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How to Compare Kids Tablets – The Kids Tablets Quick Comparison Tool

How to Compare Kids Tablets – The Kids Tablets Quick Comparison Tool

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Just for parents I made a quick comparison tool so you know how to compare kids tablets. I chose the 5 most important categories for this tool just like when I chose my son's tablet. You can see how the best kids tablets compare in education, entertainment, durability, battery life and speed.

This slider is made for mobile devices as well by swyping your finger across the pictures you can view your favorite 2 kids tablets and then tap the picture to get to it's respective review.

  • Innotab 3s
  • LeapPad Ultra
  • Kindle Fire HD 3rd
  • Kurio 7s
  • Nabi Jr
  • Kindle Fire HDX
  • Kurio 4s
  • Kurio 10s
  • Tabeo e2
  • Nabi 2
  • Kindle Fire HD 2nd
  • Nabi XD
  • XO Kids Tablet
  • Vinci Tab III M
  • Innotab 3s
  • LeapPad Ultra
  • Kindle fire HD 3rd
  • Kurio 7s
  • NabiJr
  • Kindle Fire HDX
  • Kurio 4s
  • Kurio 10s
  • Tabeo e2
  • Nabi 2
  • Kindle Fire HD 2nd
  • Nabi XD
  • XO Kids Tablet
  • Vinci Tab III M

A Brief Description of How These Kids Tablets Excel

Finding a kids tablet that meets you and your child's needs is very important. Some are for different age groups and some are better for either entertainment or learning. Very few offer everything and are made of great quality with great components.

Two of the most popular all purpose tablets are the Nabi 2 and the Kurio 7s. They offer great parental controls, great educational programs, and have above average components.

If you want a tablet for great entertainment your best bet is the Kindle Fire line. If your on a tight budget the Kindle Fire HD tablets will be the best. If you want the highest performing and best entertainment family and kids tablet then the brand new Kindle Fire HDX is the tablet to get.

For education there are 2 tech toy tablets, LeapPad Ultra and Innotab 3s. The Nabi line and Kurio line also have very good educational content.

The only tablet claiming to be built for toddlers is the Vinci Tab III M. All of the rest are more aimed to the pre-k age.

The new comers are the Tabeo e2 and XO kids tablet and they both also offer a very well rounded kids tablet but in my opinion aren't as good as the above mentioned.

Last but not least we will have 2 more tablets coming out very soon, Meep! X2 and Samsung Galaxy 3 Tab Kids. To be released in either October or November.

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  1. I’m tired of replacing our dual car DVD players for our 5 and 7 yr old. Is there a tablet for each of them were they can watch movies in the car that do not require wifi to stream? That I can download and save before we travel? If your recc is the kindle fire, can you still purchase the older model that had the camera? Thank you

    • You can still get the older model with the camera. Amazon will probably be your best bet.

      You cannot stream in the car without tethering your phone or having a hotspot. Not recommended because videos will eat up your 5 GB, standard hot spot or phone data plan, very quickly. Basically in one trip you could exceed that amount.

      The Kindle Fire HD is the best for movies and media and prices are really reasonable. You could add movies to the tablets and they are usually about 1 GB a piece, that is the quality I suggest to save space. I also have a video of how to do this in my how to Kindle section.

  2. Trying to decide Btwn nabi jr or innotab 3s for my 2 yr old ..want educational stuff And wifi since she watches sprout on my iPad and big sis 4 year old has nabi 2..what option do u think is better

    • I would get the Nabi Jr Nick Jr. This will make it easier to share apps etc for them. They also just released Google Play and should have an OTA update for the Nabi Jr very soon. The nabi 2′s OTA has already been released.

  3. I am debating between the Nabi 2 and the Samsung Galaxy 3 Kids for my 8 year old son (3rd grade). He’s used iPad so far and is pretty well versed on tablet use (especially games) now its time for more educational and more parental controls. I’m looking for versatility, ease of use, durability and an idea of how available and costly are the Nabi apps? I have a galaxy phone and kinda have an idea on the apps for that…thinking they are the same?
    any thoughts….

    • The Nabi 2 is one of the most durable tablets available and like your comment suggests many of the apps will be the same. There is supposedly going to be a Nabi OTA update that will allow Google Play. You can visit the Nabi Fan Page for all the details until I get something up on the website.

  4. This is such a helpful website. Thank you for all of this info. I’ve been researching for awhile and have moved away from my initial plan of a buying two LeapPads for our children to thinking tablets are a better idea. My real problem is that we are an Apple family and love our iPads etc. I feel like a traitor buying an android device, but I’m also really annoyed that Apple is ignoring a future audience. So here’s my question- we have a daughter (age 5) and a son (age 2 3/4). We’d like to find them devices that they can use for learning and for streaming their shows from Amazon Prime and Netflix. My daughter is almost reading and both kids love books, so that needs to be included too. Also, they both love art, drawing, etc. So, do we go with a Nabi 2 and a Nabi Jr or perhaps a Kindle Fire and a Nabi? Or maybe the Samsung? Yikes. Any advice would be most appreciated! Thanks!

