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Posted by on Aug 24, 2013 in Kids Tablets Comparisons | 128 comments

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Tablet vs Nabi 2 Kids Tablet

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Tablet vs Nabi 2 Kids Tablet

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The new LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra tablet vs the Nabi 2 kids tablet are now a very fair comparison because the Ultra tablet has raised it’s price to $150. Once you enter the price realm of kids tablets you will now find the competition even greater LeapFrog. The Nabi 2 runs about $180 and is a full Android tablet.

Speed Comparison

The Nabi 2 blows all kids tablets away with the most impressive NVIDIA TEGRA 3 Processor. I have seen tests that show it is even comparable and better than most adult’s tablets. It beats most of them as far as load times and graphics processing. With the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich running you will be able to play all the newest games available in either the Nabi App Zone or Amazon Market. It can also very easily be formatted and have full access to all of Google Play Store apps.

See Nabi 2 Nickelodeon Limited Edition

Screen Comparison

This is more or less a draw with both of them having the same resolution of 1024 x 600 and 7″. I’ve not seen any major color or contrast flaws in either of these kids tablets. Both tablets are also very responsive to touch for a child but don’t compare it to your iPad, it’s a kids tablet.


Although LeapFrog has been known for it’s durability through the years you wouldn’t believe how durable the Nabi 2 is unless you watch this video. Another draw in this category.


The LeapFrog LeapPad’s are backwards compatible and therefore have a quite extensive library right out of the gate. There are over 800 kids apps, games, and books available with LeapPad. The Nabi 2 is quickly catching up because it is an Android tablet and has a lot more publishers available. I don’t see either of these tablets with an exact curriculum like the Vinci tablet. I’ll give this one to LeapFrog because they have acquired very good publishers like Disney and they closely inspect and approve all of their cartridges for their educational value.

Save up to $22 on LeapPad Ultra

WiFi or Internet Connection

LeapFrog has finally upgraded to a WiFi connection but they fail to mention upfront that you cannot connect to public access points like McDonalds because it will not allow the terms and conditions page to be visible. If you don’t plan on ever needing to connect to public access points it’s not a big deal but if you don’t have your own network it may be a major disadvantage.

Battery Life

The LeapPad Ultra now has a Lithium ion battery that is rechargeable and that has been a major complaint of prior models. They are very comparable in battery life between charges, about 8 to 9 hours.

Internet Browsers

Another tie between these 2 models with both having web safe browsers inside the parental control apps. You will see more flexibility in the Nabi 2 though.


They both have 8 GB standard memory but the Nabi 2 has made their kids tablet expandable with a micro SD card so this makes them the clear winner.

The Final Decision

In the battle between the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra tablet vs  the Nabi 2 Kids tablet I would spend the extra $30 and get a Nabi 2 tablet, especially if you have multiple kids at different ages. The Nabi tablet will grow with both children and offer education and entertainment. You may end up having to purchase a second one because they will fight whose turn it is.

Read the full Nabi 2 Kids tablet review or LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra review here. You will find multiple price comparisons for both tablets in their respective reviews.

Please feel free to leave comments if you have any other questions about this comparison and share with your friends if you found it to be helpful.

You can get 2 day shipping through Amazon by signing up for your 30 day FREE trial of Amazon Prime. If you purchase the Nabi 2 then you will get over 10,000 movies and TV shows for your kids to watch like Avengers.

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  1. I have a 4 year old daughter who I’m trying to decide which nabi to get. She already has a leappad 2 so I’m looking for something that has more to offer. She loves nick jr shows, but she also loves disney and princesses. I can’t decide whether it’s a better fit to get the nabi jr and pass it down to the younger child in a year to upgrade, or to just get the nabi 2. We do have wifi and I plan on putting Google play store on whatever I get because she likes Netflix and other apps on my phone. I’m just not sure if the nabi 2 will be too much for her or if the nabi jr won’t be enough. If I were to get the nabi jr I would end up getting the 2 in a year or so but would the jr keep her interest that long? Thank you for the help

    • It’s kind of a toss up. Either will work but I’d probably go with the Nabi 2.

  2. I have read through many of the comments and see that you seem to prefer the Nabi Nick Jr. to the Nabi 2 for 3-4 year olds not only because of the content, but also because of the internal memory. My question is concerning the content. My 3 1/2 year old knows her colors, shapes, numbers, uppercase/lowercase letters and what sound each letter makes since she was 2. She has been on ABC Mouse a year and has grown bored with it. I am extremely low income and will not have money to upgrade as she gets older. I am also not very familiar with apps and newer technology. I am hoping to get a tablet to ease our 4 hour round-trip commute on the subway that is fun and educational, but we will be underground without internet. I am looking for something that will aid her in phonics, reading, and addition/subtraction at more of a kindergarten range, but I don’t want to have to keep buying more stuff to put on it each week/month. Is the Nabi Jr. still the best choice for us or is there something that might better suit our needs?

    • Probably a Nabi 2 then, if she is ahead of her age group.

      • The Nabi 2 will work underground without internet? Do you think it is worth the extra $20 to invest in the Disney one? I am also wondering if the games on the Nick Jr. or Disney ones are the same exact ones featured on their websites for free? Thanks so much for your help. This is a really big purchase for me and I will have to spend my birthday money, so I want to make sure that I am making an informed decision on what to purchase.

