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How to LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

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Visit LeapFrog at this address to get your answers and support and I will add videos as they arrive on the internet. Please leave comments if it was helpful. If the solution doesn’t work leave comments as well and I will try to find you answers. You can also contact LeapFrog Customer Support.

Find more questions and answers about your LeapPad Ultra here.


Most questions I have seen so far are WiFi related

What Does the STAR Next to my Network Mean – Network Settings Saved

What Does the Red Dot next to my Network Mean – Failure to Connect

  • Try Resetting LeapPad Ultra
  • Check Password
  • Move Closer to Router
  • Toggle On/Off Wireless Switch

Can’t See My Home Network WiFi Network - follow steps or click link

  • Power Off
  • Power On
  • TouchScreenshot mommy child icon leappad ultra
  • Enter Passcode
  • Touch Wireless Setup
  • Verify Your On/Off switch is onScreenshot on off leappad ultra switch
  • WiFi Networks should be visible
  • Select Your Network
  • Enter Network Password
  • Click Connect to Wireless

If this does not work verify that other devices will connect to your network, if not reset your router.

Can’t Use Public WiFi Hotspots – Most WiFi Hotspots require you to access a terms and conditions page and agree and this is not a pre-approved page by your LeapPad Ultra. It will not connect unfortunately.

How to Change to a New WiFi Network -

  • Power Off
  • Power On
  • Touch Screenshot mommy child icon leappad ultra
  • Sign in with your passcode
  • Touch WiFi button
  • Select your Network
  • Enter Network Password

Forgot Parent Lock CodeFollow Steps

  • Go to
  • Click My Account in Top RightScreenshot my account leapfrog
  • Sign in using email address used to setup LeapPad Ultra
  • On your my account page it will be displayed

Can I Add Previously Purchased AppsYes,  3 devices can use a purchased app

Using LeapFrog Connect on your Computer

  • Connect LeapPad Ultra to your computer
  • Sign into LeapFrog Parent Account
  • Available Apps Should Appear
  • Check All Boxes Next to Apps you Want to Add
  • Click “Save Changes” to Sync

Using LeapPad Ultra WiFi

  • Power On and Sign into User Profile
  • Tap App Center Icon
  • Next to your Email Tap the Down Arrow
  • Select Order History
  • Sign into Parent Account
  • Under Download History you Should See Purchased Apps
  • Click Download Next to Any App you Would Like to Add

Can I Restrict Access to App Center and WishlistYes

  • Power On
  • ClickScreenshot mommy child icon leappad ultra
  • Enter Passcode
  • Click Profile Manager Icon
  • Click Edit Profile Button
  • Click Wireless Permissions Button at Bottom
  • Under LeapFrog App Center you have 3 Options
  • Check or Uncheck Boxes to Disable
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  1. Hi there,

    The youtube videos through the leapsearch app aren’t playing. For some reason, we can pull all videos up but once we select (touch) a video to play, the screen just goes black and unresponsive. And supposedly the device is uptodate as far as upgrades. Please advise?!! Thanks a lot.

    • I would try to contact LeapFrog but I’m pretty sure they are going to ask you re install the latest update.

  2. Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has had any issues syncing their LeapPad Ultra. I hook mine up to LF Connect, and (when it doesn’t crash), it says I have 1000+ MB of free space. I pick 600 MB of new apps to download, hit “sync”, and it says I can’t sync because there is not enough space. Then today LF removed 14 of my daughter’s apps in order to update! There is nothing left. She is disappointed and I am wishing I bought here a kindle, but she just really loves Leap stuff.

    Also, does anyone know if you can calibrate the screen??? Sometimes you have to beat it with a hammer to get a response, and sometimes you breathe on it and it triggers a response. Very frustrating. The LF FAQ says to be very particular when tapping the screen, but really?!

    • *her, not here. Dur.

      Also, can you download photos off of a LP Ultra? I may just reset ours, but I hate to erase all of her pics.

  3. I am having an issue with my leappad ultra…the display screen is “negative” all diplays, games, pictures. I have updated the software…and it still didnt fix it…does anyone have any suggestions?

  4. Please can you help? A lot of the apps, such as pet pal, have disappeared from the leap pad ultra we bought our daughter for Christmas. I have tried to go into the parent settings to re-download them and the WiFi symbol has disappeared from the settings also. I have tried to download the pc connection onto my tablet and as I have an RT surface, it does not seem to allow me to download the connection from the leap pad website. How can I get the wireless icon back on the leap pad please so that I can try to find the lost apps / icons?

