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Posted by on Nov 5, 2013 in Kids Tablet Wifi Posts | 87 comments

Kindle Fire HD vs Nabi 2 – Top Rated Kids Tablets in 2013

Kindle Fire HD vs Nabi 2 – Top Rated Kids Tablets in 2013

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There are many great kids tablets but the decision between a Kindle Fire HD or Nabi 2 can be very difficult so I’m going to break down the pros and cons of each and show you how they compare in categories like speed, education, entertainment, durability, functions, specs, and more. This is one of the hardest comparisons I have ever done because I love them both for what they can do and what they excel in.

First we are going to compare using the new Kindle Fire HD because it will be available longer with production just starting in this third generation of Kindle Fires. The Nabi 2 we will use the regular edition but know that there are 2 other special editions being the Disney Edition and Nickelodeon Edition.

Speed Comparison

My favorite category is how fast will it go and how many apps can it handle. The Nabi 2 uses a 1.3 Tegra Quad Core processor with a fifth core battery saver and separate GPU. The Kindle Fire HD is running a 1.5 GHz Dual Core SnapDragon Processor with separate GPU. These two processors test very close in actual processing but the Kindle Fire HD wins this with a sleight edge.

Education Comparison

There are very few kids tablets that can match the type of quality content you can get with the Nabi 2.  Only the Kurio 7s can match with Nabi 2 in education. Although there are available apps for the Kindle Fire HD, Fuhu has put together a curriculum that is hard to match by any company.

Entertainment Comparison

No kids tablet can match the beauty of the Kindle Fires. They run with even the best adult tablets with Dual Dolby Digital Speakers, high pixel ratios, and just overall clarity of the picture with their unique anti-glare technology, polarizing filter, and IPS technology. They also have huge markets with the FreeTime app and Amazon Prime for one of the largest libraries of media in the world. Hands down the Kindle Fire HD wins this category.

Durability Comparison

Although with a good case the Kindle Fire HD can be a very durable kids tablet I have never seen a tablet dropped 10 feet and be picked up and still operation and the screen still in tact like the Nabi 2. See this drop test of the Nabi 2.

Memory Comparison

Even with the upgrade to the 16 GB version of the Kindle Fire HD at $169 the Nabi 2 has 8 GB and can be expanded by 32 GB for a few bucks on an SD card. This makes them within $10 of price and your going to get 40 GB with the Nabi 2 and only 16 GB with the Kindle Fire HD. Amazon does give you the option of unlimited cloud space but this is only accessible while connected to WiFi so unless you have a WiFi card or can tether with your phone on a long car ride this option becomes useless.

Cameras and Ports

The new HD does not have any cameras and therefore cannot video call, capture photos, or take videos. Although the Nabi 2 has a camera it is an average camera at 2 Mp but you have to consider it is for self portraits and video calling so actually not to bad for it’s purpose.

Wireless Connectivity

They both have Bluetooth to connect to external devices including headphones, etc. Another option that is not matched by really any tablets on the market is the Dual Band Dual Antennae WiFi of the Kindle Fire HD. It is built to stream movies without interruption and runs with the best tablets available.

Battery Comparison

Another win for the Kindle Fire HD. I don’t know how they squeeze so much juice out of their batteries considering the components they run. 10 hours of mixed use compared to the Nabi 2′s 5 to 8 hours is no comparison. Amazon also offers quick chargers that reduce charging time by nearly half.

Price Comparison

The Nabi 2 costs a little more $179 and the new Kindle Fire HD starts at $139. If you consider that you can have 40 GB with the Nabi 2 for about $189 and your going to max out with the Kindle Fire HD at 16 GB for $169 and memory options are the most expensive upgrades for tablets. Your also going to get a mini HDMI port and the camera they are relatively comparative in price for quality versus options and specs.

The Breakdown

Kindle Fire hd 3rd generation

When I want to watch a movie I always use my Kindle Fire HD. My son also really enjoys the FreeTime Unlimited app that has over 10,000 kids apps, games, and books from top publishers like Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, and more. This is a very good tablet and is focused on entertainment, WiFi connectivity, and a large media library.

