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Posted by on Sep 9, 2013 in Kids Tablets Comparisons | 4 comments

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra vs the Amazon Kindle Fire

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra vs the Amazon Kindle Fire

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The LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra vs the Amazon Kindle Fire is going to be a popular comparison because of the popularity of these two tablets. There are over 20 kids tablets on the market today and it is hard to know what to buy as the market grows so I have reviewed most of them for you.

Introducing LeapPad Ultra

The new LeapPad has gone from a toy to a tablet this year. They have added WiFi, a larger HD screen, peer to peer operations, mp3 capabilities and video playback. These are some great new options and will make this new tablet from LeapFrog a best seller. They offer a LeapFrog Learning Path on your computer to download apps and give parents access to their child's progress in the educational games.

Introducing Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire has been a popular tablet for many years but they have now added the FreeTime Unlimited for Kids. It allows you to add parental controls and have access to over 10,000 apps, books, games and videos for children. It has all the options of a normal tablet with the exception of cameras. Where the Kindle excels is amount of quality content and entertainment.

Screenshot LeapPad Ultra 3 colors now





Screen Size




Battery Life


Included Apps


Web Browser




5 stars

5 stars


9 hours

800+ apps

11 apps

8 GB


2 - 2 MP




4 stars

4 stars


9 Hours

10,000 apps


8 GB



Comparison Breakdown

We have viewed the comparison of these tablets but you still might be unsure of which kids tablet to purchase. The LeapPad Ultra was built for 3 to 9 years and will offer some great educational value. The Cartridges are very expensive, around $25 a piece. Because of the extra durability of the LeapPad Ultra it is optimal for kids aged 3 to 6 years unless you have a child that is really rough on toys.

However if your child is 5 or older I would definitely consider the Kindle Fire. My son loves his HD model and FreeTime gives him something to do on it all the time. He loves the interactive books that read to him and highlights the words as he goes. They also have some cool Toy Story and Pixar games. It costs me $2.99 a month for the FreeTime Unlimited but I couldn't even purchase 2 game cartridges a year for that price.

My last piece of advice is if you want an even better tablet then you can purchase an HD model for the same price as a regular Kindle Fire on Holiday Weekends. I got his on the July 4th weekend and he picks it up at least once a day and it is great for when we go places; grocery store, doctors office, long car rides etc.

Interested in Full Reviews?

You can view these full reviews I have done on all of these great tablets by clicking the name highlighted in blue.

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I hope I have clarified how to compare the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra vs Amazon Kindle Fire. Please leave your comments, kids tablet experiences or questions below. If you have any additional questions or need additional clarification on options then click the contact us a page up top or on bottom and send me an email.

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  1. I have a 7 yr old son & twins who will be 3 this Feb, who all fight over my Ipad & smart phone. They use it to watch disney junior, live tv programs (optimum) & play both educational apps & video games. We purchased a IPad Mini for our 7 yr old on Black Friday but are considering a tablet for the twins to share. We were originally looking at the Leapad 2 or Leapad Ultra as we have a Leapster Explorer that our oldest son use to play with when he was younger & heard the cartridges are interchangeable. Some friends & family suggested we look into a Kindle Fire HD for the twins instead as there are parental controls & I guess they can watch tv on it? Can use some guidance as I am not too tech savy Thank You!

    • I would say your friends are right. Get the FreeTime Unlimited subscription and they will be glued to the Kindle Fire HD. For $5, $3 if your a Prime member, has over 10,000 videos, games, and books for kids. This tablet actually has faster WiFi, a better screen, better speakers, and processes right along with the iPad mini.

      Your very welcome

      • I sincerely appreciate your help. This is a great site! I am sold on the Kindle Fire but not sure what model is better or really what the main differences are (HD vs HDx?) Amazon has the All-New Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet with 16G on sale for $179. Kindle Fire HD 7 with 16G for $119. Trying to figure out which model would be good for our needs and if 16G is sufficient. Thx

        • I would get at least the 32 GB if there are going to be multiple users. The main difference is a much nicer screen, quad core processor, and camera. most of the other components are the same.

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