    • There is a page within the comments about how to reset your leappad ultra. I would try that, This should reset it to factory settings.

      • Thanks. I called their customer support team today and they told me my daughter must have gone into the parental controls and deleted. If that is the case, then I truly have a genius on my hands – she is only 2 so not sure she would know how to go into the parental controls, know my password, find the wireless icon and delete it. I need to call Mensa, lol. Thank you for your help though, I will try that.

        • I have seen other comments where this icon disappears. It has to be somewhat common if multiple people are experiencing it. Did they get you the file so it would reappear?

  5. I have been trying to connect my daughters Leap Pad Ultra to wifi. When I go to the Parent Settings, I only have the bottom 3 icons which none of them are wifi. Has anyone else had this problem? I have contacted Customer Support and just waiting on an answer. we are able to do everything else on it, just not that. Thank you.

    • Try powering it all the way down and restarting. You may also need an update or even the update caused it. I’m not really sure where you are at as far as trouble shooting it.

  6. My child managed to change her sign-in name and it will not let me revert it to a name that was already used. Do you know of a way to fix it? Thanks!

    • You may just need to add a profile with the correct name and then delete the other one.

      You might also try correcting it on LeapFrog connect.

      • My son did the same thing. When I tried to remake a new profile with the correct (original) sign-in name, it just says that that name already exists, and I need to find a “unique” name…
        Any suggestions?

        • Either change the name or try to connect it to your PC and use the LeapFrog connect to download the profile again.

  7. We bought the LeapPad Ultra & was wondering if anybody else has had the same problems. I have set up the leap pad & reset it but The welcome app will not open. It goes to black screen & then goes back to home page. Having same problems with photo gallery. Also parental setting will only show bottom 3 labelled apps. The top apps are blank & unable to open. Goes to black screen & goes back to very beginning to choose user. Also it runs very slow. Is that normal? Thanks.

    • It is normal for it to run kinda slow, It is an 800 MHz processor which is quite a bit slower than the average kids tablet.

      As for the other issues I have never run into those issues myself, but have seen others that are similar with the black screen issue. This is something that LeapFrog will need to remedy with a firmware update.

    • I am having the same issue with the parent settings not working. did you find a solution?

      • LeapFrog is one of the few companies that will email you back. I haven’t ever had this issue.

    • We have had this problem too, its the app store that has a ! In it and won’t open also only have 3 of parental settings, my auntie brought one 2 and her little boy only has 2 icons come up and games she has downloaded have disappeared. It seemed to happen after some sort of update have you fixed it? I’m going to phone customer services if I can’t find a way to fix it.

      • Sometimes updates will come with bugs too. Unfortunately most of the time you just have to wait until the send the patch out. LeapFrog may have another solution like resetting the tablet and then reinstalling the update.

  8. My son got a leap pad ultra for Christmas and it had been working great until yesterday. It turned off and we just thought it was dead but now when we try to turnit on it just shows a picture of lleap pad with a yellow triangle wit an exclamation mark in it then it has a cord showing I need to plug into computer. When I did that the only change is that it tells me t visit which doesn’t seem to answer why I can’t even turn it on. Anyone having this problem or know what it means and how I can fix it? I currently have it plugged into computer and says its updating but I’m having serious doubts this is going to work.

    • This is the firmware update. It should begin working after update. If it doesn’t I would contact them so they can get you a working tablet.

    • Hi, yes I’ve got the same problem. The Leadpad Ultra is fully powered-up, but when we try to switch it on nothing happens. Have submitted a customer service question and hope to get a response!

      • This is one of the few companies that will get back to you. I have emailed every kids tablet company on the contact us page and very few ever returned an email. LeapFrog was one of them.

    • that same thing happened to me the other day. so i hooked it up to the computer. it didnt work at first. it was as if it had to download the connect stuff to your computer then it will update ur lpu. so let it download onto ur computer then try it again. it worked for me my childs lpu is working again. it was like it was reset btw. then my older child said there is a reset option so i dont know if she reset it or it really needed that update. it did take me most of an evening to get it done so i must be slow or something. i hope that might help a little bit.

      • Thanks for coming back and leaving how you were able to correct the issue. All technology has a little bit of a learning curve, your not slow. The first time I rooted a tablet it took me 2 hours and now I can do it in 10 or 15 minutes.