See My Written ReviewSee My Video Review Featuring Last Years HD Model

nabi 2 kids tablet

The Nabi 2 has an outstanding education system, better parental controls, a kids safe web browser and 3 options for buying apps including the Nabi store, Amazon AppStore, and Mobi Go store. I think it gives a well balanced experience for kids and offers great value in many categories and is more well rounded.

See My Written ReviewSee My Video Review Including the Special Editions

I think it will really depend on what you intend to use your new kids tablet for when deciding to buy the Kindle Fire HD or Nabi 2. They are both top rated kids tablets in 2013 and will serve their purpose well.

Buy Kindle Fire HDBuy Nabi 2

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  1. I need an educational tablet for my 2.5year old son with abc mouse capability, wifi, camera, good memory capability, good battery, alot of built in apps cuz I dont want to spend the same amount of money the tablet costs for apps like I have to with the leapfrog. Which would you recommend?

    • The only one that plays ABC Mouse well is the Apple Tablets. With Adobe pulling the Android project I haven’t found alternate solutions that work well.

  2. Hi Ryan! I’m in desperate need for your help, with choosing a tablet suitable for my 2 year old son. He’s very advanced with knowing how to use the functions on my iphone great! He slides between the screens and click on the apps and games he likes to use and also close them out. I recently brought him the nabi jr tablet for Christmas but he had no interest in playing with it much, as he still was using my iphone more lol. I want a tablet that’s educational and kid friendly that he’ll be interested in. Also I would want to download ABC mouse on the tablet as well for use. I was looking into 3 tablets 1.the Samsung galaxy 3 kids edition, 2. nabi 2 3. kindle fire HD. Also one where he can take pics and video record himself as he does with my phone.

    • The only one that will allow front and rear video capability is the SG Tab 3 kids.

      For ABC mouse you currently need an Apple product. I did speak to their affiliate manager and he told me they will have Android apps starting in February this year though. It will not be the entire website but you will have done great on the go learning apps.

      Otherwise your best option might be an iPad mini. I have tried several different things and can’t get it to run correctly. Not sure when Amazon will complete their flash explorer either so I couldn’t give you an ETA on when the Kindle would be your best option.

      If you have more questions feel free to leave them.

  3. Between the kindle fire and the nabi 2 , which one can you access the most entertainment from without constantly being on wifi. We share internet btw 3 people in the house so our time is limited. I have an 8 yr old girl.

    • Actually i guess u answered that with the question below. :P Sorry

    • Either can work but if you are subscribed to the FreeTime subscription through Amazon for the Kindle Fire you can download the games you want and then disconnect it. You will have access to 10,000 games books and videos for $3 to $5 a month.

  4. Thanks so much for this comparision! I narrowed down the tab options between these two for my little ones and so happy to come upon your review. Really made the decision-making easy.

    • Your welcome. I’m glad it helped make your decision easier.

  5. I recently got a Kindle HD 8gb from my work Christmas raffle. I have an IPad and was considering exchanging my kindle for another iPad or iPad mini because I could then sink apps but the iPads are sooo expensive. My two kids (3 and 4 yr old) currently fight over who gets to play on mommys iPad. In looking for options other than a second ipad I found this to be helpful.

    They each have the nabi jr which they like but not as much as my iPad. Plus the battery life on the nabi jr is TERRIBLE. What I do like about the nabi jr though is that they cannot access the web and the apps don’t have advertisements putting them in the app store.

    I see that pretty much everything I have on my iPad is available in the amazon app store so I am starting to think I would be further ahead to get a second kindle so they each have one. But my question is how the parental controls work? I would like to get them on ABC Mouse too and I see that might be good on the Kindle. Can the kindle be set to only allow certain sites and if so is it hard to set up?

    • I have a video on my YouTube channel displaying how to set them up and how they work. They cannot make in app purchases in FreeTime Unlimited which seems to be a concern you expressed. I think another Kindle is an excellent way to go.

      ABC Mouse has several issues running on tablets period. Amazon is working on a internet explorer with flash capabilities but it’s still in experimental phase. They will also have an educational curriculum out next year.

      I have Apple products as well and they both have pros and cons(Apple vs Android.)

  6. Hello. I have been trying to decide between the Nabi 2 and Kindle fire hd for my 5 year old this Christmas. He loves to play games on the ipad but I also want him to have educational apps to work on. We do not have wifi in the house yet so I’d like to get the most bang for my buck out of a tablet experience without having to add wifi right away. Which would you recommend?

