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Posted by on Oct 20, 2013 in Kids Tablet Wifi Posts | 150 comments

Nabi 2 Disney Edition Just Released

Nabi 2 Disney Edition Just Released

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Nabi 2  Disney Edition

Fuhu has been super busy establishing relationships with great companies and the new Nabi 2 Disney Edition has just been released. This tablet is my top pick for many reasons and they just made it even more appetizing by adding Disney Software through Best Buy only.

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What Comes with the Nabi 2 Disney Edition?

Fuhu has added over 50 pieces of content through the Disney for this edition. It will include videos, books, games and music tracks from Disney. It will feature popular characters like Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses, Cars, Toy Story, Sophia, Phineas and Ferb, and Jack and the Neverland Pirates.

Some additional features they are adding is the ability to watch live TV on Disney Junior, Disney channel, and Disney XD. You will also get access to the the Disney Radio station that is available 24/7. The additional 5o pieces of content will be including 6 full length episodes, 40 karaoke songs, and 6 eBooks from popular Disney content.

I know your probably wondering how much more this is going to cost you but don’t worry. You are getting  a great bargain. For only $20 more they have added this 50 additional pieces of content, putting the price at $199.

See New Nabi 2 Disney Edition

Why I picked Nabi 2 as Best All Around Kids Tablet

This tablet comes with a great set of pre-loaded educational content including Fuhu’s Wings program. This is the child safe zone where kids can learn and earn coins to get free educational games just by completing their current games.

Not only is it a great educational kids tablet but it is entertaining as well. Your children will have access to the Nabi store and Amazon store to get new apps, games, movies, and music.  If your looking for a tablet with Netflix as well, then you are looking at the right one.

This tablet is also the most durable kids tablet available. If you haven’t seen the Nabi 2 drop test then you should check it out. This is simply an amazing feat considering how powerful this tablet is.

If your wondering about freezing and black screens because of a poor processor then don’t worry. Fuhu paired with NVIDIA and put a quad core Tegra 3 processor in it. This will load anywhere from 40 to 60 FPS which rivals most adult tablets.

To sum up the Nabi 2: It is fast, educational, entertaining, and durable. It is everything the modern parent is looking for in a kids tablet.

See More Specs

Nabi 2 Kids Tablet Specs

I’ve already mentioned the super fast processor that runs this Android tablet. It also has a fifth core GPU to handle all the graphics of games and movies.

It comes with 8 GB of internal memory and has a  SD card slot for you to expand your memory by an additional 32 GB. This will allow you to add additional movies and games to your tablet without worrying about filling up all of the memory.

The 7″ HD screen is a multi-point touch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600. They chose a perfect pixel density vs processor to provide a smooth and fast running tablet.

Some other great features include the WiFi and Bluetooth. This allows you to connect to the internet on any network. With the Bluetooth you can connect to mobile phones, MP3 players, and wireless headphones.

The additional ports include an HDMI port for connecting to your TV, a standard headphone jack for those long car rides, and a DC port for charging. You will also have a front facing camera and microphone for video calls and making videos or taking pictures.

So far parents are giving this edition of the Nabi 2 a whopping 5 out 5 stars.

My Nabi 2 Disney Edition Video Review

In my hands on video of the Nabi 2 Disney Edition I take you through the un-boxing, what’s included, getting started, specs, Disney Content, and all the extras including adding Amazon Appstore, Netflix, movies and more.

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  1. hi. where could I get a nabi 2 disney edition in the uk and how much are they. also do they allow you to play already downloaded apps without wifi?

