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Kurio 7s Kids Tablet Video Reviews

Kurio 7s Kids Tablet Video Reviews

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This is the Kurio 7s kids tablet video review that gives a brief overview of this kids tablet specs, education and entertainment. My son has thoroughly played with this tablet and really enjoys it.

With all the upgraded components and content this is definitely one of the best kids tablets in 2013. The Kurio 7s is a great buy with up to 8 profiles and 4 different settings in your web browser to keep kids safe at any age.

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Kurio 7s Kids Tablet Review – Specs Overview

Learn more about all the specs included with the Kurio 7s. Above average in almost every category and performs very well for everything from education, 3D games, and movies.

Kurio 7s Kids Tablet Review – Educational Content Overview

Kurio has added a lot of additional educational content from Mr Nussbaum and Disney. It is very engaging and fun for kids to learn with these apps.

Kurio 7s Kids Tablet Review – Entertainment Overview

With 3 separate markets to purchase apps from you will not be short of things to do on this tablet. You may not have Google play but you will have things like Netflix and through those 3 stores you will be able to find everything you need to keep your kids entertained.

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  1. Hi Ryan, I need HELP!!! My daughter has a kurio 7 tablet and i recently went to the amazon appstore and downloaded and installed the my little pony app and the ice age village app and i can’t get either of them to work on her profile. they are both checked in the apps for that profile and i put them on her home screen but when you touch the picture of the app nothing happens… all the other apps she has like angry birds and where’s my water work fine!! oh and yes her profile is set up to allow kid safe sites and wifi is on… any ideas?? your help would be most appreciated!!
    Nicole Oswald

    • I actually had to add the Amazon Appstore to the child’s profile to get some apps to work. Make sure you setup the parental settings in the Amazon Appstore.

  2. is the nabi disney out in the UK

  3. hi. im thinking of getting my 2 year old daughter a tablet gor her birthday which would be the best for her age. I would like 1 that plays downloaded apps games etc wothout wifi so she could take it on holidays.

    • For 2 year olds my top recommendation is the Nabi Jr Nick Jr. It has lots of memory, great education, can play netflix, and is getting the Google Play store soon.

  4. Hopefully you can help. I purchased the Kurio for my child for Christmas and I have had issues ever since. The first problem is that we cannot find Watch Disney, Watch Disney Jr, or even Watch PBS kids. Are you aware of any alternatives that have any chance of working?

    The second issue is related to the Amazon App store. When I download the store, I understand the need to log into the store under the parent profile. What I don’t understand is the need to log into Amazon under the child profile in order for a game downloaded from Amazon to play. The child has the access to purchase games, which seems insecure. I have contacted them, and they have acknowledged the gap, and short of turning off my personal settings for purchases, there is no way around it.

    I thought that I did my research, but I am finding many issues and while Kurio is responsive, I am happy to find an alternative source for help because the apps that I thought we would have access to have become more and more limited with each problem.

    • Try this video for the Amazon AppStore issues. There are parental controls inside the AppStore that you can turn on. You will need to use your password for purchases now but at least it blocks the kids from spending a bunch.

      As for the video issue there is settings you can change to boost your wifi but it will drain the battery faster. The option is near the bottom of your settings. I believe it’s by devil per options but I don’t have my tablet with me. Hope this helps.

  5. Hi Ryan,

    Where do I go to find the amazon app store on the kurio7s? and do they as many games as play store? Thank you.

  6. Can you watch the Disney Channel on the Kurio 7?

    • I haven’t seen an app compatible with the Kurio that would allow this.

  7. Hello, i recently bought the kurio 7s for my 2 year old and i wanted to put videos from my computer onto it for his little videos he likes to watch. Is that possible? How would i do that if it is! thank you

    • It is possible. With the Kurio’s you need to actually add them to your SD card and then insert the SD card into the tablet.

      I have a video showing how I do it if you look in the navigation menu labeled how to, or here is the link to the video.