    • I’m not really sure how you intend on adding apps but I’m sure you have a way for your iPad. All of the Nabi’s education is dependent on WiFi so I would get the Kindle Fire. You will still need to make a trip to Mcds or Starbucks to add new apps though.The Kuril 7s comes wit a lot of preloaded non WiFi apps.

  7. Hi Ryan, Thanks for such great info!! I was wondering if you had reviewed the tab offered by toys r us – the tabeo e2 – and how it compares to the nabi 2 and the SG tab 3 kids. I’m looking for my (almost) 4-year-old son who has resorted to taking my i-pad daily for watching his Disney cartoons and playing his animal games.

      • I have a Kindle Fire HD that I am still trying to learn all of its features. I have 2 boys, ages 6 and 9 who like to read and play games on them. For Christmas, I took advantage of the Best Buy $99 Kindle Fire deal. It was a good price and I didn’t want to get another device to try to learn how to use when I’m still learning on my Kindle. My question is why can’t we use the flash player. Several kid apps I’ve tried to download requires a flash player.

        • The Kindle Fire HD platform does not support Flash. There is an experimental Flash browser in the works. It should not be long before it is up and running. If you leave app names I might be able to help you. I can download and run them.

          • You are awesome. Right now, it’s ABC Mouse and arcademic skill builders.

  8. Hello, my dear. So glad I found this site. Like everyone else who’s written here, I’m in a quandary and really need someone who knows better than me to just make the decision at this point. I bought a Trio tablet for my 3 year old and am disgusted with the tech support. I’m new to the tablet world so I have no idea what I’m doing. Taking the Trio back, which is going to break my son’s heart because the idea of having his own “ipad” blew him away (amazing). Anyway, the next one has to stick. Here’s what I’m looking for.
    1. Solid tech support – Phone support a must, 24/7 preferred. I’m up when my son’s asleep.
    2. He loves looking at train videos on youtube so that’s necessary. He also loves to Skype grandma and me when I’m working, so it’s got to have a video and photo camera.
    3. He also loves taking pictures of himself on my old MacBook and adding the funny images to it. Same with video. That would be great.
    4. The Trio I bought had very little volume to it’s speakers. I don’t want my son to have to put on headphones to enjoy what he’s watching. I want to be able to enjoy it with him (and know what he’s listening to if I’m not right beside him).
    5. This should have been first (well, second) on my list. It’s all about educational apps. He’s advanced in his abilities and I want to support that. ABC mouse is just… too many things on the screen, but he loves playing the games and learning new skills. School is just not enough. I am a dunce with the app world so something that allows me easy access to great apps for his age group is a must.

    Thank you so much for your patience, in advance. I eagerly await your response. I’ve got a coupon for the Kindle fire that expires on the 14th. If that’s the way you advise me to go, I’ll take advantage of it. However, since they are very similar in price, It’s really what’s better for my son.

    Namaste, my dear. The best to you this season, and always.

    • The Kindle Fire HD is a great way to go but it will lack the cameras unless you get the HDX model which will allow for skyping and self portraits. I wasn’t sure which model you were thinking of. ABC mouse is something everyone wants but runs really poorly on the Nabi 2 and Kurio 7s. It is actually the responsibility of ABC mouse to develop an app that will run on all formats, they really need to finish this. If your willing to deal with the camera options on the Kindle Fire then this is one of your best options.

      A 2 camera option is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 kids. It will meet all of your requirements except ABC mouse again. It is also preloaded with content for 3 to 9, but can be used by all ages. This one will cost you a little more than the Kindle HD but less than the HDX.

      If you have anymore questions about the 2 suggestions I gave you feel free to leave another comment and I’ll be checking up tonight since your coupon is about to expire. Probably better for you to utilize the Contact Us page since you are on a big time constraint.

  9. My 6 yr old already has a Kindle Fire but I’m considering getting him and my 3 yr old a Nabi 2 or Nabi Disney Edition… My 6 yr old likes to go on online and watch videos of Super Mario Brothers, etc…I don’t feel that some of the videos are appropriate… Is there a way to block certain websites or is it just either you allow access to the internet or not? It sounds like the Nabi 2 has more parental control options… At the same time, that is his favorite thing about the Kindle… Suggestions??

