake.
    Several things you need to know in order to help me. 1)I am computer illiterate so although I’ve bought her leapfrog things in the past, they have had little to NO use. My husband doesn’t have the time & I don’t know how to do electronic things. I have an I-Phone 4 & use it for pictures, texting, e-mail & phone calls (occasionally look up a phone # on the web):(
    After reading all of your reviews, I think I’m sold on the Nabi nick jr. version however, my concern is the content (I’m NOT a big fan of Nickelodeon content) & ability to learn how to use it myself in order to help her.
    My only other question is: Is the screen size significant? I thought she NEEDED the Nabi2 since it had a 7″ screen. She loves to watch PBS shows on my phone. My #1 want is to be able to put Sprout shows on it, Is this possible?
    Lastly, you were so GR8 at helping me understand the differences (which is not an easy feat) that I was wondering if you have tutorials on you tube for teaching people like me how to get the most out of it? Do you have any type of FB, e-mail etc. so we can ask ?’s directly? As I am literally gonna stay on this page until you answer as I wouldn’t know how to get back to it :(

    • I’ll email you directly since this is a really detailed comment,

      • OK, now I’m thinking the Nabi2 Disney version. She is being treated for a Sensory Integration disorder so sometimes getting her out the door is such a challenge we just stay home. Her therapist comes to our home twice a week. What I wouldn’t give to let her take her shows with her as a way of motivating her to get in the car.
        I was telling my husband due to your reviews, I have decided to return the Innotab 3sSophia bundle (which really saddens me as she LOVES Sophia) & purchase the Nabi Nick Jr. version but then I made the mistake of mentioning the new Disney version.
        My thoughts are simply the Nick Jr. version would be easier for an computer illiterate person like me to learn, however, he feels if I’m going to buy the Disney version later-which I would, he’d rather do so now.
        Is my thinking correct in the Jr. version being easier for me to learn? Or are they the same sytem thereby requiring me to do the same things?
        PLEASE HELP ME. I am getting more & more overwhelmed by the minute.

        • I sent you another email as your questions are a little more extensive.

  15. I have a question. I have two daughters (3 and 4). We can’t decide on which would be better. They are both very tech savy and play on our phones a lot. We are just worried because we live in a small town and have no access to WiFi. Which one would ypu suggest. I want to make sure they’ll be able to still play all the games even tho we don’t have internet access!
    Thanks so much!

    • In this instance you are probably better off getting the Innotab 3s because you can buy cartridges that don’t require WiFi. The educational content on the Nabi Jr requires access to WiFi to use, meaning you will lose a lot of the quality of this product. There are a lot of great cartridges and here is a page of games that you can get quite a bit cheaper than Walmart or Toys R’us.

  16. Hi I have been looking into a few differences on the tablets for my boys. I was interested in the nabi 2 , innotab 3 and also leap frog ultra.which one do you think would be the best for 3 and 4 year old boys.I want one that has a camera can go on YouTube and also watch movies.which one would best fit that description. Also I have another question. Is there a difference between a nabi 2 and a nabi Jr or are they the same thing. Also I want the tablet to grow with them.does the innotab 3 and leap frog ultra have Netflix and you tube. I am also looking for a device that I can hook headphones in to

    • You will not be able to use Netflix or YouTube on the Innotabs or LeapPads. They are mainly cartridge devices with a few tablet options.

      The Nabi 2 and Nabi Jr are different products but they have a lot of similarities. At the ages of your children they are old enough for the Nabi 2.

      Thanks for the questions.

      • Hi Ryan
        I was thinking about purchasing the InnoTab 3s for my 3yr old because she likes to play games on my phone and go on Youtube. So with the WiFi capability would I be able to download Youtube from the app store?

        • Vtech will not have any Android or iOS apps available on it. They are closed system and only their software will run on them. That’s usually why I suggest buying an Android Tablet because they have better long term flexibility and you won’t have to give up your phones anymore because they will have the same options available.

          • Thanks, I’ve decided to go with the Nabi Jr 4GB but was wondering if there is an option for extra external memory

          • There is a 16 GB model and a Nick Jr model that is 16 GB of memory. I would suggest paying the extra money up front on the Nick Jr model because they updated the processor and quadrupled the memory. You can find the Nabi Jr Nick Jr model here. It’s going to cost you almost $20 to add an SD card and this way is a much better route so you can add more apps.