        • Any of the tablets will work underground but there will be apps on all of them that won’t work. The Disney one has very little storage left so you won’t be able to add much to it but the preloaded content is really good for kids. I’m not sure when you need it by but there will be some new models coming out this year from almost all of the tablet producers. Fuhu will have the Dreamtab out this year but I haven’t seen a release date yet.

          • I think I want to get one within the next couple of weeks as we will be traveling on an airplane mid-March. You say that there won’t be much space left on the Disney one, but space can be added by purchasing a memory card, right? Or things can also be deleted to make room, can’t they? I read a review that said most of the games on the Nabi 2 are trial or lite versions, and after watching your review of the Disney Nabi 2, it looked like there were only 2 Disney games and two more that read Coming Soon. I think that games will be my daughter’s main interest.

          • There are actually a lot of games on it and if your flight has wifi she will have lots of options. There is only about 2 GB of space left on a Nabi Disney though.

  3. Hello, I am so torn. I have 3 children my oldest is 4 and she LOVES to learn is quite advanced for her age she has no problem working my iPhone and has taught my 3 year old son and 2 year old daughter they love the games and looking at pictures. I won’t to keep it educational though and would like to get them some tablets so my phone won’t always be dead. And I know they’ll argue if I get one. So I was wondering your recommendation on each my 4 year old is in pre k and 3 year old is in head start.i would really appreciate your input so I don’t end up wasting my money.

    • I really like the Nabi Jr Nick Jr for this age range. It has education and entertainment, plus some good internal components. If your 4 year old is really advanced you might consider a Nabi 2 and then hand them down as you upgrade to new ones. They are adding Google Play to the Nabi tablets as well so this will open up even more options for education and entertainment.

    • I see. I think I will probably go with the nick jr nabi jr for my 2 year old and one of the nabi 2 for my 4 year old. But am contemplating the nick edition of the nabi 2 for my 3 son would you recommend that or the jr more for him?

      • Not really because the included content is much better for that age on the Nabi Jr Nick Jr plus you get twice the internal memory.

        • So I have taken your advice and bought my son (3yrs) the nabi jr nick jr and he is in LOVEEE and I have another question do you know if there is anyway you can get the nick jr content for the nabi 2??

          • You can’t just add the same content on a Nabi 2 but there are plenty of apps you can add to the Nabi 2 that is Nick Jr. They just added Google Play so even more now.

  4. My daughters both received Nabisco 2′s for Christmas. My youngest daughter’s birthday happens to be 08/31 and the Nabi 2 only goes up to 30 days in August (but 31 days in September ironically). Is there a fix that anyone is aware of?

    • Sounds like an error in the calendar. I would let Nabi know on their FB fanpage so it can be corrected on the next OTA. Until then use the 30th.

  5. Hi Ryan,

    I just purchased the nabi 2 nick edition and wanted to know about the software you used to transfer movies from my computer and the process. Also, do you have an idea when fuhu will be coming out with the add-on rear facing camera. This is kinda a big deal. I’m also interested in setting the tablet up with Google store and how I can get set up with the 10,000 movies and books or apps through Amazon.



    • So i did add a video in the how to section in the navigation menu called how to add movies to your kids tablet.

      You will not need to root as Nabi will be releasing an OTA that will allow Google Play for the Nick edition very soon.

      They have some of their new accessories early 2014 like the XD keyboard and camera. Another option would be a bluetooth wireless camera that the Nabi will connect to. Also something I have not really tested. I don’t have a date and not sure they will release that on their FB page until its a sure thing.

      As far as the Amazon Prime I just started playing with this process. Im using my Nexus 7″. I basically just learn how to do these things from XDA and then try to simplify them for parents. I haven’t perfected it and tested it on multiple tablets yet. I don’t know if it will work for the FreeTime Subscription though, which I believe is what your referring to with the 10,000 kids movies games and apps.

  6. Hi, My daughter is 4. Should I go with the Nabi Jr or the Nabi 2? What are the biggest differences? How much does an ebook cost? Is the monthly subscription for videos available on the jr or just the 2?.

    • The Nabi Jr’s content is focused for the 3 to 6 year old range. So you will get a minimum of 2 years out of it probably more like 3. I would save some money at this point and in a couple years maybe upgrade to what will be the Nabi 3 or 4 at that point. Ebooks vary in price but most are $1 to $3 just like the Android apps. It does have Spinlets TV but it is still in development so you will basically get the Free trial version in Mommy mode.

    • nabi 2 my 4yo just got one and I think the jr would only be a waste unless you have a little one to pass it down to in a year or so when she wants a big girl tablet

      • My son still played with it at 5 but I guess it would depend on how particular the child is. I like the bigger screen but I like having twice the memory on the Nabi Jr Nick Jr

  7. Our leappad broke late this summer so for christmas I am considering the ultra for my 7 year old as we already have a lot of cartridges/content; however, I have a feeling she will only remain interested in Leapfrog for another year, maybe less. We also have a lot of movies and apps on apple environment but she’s not ready for her own iPad (fragility and access to inappropriate content). Would still recommend the nabi 2?