    • Try searching “internet web filter” inside the Amazon Appstore. There are a few apps that work differently depending on the app. For young children I would use the one that only allows your children to go to the pre-approved websites with your password. this will eliminate you having to constantly monitor what your 6 year old is watching. The Nabi 2 may not keep his interest when it comes to streaming videos and this is the Kindle’s strongest selling point.

  10. Does the Nabi 2 allow you to go on youtube? And most important download the furby boom apps? I have a 10 yr old Autistic daughter and these 2 things are her passion right now. Without them it would be a pointless purchase.

    • Make sure you buy through Nabi and they will give you a huge discount as well. You can use things like YouTube and tubemate. I know the Furby boom app is available and it has a camera to catch the Furby QR code but have not tried this yet.

  11. My son is five. He loves my kindle hd. He asked for his own for Christmas until he just saw a nabi 2 commercial. We have amazon prime and love getting all the movies. Is amazon accesssble by nabi 2? I get that nabi is more educational games but he has his games he likes on the kindle. I am at a real gossip of which way to go.

    • I am not in a gossip of what to do. I am puzzled at what to do…….

      • I assumed it was something else as a lot of us use smartphones and they sometimes have a mind of their own, lol.

    • The Nabi is good but I prefer the Kindle Fire HD and if he already has games he likes I would stay with a Kindle. The main draw would be a curriculum so you don’t have to find apps yourself but FreeTime Unlimited is packed with great content.

      You can use the Amazon Appstore with the Nabi 2 but I think the Prime feature works much better for a Kindle because it was built to stream.

  12. Sorry to beat a dead horse dead(or deader) I have read about 7 yr. old and usually you help us decide on a Nabi 2 but before I bite the bullet here is what I’d like to get out of my daughter’s table. She would use it equally for education and entertainment(equally but monitored) so I would like it to access ABC Mouse, Spelling City as well access to her schools E-Portal, for entertainment it’ll be HULU, You Tube and Pandora or Disney Music.. I have Wifi at home and am subscribed to Amazon Prime. She also has her 14 yr. old brother & sister with Samsung Tablets and feels like a “big girl” when using it (they do share but not much ) so in you opinion which would be a better choice.. Please, Thank you and I Do appreciate your input and advice. Sincerely, Jessie

    • In this case I would go with Kindle Fire HD or Samsung Galaxy, since she has used your other tablets your children have and you already have accounts usable by these 2 devices.

      • Thank you so very much for your input and suggestion.

        Happy Holidays,
        Jessie and a very happy 7 yr. old.

  13. I love your website! Thanks for all the research and info you provide! We purchased the LeapPad Ultra for my 3 yr old for Christmas. I brought it home, took it out of the box and started to play with it. I’m not impressed. I must say as a kindergarten teacher I love the education apps available, just not the price of those apps. My daughter is used to using our iPad so I’m certain this would not be the best option for her. It seems very slow and not as “tablet-ish”. I thought about the Nabi Jr, but know she will outgrow that. Would the Nabi 2 be too advanced for her? Do you recommend this or something different. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I am mostly interested in educational apps to prepare her for pre-school and kindergarten with some videos and fun games thrown in too.

    Thank you!

    • I think the content on the Nabi Jr would be a little appropriate, I prefer the Nick Jr model as it has been updated. You could get the Nabi 2 and add some educational apps and apps like Fisher Price. All of these tablets are set up similar but the size and preloaded content is more of how they determine the age group, so you should be OK with a Nabi 2 as well and it will definitely last longer that the others you have mentioned.

      A final option is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 kids.

  14. OK my children love to watch movies on Netflix and learn on abcmouse. Im not sure which tablet to get them when often my two year old love to play on my iPhone5. Which one would you suggest for watching Netflix, playing abcmouse and adding some more educational apps? I have WiFi but we often travel overseas and have road trip. My children are two and five but will be three and six soon……Help

    • ABCMouse requires flash and currently the 2 kids tablets that carry Flash Player and are of good quality are the Kurio’s and Nabi’s The Kindle Fire HD does not support this product. All three will have Netflix and the Kindle Fire HD has the best streaming capabilities. If your going overseas you will definitely need apps that are playable without WiFi. They are in abundance on all three as all of them use the Amazon AppStore as their biggest supplier of Apps.

