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Posted by on Sep 5, 2013 in Kids Tablet Wifi Posts | 0 comments

Make Any Android Tablet Kid Friendly – The New Kids Place App

Make Any Android Tablet Kid Friendly – The New Kids Place App

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What is the Kids Place App?

If you have ever wanted to make any Android tablet kid friendly then your dream is now a reality. The new kids place app allow you to set parental controls on any Android device including smartphones and tablets. It was released September  2 2013 and functions a lot like the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited App.

Some of the basic parental controls you will have access to is allowing the availability of apps only by parental consent. It is a very simple program that brings up all of the apps and allows you to put check marks next to the apps you want your children to have access to.

You can also set timers for the Kids Place and it will shut down the app when their time has expired. This is very useful if you don’t want your kids to live on this technology all day long.

Other protective features include a block of abilities to buy apps or upgrades in apps. When a purchase is attempted in the Kids Place app then it takes them right back to the home screen.

Other neat features include the ability to block incoming calls while the app is launched. You won’t have to worry about your children answering your phone while it is being used. You can also disable any of the wireless features like Bluetooth and WiFi.

You can view a full review of this app at the Google Play Store.

How Will This Affect the Kids Tablet Market?

I honestly believe this is a great app for older children more then toddlers and elementary school children. The more advanced tablets are still not built with a child in mind. This market specifically builds very durable tablets that are not only kid friendly but have a variety of educational apps and curriculum that target the needs of a child.

There are many great Android tablets designed for kids and even a couple of products that are not quite as powerful as some Android tablets but will offer more value to a child. Many of the kids tablets producers are nearly as powerful as tablets designed for adults but without the hefty price tag.

Great Kids Tablets for Children Under 12 Years of AgeScreenshot kindle fire hd

Some great options for kids under 12 years of age are still the Fuhu Nabi 2 and the Amazon Kindle Fire. These tablets are not only built for young kids but perform at par with tablets like the iPad and Nexus.

They have great parental controls and offer more durability then the high dollar tablets. Nothing will be  more disappointing then the first crack in a screen of a $400+ tablet you just bought.

Great Tablets for Young Children

For toddlers to early elementary I would still suggest the LeapFrog LeapPads, Vtech Innotabs, and the Vinci Line of tablets. These are built for kids who don’t always think about the durability of the toy they are using.

All 3 of these tablets offer extensive educational apps and the Vinci has an actual curriculum that runs from 18 months through kindergarten age children. These are games and apps that target knowledge and reasoning skills.

They are produced by authors who have done extensive studies on the growth of young minds and what path helps the brain grow from one area to the next to accomplish an overall understanding of the world. They start from subjects as simple as shapes and colors and go all the way up to basic algebra.

Screenshot nabi vs innotab 3s vs leappad ultra

You can view some of my favorite apps for kids from the LeapFrog Team here. The Vech Innotab is the LeapFrog’s cheaper counter part with all of the same producers and types of educational apps.

If your interested in a very targeted curriculum for kids by age then you can view more information on the Vinci III M kids tablet that is android based.

Please leave comments and thoughts below about this new app and any thoughts on kids tablets. Have thoughts on how to make any Android tablet kid friendly or great educational apps to share?

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