    • I would actually consider a Kindle Fire as the best go between before an iPad. It preforms better, looks better, sounds better, and has a great subscription called FreeTime Unlimited where you get over 10,000 books, apps, and videos for around $3 a month. Also Amazon will be releasing an educational curriculum soon which was really the only thing it lack from becoming the best kids tablet/family tablet in the world.

  8. I have a 5 year old son and am looking to buy a tablet for him. I bought him the Leapster Explorer when it first came out then the Leap Pad shortly after. He is very advanced and seems to be growing out of his Leap Pad. I am looking for a tablet that has internet for his ABCMOUSE.COM, which we have WIFI at home, a front facing camera for interacting with his teacher as I will be homeschooling him next year with WAVA and a tablet that I can download educational games/videos and movies for entertainment on. Something that will last more then a year. :)

    • You will need something with flash and a good internet connection. I know for sure the Nabi products and Kurio products carry this. My internet connection is pretty slow so I haven’t really been able to test how well it works. You might be better off getting something like the Nexus 7 and adding Kids Place app.

    • Hi Ryan,

      My son will be 6 on the 27th. Which is the better tablet foe his age? Nabi2 or NabiXD? I don’t want to have to upgrade in another 2 years.


      • The Nabi 2 is going to be a better purchase. This tablet is very functional for it’s size. The XD is incomplete in my opinion. Still lacking accessories and additional learning content for the ages it is designed for, 11 and up.

        Your welcome.

  9. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for all the great info. I have a 3 1/2 year old, and like many other posts she is very good with technology. I am torn between the nabi jr. and nabi 2, I originally wanted the leappad ultra but it seems that I would spend more in the long run. I want her to have age appropriate games as well as ones she an grow with, camera, music, and a way to watch movies(either through Netflix or ones I can download, like the digital copies that come with dvd’s now. Which would you recommend? Also maybe a way to watch her favorite shows like Disney or nickelodeon cartoons.
    Thanks for your time,
    Ashley Ramirez

    • I think either would work well. The Nabi Jr Nick Jr would be a great choice as the content is designed for the 3 to 6 year old range. You will also be able to use Netflix and add movies or your favorite digital copies. Most of them will need to be an MP4 format to work but a good possibility they are already this way. The camera is a swivel for multi-directional use as opposed to a single stationary camera on the Nabi 2.

      Your very welcome

  10. I thought that the Nabi 2 had a built in Wi-Fi

    • It has a WiFi card that can connect to your home network but that is no the same as a wireless card like a cell phone or very high end tablets.

  11. I have a 3 year old daughter,who plays with my cellphone. She loves to watch videos on you tube as well as play games like angry birds, fruit ninjas. I want to give her a gift this Christmas, an educational yet entertaining one. We have a wifi at home and a bluetooth in the car. Which do you think would be best for her – a Nabi 2 disney edition, a Kurios or a Kindle fire HD 7? Thank you.

    • The Nabi 2 Disney edition for me would be dependent on whether the Disney channels would work. On my nabi 2 Disney page I have left a link for you to check to see if you will be able to use this feature.

      I think the Kurio is still a little out of her age group. It would still be possible to make it work but you would be downloading content for her age group.

      The Kindle Fire HD has the FreeTime unlimited subscription which will have lots of content for all ages. It costs 3 to 5 dollars a month but well worth it. It is also optimized with the best wifi making it very suitable for streaming YouTube etc.

      Feel free to leave more questions if you have them and thanks for commenting.

  12. Have you tested the Smart Tab Pro Junior? I just bought 2 Nabi 2 and I saw on the Meijer website that their Smart Tab on sale at 69.00. I wonder if it is as good as the Nabi 2. Thinking of returning the Nabi 2. What do you think?

    • It’s not going to be as good as the Nabi 2 but I’m still waiting on it to get here. Says I should have it this week.

  13. Thank you so much for all your helpful posts!!

    I was having a hard time deciding between the Nabi JR 16GB or the Nabi 2 for my 2 year old son. After reading this I am pretty sure the Nabi Jr is the best way for me to go.

    However, I now have some new concerns. I see where you are saying the Nabi requires WiFi for a lot of the apps. We don’t have WiFi where we live and my original plan was to take the Nabi with me to work or elsewhere and download apps and games etc.. Will this work or is the WiFi required to play the games not just download them??

    I am concerned I might be better off with the LP but I really like the Nabi because of the Android OS.

    • You will mainly need it for the web on the Nabi Jr Nick Jr, and that is linked to my video review. Because they have expanded the memory on the Nick JR many more of the apps are playable without WiFi and have the full version downloaded. Mainly it is the Fooz Kids University apps you lose. At 2 that leaves you 3 years to find a solution for that because the apps don’t start until Kindergarten. This is one reason I really like the Nick Jr content as well, very focused on 3 to 6 year old range but it is what I got my 2 year old nephew.

      I’m glad it has been helpful and hope you will share with your friends on FB.

      • I will gladly share on FB if you give me a link to find you on FB :)

        One more question. Do you think I would be able to get the Nabi 2 and get a lot of the same apps like the ones on the Nabi Jr that way it can still be used for his age range but also allow more time for him to grow out of it?

