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Posted by on Dec 31, 2013 in Kids Tablet Wifi Posts | 5 comments

How to Add Minecraft PE to your Kids Tablet

How to Add Minecraft PE to your Kids Tablet

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If your kids love this game as much as mine then you are probably searching for how to add Minecraft PE to your kids tablet. It’s actually a pretty easy process but I’m going to show you how to shop for great apps, see if they are compatible, and push them to your kids tablets as well.

This process works for popular kids tablets like the Nabi Jr, Nabi 2, Nabi XD, Kurio 4s, Kurio 7s, Kurio 10s, Tabeo e2 and other popular kids tablets that utilize the Amazon AppStore.

Step 1 – Install the Amazon AppStore

First you need to add the Amazon AppStore to your kids tablet. This is a video displaying how to do it. If you have a Nabi then just click your Fan-A-Tech button and it is the first link. You will still need the video to see which options to change in the settings to make this possible.

Step 2 – Purchase Minecraft PE

Minecraft pe

Buy Minecraft PE







Android compatibility list




Buy here


Pick Device to Deliver to

Check Compatibility Here




Once you have verified your device is available, select the device. This app will now be stored in your Amazon Cloud account and you can add it to all your kids tablets for free after initial purchase. Just select which device to push it to and deliver. You must have enough available space on the tablet to be able to push it.

Also make sure you go into the parental controls and add it to the list of acceptable apps your kids have access to.

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  1. Can you tell me how to download the minecraft update to a nabi2? I had installed minecraft a while back (version 0.7.6) & my daughter wants the updated version (0.8.1). It never shows up in the downloads section under appzone.

    • There should be an option in the app to install the most recent update.

  2. So many devices, so many applications. Man, I have GOT to get with the program! :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing this one Ryan! I purchased two tablets for my kids this Christmas. One being a Nabi 2 and the other a Kindle Fire HD. This was the very first request that they both had. They both wanted Minecraft installed on their devices immediately. This handy little guide would have made things so much simpler lol.

    • Sorry I didn’t get it out sooner, hopefully you were able to see how to push apps to the device so you can do it from your PC and check compatibility first. I prefer this method of purchasing apps and this is also how I check to see which apps work for which devices when people ask what is available.

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