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Meep! X2 Kids Tablet Review

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Meep X2 Kids Tablet

Price - $149.99

Release Date - October 2013

Age Group - 6 and Up

Publishers - Oregon Scientific and Android

Quality - Average


What is the Meep! X2 Kids Tablet

It has available parental controls accessible via the internet from smartphones, PCs and Tablets. 4 separate levels to meet any families needs. You can also monitor text chats or talk to your child one on one from anywhere.

A virtual allowance for kids lets them decide what new games and eBooks they want to purchase, ideal for grandparents to easily load the tablet with some extra coins to purchase new things.

There are also lots of accessories like a keyboard and standing cover case, microphone, drums, musical keyboard, 2 different colored bumper cases: pink and orange, headphones, travel speakers, HDMI cable, and carrying case.

The Android 4.2 is one of the newest OS' available on the market. Right now only the 4.3 version is newer so you should be OK with the compatibility of new games. You will not have Google Play available but you will have the Meep! store which is fairly extensive.

Meep X2 Kids Tablet Specs

The 7" low resolution WVGA 800 x 480 is nothing great to speak of. Even the LeapPad Ultra has a better screen. The color and contrast are average.

They have upgraded the 1.0 GHz processor last year to a 1.2 GHz dual core A9 cortex processor. Not a super fast processor but perfect for the screen. Doubt you will see many issues with screen loading times. They have also doubled the RAM this year to 1 GB RAM.

It will come standard with 4 GB of memory and they have added a micro SD slot for a 32 GB expansion possibility. This will be extremely useful and eliminate the need to manage memory all the time.

Some of the audio features include a microphone, audio jack for headphones, and a microphone jack for the optional accessory for the future rockstar of a kid you have.

Some of the ports include the HDMI port for connecting the tablet to your TV and a micro USB port for charging and connecting to your home PC.

The WiFi is a single band single antenna and not amazingly fast like the Kindle Fire HD but it will do the job. Another wireless option is the Bluetooth that allows you to connect to optional keyboard and case accessory, smartphones, or MP3 players. You will also have a G sensor for motion games.

There are 2 cameras for photos, videos and video calling. They aren't great quality but I don't think your 6 year old is going to care about whether they are 5 MP or 1.3 MP.

In the Box

  •  Meep X2 Tablet
  • Silicon Skin
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card

The Good

  •  Lots of Great Accessories
  • Good Parental Controls
  • Expandable Memory
  • HDMI port

The Bad

  •  Average Screen
  • Average Speakers
  • Low Quality Cameras

The Breakdown

Nothing really stands out for me with this tablet. It is $149 which is a fair price for the functions it offers. They updated a lot of specs versus last year but there are so many kids tablets that offer more for nearly the same price. If $150 is your budget then look at the Kurio 7s family tablet.

If you have a little money in your budget then check out the Nabi 2. They have just released a Nickelodeon Edition and Disney Edition. They run $199 but have more content and it is just a much better all around kids tablet.

My Meep X2 Kids Tablet Video Review

Best Price on Meep! X2

You can find it currently on eBay for $149.99

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  1. Hi my comment/question is about the meep 2 I am considering getting this for my 4 yr old a friend is selling one brand new for 50$ my main concern is that we do not have wifi at my house (we have a verizon aircard used with our pc) concerned with how many apps/games will actually play without wifi I do realize I will need the wifi to download the apps/ games. And are any of the included app/games able to play out of the box with no wifi connection? Thanks for ur time =) also is it possible to download apps/games from my comp via usb?

    • Yes there are games and yes you can download from your PC. I use the micro SD as opposed to the USB drive unless it is a micro USB drive so you can easily swap from PC to the tablet.

  2. Would you recommend the meepx2 or kurio 7? Just returned the smartab junior pro, such junk, it would inly have enough battery life for one hour and the battery button stuck, so couldn’t turn it on again… trying to get my son a better tablet, but still a kid tablet

    • I really like both and both have great parental controls. A big plus for me on the Meep is the preloaded texting program and the ability to use Google Play.

      • Thank you, I didn’t know google play wasn’t available on the kurio 7s, made my decision a lot easier!

        • I actually just saw with their most recent update they were approved by Google and with the latest update you can add Google Play.

  3. Can u do a kurio 10s vs nabi ad

  4. You can access google play on this tablet. I bought it for my son. You just go to Parental settings. Log in. Press the menu button in the top right hand corner, and select open google play.

    • I knew I had seen it somewhere when I was doing the review but couldn’t recall. I was playing with the one I got my wife’s younger brother and found it yesterday. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Was wondering if you can answer a few questions:
    Does the tablet have internet access? So they can watch youtube cartoons?
    Also does the tablet have Disney apps to download?
    We already purchased the tablet at toys rus, which by the way have an amazing bargain for parents. They price match from the internet so I just showed them the kohls deal and got it for 79.99$.
    Thanks for answering questions, want to see if we should keep it for our daughter.