  15. We are and apple family at heart and are used to apple products iPad mini’s, newer iPhones. My 4 year old loves the first gen iPad but it kicks her out of most apps because they aren’t supported anymore. Will she be disappointed with the nabi 2? I heard that it’s not as easily user friendly and the google play market is hard to get to? I’m at a loss at what to do. Thank you.

    • Google Play is a bit challenging to install because Nabi does block it. In your situation where you have already invested quite a bit in iOS apps and everyone in the family uses it you are probably better off getting an older model like iPad 4 or iPad mini which have gone down in price since the AIR has come out.

      I don’t think the Nabi is hard to use and operates really well. It’s going to be more about what software it offers and whether your 4 year old will be entertained. If you went with the Disney edition I think you would be in great shape as far as entertaining your child. It has lots for kids to do.

      • Thank you so much for your help. One other question. So if I went with the Disney version, is there a way to get the episodes from nick? She watches both so I’m having a hard time deciding between the 2 versions. You said they block google play, so is there a way to download other apps? Or are you restricted to what is preloaded?

        • You can use the Amazon AppStore to buy apps but yes Google Play is blocked. There are several ways you could get Nick Jr shows on the Disney edition but you won’t be able to stream the Disney Channel in the opposite situation. The Nickelodeon edition does not stream video like the Disney editionbut does have some videos on there.

  16. What us the best one for a 13 year old boy? We are on a budget and want something that will last. We just got the nabi 2 for our 1 1/2 year old and love it.

  17. Do the kurio have unlimited apps

    • Not sure what you mean, It will have the same apps available as the other 2 in this article with the exception of the Kindle’s FreeTime Unlimited.

  18. As of right now, we do not have WiFi at home. We can only get dial up (too slow) or satelite (too expensive for our needs) We use our verizon phones for internet purposes. Occasionally I run my laptop off of my Droid’s hot spot, although I feel like it sucks my data plan dry much faster than my phone’s internet use.
    Would I be able to add both of these tablets to my data plan & would I be able to utilize all of their features? (I’ve not owned a tablet yet at all)
    I am looking for educational purposes mostly. (For my 6 year old)
    Entertainment is obviously a plus though.
    Thanks for your help as this is all so confusing & time consuming for me!

    • These have WiFi but not 3G, 4G, or 4G LTE cards. Your best bet is to buy an actual hotspot with a data plan on your carrier. Tablets with these functions cost quite a bit more. You can find last years Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ with a wireless card but I believe the only carrier was AT&T on last years model. So other than a hotspot you could get the new Kindle Fire HDX in a verizon wireless option and I believe it starts at $329. $100 more than the regular model.

      You should be able to get a hotspot from verizon for free or about $50 and either way your Verizon bill is going to be the same I believe. I would call Verizon and verify because they may have something like AT&T where you can add a device to your total wireless package for $10 and the HDX model would then be a well worthwhile purchase because it would have connection anywhere your phones get service. You still won’t be able to stream lots of movies especially HD movies because some of those are almost 1 GB and your only going to get about 5 GB a month, But you would have enough bandwith to download a couple movies and as many apps as you need or play the online games etc.

      Let me know if you have any more questions and I will try to help you.

      • I have read more about my verizon phone hotspot & I feel confident that, just like my laptop, the tablets would recognize my hotspot as WiFi.Although I will call Verizon as you suggested to be sure.
        I may have to eventually seek other options if data usage becomes too much of an issue. I wish there were better options. We will figure it out though! Your info & advise has been so helpful! Thank you!

        • Your very welcome. I’m unfortunately in the same situation and get way overcharged for satellite so I can operate this website. Cable internet is always the best. I figured it could use your phone but I ran up a $500 bill quickly with how much we used it so I had to switch to satellite because cable is not an option where I live either. There is also some new companies like net10 zero that offer better rates.

          Your very welcome.

  19. My kid is 7 years old which is good deal for my kid … is Nabi2 or kindle fire HD ?


    • Both would be good but need WiFi to get full advantage of the features if these tablets. If you want more educational I would go with the Nabi. If you want the best entertainment then get the Kindke Fire HD.

  20. Hi!

    What would you recommend for a 9 and a 6 yrs old boys? Bestbuy has the kindle fire hd7 (previous generation) but Iam not sure wich will be better the kindle or nabi 2.
    Thank you and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!