    • The Kindle Fires are the Apple of the Android world without the price tag. They are actually better then iPads. The only device that rivals my HDX is the Nexus and Kobo. I would get 2 Kindle Fire HDs. The content on the FreeTime Unlimited is for 3 to 9 years of age. They are also adding an educational curriculum in 2014. That was the main reason I didn’t promote the Kindle’s over the Nabi but they are fixing the 1 issue that stood between them and being the best kids tablet. Since you already have Prime they will get better use out of the Kindles and you get a discount on FreeTime Unlimited, it is $3 a month for Prime members. I have some great kids cases for the Kindle Fires on my Cyber Monday page.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      • Thanks for your quick reply. Happy to hear Amazon is adding an educational component. Do you think it will be available for people who own the kindle fire?

        And the cases look great. I’m happy to see they come in pink and purple. My daughter told the Samsung rep at Best Buy yesterday that their kids tablet was a lot of fun, but she would never want it “because of the ugly color.” I think Samsung missed the mark on that design element.

        • The info I got on it was that it would be inside of the FreeTime Unlimited app so you shouldn’t have any issues getting it on the Kindle Fire, I’m assuming you meant the older model. They should have had color options, do a blue and pink as opposed to 2 neutral colors that make it look like candy corn. It’s a great tablet despite that.

        • The problem I’ve had with the Amazon Market is that they *REQUIRE* activating “One-Click”, and I am not at all comfortable with using a site that bypasses order validation in such a cavalier way.

          • I didn’t really think about it that way. I just had mine setup to make it easier for purchases. I can see how it can be seen both ways though.

  5. I’ve read all these comments and I’m still in a turmoil about what to purchase. I have an 8 year old and twins who are 5. Budget is such that I was planning on LeapPad2 for the twins each, and Kindle Fire HD for the 8yr old. But, now I’m concerned that LP2 isn’t advanced enough for the 5 yr olds as they navigate my Samsung Galaxy phone apps just fine. Should I just move up to the LP Ultra? But then with that price point, I might as well move out of Leap Pads altogether. I was sold on KFHD but a camera and video recorder is pretty important to all three of my kids. I see conflicting info about whether the Kindle Fire HD has a camera or not. Camera, video, mp3, and regular free internet apps such as Temple Run, Candy Crush, etc are important to my kids. (I’m not avoiding an educational tablet though) Purchasing 3 tablet items at once, I’m trying to be price friendly but I also want to make a good purchase. Advice?

    • The previous gen Kindle Fire HD does have a camera but the new one does not. They have sales on the Tabeo e2, Meep X2 and Kurio 7s right now. All of those have 2 cameras, play videos and music. They all also have AppStores where free apps can be found. My preference of the 3 is the Kurio 7s but check out their reviews and let me know what questions you have.

      • Thank you so much for the recommendation. Actually, just today he came home and mentioned that another kid at school has a Kurio! And yes, my Walmart has the Kurio 7s at a sale price, which is nice and convenient. My question going forward would be since he is 8, would I need to give consideration to the Kurio 4s instead of the 7s? I see on your comparison that the 4s is for older kids and the 7s “ends” at age 9. What’s your take on comparing these two? and by the way, I agree with everyone else…you and your site are amazing. What a great idea to dedicate a single site to this very needed topic! Brilliant you!

        • Thanks. I enjoy all the support the parents have shown. The Kurio’s education is up to 11 and it actually looks more like a normal Android tablet than the rest. He should be good for the next 4 years and I would definitely get the 7s if it’s on sale. It has twice the apps on it.

          Happy holidays

  6. hi. i have been reading all of these reviews and am very confused, hoping you can help! we just purchased two smarttab Jr. at Big lots for our 2 and 4 year old. I am seeing reviews for the smarttab 2, but nothing on the the original one…??? do you know anything about it? just want to make sure its not a waste of money or if we should return?

    • The model 2 has a few issues so more than likely you are going to have more problems with the first gen. It had half the power of the new one. I would consider something else so your not wasting $70. Unfortunately you really need to spend more than a $100 to get at least an average quality tablet.

  7. I have a 3 year old granddaughter who is using our ipads to listen to kids’ music, watch kids videos…like strawberry shortcake. We’d like to a tablet of her own but are overwhelmed with all of the tablets on the market. We’ve looked at the leap frog tablets and one called Little Scholar. We’re looking for something more educational. what is your opinion on either of these tablets and if you don’t recommend either of them, what would you recommend? thank you!

    • The LeapPad Ultra will not preform well enough to keep your granddaughter to continue using your iPads. I was just doing some research on the little scholar but I wouldn’t pay that much for what it offers, believe it was $199 a couple days when I looked at it. I would consider the other top Android tablets like Nabi 2 or Kindle Fire HD first. I have several reviews and pages with info on these 2.

  8. My 18-month-old LOVES our iPads, so we were hoping to get him an age appropriate tablet for Christmas. The problem is that we can’t seem to find any that are targeted toward a young enough age demographic. (He is young, but he can navigate an iPad to find and use his apps.). What do you recommend?

    Thanks very much for your help!

    • The only one that really has a curriculum and focused on content for that age is the Vinci tablets.

      With that said you could easily get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 kids and load it up with games that your child plays on an iPad. This one is focused on 3 and up but with Google Play being the largest market you won’t have issues finding apps for the next year while your child grows into the preloaded content.