  9. Good day all! I purchased a LP ultra for my niece for Christmas. She used it for a few days now and it just went blank. I plugged it in and charged it up until the light turned green and still nothing happens when I press the power button. I also connected it to my laptop and nothing happens as well, it doesn’t see the device on the laptop or on the Leapfrog Connect program, it just behaves as if it is charging. Anyone experienced this? Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks!

    • I have never experienced that but I would put a call into LeapFrog and see about a replacement.

    • I am having the same issue with my daughters leapfrog ultra. It will not turn on at all.

      • When the tablet will not turn on at all your best bet is contacting LeapFrog to see if they can help you with a replacement unless you purchased a warranty through the store you bought it at.

      • My daughters won’t either what is going on she loves her leap pad please help what did leap frog say to do

  10. I bought an ultra pad for me son for Christmas and I am already having problems with it. It won’t load past the leap frog screen. I tried to do everything that the support says to do but no luck. I bought a two year replacement through Kmart. Should I just return it or have leapfrog return it or is there a reset button on it somewhere????

    • I just left a link in a previous comment of how to do a reset on this tablet. If you can get this to work then just take it back to kmart and get another one.

      If you can’t get it to work I would send it to LeapFrog so your information is not compromised.

  11. How do I reset my leappad ultra so I can return to the store? Its to young for my son and I didn’t realize it until I set it up.

      • Thank you for this info. We purchased the Ultra for our 4 year old. She became bored with it in two days. We’d like to replace it with a Kindle fire HD which is now $10.00 cheaper than the Ultra.

        • Your welcome. I love the kindle fire HD and so does my 5 year old son. The FreeTime subscription costs me about the same as 2 discounted games on the LP and I rarely have to purchase anything extra. It’s great for streaming video content as well. I think you guys will be really happy with the way it performs in comparison to the LP Ultra.

  12. uqh i really hate this stupid leap pad ultra how can i reset it so i can get a nabi 2 for my son

    • The only way I know how to delete a profile is to create a fake one so you can remove the old one.

  13. I have twins and bought the LeapPad Ultra for Christmas. They have been receiving many cartridges and I was wondering if there is a way to download them to the tablet instead of having to use the cartridge. Thanks in advance for any help!

    • You need to purchase them online as a digital download. Unadvised. Will eat all your memory up very quickly.

  14. Hi! I just bought my daughter a LeapPad Ultra for Christmas. She already has a LeapPad 2 and I had no problem with the set up. I tried installing the apps I’ve purchased for the LeapPad 2 onto the LP Ultra. The gaming apps work fine, but none of the videos will play. They start up for about a minute, then the screen goes black, and back to the home screen. I connected to the LeapFrog Connect and ran a repair, but that didn’t help. I then reset the LP Ultra, but that didn’t help the videos play either. I don’t know what else to try. Please, any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

  15. My son’s new LeapPad Ultra won’t run any of the apps or cartridges I bought him for more than a second. It just crashes and goes back to the home screen. Only a few of the original apps it came with work at all. It’s nearly useless and a huge disappointment for my son on Christmas.

    Is there any way to improve stability or reset it to factory defaults or completely reinstall the firmware?

    • I would call LeapFrog and let them know of the issue. It sounds like a serious issue with your individual tablet. Either the firmware is missing or has a corrupted file that is part of the app launching file. This is rare and I have not had any complaints prior to this one with this issue on the LeapPad Ultra.

      • My son got the leappad ultra for christmas. All of a sudden today it will not read any cartridges! Help! I dont know what to do!

        • This is something I have never heard of. Did something get spilled in the slot? If not I would call for a replacement.

  16. I got a leappad ultra and I set it up but now I have a black screen and a tiny white dot in the middle, it will not turn off or on and it not recognized by the usb, please help

    • Either return the product from where you purchased it or call LeapFrog and have them replace it.

    • I have the same problem that just started today. I’m very frusterated. I emailed them with my problem and haven’t gotten a response yet. I’ll reply to this when the problem is fixed.

      • It works now. I charged it up a bit and left it alone. When I came back to the leappad it had shut itself off. I turned it on and now it works!

        • It might have a certain charge requirement to power up like 20% battery etc. This is pretty common among all devices. Glad its working for you now.

    • We had that once, it had a small white dot, and was plugged in but wouldn’t charge. I held the power button for about 5 seconds and it shut off all the way. It worked fine ever since. My 8 and 6 year old really love the LP ultra so far ( a little over 2 weeks). We have some other issues I am trying to work through though.

