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Kurio 7S Kids Tablet Review

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Screenshot kurio 7s

Price – 149.99

Age Group – 5 and Up

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Quality – Good

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What is the Kurio 7S Kids Tablet

The Kurio 7S is much like it’s bigger brother the 10S. It has all the same parental controls like 8 profiles for each family member, internet browsing controls, and app controls. You can even break it down by time period and say profile A gets use from 6 pm to 7 pm and profile B gets use from 7 pm to 8 pm and then decide which days to do this on.

It has over 60 apps included with the tablet and some of these are educational apps by Professor Nussbaum. He is a leading expert for educational material for children. You also get popular full versions that won’t include a bunch of advertisements like the lite versions have.

Another great feature is the web filtering and you can assign 1 of 4 different modes for each profile. They have included no use, parent approved use, Kurio pre filtered sites, and unlimited access.

It runs the 4.2 Jelly Bean Android OS and can be used much like any other Android tablet. You can use Netflix and download other popular apps available on the Google Play Store or Android Market that have been formatted to the Kurio Tablets.

 Learn More About Included Apps

Kurio 7S Kids Tablet Specs

It has a 7″ multi-touch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600. The processor says multi-core which doesn’t mean quad core so is probably a dual core and I have not seen any testing that supports an actual GHz speed and Kurio does not offer that information.

It does have 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. You can expand this by 32 GB with a micro SD card.

The front camera is .3 MP and the rear is 2.1 MP. I tend to think these front cameras are the leftovers from last years models.

It has WiFi via single antennae and single band. Not particularly fast. iPad’s run dual band. Kindles run Dual Band and dual antennae.

The sound is created by 2 front speakers or a standard headphone jack. Nothing special about the speakers but they are not scratchy or of poor quality.

The rechargeable battery is a lithium ion and you should get between 5 and 8 hours of use depending on what you are doing with the tablet. It is designed durable for all family members and comes with a bumper case.

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In the Box

  • Kurio 7S Tablet
  • Drop Safe Bumper
  • USB Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Power Adapter

The Good

  • Price(149.99)
  • Parental Controls
  • Kid Safe Web Browser
  • Over 60 Apps Included
  • Case Included
  • Expandable Memory
  • Has Multiple Store(Kurio, Amazon, 1Mobile Market)
  • Outstanding Customer Service(replied to me in under 5 mins)

The Bad

  • Cameras are Low Resolution
  • Takes Longer to Load than Nabi 2 or Kindle Fire
  • Sound is Average
  • Screen is Average


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The Breakdown

This is actually a pretty good bounce back from the first generation models. I think they kept the same cameras which is a little disappointing but for $150 it is hard to get everything you want. It’s not the fastest of kids tablets but for the value it offers great usability and would definitely be a good option for the whole family because of the versatility of the parental controls for different age groups and the web filters.

Some alternative options in this price range that would be great for the whole family is the Nabi 2 and the Kindle Fire HD. Both of these run a little smoother. The Nabi 2 is very comparable in Parental controls and has the best processor available in a kids tablet. The Kindle Fire HD is the best content player available, from sound to screen it is more beautiful than an iPad Mini.

Be careful when purchasing this tablet as there are multiple versions and I will leave a link to this newest model. When researching on Amazon I saw previous models going for more than this newer version.

My Kurio 7s Video Review

Best Price on the Kurio 7s Kids Tablet

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Kurio 7s Accessories

Amazon(2-Pack) EZGuardZ Kurio 7S Family Tablet Screen Protector (Ultra Clear)

Protect your valuable with EZGuardZ© Screen Protectors, Optically Clear, and Ultra Scratch Resistant Protection. Each protector lasts 2-3 Months.


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Product prices and availability are accurate as of Jun 24 22:56:22 UTC but are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

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  1. I just want to know if there is a app that is similar to the letter factory from leap frog.

  2. How do I get minecraft on a Kurio 7s?

    • You can add it through Google Play now. Do the most recent Kurio update and Google Play will be available.

  3. Is the kurio 7s that target is advertising on sale for 64.99 the 8GB that you recommend?

    • That is the correct model. I didn’t realize they had dropped the price that much. They are releasing some new tablets this year so I can see them trying to get rid of all their stock.

  4. I have bought 2 clicknkids tablets both broke after being dropped from less than 2 feet even with the bumper case that comes on it. I am wondering about the durability of the Kurio 7s? Also, it says it runs on an android system, but I didn’t hear you say anything about the google play store being on the tablet. I did hear you say you can download the amazon app store, but I have that on my kindle and I had to put my credit card info in when I set that up. I don’t want my son to have access to buy things, so how does that work?