  9. IF one could afford it would the Nexus 7 be a stellar tablet that could be tailored (relatively easily) for strictly a child. With the added benefit that the parent could actually get function out of it too. Would you consider that just overkill for a child? Girl – Age 6.5 – Seems like the options just open up greatly. For example accessibilty. Thanks for your time and lending expertise to a confusing market sector.

    • No this is definitely an option and your right it does open up possibilities you won’t have with a kids tablet. They also make good cases to protect these kinds of tablets. In September they released and app called Kids Place that basically gives you the same options for parental controls on the ClickN Kids tablet. Web filtering apps are probably going to be a little trickier. I haven’t tested very many of these yet but I will probably get to them close to the first of the year when I add some upcoming tablets like the Nexus 7″, Kobo Arc 7 HD. and other great tablets for tweens and teens.

      Thanks for the question.

  10. I’m having a bit of a dilemma choosing for my seven year old twins (boy and girl). They currently have leap pads (the originals) with several games, some of which they have outgrown, but the new Leap Pad Ultra (LPU) appears to be geared for kids a bit older (up to age 9). There seem to be a lot of new games that they would probably enjoy, and of course the cartridges/apps on their old leappads will work on the new LPU, so we’d have plenty of games right out of the gate. However, I wonder if they will outgrow it quicker than a Nabi2 as they are a bit more mature.LPU has a texting feature (although it’s pre-programmed responses and only between other LPUs), not sure if the Nabi 2 has texting ability.

    We have an ipad, old iphone and a kindle that they can use for entertainment gaming, but I am thinking of something more for educational games, specific to their grade level to practice and enhance what they are learning in school. I’ve watched your videos and read your reviews and it appears that the Nabi2 offers grade specific content up to 5th grade which is stated very clearly. I don’t feel that the leappad is as grade specific, as they just give an age range for the games. I have read that the LPU adjusts to the child’s ability, but it’s determined after performing several equations that are below their ability, rather than just tapping a button immediately for their appropriate grade level. Another feature I’d like is a front and back camera, which the LPU does have, and the Nabi 2 does not. I also like the multiplayer feature on the LPU, as well as the secure internet browsing. On the other hand, the Nabi2 has the look and feel of a grown up tablet. I’m so torn between the two, but want something that will last, has lots of features, and won’t feel babyish. Any advice is appreciated!

    • A great bonus is that you have content or games already which is a major price point that’s not included with the price of the tablet. At 7 years old I would still move on to an actual tablet though.

      You can find several text apps for free on the Amazon AppStore but it will require WiFi. Most of this educational content also requires WiFi. It is a very straight forward educational program like you mentioned with hundreds of lessons that will be suited to their grade level. It is very much a grown up tablet but with features and content suited for kids. They will get the best of both worlds on this tablet, education and entertainment.

      Thanks for the comment

      • Thank you for your response. I don’t mean to drive you crazy, but I just received a ToysRUs flyer in the mail today, and the Kurio 7S caught my attention, particularly the price point and the parental controls. It also has 60 games preloaded. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the Kurio vs. the Nabi overall and more specifically, which has better educational games (again, looking for something that is appropriate for their grade level and beyond). Thanks so much, your website is an excellent resource!

          • Great review, we are going with the Kurio7s. One last question, can I download existing apps that I have purchased on my kindle via the amazon app store to the Kurio7s? If so, can I download to more than one Kurio 7s tablet? Thanks again, your website is fantastic, it has really helped me with my decision!

          • Your very welcome and yes. If you find the 3 square boxes on your tablet when you are inside the amazon Appstore it should give you an option to go to “my apps.” This is where your previous purchases are stored.

  11. Hi. Were you able to check out the SmartTab Junior Pro 7-Inch Kids Tablet w/ Disney-Pixar Content?

    Meijer has lowered the price to $69.99

    Thank you

    • For the price I would say get one. That averages out to about 20 cents a day and they should cover it for a full year which is what you should expect to get out of this tablet.

  12. Thank you so much Ryan for the wealth of info you’ve provided on here. I was torn between getting my 4yr old daughter another LP (one she got last year didn’t last more than 4 months before it stopped working), Vtech and the Nabi 2….Now I know exactly which will be more beneficial for her learning and entertainment (and my budget). N2 it is! Glad I found your site.

  13. I would like to get my two older daughters each a tablet for Christmas and I was hoping for a little advise. For my 3 y/o I am stuck between the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for kids and the Nabi 2 Disney Edition. She is obsessed with Disney Junior so I feel that may be why I am leaning towards the Nabi. For my almost 9 y/o I was considering the Nook HD+ since it’s comparable to the Kindle Fire HDX. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

    • You need to have wifi and a local cable provider to access the Disney channels which is a major draw to this tablet if you I’d say go for that one. I’m not real familiar with the Nook HD besides playing with my nieces. It’s kinda like Apple or Android competition between the Kindle and Nook. In the short time I played with the Nook HD it did seem to be very good quality though.

      I don’t think any tablets really compare to the Kindles when you compare the price. I got my HDX on Cyber Monday and I guarantee nothing, not even an iPad can compare to it when you consider price. I would have been able to get an iPad 2 for what I spent.