    • It is not available in the UK currently. The cost of shipping usually runs about $100 after the tablet cost in the US which is $216 with tax. I have shipped a few for visitors. Most of the games are playable without wifi but the fooz university can only be accessed when the tablet is connected to wifi.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    We just purchased the Nabi 2 Disney version for Christmas. It’s a little tough to navigate coming from the Apple iPad world, but I’m getting there. In your opinion, what is the best way to purchase tv shows (PBS shows like Super Why/Sesame Street and Disney shows) that can be accessed in Nabi mode easily? My girls are really familiar with how to navigate the iPad, access videos, then choose the one they want to watch. Of course after I go into iTunes and purchase something for them. This doesn’t seem to be as straight forward, but maybe I’m missing something?

    Also, since I have two tablets, will I have to download and pay for the content twice or do I have access to everything on my account with both Nabis?


  3. I bought the regular nabi 2 to last year for one child, and the Disney one this year for the other. With all the Disney content it doesn’t leave much room for other apps. I’m using my SD card for movies but can apps be moved to the Sd card to free up space? If not is there any other way without deleting apps to make room for new ones?

    • There is a way to do it once they do the OTA update allowing Google Play on the Disney edition. It’s an app called “root internal to external SD”. v=basically this changes a file in your root files telling your tablet to store files onto your external SD card. I know it is available and worked on my Nabi XD that was rooted, meaning I had added Google Play already.

  4. I have Directv which means I would not have access to the Disney live content. But are there still Disney features that make this worth buying over the standard Nabi 2?

    Any chance there are a few free episodes? I’ve got the watch Disney app on my iphone – can’t access the live channels but it does offer some free episodes that change every so often. I’m not too concerned about the live TV since he already watches enough as it is.

    • The channels are really a bonus feature and still in the works of getting it working correctly and streaming well. You still get 30 apps, books, and songs. I don’t really see the need for it especially with Direct TV and him having access to the channels anyways. It’s more like an on the go feature when your at public WiFi spots. Otherwise I would prefer just to watch it on TV as opposed to a 7″ tablet. I guess if you were having sharing issues on the number of TV’s in the house versus the number of people it could also be a benefit. Not a huge loss in my opinion.

      There are some videos on the Nabi 2 and some in the Disney section as well. I don’t think they are rotating in the Disney section though. The other videos are links to websites and there are quite a few on the Fooz University kids section. Unless you can find a Nabi 2 really cheap I would spend the extra $20 for the Disney edition.

  5. My grandson is almost 3. He loves Nick Jr and Disney which of the Nabi 2s would you recommend? The special editions or the originals? Thank you.

    • The Nabi Jr Nick Jr has the Nick Jr characters and the Nabi 2 has a Disney edition with Disney characters. For his age you are better off with the Nabi Jr Nick Jr because the apps included are for the 3 to 6 year old range. The Nabi 2 is more for 6 and up but apps can be added to it to make it more friendly for his age group. Either will work well but the Nabi Jr just won’t require any additional effort to make it work for him.

  6. I am so confused as to which tablet to get my 8 year old daughter she loves taking pictures, singing, playing games ,and of course educational programs wouldn’t hurt for her to have. At first I was thinking the Nabi 2 but then realized that there is a Disney version but after reading your reviews I thought the Kurio 7S would be better I don’t know what would be a great tablet for her since there are so many choices. I would like to keep my budget under $200. Thank you in advance.

    • For under $200 you could get a SG Tab 3(not kids) and load it down with apps. You just need to add the kids place app so you will have parental controls. It is an outstanding tablet for the price.

      I would suggest the Kindle Fire HDX if it is still on sale, was 20% off making it $184, but it only has a single camera thus making the SG Tab 3 7″ a better choice.

  7. Hi, is it possible to get the Google Play Store onto this tablet? And does it come with the Amazon App Store already installed? I ordered one of these tablets but I live in Canada, do you know what isn’t available for me because of the regional restrictions? The tablet is at my friend’s in the US right now so I could have him install everything, I just dont know what I need and what is missing so that he can put it on for me. Thanks.

    • The Amazon Appstore is not pre-installed but very easy to add. I have not seen a root for this allowing you to actually add the Google Play store. The one thing you will lose out on is the Disney channels. I don’t know that Nabi has secured relationships with your cable providers yet. Other than that with Nabi moving into Canada this month everything else should work.