    • I think both would work great but that’s a great deal. My son 5 loves both but tends to use the Kindle Fire HD more because we have WiFi and the FreeTime Unlimited subscription and Amazon Prime which allows him to watch a ton of movies and have access to thousands of free apps, books, and kids videos

  21. Hello, first love your site!!!! I am thinking of getting the Nabi 2 Disney Edition for my 8 year old daughter. We have the Kindle Fire and I love it. She likes it but it does not have flash player so she cant play some things that she like to play. I was thinking of getting this at Best Buy and buying the two year replacement protection they have for 69 dollars. I have read so many negative reviews about Nabi 2 on the facebook page. Do you think it is still a good item to purchase? Do you think getting the geek squad protection from Best Buy would be good also? One more question would an 8 year old use this for a few years? Thank you so much. You are awesome and think you for helping all of us. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I think 8 is still in a good age range for a Nabi 2 plus it gives you some control over the function. There are really negative reviews on all of these tablets but this is going to be one of the top tablets to buy this year. The only competitors are the SG Tab 3 Kids, Kurio 7s and Kindle Fire HD. I really like Geek Squad but usually only buy it for my phones. I pay $10 a month and it’s a good purchase to replace a $600 phone. Your tablets value is $200 and the manufacturer warranty will cover the first 12 months so it’s really only protecting you from the 12th month on meaning you just spent $120 on geek squad for a $200 tablet that you could have almost bought another one for. You could almost buy another one at the point when it actually starts covering you. The one bonus of Geek Squad is that they will just give you another one if the tablet is broken and you don’t even have to go through the manufacturer or wait for a replacement. Those are really just the facts but I didn’t get the Geek Squad for my kids tablets because although not cheap they aren’t out of the realm of replacement once the 1 year factory warranty expires.

      The Nabi is an adult tablet too. Without Nabi mode you really wouldn’t notice it wasn’t because of how well it performs. I use the XD all the time and it’s built for Tweens.

  22. Does the nabi 2 and the disney edition utilize a stylus? We have a nook that we love (need a new charger now though) and we were disappointed that it didn’t use a stylus. It is so much better for any art or drawing apps.

    • They don’t utilize a stylus either. I tested this on my XD and it was not responsive outside of my finger on drawing apps.

  23. Do you think the nabi 2 is too advanced for a 3.5 year old? Also, do you know if you can rent library books on the nabi 2? I know you can on the kindle. Finally, even though kindle is better for movies, does the nabi have the ability to play movies if you just want that feature for occasional use (vacation travel twice/yr)?

    Thanks, your reviews are very helpful!!

    • No, It is designed for 4 and up so 3.5 would be fine. Amazon AppStore does have and app that allows you to borrow books from the library. The name is escaping me right now but since the Amazon AppStore is available on your Nabi 2 you will have that option. Yes you can definitely play movies on your Nabi 2.

  24. Hey again. I also posted in another thread then found this one. I have 2 girls almost 6 & almost 9.
    First the almost 6yo, she is super smart loves to learn. Is loving reading etc. While she is school smart she hasnt been the best with electronics lol. She has my old ipod & after 6 months is finally not clicking on ads lol. So hers I would like to be education based. We have wifi at home so thats not an issue. Im wondering if she will be able to watch Netflix on a nabi, what the app prices are like & which will grow with her. I should get the nabi 2 right not the jr.?

    Ok on to my almost 9yo… I live her to pieces & shw has high confidence & loves to learn but she has mild dyslexia, adhd & is almost 2 grades behind in reading because of it. She is good at math but struggling because of the reading involved. We only diagnosed her dyslexia the end of last school year. So for her I would like a way to trick her into learning lol. The kindle seems like more of a “big kid” tablet but its between a tablet & a laptop for ger this Christmas. She loves the games on my old galaxy s2 but not the educational ines. Typical 8yo thing. Any suggestions for these 2? Hope I gave enough info. Again Netflix is a big tie breaker but I’m going to check out that unlimited amazon thing for 3 bucks in a sec. I’d never heard of it until these threads.

    • I think the Nabi 2 would be great for your youngest and yes you will have Netflix.