  8. Hi Ryan -
    I’m hoping you can help me. We’re getting really frustrated with the Kurio 7s we bought our 3-year-old for Christmas. We installed the Amazon App store to get Netflix for the tablet. We had audio but no video. I saw your suggestion for the same problem for someone else, so I deleted Netflix. When I tried to install it again it says I don’t have enough free space and to “unpin” or delete some apps. I’ve already cleared the cache and we haven’t installed any other apps. There are no pics or videos saved. What could be taking up the available space? Any ideas?
    Thanks for your help :-)

    • How many apps and videos have you added? Generally videos will take up the most memory. They should be stored on an SD card. Also if you make videos with the cameras I would move them to the SD card. You can use ES File Explorer to do this.

      • I got a similar message. I have installed several apps but when I tried to install the Angree Birds Go! game it said that I needed to uninstall apps to free up space. I did that including at least 1 of the largest apps and several others but it still says I don’t have enough room to install it. I got a large memory card and installed it but unfortunately you can not move apps to the card. I have no pictures or videos on the tablet.

        • Are you uninstalling the apps from the settings menu? Sometimes when you just remove the icons and it says uninstalling it will still leave large files including caches collected.

        • I had Angry Birds Go! on the Kurio. Then I reset the Kurio to factory setting and now it says Angry Birds Go! isnt compatible with the device. Is there anything I can do to get it back on the Kurio?

          • You can try to sideload it or use your PC to push it to the device. If you need help with this then let me know.

  9. Can you watch amazon instant videos on the kurio 7s, when I went to purchase one it said my device doesn’t support playback. What does that mean?

    • There are ways to do this but I have never tried it with a Kurio. I have it on my Nexus 7 but I had to download a flash apk and sideload it from my PC.

  10. My 7 and 8 year olds got a Kurio 4s for Christmas yesterday. They also got a furby. I tried to put the Google driver on them to add the google play store but it did not work. Is there a way I can get the amazon playstore on them and then get the furby boom app on their 4s?

    • You can add the Amazon Appstore to it but I’m not showing their version of “Furby Boom” to be compatible for this device.

    • I got a kurio 7s for my kids for Christmas and you can get google play on your tablet. All you have to do is update your tablet and you will get all the Google stuff you can imagine! I had to run the update a couple of times to get it all done but the second time it worked.

      WARNING…I have had problems with some of the pre-installed apps since updating the tablet. The most disturbing being that we can no longer play “Where’s My Water”, my 6 year olds favorite, at home because it now requires internet to operate and we don’t have internet at home. My older daughter says this may be because sometimes game updates change things like this. :-(

      • Sometimes as games do update they will make them interactive so you can compete online etc. unfortunately they assume everyone has internet and where I live it is still somewhat uncommon because not many companies offer it and the ones that do are outrageously priced.

        AT&T did have a DSL package for about 14.99 a year ago. It runs through the phone line but it was fast enough for netflix.

  11. Hey, Ryan! You helped me figure out what tablet to get my kids. They received their Kurio 7s and 4s yesterday, and we’re trying to navigate through it and get used to it. I successfully downloaded Netflix on it. However, when they go into Netflix to watch, it only gives me audio but doesn’t show anything on the screen. Any idea what I need to do to fix this? I appreciate your help.

    • Try deleting the app and reinstalling and then do a soft reset. Hold power button down and then power back up. There is an option to increase wifi speed in the settings as well. You may need to do this. It will eat the battery up faster but when streaming movies you need maximum bandwith available. At least 1 MB per second to continually stream. HD movies will require more.

      • Thank you for the posts – it sure helped get the video to play on netflix for our little one – she was upset she could not see thomas the train. LOL
        This mom appreciates you!

        • What did you do exactly to get the netflix to play…I have been struggling with it and trying everything since christmas :(

          • There is a video in the Kurio 4s comments that a parent made and how they fixed the issue with Netflix.