    • Yes it has wifi to connect to the internet and YouTube. You can find Disney apps as well. Most of their apps are interactive books. This tablet is worth the $80.

  6. Are you positive the device doesn’t have google play on it. I am looking for a device he can access google play on and you can’t beat the deal at Kohls? Help

    • I didn’t see Google Play on it. I also tried to just go to it on the web browser but it blocked installation. There are ways to get Google apps but most of them are pretty complicated and time consuming to learn.

      • It has google play. You can launch it from the parental settings menu or from the meep website.

        • Thanks for the update. I knew I saw it somewhere but couldn’t remember where when you asked.

    • The one that I looked at on the QVC website does have google play

      • I’ll pull mine out again but it blocked installation last time I tried. Might be last years model.

  7. not sure which tablet to get my 7 yr old daughter. I don’t want to spend a lot of money since she is only 7. im looking for a tablet she can browse internet on, make video, take pictures, play games and listen to music on. ive narrowed it down to either the meep or the smart tablet but can not decide on which one to get. please help!

    • As of 12/15/13, has the MeepX2 with headphones for $80 – 20% with promo code “SHINE” and you get $15 back in Kohls cash. = $64 out of pocket and $15 coming back in store credit.

  8. Is flash available for this model? I am looking for something that my kids can also do their homework websites on, such as spelling city or first in math.

    • I don’t believe it does, very few kids tablets have this option. The ones that do still have issues running websites that utilize adobe pages that require their Flash player.

  9. Can you play the games and listen to music that’s downloaded when traveling and wifi is not accessible?

    • Yes if the data is stored on the tablet or SD card you will be able to access and use it on the go.

  10. I found this on sale for 79.99. Would this price make it worth buying compared to other options out there?

    • If it’s the X2 that is a great deal and I would keep it. If it’s last years Meep! Which looks identical that’s still a decent deal but they did have some issues with the first model. You should be able to tell by the OS installed which will say Android 4.0. The X2 will be clearly marked on the front of the package.

  11. Great review, Ryan. It’s easy to sink a nice chunk of change into one of these tablets, so in my mind that raises a question: assuming I don’t run over the tablet with my vehicle or launch it from the roof of my home, how long will the average tablet last? I’d like to get a good run for my money. Meep meep! :-)

    • I have actually never had one just quit on me. I have had 2 tablets for 3 years and just recently sold them for a modest price. I think for the most part it is like anything else. Depending on how you take care of it they can last as long as any laptop or computer. Usually within 3 to 5 years technology has outdated what you currently own and that is why it is so important to get the best for what you can afford.

      My rule of thumb is usually $50 per year for one of these. I like to spend about $150 to $200 on tablets and smartphones and expect them to last 3 to 4 years.

  12. Whenever I see the name “Meep x2″ I think of roadrunner “Meep Meep”.

    You must have come across some ridiculously named tablets before this one. Some of them are just weird. What’s the worst you’ve seen?

    • I had never thought about that but now I’m chuckling thinking about the coyote and roadrunner. I think all of them have weird names but they are unique and probably symbolize something to the companies who build them. Really the only one that makes sense to me is the Innotab, Innovative tablet. LeapPad is kinda like a cross between iPad and Leapfrog. The weirdest has to be the hudl though. Came across it in a news story but think it will only be available in the UK for now through Argos.

  13. I see that this one connects to the TV. Do they all do that? Not that kids need more TV time, but it can be fun for kids to be able to plug their tablets to the big screen, and I’m sure kids these days can do it better than me!

    Too bad you rated the screen ‘average’. Which tablet has the best screen rating?

    • Actually almost all of the Android kids tablets have the HDMI port. The one that doesn’t is also the one that answers your second question, which has the best screen. The new kindle HDX has the nicest screen and no longer requires an HDMI port. It can connect wirelessly to things like a smart TV and Playstation. A very cool new feature. You can then use the tablet as a remote or for Xray features.

  14. As I read through you mentioned about compatibility with other units….

    Will this be outdated a month after purchase….will it be useable for years to come or just until they make something newer and put the old out to pastor….then you need to get a new one to play the new things….computers did this for years it was sickening…

    • I agree. I remember how often new products came out and you had to get the new one to play the new games. If you get a tablet with 4.0 or better you will be OK for at least a couple of years. At that point it is really the responsibility of the tablet company to provide updates and what I have seen so far is they are willing to get the consumers what they need to continue enjoying their products.

  15. At these prices i’m glad my kids are grown LOL. These have to be a great teaching tool that was not available for my kids.

    • They have so many functions beyond the educational aspect. I pick up my sons every once and awhile to play with as well. I just like to see the new content they are releasing and what he is playing.

      Thanks for the comment.

  16. I know a couple of youngsters who’d love one of these for Christmas!
    How does the price compare with the competition?

    • Most kids tablets are running from $150 to $200 so it’s pretty much in the average price range.

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