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Kurio 4s Touch Kids Tablet Video Review

Kurio 4s Touch Kids Tablet Video Review

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The Kurio 4s Touch is beautiful little handheld Android tablet that runs the 4.2 Jelly Bean OS. It has a good battery life and runs around $100.

So long overpriced iPod touch, hello Kurio 4s Touch. It comes with over 30 apps and has some of the best parental controls available on any kids tablet. This is my top pick in handheld kids tablets for 2013.

Watch my video to get the whole scoop and find out what’s included and what you can add to make it even more fun for your kids.

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My Kurio 4s Kids Tablets Video Review

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  1. I have a Kurio 7s and was just wondering how I can download Skype. It sent me to google and told me to create an account, so I did. Then when I try to download Skype it says I don’t have any devices. Thanks!

    • The app may not work on this device. You could also look at the Amazon version as it may be compatible with the Kurio 7s.

  2. Hi, great knowledge gained from all the posts, but how do you download and play movies on the kurio ?.

  3. Hi Ryan,

    Just wondering about one more thing. Can you text on the Kurio 7s?

  4. Hi..what an awesome site!!! I just purchased a Kurio 7s for my daughter. The Kurio store doesn’t have a very large selection and am thinking about installing the Amazon Appstore App but am worried about viruses. They said they don’t guarantee those app’s. Do you think it is safe to download and what virus protection is installed in the tablet, if any? If there isn’t any, what do you recommend?

  5. I know you have mentioned it earlier, but I have to ask again – which app for free texting would you recomend for Kurio 4s?
    I have found a bunch (not tried any yet) but none with the exact name you mentioned earlier ( you said Text free) but when you search for it, it just gives you list of different apps. I would like a recomendation for an 8 year old boy. He just got 4s and obviously he wants to text :)


    • You can send it to your tablet through Amazon on your PC. Search for it and then select which device you want to send it to.

  6. hi i cant charge my battety on thr kurio 4s. it just comes up with a triangle with an ! in it. any hrlp would be great.

    • First I would try different chargers to see if it is actually a charger issue. If not and it is still within the one year of purchasing it, then it is eligible for a manufacturers defect if something is wrong with the battery.

      • Can u text on the kurio touch 4s is it like a app and i also wanted to know can you download any app you wantvor no

        • There are apps you can download to add texting to this device.

  7. Is there a way to download google play onto my kurio 4s?

    • You can try 4share dot com. They have an apk but it did not load well on my 10s

  8. Hi Ryan…

    First of all, thank you so much for this blog. I have gotten some very valuable info here!
    Santa brought my son a Kurio Touch 4s for Christmas. This morning, he was watching a movie this morning on Netflix and paused it and tapped on the coloring game. The whole thing froze. The screen is blank, except for the navigation buttons at the bottom, none of which will work. It won’t turn off. Tried holding down power and volume buttons. Nada. Is there a way to remove the battery? Any help you can offer will be much appreciated. Thank you!

    • I personally would try removing the battery. There is also a reset button on the Kurio’s. It’s the same size as the mic and you should be able to use this to reset it, or wait till the power dies.

  9. How do I download amazon app store

  10. I am trying to set up the 4s for my son. It will not connect to internet(wifi) at all. It say it is connected and has excellent strength but it will not connect. Very frustrating! Any help here? Thanks

    • If you have already done a soft reset I would try a hard reset which will reload the drivers and reset the internal components in your tablet. Hold the volume + button before you start to power it on and you should come to another menu that will give you the option to reset the tab and some other options. This is the menu used to load the tabs with software.

  11. Hi. Both my kids just recently got the Kurio touch 4s. We d/l the Amazon App and they are in the process of getting free apps for their kurio. Strange thing though, it keeps saying that they already have this app or that one (that they are trying to get). I have gone to MY APS on amazon and its not one that’s d/l. I have looked at their aps and its not there. Why is it saying we have something we don’t or is it somewhere we don’t know to look???

    • I don’t think that would be normal. If it is something they have downloaded it should be stored in the cloud portion of my apps. They could also just be partially downloaded. If the tablet’s wifi was interrupted during a download then this could happen where they are kinda in limbo. Have you tried pushing the apps through Amazon?

  12. I can’t get the amazon app store to download it’s just showing the only device to download to my Samsung phone. Also how do I chant the Internet settings. I blocked it originally but want to allow now

    • You need to initially download the app and install the Amazon AppStore to your tablet. After that you can push apps to the tablet as it will shows as a device connected to your Amazon account. I have a video in my how to section showing it on the Kurio 10s.