  12. I’m so happy I found your site; it’s great! You give the most detailed information which makes it much easier for parents to choose which tablet to buy. I have a 9 yr old and a 6 yr old that tend to fight over their daddy’s Iphone so we are looking for a tablet for them. They love games (we wish they were more educational games), and they love to text or do face time with their cousins. We are probably overly protective parents and want to keep them innocent as long as possible but at the same time we don’t want them to outgrow a tablet too quickly. Are there parental control apps for tablets that are as strong as the Kurio’s parental controls? Or, is Kurio the safest way to go. Can they Skype or text to their cousins Ipod with Kurio? Thanks so much in advance for your advise.

    • Kurio does actually have the best parental controls. If the iPods are using a Text app that gives them a number then you can find an app for this one as well, like Text free. You can Skype with it as well.

      Thanks for the questions.

      • Thanks for your help. What hard work and dedication you have put into your site. You have helped so many people. I found out so much info just reading your replies to the many comments posted on your site. You must get tired of so many of the same questions but your replies never show it. You are very kind and patient. Thanks for all your help. Take care and always live prepared. May God bless you and your family. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


        A gift of “living water” from God’s Word:

        “My people are lost sheep; their shepherds have led them astray” -Jeremiah 50:6.
        “Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves.” -2Cor 13:5

        Only God’s plan of salvation saves us. The last vital instruction Jesus gave before returning to Heaven: “He who believes and is baptized shall be saved” -Jesus -Mark 16:16 (Biblical baptism = full immersion in water “for the forgiveness of sins”)

        More vital instruction: Psalm 146:3-6, Mat 28:18-19, John 4:23-24, 12:47-50, Acts 2:36-41, 4:12, 8:36-39, 22:16, Rom 6:1-13, 2 Timothy 2:5,15, 1Peter 3:21, 4:17-18, Gal 1:6-10, 3:26, 2 Cor 2:11, 5:10, 11:12-15, James 2:14-26, 1 John 1:5-10, 2:1-6, Rev 22:12,18,19

        “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth” …know the rules that win the crown -2 Timothy 2:15,5

        “And now, dear children, continue in Him, so that when He appears we may be confident and unashamed before Him at His coming.” -1 John 2:28

        • Thanks so much for your kind words. It has been quite a journey. I don’t log the time but I would say I have spent more than a 1,000 hours on this website this year.

      • Pls help me how do I get a text app on the kurio 4s I downloaded Amazon. App store but it won’t let me use it

        • You can try text plus free and there are several others. Not all will be compatible with your device.

          I’m currently not at home so I can’t view my compatibility list.

  13. Hi Ryan! This website is very helpful! I am thinking of buying the Kurio 7s for my 4 1/2 year old daughter and was wondering if there is a way for her to send text messages to my phone with that tablet? I was thinking about the Innotab 3s because she could send messages with it to my phone, but wondering about the Kurio because I think it’s a better deal :)

    • Yes there are several text free programs available as long as the tablet is connected to WiFi.

  14. Hi Ryan, thank you for the great reviews on all the kids tablets! I’m leaning towards the Kurio 7s, but I think it lacks one major thing for my daughter’s use…furby boom app compatibility. The Tabeo is listed as being compatible with the app, so I’ll probably go that route if I can’t determine that the Kurio will work. On Kurio’s FB page I got a response that they are hoping that the app will become available. What I’m wondering is if I might be able to download the app to the Kurio 7s through Amazon’s app store, or maybe download it to a PC and transfer it to the Kurio. And might it work even though its not an approved device (app communicates through sounds with furby boom toy). Any input or advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


    • The Amazon appstore does have this app. I have not tried it because I do not have a furby boom but the 2 main requirements are the app and a camera for the code on the bottom of the Furby. It worked on my Kindle but I had no furby to set on it. I have last years kindle Fire HD so it has a camera.

  15. Hi. I have a three and a half year old son who is asking Santa for an iPad of his very own for Xmas. He uses mine all the time. I cannot afford an iPad for him but am looking at kurio 7s and samsung kids. I want the educational content. He wants angry birds. Which would you suggest?

    • I would get the SG Tab 3 kids. It will be more like your iPad and will last longer than the Kurio. You will also have more options with Google Play on the SG Tab 3 kids. He will probably be like my son and call it his orange iPad. They don’t really know brands at that age but more of the product type. iPad means tablet in kids language. Now tell me Apple hasn’t branded themselves as well as McDonalds.