      Doesn’t mean I think the Nook isn’t a good buy. It’s still a quality tablet and will work well for your older daughters.

  14. meep x2 vs innotab 3s for 3 year old? She navigates really well on my hubby’s iphone and plays downloaded educational apps on there all the time. I know Meep x2 says for 6 and up but worried she would outgrow the innotab soon and don’t want to purchase cartridge games. Any suggestions?

  15. Great site! I have been researching tablets for my 6 yr. old son who loves minecraft! I’m sorry if someone has already asked this question, but which tablet is the best for that app? I have been looking at the Kindle Fire HD and Samsung Tab 3 so far. Thanks for your help!

    • For big minecraft users I always suggest the Kindle fire HD just because the WiFi is so much faster than almost anything available on the market. It is built for streaming HD movies which are large data transfers so minecraft should be no issue to keep from lag which is what will irritate him while he is playing. There are some great cyber Monday deals on these tablets tomorrow.

  16. I really enjoy your site !

    I have a 3 year old girl who loves movies, Disney, Nick and electronics. His grandpa wants to gift her a tablet. The budget is $100.. But i can do i little bit more. I really like the Nabi Jr.. But i read that the Nabi 2 is better, and I also saw the Smartab Jr… I really like that one too.. ! Witch one is better ? Help me !

    Thanks !

    • I would consider the Kindle Fire HD on my Cyber Monday page which is $100. You could purchase the FreeTime Unlimited for her and it has a ton of content by those publishers. You need WiFi though so she can download games and watch the videos and read books.

  17. I purchased a Camelio Batman Youth Tablet Bundle and wanted to know what your thoughts were on it. I know you seem to lean toward the NABI 2. How does the two compare. It is a gift for my grandson. He uses his Mom’s kindle fire and table and is quite savy for a 3year old going on four.

    • Actually in your situation I would have bought the Kindle Fire HD which you can get for $100 on my Cyber Monday page. If his mom already has one she already has an account and could easily get him apps or the FreeTime Subscription. Plus it is twice the tablet for less money.

  18. Hello i was wondering if any kids tablets has education apps that you can use without having a wifi connection. Also which one has the most apps for a 4_5yrsold child. i was thinking nabi 2 or clickn tab.

    • There are a lot of apps on all of them since they all share the Amazon AppStore. You will have even more available on the ClickN kids tablets and SG Tab 3 Kids because they have Google Play.

  19. Ryan,
    I never knew so many tablets existed for kids. I know you’ve heard this a million times already but – Your site is amazing! I was about to click on buy for the LP Ultra and now I’m wondering about Nabi2. I need your assistance for my 3yo!

    I see your point about performance being better with Nabi2 and that’s a clincher except for my critical requirement. How about apps and I mean quality of the apps – great graphics, focused learning. I have an Arnova Android tablet but the apps are produced by third party producers (sometimes small developers) without much quality or learning and its difficult hunting through the multitude of Android apps looking to find the great ones (maybe there are catalogs I haven’t discovered) Anyway so I wanted to get away from the tablet and get a good kid learning tablet.

    I loved the quality of the apps on LP and don’t mind paying the extra as long as I see its from an established publisher (means they’ve probably put research into the apps) with good graphics that is giving focused education to my child.

    I can’t seem to find any listing of apps for Nabi2 Disney Edition. Also we are based in the Middle East (Kuwait) – not sure if Nabi2 free content will come up here.

    Now I’m not looking for 800 apps (LP’s statement) but maybe 10 amazing ones that would help me focus my child on specific areas. I’ve listed apps I plan to buy with the LP Ultra below:

    This is just for starters since he hasn’t gotten to the 4-7year range. Does Nabi2 have the same quality apps with focused learning with good graphics? I don’t want to buy just a powerful tablet but a good learning tool. All the available apps given at this point in time would you recommend Nabi2 or LP Ultra for me? Thanks, Ryan for taking the time to assist!


    • Based on all the information you gave me and your given locale I would go with the LP Ultra. LeapFrog does have an abundance of great educational content. They have been building them for years. There are many companies starting to catch them like Fisher Price and Vtech. I also would not buy games from them as you can find almost all of those on Amazon and save a ton of money. Here is a page of a bunch of discounts on LP cartridges.

      • Ryan,
        Thank you! very very much! Is the link you sent the right one? I did not see the discounts details on that page.

        • I didn’t add the prices but if you click on the ones you like most of them are $5 to $13 off the normal $25 price.

  20. what kind of tablet would be good for a seven year old boy, he turns 8 in feb. though . i want a tablet that could help him with his reading since he in having issue with that. would like to be able to get on to youtube since he is a minecraft junkie lol educational apps would be great as well.

    • A good tablet for minecraft, YouTube and reading is the Kindle Fire HD. It has really fast wifi which is ideal for what you described.

  21. Hi – what a great site!

    Im just wondering if you could point me in the best direction!

    Here is some info about “us” that will hopefully help you help me!

    1 – we are Canadian
    2 – the user will be a 5 y/o boy
    3 – cost is semi – important
    4 – currently looking at the leappad ultra and the Innotab3s – we had seen the Nubi while visiting the US but it is not available here
    5 – kids tablets are moving kind of fast here right now so Im not really comfortable waiting to see what might be available next month
    6 – currently have here at home (trying to make a decision) the LP Ultra and a proscan tablet but have an innotab3s on hold for me to pick up tomorrow 26 November – lol – can you tell Im a little confused!?