  17. I went through the basic setup steps on Christmas day. Registration was going fine until it offered me one ‘free’ app to download in addition to the 10 already pre-installed. I selected one (about care for teeth). From that point on, it’s taken me back to the registration screen and will never allow me to advance after completing the ‘who will be using this product’ where you type your kids names in! Is there a way to re-boot it to the original factory settings?

      • My son’s did the same thing. I called Leap Pad only to speak to someone who had no answers and said she was sending me an email with instructions to correct the problem. All the email did was send me to the website to log in – which I wasn’t having a problem with. I tried to return the product today and of course there isn’t another one anywhere in town. Im uber frustrated so decided to search the web for answers. I can’t get anywhere on the the leap pad until I register it. i can’t get to the parents control or anything to delete a profile. It won’t allow me to even create a profile. it just freezes after you hit next.
        any help would be appreciated!!!

        • I’m sorry I’m out of suggestions. You can see a LF tech was on this site trying to help and they know their product better than I do.

          Get a Kindle Fire HD????? Same price better product.

  18. Hi, we’ve been trying to set-up the LeapPad ultra and after it searches for wifi, the screen goes black and the options of connect, forget, disconnect network or cancel buttons do not respond to anything. We can’t move on to creating a profile name either so can’t connect it via USB and PC either therefore. We’ve turned it off and on again so many times and just coming to the same point. Have we just been unfortunate and got a duff one? Thanks

    • That seems to be the case. I have had very few complaints about this product but a few always fail.

      • i have also purchased this for my daughter as an upgrade to the leapad2 which still after a year works fine and trouble free. I have tried connecting to wifi but wont allow me to go any further and then the screen completely freezes and i have to turn off and on again. It wont allow me to create any kind of profile on enter any passcodes either, very dissapointed in this product and all my daughter keeps on about is has daddy fixed my computer. very frustrated with it and to be honest i woulddnt recommend it to anyone after all this hassle, would rather advise them top go for inotab or something else.

        • If you paid $150 for it then return it and get a hassle free Kindle Fire HD.

      • you continue to say you have had very few complaints about the leappad ultra, well after looking through the intenet i have come accross too many to count, it seems to be a major issue with leappad trying to outdo the competition this year and rushing their product to market without proper testing. i have just tried the following steps for talktalk customers but i cant even set up a profile let alone proceed to the next next step of downloading more firmware!! stupid stupid stupid.

        • Sorry it’s not working for you. I just haven’t had a large flow of complaints but I’m not LeapFrog. I would be frustrated too.

    • I’ve had exactly the same problem. Nothing seems to fix it,

    • James, if you use TalkTalk see below:


      Thank you for contacting LeapFrog Consumer Services.

      We have released a firmware update that should resolve the issue you are experiencing when connecting to your TalkTalk router.

      To apply the update, please follow the steps below:
      1. To apply this update, you must first create a profile on the unit. To do this, you may need to turn your router off first. Once the router has been turned off, wait approximately 20 seconds, turn on the LeapPad Ultra and proceed to create the profile, skipping the Wi-Fi set up at this stage.
      2. Once the player profile has been set up, please turn your router back on (if you had to turn it off).
      3. On your PC or Mac, install the LeapFrog Connect application for LeapPad from 4. Launch the LeapFrog Connect application 5. Power on and connect the LeapPad Ultra to your computer using the included USB cable 6. On the LeapFrog Connect home screen, click the “Go” button beneath your child’s profile name 7. Click the “Settings” tab on the top right corner of the LeapFrog Connect application 8. Click the “Check for Updates” button 9. When the update is complete, eject your LeapPad Ultra

      If the issue that you are currently experiencing persists, please provide us with your firmware version so that we can advise you further.

      Best regards

      LeapFrog Consumer Services

      • that all sounds fine and thanks for the suggestion but it wont even allow me to set a profile up!! i have turned my router off completely so that it doesnt try and connect to internet,i skip the internet part and it prompts me to enter an age of the child eg 2009, it then tells me to have a parent complete the leap pad ultra set up…….so i click next….and nothing….i mean nothing!!! am so fed up of trying.

        • hey fellow parent – you have to put your own bday in – not your kids – silly i know

    • mines had the same problem so i took it to my dads to see if i could set it up there with his wifi and it did with no problems, then i brought it back home it was fine,

      • For some reason this tablet can be particular about which routers it works with.

    • i have the exact same problem, did you get yours sorted, if so how?, mine was a gift from a friend who now has moved abroad so i have no proof of purchase and can’t return it, i hope i can get it fixed, my son is really sad

      • LeapFrog may still work with you. I would try their contact services as they are very good about taking care of their customers.