      Your welcome.

  8. I want to get the Nabi 2 for my two year old for Christmas. I can’t decide between the Disney and the Nick tablets. Right now he is really into Disney but I am afraid that in a year or so he will want to be more like his big brother and not want to play the Disney apps anymore. Can these apps be removed to free up GB? Thanks and thanks for a wonderful site!!

    • Your welcome and no you can’t find the apps in the files to free up the space. They do this so people can’t copy, steal, and share the apps. You can remove them from the dashboard but that’s not going to free up space.

      Your welcome

      • I have bought a nabi2 for my twins. I didn’t not get the disney edition. They are 4 years old. I thought I read that could add the disney addition by downloading it. Is this true or should I return the nabi 2′s and get the nabi 2 disney addition?

        • I can send a request in to the Nabi co if you’d like but last time I spoke to them it was not going to be available for download. It kinda defeats the purpose for anyone even spending more on the Disney edition.

          • however i understand your statement that it is the reason to buy the disney addition however what about those of us that bought it last year for us to buy a new tablet for that would be crazy there should be a download since it is only 20$

          • I just relay the info. I don’t see them releasing it and the best place to go is the Nabi Fan Page on FB and voice your concerns. They eventually released some extra content for the Nabi Jr that wasn’t originally available. I see your point in the $20 thing but a lot of people got theirs in the $99 to $129 range this Christmas so its a $70 to $100 loss nabi would take.

          • i too purchased nabi2 last year & would like to download disney’s edition, if this is possible.

          • Your best option is to add the new OTA and get Google Play where there is lots of Disney Jr apps.

  9. My kids love the commercials for the Nabi 2 and now with the Disney content, they are begging for them. Right now, they both use my Nook HD Tablet to play games. Question is, they are 7 and 8 years old, so are they TOO OLD for Nabi 2 now?? Thanks!

    • Actually prime years for included content is 7 to 11. They are easy enough for a 3 or 4 year old to use but your kids are at the perfect age for them. Thanks for the comment and question.

  10. Your website is phenomenal!! Your attention to detail has really helped me to better understand tablets for children (who knew it could be so complicated?). I’ve read all the questions/comments and enjoyed the rapport you have with each person.

    So now I actually have a question of my own… My nephew loves Disney Jr. so it is my intention to get the Nabi 2 Disney tablet for him for Christmas. I see that this particular model is sold exclusively through Best Buy. As most stores do, they are offering accidental protection plans. Would you recommend purchasing one? Best Buy’s site states:

    “Get peace of mind with plans that all include a no-lemon policy, repair coverage for wear and tear, power surges and much more.”

    In getting warranty information from Fuhu, I don’t see that any of that is offered. Any thoughts/recommendations from your experience? Please advise.

    Thank you in advance for your help as it is greatly appreciated :)

    • I was actually looking at their geek squad for these tablets the other day and they actually seem resonably priced when compared to others like square trade through Amazon, equally priced. Ive always purchased these for my smartphones, which I prefer to buy through best buy, because insurance costs $10 a month no matter where you get it and their geek squad will pretty much replace anything no matter what happens. If they are still offering it for $25 to $30 a year I definitely think its worth purchasing for a $200 tablet. A cracked screen will cost you a lot more if you cant replace it by yourself. Although this tablet is the most durable I still think it is peace of mind knowing you won’t be out $200 for a broken tablet by adding the $50 with a 2 year geek squad plan.

      I value my visitors and want to make a fulltime business out of this one day, offering my visitors the best experience I can is just a goal of mine. Thanks for the question and hope it was a helpful answer.

      • Ok, great. Thank you for your advice. I had a Best Buy accident plan for a computer a few years ago and it seemed like nothing was covered when issues started with my computer, and I had gotten the 2-year plan since I was still in school.