        • Sorry I had a moment.LoL I went to your video and will share it on FB!

        • Here is our FB page

          Some of the apps are exclusive to the tablets but can be found on the Amazon AppStore. There are so many apps out there I wouldn’t worry aboutgetting all the same exact apps. Fisher Price has a ton of great pre k apps that are free and that’s just one publisher, I think I found almost 100 just by them.

  14. Hi! My son is 2 and I am caught between the LeapPad Ultra and the Nabi 2 vs. Nabi Jr. We have Wi-Fi at home. But what about while traveling, or in the car? Do either of these have a Bluetooth I can connect with my iPhone, or will the apps work without Wi-Fi? That may be a dumb question I suppose..I am looking for something that will provide the most educational apps for his age, with some growing room. The Nabi 2 allows me to download Netflix correct? All pros and cons for the 3 tablets listed above please!

    • The cons of the LP Ultra is Wifi is iffy to work, the cartridges are very expensive, not very much memory and not expandable, and your child will grow out of this tablet before the other two. The pros are the educational value is still the best around.

      The Nabi Jr 16 GB or Nick Jr version cons are the 5″ screen. It is very well setup for a 2 year old and what I bought my nephew. It has the most memory of the three, the same processor as the Nabi 2, and expandable memory for movies. It can download all the same apps as the Nabi 2 and comes with appropriate apps for his age but he will grow out of it in 3 to 5 years. Has Netflix and Bluetooth.

      The Nabi 2 also only has 8 GB of internal memory like the LP Ultra so limited space and WiFi required for Fooz Kids University but most other apps will work when not connected. It is super fast for a kids tablet and is a 7″ screen like the LP Ultra. Has Netflix and Bluetooth.

  15. I have a 2yr old and trying to decide between a Nabi2 and a NabiJr. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on the Nabijr to have him outgrow it right away but is Nabi2 too advanced?

    • At 2 you should go with the Nabi Jr. The content is much more appropriate and if you get the Nick Jr model it has the same processor and more memory then a Nabi 2. You should get at least 3 or 4 years out of this product. My son is 5 and picked it up and still played with it with no complaints while I had a couple of them out testing them.

  16. I have a 3 year old daughter and want to get her a tablet for Christmas because she is always fighting for my TF700T. I download a lot of her shows on mind that she love to watch. She also love to play games on it. I’m looking to buy either the leap frog ultra or the Nabi 2. I want a tablet where she can download games that suite her age. I’m also worry about the cost. What can you tell me about cost per games for each tablet? We also travel a lot so I would for her to play games without wifi. Which one would you recommend?

    Thank you

    • The cost for the LeapPad Ultra games are going to be significantly higher usually running $15 to $25 a piece. Both have some games to suit her age but you will find much more on the Nabi 2. A lot of the Fisher Price apps are free and can be used without WiFi.

      Thanks for the questions

      • Thank you for your help. For the people wondering about purchasing the nabi 2 from Walmart Online, it is a in-store deal only!.

  17. My son turned 2 in august, and we plan on purchasing a tablet for him. I have read lots of reviews and it is obvious there are pros and cons to all of them. Do you have any experience with the new Click n kids tablet? We have wifi, but we also travel quite a bit, so it wouldn’t always be available. I should also say that he is very tech savy for a 2 year old. He is able to work our iphones and my mother’s Samsung galaxy s4 phone very well. He loves to watch videos (youtube) and cartoons and he seems to be very drawn to drums and guitars lately. Do any of these tablets have musical games? We are also on a limited budget. I know this is a lot, but I have read your reviews and I find them helpful, I’m just overwhelmed with all the options. Thank You in advance!

    • The ClickN Kids Tablet is a pretty good tablet for the price and would offer access to Google Play where you could access a lot of the apps that he uses already. It’s not specifically setup for that age but it would give him YouTube and there are millions of free apps you could add. I haven’t seen much in the way of included musical apps on kids tablets either. You will be able to use this tablet with or without WiFi.

  18. I am lost.
    I have a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daughter.
    First decided on LeapPad Ultra since it seems so kid friendly. But bought the Kurio 7s yesterday for $150 each. We have Wi-Fi in the house and my son love youtube videos. He loves ninja turtles and all the Nick Jr shows but also want educational games.
    Thanks so much for your help!

    • There is a lot of educational apps ranging from prek to 5th grade and you can also add some free ones available on the Amazon AppStore. I would definitely invest in the padded bumper since your children are so young. You will have YouTube available as well.

  19. Hi, My Daughter Is 6, I Would Like To Purchase Something That Is Educational. She Loves All The Disney Characters. I Like The Fact That Leapfrog Is Very Educational. Which One Would You Recommend?

    • If you don’t have WiFi I would go with the LP Ultra, the cartridges are playable wherever. I think 6 is getting a little old for the LP Ultra though. It won’t have as many options like Netflix that the Nabi 2 has.

  20. I have a 2yr old that can use the ipad and know how to swype with her finger…Im torn between the leapad2 and the nabi 2! I want something she can grow into! I do have wifi ..I have don’t want to buy the cartridges..I have probablly answered my own question! She will be able to use Netflix on the nabi 2 correct!