  19. I am unable to complete the setup on my sons leappad ultra. LP Connect doesn’t recognize it either so I am not able to do the standard reset. Please tell me there is a way to reset it so I don’t have to return it.

  20. Hello there,just bought a lp ultra.have problems to switch it of.unfortunatly there is no handbook in the paket.any suggestions? Thanks

    • There is a power button that looks like a circle with a line through. Just hold it down until it powers off.

  21. I just bought two leap pad ultras for my children for Xmas. I wanted to set them up in opened them up and plugged them both into wall outlets but I can’t seem to get them to power on so I can set them up. I know charging can take a while but I thought I would be able to set them up while they were charging.

    • Did you get them setup. They should only have to charge for a little bit before you can start loading them up.

  22. I bought ultra for Christmas present on the Ipad you can press and hold to move apps around but not on Ultra is there another way to move favorite apps to the front
    also, website is very restricted the one on our computer has sesame street, sprout, nickjr etc websites but ultra has no websites or a search is this normal?

    • I don’t know that you can move the apps around but there is a kids safe browser. You won’t be able to connect to public hotspots but you can connect to your home network. This is one of the few tablets I haven’t played with much and why I recommend the Android. I love LF education but they limit the functions of their tablets so much.

  23. Hi, bought the LeapPad Ultra a couple of days ago and cannot connect to WiFi at all, tried re-starting, on and off, the whole works!
    I checked WiFi connection on my smart phone and it is connected.
    Any other ideas?
    Thank you

    • Unfortunately this is one of the few options that seem to fail regularly on the LP and the Innotab. You can either return and get another one or contact LP and let them exchange it for you.

  24. I cannot get the wish button to appear in the app center even though I have that option checked under edit profile in parent settings and how do u edit the guest profile. The buy option is still present in the app center regardless of settings made to the only user. I dont c any options to block the guest from purchases.

    • Unfortunately I have never run into this. I would follow the links and use the contact page on LeapFrog and they usually get back to me within a day, they will be able to assist you further.

  25. I tried to set up the profile and it just goes to sign on for guest. I can not get back to any settings, it will not take the parental 4 digit passcode I set up. Can’t do any thing on it except as a guest. any suggestions to reset it and start the profile over to set it up? I connected it to leap pad connect it tells me to disconnect and set up profile, which it won’t let me do. very frustrated for the money spent on it, cant even use it.

    • You can have leapfrog send you a new code through email. You will need to go to their support page and all of the links on this page should take you to the right spot. Search the FAQ’s for it.

  26. My friends leap pad ultra was working fine a friend of his pressed something and it went to set up screen and now won’t do anything I go to select country and it won’t move last that screen any help please

    • The only advice I have is turn it all the way off and then let it recalibrate, if that doesn’t work I’d return it for a new one.

    • I have connected my Leappad Ultra to the laptop and gone onto and I got so far through the process but then it tells me ‘You need to create a player profile on your Leappad Ultra before connecting. Please disconnect your Leappad Ultra, create a player profile on it, then reconnect the device’ When I disconnect and switch my Leappad Ultra on it comes up Welcome Parents 2. Set up, I press Next and then it says Choose your Country I select United Kingdom and press Next and it says Loading Wifi settings and then takes me back to Choose your Country??? How do I get past this I have been trying last couple of days? Frustrated!

      • I really couldn’t tell you why it is sending you back to the former page but this is not normal. Have you tried resetting the tablet and starting the setup process over, a file might have just loaded incorrectly the first time it loaded.

  27. Hi! I juz got my gals this device. Next to the Wifi connection, I have both a star & yellow dot. I tried resetting. I tried toggling the on/off button. I tried switching on n off my router. However, the wifi still will not connect. Pls help…thank you.

    • At this point you actually need to contact LeapFrog. A strong possibility that they may need to replace the device. This is one of the biggest issues they are having with this device. They might also have an alternate solution but doubtful.

  28. I am looking to purchase the Leap pad ultra for my son. We do not have any internet connection at home. Could we use my moms computer with internet connection to download/purchase apps? Also can it be used when internet connection is not available once the app is purchased? If we buy cartridges can they be played at anytime regardless of internet connection? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

    • Yes you could use your mom’c computer. You just need to install the software from the LeapFrog website and you could download and transfer the games or books. You will be able to use almost all games without internet connection. They have a few new Peer to Peer games that do require WiFi though. Also cartridges can be played without it. The ones that require WiFi should have the Symbol on the game itself, not very many.

      • Thank you so much!! I appreciate it!!