    Help me help me me Ryan ya get a tablet inot my hands (LOL)

    • The Nabi 2 is being released in Canada in less than a week, inside sources from Nabi. I would hold on to the Innotab 3s and just return it if they do get the Nabi 2 out next week. If I had to choose between the 2 then I would go with the Innotab 3s if you plan on adding movies to an SD card. If your just going to use cartridges you will have more options with the LP Ultra.

  22. I was planning on getting my 5 year old the Nabi 2, but I was looking at a sales ad and saw an advertisement for the SmarTab Jr. What do you think about the two? I know you favor the Nabi 2, but I wanted input on the SmarTab vs the Nabi 2. I don’t want something he will outgrow in 2 years, I want it to last! He is constantly on my iPhone and my husbands Droid as well as my Nook. He needs his own!! :)

    • I have just ordered my SmarTab so I can’t really comment on it yet. I know they are offering it for $80 but if you can get one of the Nabi 2′s that will be on sale for $99 on Black Friday at Walmart that is what I would do. It’s worth the extra $20.

  23. Can you obtain a:
    SmartTab Junior Pro 7-Inch Kids Tablet w/ Disney-Pixar Content

    I only find them on website. Meijer is a Michigan based Grocery Mega store. They are selling for $80 on their .com site. (says we are saving $99.99
    They sound too good to be true.

    • I’m going to order one today but probably won’t have it until next week. They sell wholesale at $80 from China so they are making little to nothing after shipping and taxes so they are definitely not overcharging at that price but I still haven’t held one yet. Check in next week and I hope to have a review. I’m actually from Ohio so I’m familiar with Meijer.

  24. Thank you so much for the great info. I didn’t even realize there were so many options for kids! I was looking for comparisons between the LeapPad and Innotab but now that I know of all the others I’m not sure what I should be looking for. My son is 3 and loves my iphone. He loves playing games and Netflix. I want educational apps and something that he can use easily. Great parental controls would be an asset, particularly a timer. What do you suggest for this age group?

    • My favorite that has everything you mentioned is the Nabi Jr Nick Jr. It has apps that will keep kids entertained until age 6 or 7. It’s superfast with a tegra 3 processor and 16 GB of internal memory plus expandable memory for movies etc. It has Amazon Appstore which means you can get Netflix as well. also a kids safe web browser so your child can only go to the URL’s you add.

      I’m really happy so many parents like my website.

    • I should also mention that I live in Canada so need to make sure they are available here and features work….

      • I heard from a little bird you will see some Nabi stuff hit Canada in December. You will start seeing it in your store etc so everything on that version should work. The Disney Version for Nabi 2 is what they are struggling with getting the network up world wide, US will be fine.

        • Thank you so much. There is one available at Best Buy but it’s just the regular Nabi 2 Tablet. If I buy one in the States and bring it up will everything work on it? We live about an hour from the border.

          • I was talking to a Canadian Fan-A-Tech today and he said almost everything works on these in Canada. Here is the post.

  25. Thank you for your quick reply, its been so helpful. Ive already told a few other mothers who are looking into tablets for their kids about your site.
    I would have loved to have got the nabi 2 Disney edition but feel its a little out of our price range and so will make do with the normal one sold in the UK.
    Thank you again and keep up with the good work.

    • I really appreciate it. My UK visitors are growing and it’s because of mums like you. I have convinced Toys R’Us UK and Amazon to accept my application so I can build pages just for UK visitors. Argos still won’t except my application but I’m working on it so I can make a better experience for others outside the US.

      Thanks for all the comments and questions.

  26. I have never commented on a website before but I had to say how great your site is and how much its helped me in choosing a tablet for my Tec savvy 2year old son.
    To begin with my choices were the LeapPad utra and the innotab 3s but after reading your reviews my favourite has to be the Nabi 2 (especially the Disney Edition). My son has become obsessed with the cartoon Curious George and will take my iphone or his dads laptop and will watch the series on You Tube for hours if I let him.
    Here is my problem, I live in the UK and cant get the Disney Edition here and even if I did would all the apps work outside of the US.
    And problem 2, does the Nabi 2 have the capability to go onto You Tube so my son doesn’t go back to holding his parents gadgets to ransomed.
    Ive read you have sent the Nabi 2 Disney edition to parents in the UK at cost and would love to know if you would do the same for me and if so how much this would cost and how long it would take to get here.

    • I wouldn’t think you would have issues with apps and most of what you will purchase will be through Amazon so you shouldn’t have any issues. I really have no way of testing this but as far as I know UK has not put any stipulations on buying and taxing apps outside of the US. They offer the Nabi 2 outside of the US as well so these are assumptions but I really don’t think they would sell outside the US if it wasn’t going to work outside of the US.

      YouTube also works on this device. I use it on my XD daily. It has flash player as well.

      As far as shipping it it runs about $217 for the tablet, $70 for shipping, and $5 for the invoice. I can’t remember what they equated to in £. It takes about 6-10 days and is insured for the full $200 at that price.