  17. Ryan, which product would you recommend for a 6yr old autistic child? My son is high functioning, meaning he speaks, listens & understand most questions! He is extremely smart, so we’re looking for something to grow with him. I was interested in the Nabi, considering it goes to 5th-6th level.. Looking forward to your advice!

    • I think the Nabi 2 would be a great place to start. Does he have much interaction with technology yet? IPhone? How does he respond? Does he use any other game console device? What kind of activities does he do with them?

      If he is already using other tech devices or even if he is not the Nabi 2 is setup very simple for all kids. They have activities and educational games that could definitely build on what he is already learning.

      Thanks for the question.

  18. Hi! I too am shopping around for the best choice for tablets for 2 of my kids. They are 4 yrs. and 6 yrs. old. I have been looking at innotab, leappad ultra and Nabi jr. I am obviously wanting something that they can get several years out of and can grow with them a bit and also has great preformance and value. It seems you really recommend the Nabi Jr., but do you think it is to “young” for a 4 and 6 yr old?


  19. Hey there! Thanks so much for getting back to me with my 18 month old question the other day. Since then, I have been doing even more research and am getting even more overwhelmed. Jeez… 2 more questions please. 1) With the Innotab 3s, will I need/want to purchase a ton of cartridges in order for him to have solid content or are there enough options in the app store. I don’t mind buying a few, but if I’m going to be dropping close to $100 just in games, I’d rather spend the money on a more expensive tablet to begin with. 2) Let’s throw in a 3rd option. The Kurio 7s. Thoughts?

    • No Problem. Unfortunately you will end up having to invest quite a lot of money into cartridges. You can probably get a total of 5 cartridges, 2 with the bundle and buy 3 for the same price as the Nabi Jr Nick Jr edition or one more for the price of the Kurio 7s. My only worry is with the Kurio 7s is the durability. Not saying it is not durable but it is not going to be as durable as the other 2 we have discussed. 7″ screens are just usually more fragile. If your child was 5 and you got a good case I would say go for it. The learning games included on the Kurio 7s are also more geared towards kindergarten through 6th grade.

      Feel Free to let me know if you have any more questions.

  20. My son will be 18 months when we are considering giving him this. Is there a preference for android based vs. tech toy at that age?

    • At this point they are more or less the same as far as durability and 3 years is the average life cycle. There is possibility you could get an extra year in the nabi jr but who knows what will be out by then.

      You will have more flexibility in the next year or two if you like netflix’s and it is a better all around tablet but it is the difference in $40 to get the nabi jr nick jr.

  21. Thanks for all the info. Was deciding between, innotab 3s, leap pad ultra and nabi jr. Pretty sure I’m going with Nabi jr. They have the first innotab and love them, they are 4 and 8, but they both use my iPad more. They need internet access and room for growth. Plus netflix. :)

    • Thanks for visiting and I’m glad you found what your are looking for. I think your making the right decision and I would definitely get the nick jr version because of all the upgrades they made to this model. I hope this website was really helpful and you will share it on your Facebook or Google Plus

      • Just bought nabi 2 nick….now, set up is crazy…….device seems sturdy……..

        • What do you think so far? It was one of my 5 year old son’s favorites but I think he dreams about TMNT, lol. He wants to be a ninja when he grows up.

  22. My almost 4 year old is used to playing on my ipad. Which kids tablet would be best for her to transition to? I have been looking at the Nabi but now after reading this post I am considering others. I don’t want her to be bored with a different tablet as she can run the ipad with no problems but I don’t want to spend $400 on a tablet. Also, can you put movies on the Nabi?

    • I get this one a lot. You should definitely get an Android tablet. The 800 MHz processors and slow load times will bore your child to death. You can see my new video reviews on the Nabi 2 and yes it is very easy to put movies on it, you can see I put “EPIC” on it in the matter of 5 minutes. Check out the Disney Edition and Nickelodeon Edition that just came out. The Nabi 2 is a very durable and speedy tablet.

      • Thanks!

        • Thanks for visiting and share with your friends on Facebook or Google.

