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Kurio 4S Kids Tablet Review

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Screenshot kurio 4s


Price – $99.99

Age Group – 3 to 9

Related Publishers -


Kurio Store

Android Market

Quality – Good

 See My Full Video Review

What is the Kurio 4S Kids Tablet

This little handheld packs a lot of the power and parental controls of the big brothers the Kurio 7S and Kurio 10S. It has all of the great options at a very reasonable price of $99.

Some of the major differences are the ability to have only 4 profiles active as compared to 8 profiles. You also only get 30 apps included but that is still a lot of premium apps for the price.

The parental controls start with the ability to lock and unlock apps. Next you can set time allowances by profile for each kid. If two kids share this handheld kids tablet then it will let them know when it is time to hand it over.

You also get a kids safe web browser that has 4 settings including: no web browser, parental limited sites, Kurio kid approved sites, and full access. On top of all of this you control which apps are available by profile. Not all apps are appropriate for all ages.

It is run by the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS. This is fairly new as only one update has come out since 4.2.

Some of it’s major functions include MP3 Player, Video Player, and Recorder. Your kids can also download text only apps to keep in contact with their friends.

See My Hands on Experience with the Kurio 4s Touch

Kurio 4S Kids Tablet Specs

The Kurio 4S is a multi touch 4″ screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Very high resolution for a frame only a little bigger than an iPhone.

The CPU is a dual core Cortex A20 and has a Mali 400 MP2 graphics processor for quality content processing like games, movies, and apps. Quite impressive for a little gadget but higher resolutions require better processors.

It is WiFi enabled for easy downloading and surfing the internet. It is a single band single antennae for average WiFi speeds.

The CPU is backed by 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of memory. It also has a micro SD slot that you can expand the memory by 32 GB. Feel Free to add all your kids favorite movies and music via MP3 and MP4.

It does include 2 cameras, a .3MP front and 2.1 MP rear.

It has a lithium polymer battery that is rechargeable and runs for over 5 hours between charges.

Other ports include a headphone jack for the included ear buds and mini USB for charging and connecting to your home PC.

Read More About Kurio 4s Handheld

In the Box

  • Kurio 4S Tablet
  • Ear Buds
  • Micro USB Adapter
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Micro USB Power Adapter

The Good

  • Great Price($99)
  • Great Parental Controls
  • Built for Content
  • Expandable Memory
  • 30 Apps Included
  • Great Educational Content
  • Good Publishers

The Bad

  • Battery Life is Light(Only 5 Hours)
  • Only Compatible with a Few Formats(MP3 and MP4)
  • Cameras are not Great(.3 Front and 2.1 Rear)
  • No Google Play w/o Modifications to Software
  • No Bumper Case Included


See Parents Reviews at Walmart

The Breakdown

This kids tablet is very new but hasn’t had a single bad review thus far. At first glance I was very impressed with the larger tablets but this seems to outshine both of them as far as quality and parents perspectives. This will get you your smartphone back and allow your children to have hours of enjoyment including educational apps through the Kurio store produced by Professor Nussbaum.

Some older kids may be disappointed that all the games are not accessible without you doing a little tweaking to the software but there are plenty of games including some Cars and other Disney Characters.

For the price this will keep your child entertained and it will be easy to take on the go. This is definitely worth the money and should be considered as a quality option for children. You can view the Kurio 4S Kids Tablet Review in action in this video below.

There is actually a 7″ tablet in the same price range of $100 if that is your budget. The ClickN Kids Tablet also has a great reading program called Looney Tunes Phonics and is an open source Android tablet with Google Play.