  5. Hi Ryan,

    Could you please send me the steps to root google play for my 7s please?? I want to be able to download movies for my little one to watch while on car journeys etc.

    Thank you for you help

    • You actually need a rooted ROM. I just checked XDA for it but did not see one. You could leave a request and one of the developers might make one for you.

  6. I purchased the Kurio 7s for my 5-year old daughter for Christmas and so far it’s been a huge hit! However, I was wondering if the Kurio 7s has the ability to run Netflix? Also, I wanted to know if there is any known places to purchase accessories for the tablet since I have not been able to find many items. Your website has helped me so much already just with the headhaches that can come with purchasing a tablet and all the options available out there, espically for a child! Thank you!

    • Yes you can add Netflix from the Amazon AppStore. The majority of accessories for this tablet are going to be found online at Toys R Us or Walmart.

      Your welcome

  7. Hi Ryan. Thank you for your review. We have 2 questions. One, what are the steps to downloading DVD movies to the Kurio 7s?

    Two, is there a way for my kids to play games from that require a keyboard? A lot of the games require the space bar and arrow bars to make the cartoon figures move.

    • In my how to section I have a video displaying the process I use to take DVDs and put them on my tablets.

      I have never tried using a keyboard with this tablet. I’m sure you can find one compatible with this tablet but no guarantees it will work. For smartphones and tablets apps run much better than interactive websites.

  8. How do u screenshot

  9. Hi Ryan – your site is great
    I’m confused about which tablet to get my 2 yr old. He like playing with his brother IPad. I’m looking for something that’s both educational and fun, also something that he can watch movies and listen to music. I was leaning towards the Nabi 2, but then someone told me about the Kurio 7s. Can you give me some suggestion please. Thanks

    • Both of these are great tablets but both are also focused on 5 and up.

      Have you considered the Nabi Jr Nick Jr? If not it is at least worth a look.

      Also there is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 kids where the education starts at the 3 year old range.

      Those would be my suggestions for that age. Leave any more questions you have and I’ll get back to you with some help.

  10. Ryan – thanks for a great and positive review. It is so accurate and well presented against those “mag” reviews.
    I’ve just bought the 7S for £45 in the Amazon Black Friday Sale.
    Set up was simple, the update a dream and everything else is straight forward to do. Amazon Apps work fine and with no Google Play users are not tempted by Gambling Apps.
    My only concern is that I haven’t found a way of deleting photos via the tab, i have to connect it to the PC, which isn’t a hard job to do.
    Sound yeah a bit tinny & the camera is a bit basic – hopefully an app will come to the rescue….

    • Thanks Steve. I try to be fair and accurate. I’m not trying to sink any companies but ultimately it is there responsibility to put out good products for consumers if they want to succeed or at least charge a fair price for their product.

      Have you tried adding the ES file explorer to get to your photos and delete them. That the free app I like to use.

      I agree with the cameras as well. Most of the tablets use a .3 MP front and 2 MP rear and as consumers we are used to 3 MP or better on our smart phones. The only one with better cameras is the SG Tab 3 kids. The other ones only have a 2 MP front for Skyping so it’s one area they all need to improve a little.

      Glad you got a great deal and are enjoying it. Thanks for the comment.

  11. Please send the link to the latest version of the kurio7s.

      • the walmart site you had linked to Kurio 7s with only 4 GB instead of 8GB. Am I missing something? There are wayyy too many models that look the same but aren’t. I am trying to locate the exact Kurio 7s you mentioned here which I think I will choose thanks to your honest, in-depth website!

        • I bought mine at Walmart and it was an 8 GB. I really think that is a misprint but I just sent a message to Kurio so I can be a 100% they didn’t release a separate model to Walmart dot com which is a separate entity of the store.

          I checked my 10s and the content included is over 4 GB and they contain the same preloaded apps so this has to be a misprint.

          • I think you are right…finally found the right Walmart site where you could read the fineprint on the item and it appeared to have 8GB. Thanks again for your help!!! Extrememly helpful website :)

        • I verified with Kurio that it is a misprint and will be fixed. There is no 4 GB model of the 7s and my links are correct.

  12. Hi Ryan,
    I just ordered two Kurio 7s, and in looking for accessories (which are slim to none) I stumbled on a site that reviewed the 7s, and they said that google play is not an option on this device, but on your review it states you can access google play! So now I’m more confused than ever lol! Can you help clear my clouded mind on this subject? Any information would be helpful.