    • She can use Netflix on the Nabi 2 and yes you did answer your own question, lol. Have a great day:-)

  21. Thanks so much for the in depth info- I have already purchased the leappad ultra, but my just turned four year old kept mentioning the nabi, so I decided to look it up. It seems to be a great tablet and he does love the disney line up- but does the nabi have a camera and video recorder as well? and are the games both in character and general educational standard comparable or about the same? I have read that there are some loading time issues with the Ultra, but also read that they addressed it in their last update. I do have wifi at home and that is primarily where he’ll be using that particular function, on the go, with the ultra he can just use the cartridges- can you do the same with the nabi?
    sorry for all the questions, I just am so happy to find someone knowledgeable enough to ask!

    • It has a front facing camera but not a rear. I believe both tablets use a 2 MP camera but the LP has 2. LeapFrog may have updated their OS which could help with speed but it’s still an .8 GHz or 800 MHz processor and the Nabi 2 utilizes the fastest 1.3 GHz processor(tegra 3) probably on the market. I think Nabi’s educational programs are really great but realistically LeapFrog always has the best software and charges you for it. The LP ultra is still not a tablet though, it does not have all the functions and the ability to do the same things. The Disney edition routes the Disney channels through it and has things like Netflix. Since you have WiFi I would spend the extra 50 on the Nabi 2 and save yourself in the long run by not having to purchase expensive cartridges and replace the LP in a couple years because it is an outdated toy.

  22. I have a 3 1/2 year old who can operate an Ipod as well as most adults. I currently have the Nabi Jr. on layaway for him, but am now debating the Nabi 2 since Walmart has a fantastic special on it. Will the programs be too advanced on the Nabi 2? Also, I was skimming through the replies… any idea on the the layaway or online pricing?

    • The apps are actually designed for 4 and up so 3.5 years is fine. You will have to be in store to get this price. I still haven’t received any emails about what cyber Monday is going to bring though. Hope to have that info soon but I bet they won’t send it to me until Black Friday is over so they don’t lose any sales. The layaway will not work either from what I was told they will have a separate UPC for the limited number of Nabi 2′s they have.

  23. Anxiously awaiting your hopefully good news of buying the Nabi2 online from Walmart on Black Friday. I really do not want to fight the crowds!

    • They said no it would only be available in store and then I had someone else tell me they would be separate bar codes so you couldn’t put one on layaway and then just pay it out at the discounted price. Sorry I don’t have good news for you but it usually works out that way when it comes to Black Friday.

  24. Okay, so I narrowed my choices down to a Nabi Jr. or a Nabi 2 for my 2 year old. I think I’m leaning more towards the Nabi Jr to ensure the apps and games aren’t too advanced for him. The Nabi Jr. does have wifi right? Also, will I still be able to download apps from the Android Market, such as Disney themed games?

    • It does have WiFi and you will have access to Disney games through the Amazon AppStore who has a relationship with Disney as well.

  25. Hi Ryan.

    I have a 2 year old that loves my iphone. He enjoys watching his Disney Jr. shows on my phone but likes to play little games as well. He is even so smart as to grab my tablet and access Netflix all by himself. We have wifi and I would like for him to be able to play it when wifi isn’t available as well. I can’t decide which tablet is best suitable for him. I want something that is going to interest me the way my phone and tablet does.

    • The main things you will lose are the Fooz University educational games and video programs like Netflix with no WiFi. On the other hand you won’t even have these options on the LeapPad when WiFi is available.

  26. I have 5 Yr old twin boys who fight over my Ipad. I have purchased the leapfrog ultra and ExployerES since they share cartridges, but before I open and set up for xmas gift, Is it my best Choice vs The Nabi 2. I like the idea of Ipad apps for free or a least as low as $2 bucks, would either of these tablets give that option or is everything going to cost $$$$$$? I am really confused now on which one will last long term.. Help Please, thank you

    • My first question would be do you have a WiFi network? If you don’t you are probably better off staying where your at. Also I would have went with the power over the explorer because it is more or less the same but has battery packs included so you don’t have to buy them or batteries.

      Depending on whether you want to fight Black Friday you could get 2 Nabi 2′s for $99 a piece at Walmart, If you don’t have WiFi don’t get the Nabi 2, to much of the content requires it to use.

      • Hi Ryan,
        Is the Nabi 2 friendly to Canadians. I have been reading reviews and worried you are not able to access many apps, etc in Canada. I cannot even find where to purchase in Canada. I have only found one site to order online but still cannot find the Disney version. Wondering if i should purchase Leapfrog Ultra as Nabi seems to be a product that can widely used in the States but very limited in Canada. Thanks

        • The Disney Version is only available at Best Buy. I verified with Nabi that everything will function properly in Canada and it will. Do you have any relatives in the states that would ship it to you? He also told me to tell you to sit tight they will have some new buying options for Canadians in December.

    • Yes it has access to Skype and Netflix. Also the apps are the same price as Google Play. The companies that develop them sell them for the same price no matter whether it’s Apple or Android.

  27. Hi Ryan,
    Have you heard from Walmart yet?

    • Still Trying. Walmart the store said you will not be able to buy it now and get the money back. is separate and I have not seen any info on there circular yet but I’m desperately trying to find out more info.

      Walmart the store says you will have to be in line and fight the crowd.