  23. MY daughter is 3 and I like the LEap PAd and the Innotab but my problem is the extra money for the cartridges. I was looking at the Nabi2 as well. I read one of your reviews for the Leappad Ultra and you said it would be a good option for a three year old. However, I Was hoping to get a tablet that she could keep for a few years. Education is a concern for me but the prices of the software matter as well. Would you recommend the Nabi 2 or the Leappad for a three year old who needs to keep their tablet for a while? I want something that will grow with her?

    • My top pick is the Nabi 2 because they have curriculum going up to 5th or 6th grade. I didn’t realize how much I had forgotten since I was out of school. I’m going to do a video on the educational portion of the Nabi 2 in the form of a youtube video and hopefully this will solidify your decision. Check the Nabi 2 review and I’ll put a link or navigation to it this afternoon. It will definitely grow with your child much better. I’ll also be highlighting all the other features of the tablet so you can get a real hands on feel of the tablet.

      Thanks for the comment and I hope you will come back and watch the videos and they are helpful for you.

      • Thanks for the quick Reply. I do have another question. After reading another post, I saw that Nabi 2 starts at the Kindergarten level. Since my daughter is 3, it seems that it would be too advanced and the Nabi Jr would be better so that she could comprehend. I saw they have a new addition that I am really excited about. How long would the Nabi Jr Last. I saw it said preschool. However, next fall she will start Pre k. Thats what scares me (the fact that it may not grow with her). Thanks for the recommendation, I just want her to be able to use it now and a little later. sorry, I do not want to be confusing. I thought the Nabi 2 started earlier. Thanks!!

        • The Nabi Jr is definitely more suited for her age group and you don’t have to worry about it lasting, it will. Make sure you get the Nabi Jr Nick Jr edition as they have updated a lot of the specs inside. It also has a full version on the Wings and Fooz Kids University that goes through the 5th grade.

          I try to respond promptly to all my visitors and thanks for the question. I’m sure more visitors will find value in what you wrote as well. If you have any more questions then feel free to let me know and I’ll get them answered.

          • Thanks!!! Would you recommend this over the Kindle Fire for her age group as well?

          • For her age group definitely. I love the Kindle Fire and I’m about to purchase my third because I want the new HDX model but for a child that age it is a lot more likely to get broken and there isn’t a set educational curriculum. You should buy one for yourself, the new Kindle Fire HDX. The specs and visual appearance are awesome and the children wouldn’t even get to play with it, lol.

          • Just one more. I asked about the kindle because of their app. How would you say the nabi Jr holds up to the kindle fire which has the free time app with books and movies? Thanks again

          • The FreeTime is completely entertainment. My son loves it. It cost me $3 a month because I’m an Amazon Prime member. If your looking for only great entertainment then get the Kindle. I bought a marware swurve case and my son has had it for over 6 months with no scratches or cracks. It really depends on the child and how well they will take care of it. The Nabi products are meant to be all around value and the Kindle Fires are great for entertainment. You can add educational apps from Amazon but your not going to get the in-depth educational experience.

            Thanks for all your comments

  24. What happens after the one year Kids Connect subscription expires? What sorts of “Hidden” costs should I expect to pay for with the InnoTab 3S, LeapPad Power or Ultra and the Nabi Jr?

    • I working on getting you some exact numbers on your question. Their websites actually offer very little info if any so I have contacted both companies. The Kid Zui web browser appears to be a free service on the internet though. The Nabi Jr has parent approved website surfing so it is actually where you think it is ok for your kids to go. The Innotab 3s is a paid subscription and you get the basic subscription included for one year but it will cost to resubscribe at this point.

  25. Great comparison information, Ryan. Please tell me the screen sizes don’t get much smaller than this? :-)

    • I really think 7″ is ideal size for a tablet but there is actually a kurio 4s that is approximately 4″. It is actually a cool little handheld that is much like a smart phone size for $99.

      The main reason they make kids tablets this size is to make them affordable. The smaller screen is cheaper and requires a cheaper CPU and GPU to run at an efficient rate. The more pixels you have to run the better your processors have to be.

      I’m glad they are built in more variations so consumers can pick what is ideal for them. Some are on a budget, some want one smaller kids can hold, and some want one that can basically double as a laptop for older kids with a simple Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

      Thanks for your comment and visiting the site.

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