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Posted by on Aug 22, 2013 in Kids Tablet Wifi Posts | 2 comments

Kids Tablets Reviews

Kids Tablets Reviews

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It’s hard for parents to find a place that will give good honest reviews. Many places want you to just buy whatever they are selling. At Kids Tablets with WiFi we offer reviews on all the popular kids tablets and some of the not so popular tablets. Visit my Kids Tablet Reviews.

How we do our reviews is to give as much information and detail about these products along with short video clips displaying the tablet and some of it’s features.

I get all of my information about the tablets from the home site that I am reviewing. For example for the Fuhu Nabi Reviews I used

I pool my parental reviews and consumer reviews from places like Amazon, Walmart, Toys R’us, Kmart and pretty much wherever I can find people selling these tablets and offer a spot for parents to voice their opinion.

What is a Kids Tablet

It is a tablet specifically designed for children with parental controls and content designed for children. In this section I highlight some of the feature of whatever tablet I am reviewing. Whether it is an Android, what are some of the perks, and how the tablet functions.

Kids Tablet Specs

I give you the skinny on all the tablet specs and let you know specifics like how many cameras and their MP’s. I also let you know what kind of ports are included like charging ports or mini USB. Although the kids tablet specs are sometime slightly less then the top tablets they are going to offer educational value and parental controls that will keep your children from finding stuff on the web before you want them too.

What’s in the Box

Some tablets offer different inclusions in the package they send you. Most commonly you get the charger and the tablet but sometimes they will give you free app downloads or a cove of some sort. It will let you know if there might be other accessories you might want to purchase with your tablet.

The Good

I point out all the good features of a tablet and what kind of good experiences you will find. Some will have more pros then others because different designers have gone to greater lengths to make the parents happy with the product.

The Bad

This is the section where I allow you to get the in depth cons of the tablets based on other consumer reviews. Maybe you want to search endless reviews to try and find the best tablet and maybe you just want to read a summary of all of the complaints that parents had.

The Breakdown Section

I offer my personal opinion about each tablet summarizing all of the previous sections. Sometimes there is a similar tablet that costs about the same price or is so similar in nature that I think you should read them to make an informed decision about what you are buying and what other options you have. I usually leave a video promo from the product site that will give you an idea of the look and feel of the tablet after the breakdown.

The Best Price

I am an affiliate of many of these companies like Amazon and I pull the prices daily as they update so you can see the best price available for the product at the time of your visit. I understand as a parent you will always be looking for the best value but if I can save you a few bucks that is important too.

My Kids Tablets Reviews

My goal is to inform consumers about what they are purchasing. I appreciate any social shares or comments so I can continue to improve my website to help you and thanks for reading.

Start Reading my reviews here.

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  1. I’ve always enjoyed your unbiased style of reviews. I think a lot of people get caught up in “what’s the best”, but really, there are going to be conflicting points on any product line, so there is no “best”. I’m sure other visitors to your site also appreciate getting the FACTS from an expert, not just any old opinion!

    • My goal is to help consumers decide through the actual information available. I found a great tablet for my son with a lot of research but I hope that parents will be able to make informed decisions with one stop because I have the truth about these products on my site. I hope many more users are finding this site useful and will also leave comments so that I can continue to improve their experience.

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