      • Agreed if Apple made kids inexpensive tablet I would buy in a heartbeat. I don’t see angry birds on your review video. Also do you know if disney jr or disney paint and play apps will be available on the samsung? I have these both on my iPad. Also are you satisfied with educational apps on samsung kids? My Ryan needs to learn to write his letters? Is stylus included?Thanks.

        • You can get Angry Birds, all versions, on the educational apps. I have only played the Free apps and haven’t purchased the additional but I think what I like best about the educational apps is the sight word games. It’s an exploration of different environments where they search for items. The tablet says a word and then you move objects to look for them. I really think this is a great way to build vocabulary and learn how to say words for young kids 3 to 5. As far as writing letters, and I have had other parents ask this, I got my son a wide spaced white board($1 at Dollar Tree) that looks like the paper at school. There is no substitute for actually practicing motor skills like using a pencil. I do like the apps that teach like a teacher would, for instance capital A is all the way down to the left, all the way down to the right and then across the middle. These little verbal cues help them remember how they make the letters and the associate the phrases with the letters.

          That being said, It does come with a stylus for drawing apps etc. Your very welcome.

          • Thank you so much Ryan! I did get the samsung kids tablet and am in the process of setting it up. I was wondering if you can recommend any apps that you love for your child .. Games, learning apps etc. I really appreciate it. My email is if that’s easier! Thank you again for all you do.

          • I removed your email but did contact you.

          • Sorry … My son is three and a half … That might help!

  16. Can I get Facebook on the Kurio 7s.

    • Yes Amazon Appstore has a FB app and that can be used by the Kurio 7s

  17. Hi. I am considering buying the Kurio 7s for my 10-year-old Autistic son. The biggest question I have is this: Can he play Minecraft on this tablet? (Because that’s a really big deal!) Thanks so much :)

    • Minecraft PE is available through Amazon for almost every kids tablet available. Not sure where your son’s education is at but I do know if you contact Nabi directly you can get there Nabi 2 for almost half price because they are big supporters of the Autism Foundation. Minecraft will be available on it.

  18. Thanks Ryan – glad I found this site as I am also looking at buying a tablet for my 7 1/2 year old son. He loves minecraft but he needs help in reading. I am leaning toward the Kurio 7

    • The Kurio 7s will work for both of these tasks. You will need to download the Amazon AppStore to get Minecraft PE 6.99.

  19. I am in desperate need if advice. I have a 4 year old who plays on our iPad now but due to this, it now has a busted screen. I am looking for a tablet just for him. He mostly just plays games but does watch a few videos. The ones I am looking at are Meep X2, Kurio 7S, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, and XO Vision Fun Tab. I know next to nothing about electronics so I am not sure what would work better for a 4year old. Any advice?

    • I don’t know if this is ematics ploy on playing on the XO kids tablet but the Ematic tabs are, trying to be nice, just don’t buy it.

      All of the other 3 I like. The best is obviously the most expensive SG Tab 3 kids. Better cameras, better wifi, faster, better looking, and better App Store. My second choice would be the Kurio 7s because I love the parental controls and the educational content. The meep X2 is designed for 6 and up and would be my third choice.

  20. I have purchased the kurio 7s as a Christmas gift for my 8 year old daughter. I have read some reviews on other sites saying that the screen and speakers are poor quality. Do you know if that is true? Should I have gone with the kindle fire instead?

    • No tablet compares to the speakers and screen of the Kindle Fire HD for that price range.

      I have seen poor speakers that you can’t hear or that are scratchy and I think the Kurio 7s has very average components. Also if you put it next to some of the other screens again it’s average but I couldn’t see any pixel strains and didn’t think brightness was any issue at all.

      It really depends on who is reviewing it and what they are comparing it to. The Kurio 7s is average among tablets but has parental controls that are a notch above the rest.