Netflix Fix

If your having issues with Netflix on this tablet a visitor made this video

Best Price on Kurio 4s

Kurio 4s at Walmart for $99

AmazonKurio Touch 4S Android White Handheld

The brand-new Kurio Touch 4S gives kids a powerful Android handheld designed just for them. Sleek, stylish, pocket-sized and portable, the Kurio

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AmazonKurio Touch4s Android Black Handheld

The Kurio Touch 4S Android Handheld comes preloaded with over 30 games and apps as well as the Kurio Store, which provides access to thousands of

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KmartKurio Touch 4S Android Handheld - White

Kurio Touch 4S - The Ultimate Android Handheld for Kids!Following up the best-selling, award-winning Kurio 7 family tablet, the brand-new Kurio Touch


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KmartKurio Touch 4S Android Handheld - Black

Kurio Touch 4S - The Ultimate Android Handheld for Kids!Following up the best-selling, award-winning Kurio 7 family tablet, the brand-new Kurio Touch


Go to Store
Product prices and availability are accurate as of Jun 25 23:50:58 UTC but are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Kurio 4S Accessories

This is a brand new case for the 4s and is available in Purple, Blue, Red, Black, Pink, and Light Blue. It is between $17.96 to $24.96 and very durable. The price is dependent on the popularity of the color. Click the picture to view.

Buy Kurio 4S Case

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  1. My son kurio wont come on.Like its charged up but when the face blinks 8 times its freezes everytime.How to fix it

    • You can do a factory reset from the point of the tablet being off. If you hold the volume + button while powering it up you will come to a screen with that option. Sounds like a corrupt or missing file missing in the boot sequence.

  2. Is it just like a real phone. Like can you call,text and skype with it

    • They will have one that is an actual phone this year. This model can use some functions like a phone while it’s connected to wifi.

      • Oh wow! Do you know which carrier will have it

        • Verizon will be partnered with the Kurio Cell phone and the Kurio 7x

  3. I tried to download the text free app, there is only text free plus and it doesn’t work what else can I use? I bought this after reading your posts happy that I would able to communicate with my kids. Now I can’t do anything. Please help me.

  4. Can you get Google play app store and get apps like the wwe app.just asking because on most tablets and devices the wwe app can’t be downloaded (like my tablet)

    Thank you:-)

    • I saw the app in the Amazon Appstore but it did not look compatible for your device. It showed my Kindles, Nabi devices and some other tablets I own but they were on 4.2 Android OS or newer.

  5. Im Keep Receiving Authentication Problem LogGing Into My Wifi First Day It Was Fine Now I Can’t Connect. Ive Already Reset.

    • Try a hard reset. Hold the volume up button and power button when you power it back up. If this doesn’t work there may be an actual issue with your tablet.

    • Try a hard reset. Hold the volume up button and power button when you power it back up. If this doesn’t work there may be an actual issue with your tablet.

      I had this issue with a Tabeo and a hard reset go the wifi working again.

  6. I cannot get the Parental Controls icon to show up and I have WiFi but still cannot connect to the internet. very frustrating and my poor son is disappointed (me too)can’t get anything to work. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

    • I would try to do a soft reset. You could also try a factory reset in the settings.

  7. Do you know of a way to get snapchat on my daughters 4s?

    • You can try searching for a snapchat.apk file and adding it to your SD card to do a sideload. You will also need an apk installer app on your tablet which you should be able to find on Amazon.

    • you should try to get the 1mobile market, it does not have google play services so it might not work that well.

  8. Found your response to the texting question, so thanks, I will try it. You suggested “Text Free” is that the best texting app?

    Can you explain the music download a little more though. I saw where you wrote that you need to “put micro SD card into computer and add the MP3 files to it”…can you give me a little more than that? Do I need to download music to my computer first, then to the Kurio touch? Is there any way to do it directly on the the Kurio?

    • You do have to download music to your PC first or copy her cds to the PC. The Kurio block direct connection to a PC so you have to insert your SD card into your PC and copy it that way if you computer does not have a slot like that you can find a USB adapter to slide your micro SD card into at any Walmart.

      Let me know if you need more help.