      For the oldest the Kurio 7s would be better in my opinion. The educational games are a lot of fun. This one will also have Netflix and they both use the Amazon AppStore so you can get apps for both with one purchase.

  25. I am looking at either one for my grandson who is 3. Both are comparable but I would like to have the system grow with him. Has there been a study on their system updates? I am more familiar with the Kindles but not the Nabi 2. I don’t want to buy the Nabi 2 and then in a year from now I have to buy a new tablet because its system doesn’t upgrade.

    • Nabi does OTA updates so you will periodically receive notices to update your devices. The big difference is going to be the educational curriculum on the Nabi and also the ability to expand the memory. Although it is not going to help with app storage unless you root it and have access to Google Play where there are apps that do various things to swap destinations.

      I guess the point is you will only have 4 GB to use for apps without some work and you can get last years kindle Fire HD with 16 or 32 GB for around the same price.

      Thanks for the comment

  26. I have a 6 year old girl whom I am trying to decide what one (Nabi or Kindle Fire) to get her for Christmas. She is well ahead in learning in school and knows how to use my laptop well. She likes to get online and go to websites they use in class to practice at school as well as play fun games of course. I am just not sure what one to go with that will not limit her learning based upon age but what she knows. Also what one is less expensive when it comes to buying aps for etc… I know the Fire has a monthly plan that can be subscribed to that allows unlimited apps, how does the Nabi work. Oh and she loves loves loves to read, she is a great reader.

    • Every sentence sent me to a different choice. The downfall of the Kindle Fire is you can’t monitor the web and there is no curriculum for education.

      The Nabi is a pay per app system. You can purchase from the Amazon AppStore just like on the Kindle Fire. I like the Kindle Fire because I get 10,000 apps books and videos for $3 a month and this is not available to tablets outside of the Kindle Fires.

      It would be nice to get the best of both worlds. An educational curriculum and a ton of content for practically nothing.

      To be honest I would probably go with the Nabi 2 if your daughter is a serious scholar. The Fooz Kids program requires WiFi but you get 30 to 40 lessons per subject per grade level. That’s a lot of learning and you can track her progress and reward get with apps and coins for completing it.

      • that is one of the things that is making me wonder about the Nabi though, if she was to complete those 30-40 lessons per subject per grade would it give her more or is there apps we could use to further her learning? She finished a 290pg 1st grade workbook in just a few months. When she likes doing something she does it non stop such as reading and school work (esp math) I have been googling both trying to figure out what one would be best and I am lost! It is a lot to compare and they are as similar as they are different. Doesn’t the FIre have a parental control as well to monitor what is being done.

        • You have just as many tests. On top of that you will have access to the same additional apps no matter which you get. You won’t have as many books available and reading can consume a lot of time.

          The Kindle Fire does have FreeTime unlimited but mainly monitors time usage and the apps available to them.

  27. Hello, i came across your site when i was looking at the comparisons for kindle fire & Nabi 2. I am going to purchase two (3&6 year old boys) I want something for educational games, watching movies, you tube and taking pics. I like how you have experiance with both tablets and can help me on which would be the better purchase for my money. Thanks

    • If you get last years model you will have a front facing camera and the Nabi also has a front facing camera. The Kurio 7s is one of the few kids tablets I like that has both.

      As far a YouTube and watching videos nothing beats a Kindle Fire HD except the new HDX model.

      With education you can find games on the Kindle Fire but you will have a great curriculum with the Nabi 2, totaling 30 to 40 lessons per subject per grade. It does require WiFi to use.

      To get everything you want I really think the Kurio 7s is going to be your best bet because it contains everything you want and is Kinda the happy medium between these 2 tablets that excel in different areas. Kindle Fire HD in entertainment and Nabi in education.

      Thanks for the comment.

  28. I have triplet 3year olds and despite being able to have different profiles on one tablet we are considering getting one for each child to help with car rides etc. so the $40 price difference between these two is pretty big but overall I want it to be durable with good parental controls. Can you help at all with advice as I make this decision?

    • I would say the Nabi 2 would be your best bet if your getting separate tablets. It has great parental controls and is very durable. With the Nabi 2 going on sale for $99 on Black Friday at Walmart it is definitely a best buy this year.

      • I checked Walmart’s Black Friday specials. The Nabi 2 is NOT on sale for $99. It is the Nabi only for that price. So my question is, is the Nabi just as good for the price as the Nabi 2?