  27. My daughter just turned 4 and I’m trying to figure out if I want to get her for Christmas the tabeo or Nabi2. I like the idea of uploading already owned movies or uploading some. Not sure what cost is to download movies. Want to make sure educational and easy for her to use. Do you know if the books on either actually read it outload to her? Both offer WiFi? Any help would be great.

    • The Tabeo e2 is not going to have educational apps. You can find ways to take your movies at home to either for practically nothing except the cost of an SD card. They do both offer WiFi and it is actually required for the educational program on the Nabi 2. Both of them contain books that will read to her as well.

      Let me know if you have any more questions

      • Hi Ryan,

        I have a 3 year old son, and I’m trying to figure out what tablet would be best for him. Education is extremely important to me, but I am willing to purchase those apps if need be. I currently have both the Tabeo tablet and the Nabi2 tablet. Out of the Tabeo and Nabi2 tablets which do you suggest and why?

        Thanks for you help!

        • I prefer the Nabi 2 because it has better parental controls, kids safe web browser, faster processor, and more educational content.

          That being said the Tabeo e2 has a great looking screen and great included games. The parental controls seem to malfunction on this tablet though.

          Your welcome and let me know if you have specific questions I can help you with.

  28. I am looking at upgrading my 11 yo soon to be 12 yo tablet. He already had the original kindle fire and we are running into memory issues with his current tablet and are looking at replacing it. I have narrowed down the options to a refurbished tab 3 for $159 or the original kindle fire hd refurbished for the same price.

    My question is there a way to make the expandable memory look like it’s part of the internal memory for app downloads for the tab 3 as this the major draw for us.
    This seems like it would be the bigger bang for out buck.

    On the other hand the fire we are looking at has 32gb and he is very happy with the function of the tablet he currently has just not the memory.

    Just not sure any input would be helpful.

  29. Have you had a chance to look at the galaxy kids tab yet?

  30. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and wish to purchase him a learning device for Christmas. Like many others have commented, my son is a pro with navigating my iPhone. I have heard a lot of good things about the nabi2 from friends and from your site and I am interested in this product as he is way to young for an iPad (and to destructive)! I also have heard a lot about a learning program called ABCmouse and was wondering if this program could be downloaded into the nabi2?

    • ABCmouse is a website which requires a flash player and that is available through the Amazon AppStore for the Nabi 2. It is definitely a great little tablet for kids and many really like it including me.

    • A few other questions…can you also access the internet on the nabi jr? Can you download movies on the nabi jr? And does the nabi2 have all the preloaded apps that the nabi jr has?

      • You can get on the internet and download movies on the Nabi Jr. There is a slight variation in the Nabi Jr. Some of the more advanced games on the Nabi 2 are swapped for games that more appropriate to a 3 year old.

  31. So funny, I have never responded to a website either. I don’t tweet and I’m not on facebook. I’m stuck too … I have 6 year old twins … one boy and one girl. They love games and are just learning to read. I’m looking for the best tablet that they can play games but also read books and watch movies –we do have Netflix at home and was told we could download it onto their tablets. Thus, I bought 2 Tabeo’s at Toys R Us and now I’m rethinking that I should buy the Kurio 7′s or the Kindle Fire’s. Still confused but t
    Thanks for your website – insightful!

    • The advantage of the Kindle Fire is it’s amazing specs but has memory limitations so your almost forced to buy the bigger storage. The Kurio 7s is like the go between where you get lots of memory and options plus the app store. The Kindle Fire is still my favorite but I wish they put an educational curriculum together like these other kids tablet companies have done.

      Thanks for the comment

  32. both of my kids play on my I phone I was wandering witch one would be the closest to a I phone a leap pad ultra or a xo tablet or if there is another one please fill free to let me know

    • If you like that size then there is the Kurio 4s which is about the same size and reasonably priced at $99. If you have to have Google Play your best option is the ClickN Kids Tablet.

      I hope this helps you on your search.

      • Each of my three kids received the ClickN Kids Looney Tunes tablet a few weeks ago as an early holiday gift from their grandparents. The kids love them and I am very impressed with how well the tablets are put together. One thing to note is the tablets need to be closer to the WiFi router than my iPad or iPhone. The ClickN Kids does not receive a WiFi signal in the kids’ bedrooms. To me, that is a plus, but older kids may not be happy that they cannot receive email or use Twitter or Facebook in the privacy of their rooms.
        The somewhat weak WiFi reception is the only negative I have seen so far. If I moved the router to the middle of the house, they would work OK.

        • I agree. Some of the kids tablets WiFi is somewhat questionable. I do most of work on the website in my office which is at the opposite end of the house compared to my router, which I upgrade last year to a much better one, but still had issues with some of the kids tablets connecting. They are pretty good for $100. I would have preferred the Nabi 2 or Kindle Fire HD for that price though. On a plus side you get Google Play with no work extra work on the ClickN kids tablet.

  33. Hi. I have a 4yr old who has been playing with Ipad. He really likes it but it seems like some apps are either too easy/hard for him. I am trying to buy him something that would be more appropriate for his age. Thanks.

    • I would say a nabi 2 would be a good place to start and the learning system is adaptive.

      An alternative option is the Kurio 7s which has some great educational apps as well.