    • I’ve installed the TextFree app on my daughter’s Kurio and it works great when in parent mode, but it doesn’t work in child mode. I assumed it was the security settings and have changed them to allow full internet access but it still won’t work in her mode. I’ve restarted, uninstalled and reinstalled and still no success. The app is still working in parent mode but not hers. I’m getting frustrated and feel like we are so close to getting it but I feel like I’ve tried everything! Any other suggestions? Thank you!

      • Sometimes the parental controls are what stops apps from working. You may need to give her internet access but take her browser away. I had this issue with Angry Birds Star Wars. I had to give my son access to the internet so I took the browsing option away. I also had to add the Amazon AppStore to this profile so I just turned the parental controls on for the Amazon AppStore.

  9. Hi my daughter just got the kurio touch 4s and we cannot get netflix to play with the picture… please

    • Try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it. After this do a soft reset and then powering it back up.

      • I’m having the same problem. Being able to play Netflix was one of my son’s main reasons for asking Santa for this (along with a front and rear camera:)

        How do I do a “soft reset”? All I see on the Kurio site is for a reset that erases everything. Seems “hard” to me.
        Thank you!

        • A soft reset is when you hold the power button down until you can turn the tablet all the way off and then power it back up.

          A hard reset loads from the very first file in the command lines. Sometimes this is the only way to get components of the tablet working again. Almost all tablets you have to hold the volume up button and then push the power on button to do this.

      • I’m having same problem. I uninstalled app and reinstalled, turned off and back on. I can hear movies and when I pause it it says its buffering and I can actually then see the screen but when I play it again the screen disappears.

  10. You have previously stated that the 4s supports instagram but I can’t find it for download in the amazon or kurio app stores. What am I missing?

    • You can use instafire app which is a instagram client that is compatible for most devices. The Kurio 4s shows on this list when I checked.

  11. Hi Ryan,
    Good review – I listened to it before I bought it (for me – haha). Anyway, for some reason – when I plug an external speaker in the headphones socket – it seems like it’s only as loud as the speaker that comes with the kurio. Is there a set-up you have to do to make an external speaker louder. Thanks a lot. Jim

    • It would depend on the speaker you are using. If the speaker has it’s own power source it should be louder . Some external speakers do not have volume controls though. I would purchase an independently powered speaker that has it’s own volume controls to maximize how loud it will get.


  12. My 6 1/2 year old daughter wanted an ipod touch for christmas this year. Unfortunately, I could not afford it and was up in the air anyway because she’s quite clumsy (she dropped my iphone in the toilet on accident type clumsy) She has a kindle fire but wants something to play music and games on that’s smaller. Anyways, I picked up the Kurio touch 4s in white up yesterday for her and was wondering how you thought a 6 1/2 year old would do with it?

    • It is basically the same type of product as an iPod, someone on my YouTube channel gave it the name aPod. It is a much better purchase if she is going to break it. It’s cheaper to replace $100 then it is $400 for a new fully loaded iPod.

      • Haha! I have an iPod Touch, which my (5-year-old) daughter simply refers to as “the pod”. She’ll be happy to know that she’s not the only one to call the Kurio “aPod” :)

  13. Hi I have a 3 year old daughter who has two older brothers. Both of her brothers have ipod touches that she always wants to play with. I was looking at this or the Leappad Ultra. Which do you think would be better for her?

    • Your going to get much more education out of the LP but it’s not going to perform like the touches do. I don’t know what your budget is but I prefer the Nabi Jr Nick Jr model for a 3 year old. My nephew(2) is getting one for Christmas from me.

    • WOULD YOU SUGGEST THIS TABLET OR THE TABEO E2 for a 4 and 3 year old and why? I’m looking for a tablet that is also a great educational benefit and not just for games.

      • Both of these are heavily focused on just games but you add educational apps to them. For kids that young I would get the bigger of the two the Tabeo e2. Although they have little fingers they are still not as coordinated with them. I haven’t seen any great cases for young kids with this tablet.

        If you have WiFi I would get the Kindle Fire HD previous gen. Toys R us has them on sale for $99 until Tuesday.