        Going between both, Fuhu and Best Buy, it does make sense to get the Best Buy warranty as Fuhu leaves little to the imagination on repairs/replacement (in my opinion). If you would indulge a couple more question, I would appreciate it…

        Would you get the 1-year plan for $39.99 or 2-year for $69.99? Why?

        I ask because I want to make sure the tablet is covered; my experience won’t be the same as the next. As you have more experience with use, I hope these questions can also be answered.

        Thank you so much again :)

        • My opinion on technology like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc is you need to get a minimum of 2 years out of it and if it breaks after that your technology is probably outdated anyways and needs upgraded once it breaks. The Nabi 2′s that first came out are still operational so you should be fine as far as the hardware lasting but the plan is really for those broken screens that will cost you over $100 to fix and the off chance that something was wrong to begin with.

          I would get the 2 year and if it malfunctions past that point you have still gotten your money’s worth. It’s less than .50 cents a day which isn’t even a cup of coffee for hundreds of hours of entertainment. Much cheaper than the movies or other outside sources of entertainment per hour plus a lot of extra education.

          That is my reasoning and why I bought a 2 year plan on my XD. Even though it was $60.

          Hope that helps you make a decision and thanks for the question.

  11. Hi Ryan,
    I have an 8 yr old daughter and Disney has her convinced she needs a Nabi2 Disney Edition for Christmas!!! We have an Ipad and Kindle Fire in the house already, which she uses somewhat regularly with our permission. I do not know if I should get her the Nabi2 Disney, Kurio 7, or maybe a Nexus. So, I have a few questions…

    1) Is the Nabi2 Disney version one that can be rooted AND would this remove the special Disney functionality?

    2) What are the main functionality differences between the three? I am not familiar with Android or Google Play, so my knowledge is limited. Does each have age appropriate educational apps (meaning challenging enough for an advanced 8 yr old)?

    3) What are the parental control options of the three? My biggest concern is something unsolicited and inappropriate coming up on a website or banner when she goes online. Do they have options for multiple user accounts that I can use to restrict websites?

    4) I read your comments about needed WiFi and cable provided to view Disney. Do you know if DirecTV can be used, being they are a satellite provider (as opposed to cable)?

    Thanks for your time and helping all us folks out!!!


    • I have not seen a ROM for this tablet yet. The core purpose of rooting a tablet is to allow you to have access to every file and make decisions to allow files on there like Google Play to install which are normally blocked. It does not destroy current files but it will allow you to see them and delete files that are normally hidden by the manufacturer.

      I assume you are familiar with iTunes then and Google Play is larger and has more available apps, many are similar.

      It’s actually not a filter. You have to enter the urls and approve them for her to even visit the website on the Disney edition Nabi 2. The Kurio offers 4 different settings and is an actual filter or can be used like the Nabi 2. The nexus has no preloaded software for parental controls.

      As for your last question I just sent a request to Nabi and should have a response shortly.

      Your welcome and I’ll post their response as soon as I get it. Here is where you go to check a local cable provider. If yours is not provided when you check then you need to send a request through that page so maybe your TV provider will join.

  12. my daughter is 4 1/2. She loves Disney and Nick Jr. If I get the Disney edition, would I be able to download the Nick jr games too?

    • The special edition games are currently not available for purchase to put on other tablets.

  13. sorry I meant to put-Nabi 2 edition- for the previous message

    • For the regular edition you will need WiFi for Fooz Kids University and Web Surfing. Cable is not necessary.

  14. For the Nabi 2 Disney addition, do you need both or either or, cable and wifi? to get the Disney channels and radio Disney?

    • You need both. The WiFi for connection and a cable provider to stream the channels.

  15. Ryan,
    First let me say your site and knowledge is extremely helpful. Thank you!
    Sorry I didn’t come upon your Kidstabletwifi site earlier. Missed out on the great sale on the Nabi2.
    Anyway, I am now torn between the Nabi2 and the Nabi 2 Disney Edition.