  34. Your site has been incredibly helpful for me as I have been looking for a tablet for my brother. I would like to ask your advice as to what would be my best option. My brother is 32 and has a developmental disability, so his mental age is more like 8. He has a second grade reading level and struggles to do simple math. If he practices the skills he retains them but without continued practice he will lose what he has learned. He enjoys playing games on the computer and on my asus memo pad, and generally loves video games, however he’s not very interested in the cartoons on nick jr or disney that most of the tablets seem to cater to. Any help that you could give me would be very appreciated!

    • Of all the kids tablets available your going to have a few Disney programs available on all of them. The Kurio 7s has Mr Nussbaum’s educational curriculum and it is really good and a lot of fun. One other tablet you may want to check out is the Meep! X2. I really liked the way this one was setup as well and it wouldn’t feel so much like a kids tablet.

      Glad my website has been helpful and thanks for visiting and commenting. Hop you will share it with others on FB and G+.

  35. Hello Ryan. I have been struggling trying to decide on tablets for 2 of my kids. I’ve made charts and spreadsheets and the only thing I’ve done is confused myself even more. Seeing your answers to other parents has helped tremendously. I have a 3 and 12 year old. The 12 year old will use her tablet primarily for entertainment and taking photos. She’s upgrading from the IPod touch. The 3 year old is already using my IPhone and Samsung tab 2 like an expert so I don’t want something with the look and feel of a toy. He likes games like Temple Run and Skaterboy so I will need the ability to load those as well as educational games. I want to stay below $200 each. What do you recommend?

    • I was trying to think of the best combo but with the huge age difference I would actually look at 2 different tablets. I’m going to try a little different angle then most situations. In my opinion I don’t think any kids tablets have very good cameras, I would be looking for a 2 MP front and 5 MP rear minimum. The only one that fits this description is the Nabi XD but I just started tinkering with mine this week and not sure I’d recommend it yet. The Kurio 10s has a front and rear 2.1 MP cameras, That’s the best cameras in the kids tablets. If your willing to sacrifice the rear camera for the entertainment portion then the Kindle Fire HDX is by far the best as far as visual and audio sound.

      And since we spent a little extra on the oldest we will stay in the $150 range for the youngest. Now skater boy is a Google Play app so our options are a little more limited. My favorite with Google Play is the Meep! X2. Even though the company has kinda shunned me for giving them a bad review on their last model. The new one is pretty amazing. I haven’t had any crashes or software issues at all. It’s built for more of the 5 and up age range but your comment suggests you want something a little more grown up for him. You can see my video review on the Meep! X2.

  36. I’m torn between the Nabi 2 – Disney and the Nabi Jr – Nick Jr. My three yr old son loves playing with my iPad mini and I wanna get him his own gadget. I pondered on the thought of getting another iPad mini only because I’ve already downloaded a bunch of apps for him, but decided it’s just way too expensive. I’m thinking a Nabi 2 will last longer than the Jr. In your honest opinion, which would be the better buy?

    • I think the Nabi 2 will remind him more of the iPad. It is fairly close in size.

      I also think you will get more years out of the Nabi 2 because it does have a more grown up kid feel. By 5 or 6 kids grow out of a lot of the Nick Jr characters. My son is 5 and is more into the regular nickelodeon characters and the Disney Characters like TMNT and Woody.

      2 to 5 is best suited for Nabi Jr but if you want use after that then I would also just upgrade now.

  37. Have you had a chance to review a ClicknKids tablet, New at Wal-Mart?

  38. Hello,

    I have a 10 Yr old girl, a 8yr old girl and a 5 year old boy. I was going to buy 3 ipods for xmas. But i have found this site and would really like it if you could please recommend what would be appropriate for each age. My oldest likes music and games my youngest like games. Would it be best to get 3 different products or are they kinda all the same.


    • I got all 3 comments. They stay in moderation until I approve them so I can be sure I respond to everyone. They are definitely not all the same. How much were you wanting to spend? I really think since all of your kids are over the age of 5 and they like entertainment the the Kindle Fire HD is going to be your best bet. I would get last years model for 2 reasons. You can get more memory for less $ and the only thing they really upgraded was the processor and they took out the camera. The other bonus of getting them all the same tablet is you buy the app once and you get it for all of them.

      Thanks for the comment and question. I left you a link in the comment so you could find it easily.

      • Thank you so much for your quick response. I’m looking to spend between $200 to $300 AUD on each child. I also did not ask if you live in Australia as when I pressed the “buy now” button (for the Nabi 2) on your site, it took me to Wall Mart. I can not find an Australian seller for the Nabi 2. Would all the free apps work in Australia? Not sure if this tablet is only for America and Canada area?
        Once again thank you so much for a wonderful site it was so very helpful for those of us who have a limited understanding of technology.

        • All of the Free Apps are world wide and the only seller is Amazon that will ship World Wide. The special editions of this tablet will only be available state side but just today I picked up some tablets for some folks in the UK. Although I can only offer to ship them at cost of tablet and shipping I have been willing to pick up and distribute them at the cost of my own time and expense for my visitors for exact cost.

          Parents can change this by advocating and promoting this site. I have contacted every kids tablet site with none or very little response considering I am just trying to help parents find the best tablet for their children or unique situation.