  14. hi i was wondering does the kurio 4s have built in wifi so i dont have to find wifi hotspot and things like that. I was also wondering if there is google play on that or some sort of store like the app store or play store so i can download games that you can download on the app store google play play store, etc. like temple run fake my gps,etc

    • It has WiFi but it does not have a 3G card so it will still have to have a connection to the internet, either your home network or somewhere like McD’s. The major store is through Amazon which has about 10,000,000 apps. You will be able to get games like Temple Run, Angry Birds, etc.

  15. can i play subway surfers on it and can i download free apps from the skurio store if not how do i download free apps thank u

  16. I have an 11yr old daughter that really wants an Ipod touch 5, but the price is more than we can afford. How does the Kurio 4s compare to the Ipod touch 5?

    • It is similar in features but there is a reason why it’s 3 times as much. It is a better product but this will be your closest product. You could also view the Zunes or other products even closer in specs but will be less expensive.

  17. Can you download amazon app store to this device? If so how?

    • Just google “install amazon appstore.” Also make sure you go to settings and under security you select the option allow installation from unknown sources.

  18. I have been looking at videos on the Kurio 4s and found yours the most informative. I have purchased a couple of them for my children for Christmas and wanted to know what texting app you would recommend? I have never had to find one because my phone has unlimited text. Thanks so much for the time you have spent researching these devices.

    • Your welcome and I’ve always used textfree but there is one called textnow as well that receives similar ratings. The problem with free apps is they usually have ads which is how these companies pay for the production of the app.

  19. I am curious… Although I would rather be able to root the device, for the time being I would just like to get google play and gmail working. Is that possible yet, or should I just exchange it and find another device?

    • Your best bet is to get a device that already has access to Google Play. There is a method to get Google Apps on these tablets without rooting them using Bluestacks and an SD card. Search Google Play on Nabi 2 and see the video that says Google Apps on Nabi 2. It works with the Nabi 2 as I have verified this method works.

  20. Hello, would this be a good gift for an eleven year old? She is very interested in getting an electronic, but I also don’t want to spend too much money on anything. Does this already have a texting app in it or would I have to download that?Thanks for the review by the way.

    • You can download a text app for free on this and I think it is a great substitute for the Android version of an iPod touch.

  21. Thanks so much for the review, it was very informative. Can some of the apps be deleted and replaced with other apps. Have you figured out the google play store for this? My 3 year old loves many of the apps from there :)

    • They can be deleted but most pre installed apps are hidden files on all tablets so it may not free up space.

      I’m going to try some new software I got in my 10s. If it works I will let you guys know so you can try it on the 4s. One of my several ongoing projects.

  22. I have a son who is almost 8 and has been asking for this Kurio for a while. Is it worth the money to buy him this for Christmas , and it be suitable for his age for a while or is there something else I should try instead. I really enjoy the features you showed in the video and would feel safest with it but don’t want to have to buy a new tablet a year from now! Thanks in advance!

    • I personally would get the 7s because it has 30 additional apps including the educational content. The Kurio’s are good buys in general though. You should have no issue getting a couple of years out of it.

  23. Hi, I have 3 kids 3-5 years olds. Im debating on what tablets to purchase and stumbled on your site. They all are capable of using ipad and my galaxy smartphone.
    please advise, thanks in advance.

    • If you want to leave me a little more info or email me at the contact us page I would be glad to help you. Let me know if you have wifi, what your budget is, what your main priorities are, and what their main uses for it will be.


  24. Hi Ryan
    I wondered if An app called Notability would work on the Kurio 4s? My son uses this program for school. He wants an iPod but like a lot of parents just can’t afford that.
    Thanks for the video review. I so wanted to know what the product looked like without having to open it…..which of course I could not return if I wasn’t happy.

    • Currently that app is only available on iOS or Apple products.

      I’m glad you liked the review

  25. Hey, I was thinking about getting this for my little brother for Christmas, does it only work off the internet (WIFI)? Or can you use it like a cell phone, for example, does it get “service”, and is there a data limit? I’m picturing it like a cell phone. I only ask because he doesn’t have access to internet.