    Which one do you prefer?

    It’s for my 3 yr old granddaughter who knows her way around an ipad.
    Being the Nabi2 is on the expensive side, I don’t want her to loss interest easily.
    Again, thank you.

    • Sorry I didn’t ask about your thoughts on the Nabi jr as well.

      So many choices… Help! Can’t make up my mind.
      I want the best for the buck!
      Thanks again.

      • The Nabi Jr is designed is designed for her age group. I would get the Nick Jr model though and here is my video. They upgraded the internal components like processor and 4 times the memory of the original. If she is a fan of Team Umizoomi or Dora this might be a better option.

    • The Disney Edition is in my top 3 this year. If your grandchild has cable and WiFi then that will be a much better deal for the additional $20. There is way to much available for her to get bored and tons of games and education available that will keep her busy.

      We are trying to grow much more as a site because I also believe there is valuable info that I provide. FB shares help us accomplish that growth so more people will find us easier.

  16. Ok.. I’m having the toughest time deciding between the Nabi 2 Disney & the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 for my 6 yo girl. She loves her disney & needs the extra help with educational apps/phonics. I decided to buy my 8 yo daughter the new HD Nook bec. she loves reading but I’m sure they will all share each other’s tablets. Leaning toward the Nabi but there seems to be more issues that people have & I’ve seen the Galaxy in person the screen is so crisp & sharp but my kids see all the Disney commercials that make them want that dang Nabi. Your thoughts are appreciated! Thank you.

    • The Disney Content is a huge draw. Those are 2 of my top 5 this year because they are both so great. If you have wifi and a cable provider they will be able to watch the Disney channel and listen to Disney radio which is really cool. There are chances to have issues with both but Samsung customer service has always been good to me. I have tablets, TV’s, Refrigerator, Dishwasher etc because I love the brand. They make good reliable products and if you get a dud they fix it promptly. I like the SG Tab 3 as well because you get Google Play out of the box. I hope that helps a little bit and that’s what I’d get. You can add the same Disney Books and games through Google Play. The only thing you won’t get is the Disney Channels but there are plenty of options to stream videos on Google Play as well.

      • That is great info.. We just purchased the Samsung Tab 3 for our daughter( 2y-o).I am finding that it is just too much for her all at once. She does know how to navigate to get to the Netflix really well. I am torn between the Kindle Fire HDX or Nobi2 Disney. Her godmother wants to get her a tablet for educational purposes. HELP… FYI- She loves reading…

        • Both offer great book options but the Kindle Fire will obviously have more options because it is made by The Book Store – Amazon. With FreeTime Unlimited there is literally thousands of kids books, games, and apps for kids.

  17. Thanks so much for all the reviews – With your help I have narrowed my choice down to two for my 3 and a half year old granddaughter. Torn between Nabi Jr. Nick version & Nabi 2 Disney edition. She of course loves Disney princesses but loves the Nick channel, esp. Dora. She is very advanced for her age, plays game on my computer, reads at a first grade level. Give me some pros & cons & recommendations. Thanks so much. Your site is great!

    • I guess a big con of the Disney edition is she will need WiFi and a local cable provider to get the included Disney channels and Disney radio. I would consider to that you get double the memory and the same processor even with the Nick Jr model. I think it is a great place for her to start.

      With her being so far advanced and basically at 1st grade level she would be able to use the content on the Disney edition as well like all the Disney books. I guess the biggest factor would be my first thought, does she have WiFi and a cable provider so she can take full advantage of the special features?