    • In the section the Good it shows 1 mobile market, Amazon AppStore, and Kurio Store. My review says you will have popular apps from Google Play because all of the good ones are on the Amazon Market like Netflix Facebook etc. I’m sorry for the confusion but unless you root this tablet it will not have Google Play Store. They have intentionally blocked this store and website.

      If you would like instructions on rooting this tablet I can try to find necessary files and make a video. This is done on a lot of popular tablets like I did with my Nabi XD, Nabi 2, Nabi Jr, Kindle Fire HD etc. I usually do this to all of my tablets so as a consumer I can choose where to buy my apps.

      • Hi Steve, I too bought one of these in the amazon black friday deal for my son. I could do with rooting it though to get the google play play store on it. Would you be able to do the video you said about above and post me the link>? That would be wonderful!

      • Can please make this for me? i have been trying al week but all the how to’s are for the kurio 7.

        Thanks a lot in advance!

          • I want to know how to root the kruio 7s with jelly bean 4.2.2. android running on it, i want to install google play but it crashes all the time at start up, also when i empty the cache and so on (have tryed different things)

          • I’m guessing you are trying to side load the Google Apps. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. I haven’t seen a root for this one but you could try to request someone at XDA to create one. Leave a request in the forum to see if anyone already has one or will create one. This will be the first step.

      • Would you please provide steps to root Kurio 7s

        • Right now I haven’t seen any roots available. You can try and sideload apps using your PC and an SD card though. You will need bluestacks and there is a video on Youtube that shows this on the Nabi 2, try searching Google Play apps on Nabi 2.

  13. Hi Ryan, great site.

    My wife and I have had iphones for years, and have no experience at all with the Android system or Google Play/Amazon App Store. We are looking at getting a tablet for our 5 year-old. He has had a LeapPad2 for a year and while he likes it, he tries to sneak our iphones to play fruitninja and watch cartoons on Netflix.

    This tablet would be purely for him. The ability to have multiple profiles isn’t really important. I don’t want to get him something that’s frustratingly slow, but other than speed isn’t a real big issue.

    The Tabeo2 was recommended but I see on your site that the Nabi2 and Kurio7 both have better reviews. Do you think the differences in the Nabi2 justify the price increase? Do the Kurio and Tabeo both have Netflix capability?

    • Depending on how your child handles products. If he is fairly careful like my 5 year old I got the Kindle Fire HD because the entertainment value is unmatched.

      I think the Kurio 7s is a great tablet for the price. It has everything you would want out of a kids tablet and everything is average or better at the price of $150. Most kids tablets lack quality in one option or another because parents don’t want to spend big bucks on them anyways.

      Based on what you said the Kindle Fire HD is probably going to be best for him. Here is an article that gives you the differences in the 2 models.

  14. Hi Ryan – you said be careful when buying the Kurio 7s as there are multiple versions out there. Can you tell me what, specifically, I should be looking for to ensure I am not getting older generations / leftover stuff?

    P.S. Your site, reviews, comments are a real Godsend!

    • Here is a good link to Amazon but it will cost you a little more than Walmart.
      Amazon has a lot of last years models still on there. Your best price is at Walmart and the link below my video will work as well. Just didn’t want people to get the wrong model. Hope this helps.

      Your welcome for the reviews etc, hope you will share this website on FB or G+.

  15. Would this tablet be appropriate for an11 year old? And are there a lot of free downloads available?

    • Definitely. It is built for the whole family. It has 4 different settings on the web filter. There are a lot of free games available and Lite versions so he can test the games before you buy anything.

      I would also suggest you look at the Kindle Fire HD as well. Same price range and great tablet but no web filter built in.

  16. I am concerned about purchasing the tablet. I purchased 2 of the 1st edition and had to return both. It was great I loved it for my kids but they kept turning off even though it still had battery life. You couldn’t turn it on unless you connected it back to the charger, afterwards u could unplug and use it again. Another, the volume just went out on both as well. I love these tablets I just don’t want to have to go through the same thing especially since I live 2hrs away from toys r us & best buy. The closest super Walmart is an hour away.

    • A great option would be the Nabi 2. They sell those at Walmart. I haven’t had any trouble with mine but of course I can’t guarantee anything. They are about $30 more but still a better tablet to me if your going to buy a tablet for each of your kids.

      Kurio 7s has been greatly upgraded as well. Again I can’t guarantee anything because I haven’t owned it long enough to know if it is going to last or if it will have the same issues but I haven’t seen any similar problems voiced by consumers yet. I constantly read reviews from toys r us Walmart and amazon so I can warn parents.

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