      To change internet settings you will need to go to the parental settings and select that profile to edit. Under the profile there are four different options to set up internet security. Just choose the one you want. I’m going to try and do a video on the Kurio parental controls tomorrow morning.

  13. Thanks for a really informative review. I purchased the 4S on the back of it…downloaded minecraft from amazon apps. It will open but won’t play. I have checked the box in the Apps Management so not sure what the problem is. Any ideas? Many thanks.

    • Your welcome. Try stopping the app and then clearing the cache in your settings.

      If that doesn’t work try uninstalling and then downloading it again. Reset your tab before you run it.

      Minecraft is pretty complex app considering it’s an mmo game where people play from around the world.

  14. Which text app do i download?

    • The only one I have ever used is the Text Free app. There are a couple others but I’m pretty sure they all have ads because they are Free.

  15. Can NetFlix be watched on this device?

    • There is a Netflix app in the Amazon AppStore. I’ve never done it but theoretically the app and the necessary tools are inside the Kurio 4s Touch.

  16. and how do i set up parental controls for the internet and dictionary app? my son looked up a word in dictionary and some inappropriate words came up

    • I would change the settings on the profiles. In your parental controls you can change each profile to individual internet settings. I changed mine to the educational setting and then tried to use bad words on the dictionary app and it blocked it.

  17. i found where i can install the amazon app but it wouldnt let me because it says the kurio comes blocking it; now what?

    • go to settings and then change your security setting to allow from unknown sources.

    • You have to go to settings and change some of the parental controls

  18. thank you so much for this video! I am having a hard time setting this up for my ten year old boys! I’m not the most tech savvy person. You said on your video that I can go to settings and allow the amazon app store so I can get text free. I cannot find the amazon app store in their settings. Please help! They are getting frustrated because they can’t text. Thank you

  19. I am computer phobic 67 year old. I do own an iPad, not a regular computer. I wd like to purchase it for my 12 yr old grandchild who lives in another state. I am confused as to how it runs, and if it costs a monthly fee to use it. Do I have to use a neighbors wifi? Can music videos be watched on it? Please forgive my technological ignorance.

    • If your neighbors don’t mind you could connect to their internet. It does not have to be connected at all times to use, just the internet functions like Youtube. There is no monthly fee, this device is not like a cell phone where it can connect to towers on it’s own.

      You will need to be connected to the internet to watch music videos that are on the internet.

    • You don’t have to pay a monthly fee. If you don’t have internet you can use your neighbors internet but you have to g set their code. And yes you can watch music videos on it. I’m using my Kurio right now. Some of the settings get confusing though

  20. I thinking of buying one of these for my 6 year old daughter, is this the one that comes with the big rubber case? and also can skype be used on it?
    Thank you, J

    • This one actually does not have a rubber case but there are quite a few case options(colors) on this page. You can Skype on this.

      • by any chance do you know what case will fit this. Is it the Nexus or Iphone 4?

        • I don’t believe either will. It’s bulkier than both. I usually go to Amazon and look at product specs L-H-W and compare them.

  21. Hi, I got my son an daughter both one of these. #1 so I can get my RAZR phone back. #2 they were asking for iPods but I like the android market better easier. My question is. Are there apps that allow u to search and download songs/music free. With my RAZR I can find many apps that allow this. Witch eliminates the whole SD card to computer and doing it that way. Also another reason I stay with the android and not the I phones. Thanks so much

    • There are several apps available for Free music through Amazon. I have always used Paradise on my Samsung phones but it is not available in the Amazon Appstore. You will probably have to experiment with some of the others to find which one is best. MP3 hunter gets good reviews from users. Another reason I usually use Android products as well. I love my Note 2 and waiting for my upgrade to get the 3.

  22. Hi. Thank you so much for the demonstration and review. This really has been helpful in my decision. I’m curious if you have heard anything about the Kurio 7s? Wonder if it’s just as good?

    • I like both the 7s and 10s. They operate as well as the 4s and are reasonably priced.

  23. How do you download music onto the device please?

    • You need to put the micro SD card into your computer and add the mp3 files to it. Once you insert the SD card into your 4s they should show in your audio files.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for Kurio 4s review. Very helpful especially as the thing was(is still)driving nuts. Keep encountering blocks and snags but finding ways – more now thanks to you. One thing I would like to know is how do I remove the SD card (it came with one pre-installed)? I would like to download music to my twins two Kurios.