        • Just checked it again and the Nabi 2 is on sale for $129 but sold out online.

        • The Nabi 2 is region specific but will vary depending on where you live. My friend in Ohio said it’s not in their ad either. I wouldn’t go back a model year. If $100 is your budget check best buy for the $99 Kibdle Fire HD.

        • If it is not in your region then I would check best buy for the Kindle Fire HD for $99. It’s a great deal too.

        • I got my nabi 2 for 99 at Walmart black Friday sale.

          • I was going to get an extra copy and my Walmart released them at 6 instead of 8 like the ad said, very disappointed.

    • I have bought 2 Nabi2 tablets and never paid over $120 for either. Watch for specials and the price will be much less than retail.

  29. It was really good comparison.I am planning to purchase tablet for my daughter (4 yr). There is a deal on bestbuy for kindlefire HD 7 (2012) for 99 and nabi 2 at walmart for 99. This is really confusing for me. I am mainly interested in content than hardware. Looks like Nabi has Wing educational program and fooz univesirty and for me this is the only tempting point to go for nabi. On other hand Amazon has kindle freetime unlimited which covers lots of educational apps/books and videos.

    For Amazon I can go on their website and see whats included in freetime unlimited but for nabi I do not know what is included in wings or fooz university. It sounds to me like wings/fooz university is something like grouping of apps based on age/skill set where as on amazon you have to do that on your own. Also is wings/fooz university subscription based? can you please shed more insight on educational/learning side of it.


    • They are actually to separate apps. The Wings Challenge is basically timed tests starting for 3 or 4 year olds. It starts with letters and progressively gets harder as your child completes more.

      The Fooz University centers around four subjects(math, English, social studies, and science) and WiFi is required. It has several lesson in each grade from kindergarten to 5th grade. For instance in Kindergarten English you will see Reading Skills, Words and phrases, parts of a story, poetry and prose, print concepts, word building and listening skills. You will also get quizzes for all of these concepts within the subject so they can practice what they learn. They also have educational websites, videos, books, and craft projects for kids inside of Fooz University.

      I hope this better explains the Fooz University.

  30. i was looking at all the different tablets for my grandson. he will be 2. can you get abcmouse on any of them? i read you need adobe flash 10.2. don’t know much about that. i was also concerned about the negative reviews and customer service with the nabi2 but that is the way i am leaning. thank you

    • You can get abc mouse on almost all of the Android Tablets. The Amazon AppStore does have flash player available which is the requirement for this website.

      It would depend on where you read reviews. Amazon allows anyone to write reviews wether you own the product or not. Best Buy is my favorite source for info because they require you to purchase the product before you write a review.

      I’m not a huge fan of the Facebook page being Fuhu’s go to source for customer service but I don’t wait any longer for an answer from them then I do on the phone from other companies.

      All tablets will have negative reviews and some of them legitimate but the Nabi 2 has been out the longest and therefore has more reviews. The other tablets with the exception to the Kurio 7s just recently released and therefor have not had proper time to have a lot of potential fails. My Tabeo e2 took a month before it started having issues. I still believe the Nabi 2 and Kurio 7s are the best buys for 2013.

  31. Hi I talked to you before about what tablets I should buy my kids for xmas. I think i’m gonna get a kindle fire hd for my oldest. On Walmart’s black friday ad they have the Nabi 2 for $99, which I was thinking of getting for my youngest…. The only thing I am scared of is all the bad reviews Nabi’s get. What do you think about that? Do you agree with that they quit working after a month and the customer service is bad? It makes me really nervous to buy one!

    • There customer service is not bad but you do have to use their Facebook page and you don’t wait any longer than I have waited on the phone with other companies. The company ideals are shifting in my opinion. I read a statement by one of their top execs on their FB page and they seem dedicated to changing the way they are viewed about their customer service. I don’t generally like using Amazon reviews because anyone can write a review.

      You won’t find a better tablet for $100 though.

  32. Does the Nabi 2 have e book apps? I would like to buy a tablet that has this feature, as well as educational apps.

    • Yes it has eBooks as well. It has some that will read to you, some that are interactive, and some just for reading as well as the ability to make your own story books with Disney characters on the Disney edition.

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