  29. It seems to take a while to open and/or switch between apps on the LeapPad Ultra. Is this normal? This is a Christmas gift for my son and as he knows how to use my iPad and sees how quick the apps open on it, I worry he may not have the patience to wait for the apps to open on the LeapPad. Sad but true:(.

    • Yes it is normal and why I suggest an Android tablet over these 2, LP ultra and Innotab 3s. They both have 800 MHz processors.

  30. i have just opened the leappad ultra to test it before i wrap it up, connected it to my wifi, wich is fine it works perfectly fast on other electronics. i sat right next to the router and i still had the yellow dot with a star next to it. when i click on the app store icon it says i must have a wifi connection to access the store… i clicked on my wifi name next to the dot and star and it says connect to wireless. but the dot never goes green, any help xx

    • Your best bet is to toggle the on/off WiFi switch and then reset the tablet. These toys have always had issues with getting the WiFi to work properly but for $150 you would expect it to work.

  31. Do you *need* to have wifi at home, or is the Ultra useable without it? (Obviously we have internet, just not wifi!) How will this affect the use? Thanks!

    • You don’t have to have wifi. You can still download games and books to your PC and transfer them or you can just buy cartridges that are much like a handheld console like a Nintendo DS.

      • Thanks – I’ve been looking everywhere for someone to tell me that! Little girl’s birthday present is sorted :)

  32. I have just received this and tried to connect and my leap pad shows a star and green dot but it won’t stop buffering and load the app center. Any advice??

    • A lot of people are having issues with the WiFi and getting it to connect. If LeapFrog won’t replace the tablet your best bet is to use the old fashion way, download to your PC and then transfer to the tablet.

      Additional you can try all the other stuff mentioned above with toggling the WiFi on and off or resetting the tablet before you contact LeapFrog.

      • And can you tell me where to find how to reset it.. i can’t seem to find it?

        • Hold the power button until it powers off then power it back up.

          • The hold power button down suggestion seems to simply restart. We need to return the LP ultra but have our daughters info stored in it. How do we delte the account?

          • You will need to do a factory reset before return.

  33. I have just bought this tablet for my son and I’m using WPA 2 Wi-Fi, but the tablet will not see the Wi-Fi connection at all. I have tried many fixes but none of them have worked.

    Any help would be great.

    • So you have already tried to toggle the WiFi on and off? Then reset the tablet as well?

    • I too am having the same problem. My leap pad ultra can see all my neighbours routers but not mine. Have tried everything listed on leapfrog troubleshooting page and still no luck.

      • It may be the actual router is not compatible or the way it is setup. Someone else was having similar problems with it seeing a WPA password protected router.

      • I have the same issue. I think it is a lack of wifi capabilities built into the LP. When it saw my router, it assumed PSK encryption. According to their help, they suggest I just turn off the encryption on my router. Don’t think so! Too many cartridges to trade in for a Kindle Fire now (and no box), but considering getting rid of it just for it’s lack of encryption. I mean, really? Turn off the encryption? Sure, that’ll make it safer for my child. Ugh.

        • Yeah I definitely wouldn’t take the chance of making my pc’s vulnerable to hackers for my kids tablet. If people are going to get into my system I would like them to have to work for it as normally they have no reason to do it accept to be destructive.

  34. My wifi is protected with WPA security. The Leapad ultra accepts the password but does not connect. If the incorrect password is entered, there is feedback, however if the correct password is entered there is no feedback and it does not connect. The signal is very strong and I am literally sitting beside the router while trying to connect. What could be the problem?

    • I emailed you. If you have already gone through the progression of resetting the tablet and toggling the WiFi switch there is a possibility you have an issue with the WiFi inside the tablet. I cannot replicate it and I use WPA 2 password protection.

  35. Yellow dot next to wifi name. Does anyone know what this means?

    • The yellow dot means weak or slow connection. The red dot means failure to connect. The star means successful connection. Yellow dots can be caused by several things. Slow router, slow internet connection, or interference with WiFi: cordless phones, microwaves, and other wireless devices. Also if someone else is using a lot of bandwidth like watching videos on the internet you could get a slow connection. Something you could try would be move the tablet close to the router and see if it turns green. If it doesn’t then it is probably the router or your internet connection speed. Multi level houses and larger house can cause issues because of the distance and you may be at the maximum range for the tablet and router to connect. One other thing you could try is disconnecting the leapPad ultra from the router and then resetting the tablet and reconnecting it. I hope this helps.

      Thanks Ryan

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