    • None of these kids tablets have that option as it is one of the most expensive components to include, usually will cost an additional $100 to add 4G LTE.

      Your best option would probably be a hot spot to include.

  26. hello I have two boys one is 12 and the other one is 10 would this be good for them or something thing else

  27. is there any way to get google play on it?

    • There are ways but you would have to root the tablet and rewrite the ROM. I have not seen any of these floating around on XDA though and that’s a popular site for programmers to provide this kind of program. I’m sure there are other ways as well but have not investigated it further.

  28. On the Kurio 4S touch, can you get free apps games like you do on an android phone, or do you have to pay for all the apps? Also, how do you go about purchasing apps?
    Also looks like you can text with it, can you confirm that?

    • The Amazon AppStore basically carries only the popular apps on Google Play because they have to be converted. There are free text apps in the Amazon Appstore which is your best option to get apps(paid and free) on the Kurio 4s.

  29. Hello, Ryan. I was wondering can you use this device with an ipod docking station.. will it work in one of those??
    thanks Melissa

    • It’s not going to fit in the iPod docking station but if it is Bluetooth enabled then you could pair it with the system. I’m assuming your wanting to use it for recharging and listening to music. The charging ports are not the same size and in the same location. I hope that makes sense.

      • Thanks.. That is what I was wanting it for.. Wat kind of speaker would u recommend? It would be for a 10 yar old girl. Any cool looking speakers for tat as group that would work?

        • I bought my wife one of these Bluetooth speakers for the kitchen. She likes to listen to music while we cook together. Good quality for the price. You can probably find something cheaper at Walmart but it won’t be as good of quality. You can use it with a Bluetooth connection or headphone port.

  30. Hi, I would like to know, does instagram work on this device and should I get an iPod touch or this device?

    • Yes Instagram does work on this device. It depends on what you want to do. A new iPod Touch is going to cost you about 3 times as much.

  31. I need a couple of the 4s touch, I noticed above in your coments that you are selling them too… if that’s the case can you give me a price and how to complete purchase.

    Also do you know how to add play store to the device, and does it support flash player

    • I actually don’t have any of them left, sorry.

      As of right now Google Play is not on this tablet. I have only gotten through rooting all the Nabi’s but my next project is the Kurio’s. I tried to acquire the Rom from Kurio but they said no. Probably because I have the ability to distribute it to the masses. I’m going to try to work through XDA and see if a developer will build the overwrite necessary.

      They do support flash player.

  32. How do you get netflix to play I have sound but no pictures

    • I got your comment twice. They don’t show until I approve them for the security of the website.

      The first thing I would try is powering the tablet completely down and then restarting it. If that doesn’t work the app may not have downloaded fully and you will need to re download it. After it is downloaded and reinstalled. Power the tablet down again and reset tablet. Realistically you should do this after every app that is installed so the tablet will verify the roots of these programs. It’s just like a mini computer.

      If that doesn’t work let me know and I’ll try to trouble shoot it on my 4s

      • im having the same problem with netflix i have sound but no video did you find the problem. i bought 2 and it netflix is working fine on one of them

        • Try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it. After you are done do a soft reset by powering it down and then back. See if this corrects the issue.

  33. Do you know what cases are compatible with this device? I have already bought two of these for my children and would like to get them a little fancier case than what is currently offered through Kurio.

    • There is a new line of cases coming out November 15th and I will have them displayed here on that day.

      Thanks for the question and I hope you will like them and visit us Friday.

  34. I recently purchased this item for my 4 yr old daughter… with that being said…I finally have my phone back all to myself… quick question or two… could you elaborate on modifications when it comes to the play store and how do I add music?

    Thanks in advance

    • Get a 32 GB micro SD card. Slide it into your Kurio 4s. Then connect it to your computer using the cord they gave you. It will depend on where you store your music on your home PC but your just going to open the my computer button and look for your music. Then you open your Kurio 4s through the my computer. Once both windows are open you just drag and drop into the music folder on the 4s. Make sure you select the external SD card when opening the Kurio 4s as that will be the micro SD card you purchased.