      • Thank you Ryan. I am debating which to utilize for my 7 and 8 year old girls. Who are having trouble with reading and math in school. I thought one of these would be good. But I see so many conflicts with these products. The Nabi 2 is on sale at Walmart. Leappad Ultra will not be on sale. I have seen quite a few concerns about the loading time for the Leappad and the Nabi 2 seems parents have the issue of the coins and constantly buying online games? If the Leappad already has all the games I need why would the Nabi 2 be more expensive? I can not find the logic there? Do you have a preference of which will be the best for two girls/sisters needing help with reading and math?
        Thank you for all of your input…

        • The Nabi 2 will be cheaper in the long run and the short run if you get it on Black Friday. The games on the leapPad generally run $15 to $25 per cartridge. However you need WiFi for the educational content on the Nabi so that would really be the deciding factor for me. Also the LeapPad is designed for ages 4-9 so your girls will have limited years with this product.

          If you don’t have WiFi I would suggest the Kurio 7s.

  28. ok I have a 3 yr old but hes about to be 4 in less then 6 months.. Im looking at either the leapfrog ultra or one of the nabi’s but Im not sure about which one. I don’t want to get him something to complicated to use.. but something that he isn’t going to get bored with. Plus we just moved and its going to be awhile before we have internet. so Im also wondering if internet is needed to work the android apps or if I just need it to download the apps. He plays on the ipad on a game so Im also afraid if i get the Jr. that the screen will be to small for him and hell move on to something else. advise??

    • This is one of the rare conditions when I would suggest the LeapPad over the Nabi’s. A lot of the content does require WiFi and with the LeapPad you could purchase cartridges that will work whenever.

  29. These comments were very helpful. My granddaughter is 3+ and outsurfs me daily- even with a systech background. HA. My quandry was between Kindle Fire, LeapPad Ultra, and Nabi. After reading these comments I am down to Nabi 2 and Kindle Fire. Do you have any thoughts on either? Also would be interested in being included on any list regarding Black Friday sales. Many thanks.

    • Thanks. Get the Nabi 2 if you want an educational curriculum. You will also have a restricted web browser which is not offered on the Kindle Fire. There are a couple apps on the Amazon AppStore that will filter the web browser but I haven’t tested them yet.

      If you want the best tablet for your dollar get the Kindle Fire HD. No other tablets match the experience visually and audibly of them. This includes adult tablets.

      • My question is for my 5yo daughter 6 in march. I was looking to get her one of these for Christmas. My maun concern is the cost of the apps. If I’m correct the nabi will have access to the play store which has free games but what about the cost of the games in the app store that comes stock on it. About how much do they run & I saw you can watxh tv on it for 2.99 a mo but for me a tie breaker might be access to skype for out of state family & Netflix. Will the nabi be able to dl those apps?

  30. Hi Ryan,
    First I’d like to thank you for your review because I’m truly stuck on which tablet to get for my 4 yr. old daughter. I was going to get the Nabi jr. because 1)the age recommendation and 2)it has the Nick jr. edition. Now I’m thinking I need to decide between the Nabi 2 and the LeapPad Ultra. She is very bright and her teacher says does most things at a 5 yr. old level. She likes reading, LOVES drawing, has been asking to play video games(we have not allowed them up to this point) and will probably want to watch her “shows” on whatever I get her. Although there is a specified Nick jr edition, would I still be able to get Nick jr. apps for any other edition? Which do you recommend for her individual needs? Thank you in advance.

    • Your welcome. I think if she is working at a 5 year old level I would definitely be getting a Nabi 2. Also when you say “watch her shows” are you referring to Netflix or movies? You would need the Nabi 2 for this as well. Although you can add movies to the LeapPad Ultra there is essentially no space for more than 2 to 4 movies and the memory cannot be expanded.

      • I was referring to the shows she likes to watch on Nick jr. and Disney. I just read some of your replies in reference to needing WiFi for the educational content on Nabi. Is that the only way to access it? Is it possible to download content so WiFi is not necessary all the time?

        • Yes it is. You have to have WiFi. I’m not sure if Nabi would work with you and get you access to the Fooz University without the WiFi but I would say no they most likely won’t. Without WiFi I would go with the Innotab or LeapPad.

          If you want the freedom of an Android tablet then the Kurio 7s is going to be your best bet because it will not require WiFi to use the apps and you could download apps when you do have a connection.

  31. Do you know if the black friday deal will extend to the nick jr edition as well?

    • I have not seen it on the any Black Friday specials so I would say no.

      • If you put the Nabi 2 on layaway now…and leave it on layaway until after Black friday, the price WILL adjust and go down from the Black Friday sale.

        • Have you verified the layaway policy with the Walmart store? Do you have to pay off the balance on Black Friday? Seems too easy to me. Thank you for any further information about this.

          • I have not verified this and you could probably call 2 different locations and get 2 separate answers.

            It makes sense though. They should all have the same barcode which means they will scan for the same price but you will probably have to pay for it in full or re layaway it.

  32. I have a 3 yr old and a 5 yr old that I have been trying to decide between the Leappad ultra and the Nabi 2. They can both manipulate my iPad very well. I was wondering which you one you would recommend. I want something they can get on to play mostly educational games and something they will not outgrow quickly. I also was wondering what are the differences on the Nabi 2 and the different “editions” that they offer? Thank you for your recommendations.