      I think some sites lose the fact that these are for kids and the best screen and fastest processor are not the most important factors for a kids tablet. You would have to actually be a parent to understand the needs for a kids tablets, which include parental controls and web filters. Kurio’s software is the best in my opinion.

  21. Ryan, I am having a hard time deciding between the Kurio7 and the Samsung Galaxy kids tabs. My son is 7 yrs old. I want an educational but entertaining tablet, he likes games like Snail Bob and others you can get from Google Play
    but I have read your reviews and have noticed you can get most games from Google and Amazon platforms and I would like the option of Netflix. What do you suggest? The price is not my biggest concern we’re talking $40.

    • I agree, it’s much better to invest $40 now to get a better tablet. The SG Tab 3 isn’t going to have Mr Nussbaum games but it is by far a much better tablet and Google Play will have more options like Snail Bob. The Amazon AppStore does not have this game but they have a lot of the same games like subway surfer and temple run etc. Both will have Netflix.

      The thing I like about the Kurio 7s is the great web-filter and parental controls. The educational games are also quite fun. I haven’t actually thought much about this comparison. I really don’t know which I would choose as I have sat here for about 5 minutes thinking about your comment. I guess the deciding factor would be if he was going to surf the web you would have a web filter with the Kurio 7s but you have to give up Google Play for it.

      This is one of the few comments that really stumped me.

      • Hi Ryan.

        I was just browsing the web to compare childrens tablets. I read your reviews and was impressed with the information you provide. I bought my 7 year old a Kurio in june. It had problems recently with some screens just popping up and the keys working on their own. I returned it and would want to buy the newer version of 10s. But I am not able to decide if I should go for Kurio 10s or the Ipad 4 which is on sale and costs a little more. my daughter uses an ipad at her school. Please help.

        • That is definitely a difficult decision but I would never take away anything Apple products have to offer. I own both but usually the Android products are more affordable. If she is using an iPad already and your not opposed to spending the extra money then I would go for the iPad 4, but I’m not real fond of the limited parental controls and not really sure what apps are available to eliminate the risks of exposure to things we all try to protect our kids from. Have you done any research into how you can protect her from inappropriate content on the web or even in app purchases etc. I’m still constantly adding to my website to bring this kind of info to parents but iOS has not been a focus yet.

          I always try to provide the options to help parents to decide as to just try to sell a product to them that they won’t be pleased with, there is way to much of that on the internet already. If you need help researching apps let me know and I’m off work tomorrow and will try to help you to the best of my ability.

  22. wondering between click n kids tablet, Nabi 2 and Kurio 7. my son is 6. already have a kindle fire but want something just for him.

    • Why not another Kindle? I think if he is going to be doing some web surfing I would get the Kurio 7s because of its great parental controls.

  23. Hi Ryan, I was wanting to know if mine craft could be downloaded to this tablet as well as Skype? Thanks I really appreciate your review! Shelly.

    • Your welcome and both of these apps are available in the Amazon AppStore which can be used by the Kurio 7s.

  24. hi
    i was wondering if netflix works ok on there? and if i alread have some apps that i use with iPad, could i download them on there? or do i have to use the curio program to do that? thank you… I’m looking for something for my kids where they can play and watch netflix.

    • Netflix definitely works on there. The games from iTunes are not compatible but there are plenty of the same games available for Android tablets.

  25. How is the quality of the video it takes?

    • It’s a 2 MP camera so think iPhone 3G. There isn’t a flash either so you will have to have light when taking photos and videos. It will replay in HD but it’s not like most people’s $600 smartphones that have a 5 to 8 MP camera.

  26. I see on education games for android platform. Example below:
    Third Grade Learning Games Free
    by Kevin Bradford
    Platform: Android Rated: All Ages

    Can these type of games/apps be download to Kurio? This would be age appropriate for 9 yr olds in the 3rd grade. Or would this only be available on the parent profile that has full android access?

    I’m leaning toward Kurio vs Kindle but want to be sure I can keep get apps that interest her in playing educational games. Seems like we would have more storage options with Kurio vs Kindle.

