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How to Vtech Innotab 3s

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Common How To’s with your new Vtech Innotab 3s

Screenshot vtech innotab 3s

You can find info on the learning lodge for the Vtech Innotab 3s here.

 Setting up the WiFi

Installing the Rechargeable Battery Pack

Converting Home Videos to Transfer to the Innotab 3s

Taking Photos

Taking Video

How to Reset

Touch Screen Calibration

Using the Web Browser

Adding and Deleting Allowed Websites

Downloading Purchased Content

Using Cartridges with the Innotab 3s

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  1. i have a innotab 3 s i just bought my daughter has played it a few times i went to add somemore music on to it and it said i needed to do a firmwall..update so i did it then the music and game i had downloaded on the tablet was gone. it shows it on my computer when i try to add it but it isnt on the tablet. what can i do to get fix

    • You’ll probably have to delete and download them again. Firmware updates do have a tendency to cause issues. I usually keep a backup on my computer so it’s easy to fix if the update does effect it.

  2. I hope you found the quick links useful to get the answers quickly to your questions about this tablet.


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