  18. Thanks for your in-depth overview. It is quite helpful.

  19. Hi Ryan, I’ve been trying to figure out which tablet to get for my son for Christmas this year and after watching a couple of your videos, I think I’m sold on the Nabi 2! It seems like a great tablet for kids and ends up less expensive than something like the leappad.. He loves Disney so I was thinking of going for the Disney Edition, but with Black Friday coming, the regular Nabi 2 is on sale for a good price.. Do you know if it’s possible to download all the Disney content on the regular edition or would I specifically need to get the Disney Edition to have access to all of it? I live in Canada, so the Nabi 2 will be on sale for 130$ and the Disney Edition is 200$. Should I just go for the regular one or is the Disney Edition really worth? Thank you for your help! :)

    • I doubt it will be downloadable because this is how they are able to sell it for more. It is still a good deal and will cost you more than $70 to put all that Disney content together. It’s really up to you.

      • Thank you! I actually just noticed that I was looking at a US website and the Disney Edition isn’t available in Canada from what I’ve seen so far. There also isn’t a sale for the Nabi 2 here, it’s 199$ for the Regular Edition and that’s all that is available. I might have a friend ship one over from the US. Thank you for your help, I haven’t seen one in person or tried different tablets so it’s hard to know what to buy!

    • They are still trying to contract with cable providers outside the US for the Disney Channels and Radio to work is why it is currently only available in the US.

  20. If I wanted to purchase cartoon episodes from Amazon, how do I download it to my Nabi 2? I would like to purchase several cartoons and movies and save it to the SD card. Help please! Thanks in advance!

      • Digital

        • Are you downloading to your PC and then transferring it? This would be my preferred method because if it isn’t in a format that will play on the Nabi 2 it could easily be formatted.

          If it is digital and going straight to the Nabi they will probably have hidden files preventing you from moving it to the SD card.

          I just did a video that you could use to help you preform this but skip the DVD ripping part.

      • If you give me an example of a product and the URL I’ll download it tonight and figure out how to make it work on your Nabi 2.

  21. Sorry to bother you, Ryan. I was about to purchase the Nabi 2 Disney edition for my 5-year-old until some staff at the store raved about the new Galaxy Tab 3 for kids. Just wanted to get your thoughts before I moved on anything. Thanks for your time and help.

  22. My daughter is 3.5 and I’m debating on getting her the Nabi Nick Jr tablet or the Nabi 2. Can you tell me the main difference? She loves Nick Jr but can you download the same apps onto the Nabi 2? Also, do you think the Nabi 2 would be too difficult for her age? I want something she can enjoy playing now.

    • To be honest if you get the Nabi Jr Nick Jr it is very identical as far as internal components. The major difference is the screen size and you actually get more internal memory. You will not be able to add those apps on a Nabi 2 so if she is a fan of Nick Jr get that one.

      The Nabi 2 is not more difficult but has a different set of preloaded apps focused on a year or 2 older than your child.

      The Nabi Jr Nick Jr is a good buy.

  23. I wanted to know if the nabi disney is something you would get a 9 year old. Or should we get a normal tablet? We want something that will grow with her, but we dont want it to be childish. She loves Disney so the shows work but when I was at Best Buy it looked like if was for smaller kids(books and stuff pre loaded) Just wondering if we are going to spend 200.00 should we just get a adult one for her. Thanks for the help

    • Comment fits well within the age range. The educational content is up to age 11. I usually suggest the Kurio 7s for this age group. It has a much more grown up feel for older kids and the educational content for the older age group is much more entertaining.

  24. Very helpful website!!! Im looking to buy either leappad ultra or nabi 2 maybe disney version for my 3 yr old son xmas. Im looking for educational game playing, movies/shows, and to be used on the go not just at home. My question to you is when you say nabi 2 requires WiFi for apps does that mean just for downloading or to actually play the games once downloaded you still need WiFi? Also I’m desperate to find out if any of the nabi app stores have any Thomas and friends apps since its my sons favorite character? Thank you in advance!

    • The educational apps(Fooz University requires WiFi whenever used) but most of the other apps work. It can still be used on the go but you have to have your own video recorded to an SD card and have games that can be used without WiFi. There are a lot of apps through the Amazon AppStore that have Thomas the Train. Most of them are very inexpensive or free. They also have some eBooks with Thomas and Friends. I’m a much bigger fan of the Nabi 2 unless you have no WiFi at your house. I think it loses some of it’s value if they can’t even take advantage of the treasure chest and earn games through completing the educational program.