    • The Nabi 2 will most likely last longer. Many adults root them and use them as tablets because of the quality processor and they are more durable. The biggest difference in the Special editions(Nickelodeon and Disney) is the content included. They both have an additional 30 apps, games, books, and videos. The Nabi 2 will run much more like the iPad because of the Tegra 3 processor and the Nabi mode has the basic 6 thumbnail setup to make it easy to navigate. I have videos displaying the extra content on both of these.

  33. Just saw the post on getting Nabi 2 for $99 from Walmart on Black Friday. Can we order them online or do we have to battle the lines.


    • Hoping to have a response by Monday Night. I emailed the affiliate team since the regular website has not responded. I might be able to get you guys links since I’m an affiliate of Walmart.

  34. Ryan you advised us to buy the Nabi2 on Thanksgiving at 8PM. Can I make that purchase on the internet at 8PM or do I have to do it in person? Also does the Nabi2 actually read books to a child?

    • They haven’t responded to my email yet. I was trying to get an answer to that. I think that’s going to be the best deal this year. I’ve looked for others and didn’t find anything else yet.

  35. Helli
    I have a 8 yr old and a 6 yr old which tablet do you think would be best fpr them ?

    • I would definitely get Android tablets if you give me some more info about what you want I could do a better job recommending a product because each one of these kids tablets is different and your kids needs are individual.

      • I’m honestly looking for something that’s close to an ipad but for a kid..I don’t know if that helps too much. Definitely need something that will hold up to a drop here and there lol. My kids are just that in between age of where they are too old for like the nick jr tablets but not old enough for an ipad just yet.. I’m a little stuck on what to get.. I do know I wanna go with andriod system tho.

          • Ryan after searching many reviews I find yours very helpful! I àm torn between the leappad and the nabi grandson is 2 1/2 and always playing with my kindle fire yet it seems he has a hard time navigating. He loves Disney and I would like to purchase a tablet for learning.but also maybe watching a movie or show while we are driving? Learning skills are 1 priority.but which divice will give the best bang for the buck and also grow with him? Any suggestions would be great! !!! Thanks

          • LeapPads education is unmatched. The others are close but if your #1 priority is education then that is the way I’d go. It’s a bit more expensive and will only have space for a couple movies but probably your best bet.

            Thanks for visiting and commenting. Hope you will share with others on FB or G+

        • A great performing tablet is the Kindle Fire HD. It has the best visual and audio specs not to mention fastest wifi and processor among these kids tablets. This tablet is going to be your closest to an iPad without getting into some pricey tablets.

          They make cases like the otterbox defender or even the marware swurve that do a great job protecting it.

          Thanks for the questions.

  36. I have a question in regards to the Nabi 2. During your “trying it out” period did you have any problems with the device not turning on, or the screen blacking out or off noises coming from it? I am really interested in purchasing the Nabi 2 Disney edition for my son for Christmas, but was reading some reviews on the Best Buy website for the Nabi 2 and some were stating that they had issues with it. Please assist.

    Thank you

    • I didn’t personally have any issues with this one. The only one that did this to me was the new Polaroid kids tablet 2. I have all of the Nabi products but haven’t ever experienced any real issues. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen though. If your uncomfortable with it a good option would be the Kurio 7s.

      I only offer advice off of my experience and not everyone’s experience will be the same. I had great things to say about the Tabeo e2 until it crashed on me last night and half the apps disappeared. Very frustrating.

      All if these tablets will have done negative experiences but Best Buy would be one of the best places to get electronics. Get the Geek Squad protection and you can just take it back and get a new one.

      • Hello Ryan,
        Thank you for your quick reply. My son is 2 and half and can operate my kindle, my moms I-pad and my boyfriends I -phone. I want to get him something of his own for X-mas this year. I have spent so much time on your website trying to decipher which tablet is the best. I really thought I had it down to the Nabi 2 Disney edition (because he loves Mickey), but then Wal-mart offers the regular Nabi 2 for $99…big difference. My son loves the creative apps where he can draw. He also likes to walk around while holding the tablets. Overall which would you purchase for your child (not sure if you have one), Nabi 2, Nabi 2 Disney Edtion, Leap Pad Ultra or Kurio 7S. I just want something that will grow with him, that is tolerable to a toddler, that is educational and that he will have fun with. Also, one where the accessories or additional apps are not hard to find or cost a lot of money. I know this is a tall order. Thank you again for all of your help!!

        • I have a son 5, and one coming in December. He has a nabi 2, kurio 7s, and kindle fire hd, spoiled. Not really it’s my business to know which one is best from a child’s perspective. He likes the Nabi 2 Nickelodeon but he loves TMNT and Spongebob so that is probably a big deciding factor inn his decision. He always wants the red iPad(nabi 2) though. To be honest I would save the hundred bucks and invest in some other Christmas gifts and some content for the tablet. By the time he is older there will have been a Nabi 3 and probably Nabi 4. Right now he is 2 and the regular edition has plenty for him to do. You won’t find a better deal for this Christmas. I have perused lots of ads and $80 off is a lot. The Amazon AppStore will have plenty for him as well as the Nabi store.