    • The Amazon AppStore is available on the Kurio 7s. I mention those games as well on my Android games page. Plus you will have the Mr Nussbaum games. You can add access to these apps through the parent mode. You just add them as available on his profile and they will be added.

  27. What age group would you say the educational games are for? I have a 9 yr old that LOVES educational games but has outgrown the Leap Pad games. I’m trying to decide between Kindle and Kurio but looking who will give us the most educational game options.

    • Definitely the Kurio 7s. It has a curriculum from prof Nussbaum and his games are actually really fun and educational. I haven’t seen any educational games that I like as much as his.

  28. I like the clarity of the videos, and the fact you break the review down into smaller, more manageable chunks. I’ve brought this question up before but missed your answer: do you plan to present a list of ‘made in America’ tablets? Or ARE there any ‘made in America’ tablets? Can you send me an E-mail response as well? Thanks, Ryan.

  29. I was wondering about the texting and messaging ability for the Kurio 4S handheld and whether it is age appropriate for a 9 soon to be 10 year old.

    • You can definitely find free text programs on these tablets. They do require you to be connected to WiFi for them to work.

      As far as the parenting side of it I think it is at the parents discretion. Some kids have cell phones at that age. A text is basically a quick email with a different kind of address.

      If you have family that lives far away or you like to stay in touch with your child then I think texting and video calling on a tablet is a positive experience.

  30. It is nice to see someone giving a review of a product that they actually have….it is good to see how passionate you are about your trade and it shows in your reviews…true honest and tried….thanks for the honesty…

    • Thanks Tim. I have several of these kids tablets and I’m now working on making videos for all of them so parents get a more in depth look and can see as much about their purchase before they even purchase it. I appreciate you leaving a comment.

  31. Hi Ryan, First I am very thankful I found your website. It is just a lot of helpful information on here. My daughter is 4 and a half and I am looking for a tablet for her. I am now going back and forth between the Kurio 7s and the Nabi 2 Disney Edition (she LOVES Disney). I am leaning toward the Kurio because of the price and the educational content that is preloaded on there. The Mr Nassbaum games look very entertaining. On the other hand, on the Nabi I like that there will be Disney content and I like the craft center as my daughter loves to draw and color. Are there similar programs or apps on the Kurio? Also the Nabi looks easier for a child to navigate. The Kurio looks a little busy for a kids tablet, at least for her age. (Although she does play on my phone and Samsung tablet just fine) Both look like awesome tablets but I was wondering if I go with the cheaper of the two will I be sacrificing getting content that she will enjoy. What are your thoughts? Thanks again!

    • The main thing that the Disney edition has is the ability to watch the 3 disney channels on the actual tablet. As far as apps and books on the Kurio 7s, they have some nice disney princess story books and make your own story book. Also with the Amazon AppStore you will find a lot of Disney content as well. If your not going to take advantage of Disney Radio and Disney Jr TV the Kurio performs very closely to the Nabi 2 and I actually prefer the screen and speakers of the Kurio 7s.

      I hope you liked the videos, I just made them last night. If you get on eBay I’m selling my Kurio 7s for 125$ and only used it a couple of times to get familiar with it and make videos. It is probably under my wife’s name.

      I also believe your daughter will be able to operate it just fine. The thumbnails are a little smaller with 10 per page as opposed to the Nabi 2′s 6 button layout. If you have any more questions feel free to comment again and I hope you will recommend our site to your friends on FB etc.

      Have a wonderful night and thanks for visiting.

      • Thanks for the advice and I will check it out on ebay.

        • My wife forgot to put it on eBay so I sent you an email.

  32. Wow. That picture quality looked really good for a kids tablet. The videos were helpful too. Some review sites give the impression that they don’t actually test the stuff they review. It’s super helpful that you are really using and testing the kids tablets – a tablet is not a small purchase!

    • I see that a lot as well. I see people doing videos and saying buy this and telling you about what’s on the tablet but they don’t show you how well it works, or not so well in some cases. I was really impressed with the brightness of the screen and clarity. My hope is to give the parents an even better idea of what they are going to get when they purchase this product.

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