          If there is a certain tablet you would like I will make sure you get it at cost of me purchasing and shipping it to you. If you want future parents to have more choices a simple FB like or G+ will take this website of the parents and kids technology to another level so we can make sure all parents have more choices. The power of social media leaves the future in our hands as people who want the best as consumers.

          • Well that would be just great Ryan. We are after the Nabi 2 Nickelodeon version. Please let me know the final cost and how to go about it all with you. You have my e-mail address so I guess we will be in touch there.

            Thank you so much for doing this I have already told my fiends about this site. I am sure that they will find it as informative and as helpful as I have.
            Cheers Sheridan

        • I tried to email you but it sent me an auto reply. Let me know an address and I will price it and pick up whatever you need and paypal invoice it for you.

          I’m not in it for money just to help parents get what they need.

  39. I am trying to find a tablet for my 9yr old son, something with educational apps. In need of suggestions.

    • I have 2 in mind that would fit his age group pretty well. Either the Kurio 7s or the Meep X2. They both have educational apps that run through 6th grade which would give him a couple of years with learning apps left. I’m a big fan of Professor Mr Nussbaum’s educational games. I just recently do a video review on both of these: Kurio 7s Video Review and Meep X2 Video Review.

      They should help you decide and feel free to contact me and give me info about what you want to be able to do with it and I’d be glad to help.

      • What about xo kids tablet and kindle fire.Can the Professor Mr Nussbaum’s games be used on any tablet?

        • I didn’t like the XO tablet at all, and I mean not at all. Mine was actually broke when I unpackaged it and then got hassled for wanting to just return it. The Kindle Fire is a great tablet but not really educational. You can find educational games but not a curriculum like these offer. The Nussbaum curriculum can be purchased and used on PC but I’m not sure they have converted them to apps outside of KurioUSA doing it for their tablets.

          • Thanks so much you were very helpful.

          • Your very welcome and I hope you will FB like us or Google share us so other parents can find us.

          • If yours was broken, how can you give a true review of the XO tablet? Seems like you had problems with the customer service, not the tablet itself.

          • I did have problems with the tablet itself. It came out of the box broke and uncharged. It’s just my opinion and as a parent I would be disappointed with these results. It’s only my experience that I share and I’m not the only one on the internet who has reviewed this tablet and others may disagree and that is OK.

            Thanks for the comment.

  40. so i have a 4 yr old who liked his nabi did not love it and i think it is because he was to used to my iphone,and he has no problem manuevering etc …. well he lost the dam thing….i know, ugh anyway hes turning five in a mo and im wanting to get him a new tablet and i loved the nabi, im wondering do u think i should consider more the kurio 7s? it seems to be a bit more tabletly lol can you download netflix?

    • You can definitely download Netflix and the WiFi I had good range at my house. The Kurio 7s does have a more tablet look as opposed to the Nabi’s big icon child mode. I really liked it and my wife is actually getting the 10s next week when I pick up the Samsung Galaxy 3 tab kids. I really like how Kurio has updated their tablets this year and seem to be a good bargain.

  41. I had a question about the difference between the kurio7s and the kurio 10s, I heard you can not download googleplay and other aps on the 7s if you want more you have to go to the 10s is this true? any ideas?

    • Google Play is not available on either Kurio products without rooting it. You have access to the Kurio store, Amazon AppStore, and 1 Mobile Go. There are thousands of apps, games, and movies that you can download on these tablets.

  42. First I want to say great site, tons of info. I’m new to the tablet world but I want to purchase one for my 2 1/2 year old daughter for X-mas and I just can’t decide which she would get the most use of and one that’s cost effective. Out of the 3, I was leaning towards the LP ultra but now I’m wondering if the Nabi 2 will be a better choice?? She is into Mickey mouse and Dora. I want one that will keep her attention and be easy to navigate, but I’d like to be able to put a movie or show on for long car trips. So what if any is the difference besides price and memory? Thanks so much.

    • Thank You. The difference is that the Nabi 2 is an actual Android Tablet much like your smartphone. You can do a lot more with it like Netflix, download Android Apps, Surf the Web Anywhere, and if you have the Disney Edition you will be able to watch all 3 Disney channels straight from the tablet. The Nabi 2 will last and grow longer with your child than the LeapPad Ultra.

      • I am in the same boat – LP Ultra or Nabi 2. What about the long-term costs of either? Are apps for one or the other significantly cheaper, or do they all seem to run about the same price? I was soooo leaning toward LP Ultra, and now am not so sure, seeing as Nabi might have better longevity. HELP! Thanks!

        • The Nabi 2 is going to last longer. I have heard so many complaints of leapPads being set down after the first year of use. The Android games are also so much cheaper.

          Thanks for the comment.

  43. This is a fantastic site! I have never commented on a website before but I am so glad I found it!

    • These are actually the comments that keep me striving to do better. I love helping people and it’s so gratifying when I get a comment like yours. Please share with your friends on FB, Twitter, or G+ so every parent can find it.

      Thank you so much for the praise and comment.

  44. Nifty tool, Ryan. Makes comparison shopping so much easier!

    • Some people prefer an easy visual comparison and I thought it would be helpful for them. Trying to continue to innovate the site and help parents.

      Thanks for the comment.

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