          Hope this helps and you will share our site on FB or G+.

    • I didn’t personally have any issues with this one. The only one that did this to me was the new Polaroid kids tablet 2. I have all of the Nabi products but haven’t ever experienced any real issues. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen though. If your uncomfortable with it a good option would be the Kurio 7s.

      I only offer advice off of my experience and not everyone’s experience will be the same. I had great things to say about the Tabeo e2 until it crashed on me last night and half the apps disappeared. Very frustrating.

      All if these tablets will have some negative experiences but Best Buy would be one of the best places to get electronics. Get the Geek Squad protection and you can just take it back and get a new one.

  37. I have a 7 yr old son that I would like to get a learning tablet for…however, I am on a limited budget and (for me) both the Leap Pad Ultra and Navi 2 are EXPENSIVE!!! So, if I can scrounge up the money for one of these, I want to make sure it is the right one. He loves to play games, but I want him to learn…he struggles in 1st grade. I want him to learn math, spelling, reading etc. I also only have a dial-up internet connection at home, however, at work we have wi-fi – so if I need to download, maybe I could take it to work to load stuff. Help! What is the best for me to purchase?

    • The Nabi 2 will be on sale Black Friday for $99 and that will be your best purchase for your dollar. I will have a page and going to confirm that you guys can just order online so you don’t have to fight the masses that day. Should have an email back from them in the next couple of days.

      Thanks for the question.

  38. Hi! I have a 2 yr and wanted to get her a tablet for Christmas. She is very smart for her age and I wanted a tablet that can keep her busy and that is also easy to use. I have read several reviews and am still at a loss of what to get. I need something that is durable if dropped. Also I believe on the LeapFrog, the child has to use a stylus….Is anyone of the tablets touchscreen?

    Hope you can help!

    • The leapPad Ultra and Innotab 3s are touch screen. The stylus can be used for writing programs or at anytime if kids prefer it to their finger. The most durable kids tablets will be these two and the Nabi Jr. None of them are indestructible though. The 5″ tablets like Innotab 3s and Nabi Jr seem to do better because the screen surface is not as big. If you like the Nabi Jr get the updated Nick Jr edition. Much better specs and sturdier. If you need more help narrowing it down or come to a conclusion on some functions that are a must have I can narrow the list down.

      • So I think I’ve made my decision to go with the nabi nick jr edition, but I thought wait…does this only work with WiFi? Or do some apps/games work without WiFi?

        • Some of them will but if you don’t have WiFi then you will lose the Fooz University and a lot of content. Really kinda defeats the purpose of having a WiFi tablet. You probably would be better off with a LeapPad or Innotab because cartridges play anywhere.

          • Oh ok..make sense, I was just getting an idea of if and when we travel in the car… but we should be ok.. Thanks for all your hard work and help!

          • Your very welcome. Thanks for the questions and comments.

          • So looking at the best buy website, I noticed there is a Nabi Jr, Nabi Jr Nick Edition and also I noticed Nabi Disney Edition…. my child is 2 and by the looks of the Disney Edition one, she knows most of the characters…. is that going to be a good purchase?

          • The Disney edition has been one of my favorites this year. It had a lot of great extra content added. It’s a good purchase in my opinion.

  39. I have found your reviews to be extremely helpful!! I have only one question(I think)regarding the Nabi2 Disney Edition. Actually, it doesn’t matter which edition. If, I were to purchase this as a Christmas gift for my grand daughter, how would other family members expand upon the gift? i.e. Additions to the tablet. For instance, I looked at the LeapPad Ultra. With that you can purchase books from local retailers to build a library. With the Nabi2, is there a way for others to “gift” applications or books, etc.? Or, is it all basically only purchased in conjunction directly from the Nabi2? I hope this makes sense. Thank you!!

  40. I don’t knw which is better my
    Son will b three this January and am between nabi jr and the ultra tablet which would you buy

    • I would buy the Nabi Jr Nick Jr. Much more powerful, $10 cheaper, lots of games included, you won’t have to buy $20 cartridges, and so many more reasons.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting

  41. Which one would have more Disney/Barbie/Pixar apps or games? Are there apps available to download on the nabi that are Disney/Barbie/Pixar?

    • There is actually a new Disney edition Nabi 2 that is packed with all of those types of games, books, and movies. I also just did a video review on that page as well

  42. How do you format the Nabi to have access to the google play store?

    • It is not something I could just comment on to tell you how to do it. If your interested I could do a video about it but it will probably void any warranty that you have on the tablet. Contact me via email on the contact us page if your still interested. It actually involves getting a program like E3 explorer on your tablet that allows you to access and change files like you would on a PC. I could probably get you the files you would need to upload to your Nabi 2 and let you know where to put them to open the gate, so to speak. I was able to do this with a Kindle via a tutorial.

  43. I was just wondering do you have to pay for all the apps or do they have some free?

    • I know they give you some free apps included on the leapPad ultra and Innotab 3s but after that the books and apps start at $1.99 when I was purchasing them 2 years ago. I doubt much has changed considering the cartridges are still running about $20 to $25.

      As far as the Nabi jr you will find lots of free apps included and available after the purchase.

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