        Many thanks,


        • Oh…one more thing.Can I download the music from my itunes to the kurio or will I have to download cd’s again in another format?


          • I actually have a video of how I do it. The iTunes format should work and has for many of my tablets. If it doesn’t play correctly I would convert them to MP4s

        • To remove it you pretty much have to use your nail and press it in further and you’ll hear a click and it will spring out at you.

      • Hi,
        There is nowhere on my laptop that the micro SD card will fit? Is there a special thing we need to buy to be able to insert it? We just want to download music from iTunes into the Kurio!

        • They do make an adapter. If your PC has a regular SD card adapter then you can get that or they also make a little USB adapter. Both models the mini USB car slides into the adapter so you can connect it to your PC.

  24. Hi! First, I’d like to say thank you for having this review! I have twin boys that are 10. Both have Samsung galaxy tabs that have Google Play on them. They play Minecraft mostly. It’s also an Android system. One of them has begged for an IPod Touch the past 3 Christmas’ buy until this year, we weren’t going to do it. Now, I stead of the IPod Touch, they’re saying the Kurio Touch because they feel it’s interchangeable with their Samsung? I mean the apps they’ve purchased already but I don’t think that’s the case. I read one review also that said the graphics weren’t as good as the IPod Touch, is that the case? And another review that said Minecraft isn’t available on it? Do you know if that’s true? Those are my main concerns but for the money, it’s tempting to purchase instead of the IPod Touch! Thanks for any help!!

    • It is Android and many of the apps will be the same but they will be purchased through the Amazon Appstore. Minecraft PE is available at this store. This product is not comparable to the iPod Touch, it is 3 times the price and has newer technology inside. The Galaxy’s utilize the Google Play store.

      Hope that helps.

    • How do you text on the kurio touch?

      • You would need to download an app from Amazon AppStore like Text Free. It will need to be connected to WiFi since it’s not a cellphone with constant service through a wireless provider like AT&T or Verizon.

  25. can I download the google play? Also can I download free apps such as Khan Academy?

  26. I’m thinking of getting this device for my son who is 12, and just wondering if you can get the clash of clans game on this device and would you be able to download apps more for his age as in games. Also is it compatible to apple computers.

    • There are a couple clash of the clans games on this device. There are also games like this, castle clash etc. It is compatible with Mac OS 10.4 or newer,

  27. Can you better explain how to download the Amazon app store having a little trouble trying to figure it out.

    • Just search “install Amazon AppStore” in your web browser. Then select the search result that says that search term. There will be a big yellow button that says download AppStore. After it downloads tap it to install. If it gives you warning saying it can’t install without allowing unknown sources go to your settings and under security check mark the unknown sources box. After that try to install again. If you can’t figure it out let me know and I’ll make you a short video.

  28. I really appreciate this review. I’m considering one for my kid and couldn’t find anything that answered my questions until I came across this video. Thanks for the review bc after watching your video I am sold on it!

  29. i put this on layaway thinking this would work with the google store from what i read it dont work with it and do u have to pay for all downloads my son very much favors my samsung galaxy 3

    • The Amazon AppStore has quite a few Free games and apps. They also off 1 paid app for free daily. It’s not as big as Google Play but they have over 10,000,000 apps.

  30. Will this fit in an iPhone 4/4s case?. Can u text friends from this device? Also interested in getting it for my daughter wh will be 10 in December , can u hook it up to those furbys that work with iPod ad iPads?.

    • I have never tried to fit it into one of those cases and yes there are free texting apps that can be added. I would need more info about the Furbys to find out if they are compatible.

      Thanks for the questions and let me know the name of the product so I can find out.

      • Okay so do.u Think it would fit an iPhone 4 case by looking at it? I’m asking because I’ve bought her an iPhone case for her ipod that i Was going to get her for Christmas. How does this android compare to the iPod 4s? The furbys u can download an app for them on an iPhone and feed them etc.. I know it sounds crazy but its for my daughter! Lol thanks for your responses.. I’m trying to see which would be the best option she’s a 3 grader and will be 10

        • I just researched this product and it is only going to be compatible with the Apple products so I’m sure that is really going to finalize your decision.

          • No. It seems like a good ft, but just wish I knew if it would fit an iPhone 4 case?.

          • I’m going to say no based on the dimensions. I checked both sizes and they are not identical.

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