      If you can’t get it to work email me through the contact us page and let me know what your working with and I will try to do a screencast to help you out.

      Your welcome and glad you got your phone back.

  35. I love this my mom going to get this for me in crux

    • That’s great. I loved it for the price and size. 2 camera and much more for under $100

  36. Hi again, Ryan! I’ve decided to buy my 4 year old twins a Kurio 7s. The price and the rear facing camera sold me over the Nabi 2. I initially told you that I would be buying my 2 year old (2.5 yrs around Christmas this year) the Nabi Jr. However, my I’m wondering if I should get her the Kurio Touch. The age stated on the packaging is 3-9 years old, but you stated in a comment you would recommend from 6 yrs and up. My 2 year old already knows how to navigate around my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone so I’m worried that the Nabi Jr. might be not as exciting for her. What are your thoughts on this product for a 2.5 year old? I definitely don’t want it to be too technically advanced for her and also want a good amount of educational apps to entertainment apps on it.

    • It will work fine for your youngest but it doesn’t come with a case so I would definitely invest in protecting it. The nice thing is they will all be able to share everything you buy so you only have to purchase apps once. I actually have one of each of these if you want a deal on them. I use them for the video reviews but not for personal use so they have about 5 to 10 hours of use and the packaging has all been preserved.I’m glad you got to do some research with us and hope you have shared our site on FB or Google plus. If you need anything else be sure to let me know.

      Thanks again

      • Thanks for the info. I feel better knowing I will be buying all three of them Kurio’s. How much are you selling them for?

        • You can have them both for $180. A $35 discount on both. You can email me directly at the contact us page if your interested.

          • That’s a great deal. I just want the extended warranty on them through TRU so I may just buy them myself. Let me talk it over with my husband. Thanks :)

          • No problem. Let me know if you change your mind

  37. I have 4 children ages 2-8, looking mainly for my 6 and 8 yr old, but knowing my 4 yr old will want to participate, too. Also wanting it to grow with them.

    My 8 yr old loves taking pictures and video. I also want it to supplement her learning and give her a chance to be artistic and creative. I’m not too concerned about games (my kids have not entered the world of video games yet).

    I am hoping the device will play my daughters Occupational prescriptive music that is stored on a micro sd card.

    I definitely want to be able to create profiles that will give each child appropriate access.

    With all that said, what would you suggest?

    I am turned off by the Nabi 2 because they didn’t put a rear facing camera in it… Such a bummer.

    What would you choose between the Kurio 4s and the Nabi Jr?
    Or should it be the 7s? Is the 4s an ample sized screen?
    Are these the best way to go as far as kid tablets go? Would you ever do something like an Asus memo HD 7 instead? But really… I don’t know if I have the time or know-how to search for children’s education apps.

    I am an ipad user.

    Thank you so much for your time!

    • Based on your situation the Kurio 7s is probably going to be your best pick. It has good profile options, great parental controls, and great educational program by Mr Nussbaum.

      Idk about the music playing on it without knowing the format. You should be able to convert it to a format that will play on it.

      You could go with an Android adults tablet but you lose everything that I just mentioned above.

      If you have more questions then feel free to leave them and thanks for your comment.

  38. It’s simply amazing the amount of technology they can squeeze into such a small package. Thanks for the great review, Ryan. :-)

    • It really is amazing to think of how much you can get for $100 these days. It is a smartphone without the call features. You won’t find any phone for this price even with your upgrade available. This product is ideal for 6-10 years of age. Lots of games and security for your kids and at half the price of a Nintendo DS plus the games won’t cost you between $20 and $40.

      • Can u do a video review on the kurio touch 4s

        • I sure will. I have 2 new kids tablets at my house that I am doing video reviews on as we speak but I will try to find one tonight and get it up on the website tomorrow.

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