      Your welcome.

  25. Hi,

    I have several questions. After doing a lot of research, here they are:
    Note: my daughter is 20 months and is very adept at using the iphone & ipad

    1) my friend recommends the Leap Pad, but I worry this will be too simple for her if she has already mastered the ipad somewhat
    2) it looks like the leap pad apps will end up costing a fortune at $10 a pop
    3) leaning towards the Nabi 2…then i saw the disney edition
    4) how many apps on either Nabi 2 work without wifi (say when on the road…we go visit grandma every week)
    5) how much do additional apps cost on average for either Nabi 2 or Disney edition
    6) is the Nabi 2 Disney really worth the extra cost compared to regular Nabi 2 (and there are really no purchase disney apps for the regular Nabi 2?)
    7) will the Nabi 2 Disney be on sale anytime soon or for Black Friday
    8) how long do you think my daughter who is 20 months be able to use this or will it seem to slow for her in a year? ( especially if newer versions come our)
    9) thank you for such a great site and answering everyones questions

    • 1 LeapPads are nice but very limited in functions that will be available on these kids tablets
      2 $10 is actually a cheap price, normally they are $15 to $25.
      3 Nabi 2 will be good no matter which one you get.
      4 most apps will work but Fooz University and a lot of the videos will require it as well.
      5 most android apps run free to $3.
      6 there are Disney apps available but not everything on the special edition will be purchasable on the regular edition.
      7 I haven’t seen it on sale and doubt it will be as they can barely keep them in stick at that price.
      8 it’s plenty fast enough but I do expect Fuhu to release a Nabi 3 next year.
      9 your very welcome and glad I could help

      • Thank you so much. This was a great help.

  26. I just wanted to start off by saying THANK YOU so much for your site! I was having a hard time deciding on which device to buy my daughter for my birthday and your reviews and comparisons helped me narrow it down to a Nabi2!

    So now here’s the question:
    My daughter loves the shows on Disney, which was why I was leaning towards purchasing the special edition Disney Nabi2. When I looked at the specs for the Nabi2 and the Disney Nabi2 I was a little confused. I know that the Disney Nabi will come with the special Disney games, songs, etc, but will it also come with everything else that is on the Nabi2? If I’m going to pay extra for the Disney edition I am hoping that I will be getting everything that comes on the original Nabi PLUS the Disney stuff. Please let me know!

    Thanks again!

    • Yes it will have everything the original does plus the extra Disney content. They haven’t changed any specs on it either, so it is still the same tablet.

  27. My Question is between Nabi 2 ($99 on black Friday at walmart) and Nabi 2 Disney ($199) which one should I pick for my 4 years olds girl. I want to know is the app in Disney edition worth it or not.

    • That is really a question you have to ask yourself. Do you want to pay $99 for 3 Disney channels, Disney Radio, the books, and the apps. They say it is $50 worth of software so realistically no but you also won’t be ale to purchase this software later.

  28. Can you direct me as to the best option for wi-fi? I just recently purchased the Disney Nabi 2 for my daughter but you can’t do much without it asking for your wifi connection and that is foreign to me? Thanks!

    • It really depends where you are located, what your monthly budget is, what is available there, and how much of it’s going to be for video use because it will eat up your bandwidth quickly.

      Feel free to use the contact us page and I will try to help you the best I can.

  29. Are you able to views videos on YouTube on this tablet? My son likes games and all but he loves watching movies on YouTube on our iPad. I want to make sure I wasn’t purchasing a tablet with just games. Thanks!

    • YouTube is available through the Amazon AppStore on this tablet.

      Thanks for the question

  30. Your site has been very helpful.I was hoping you could answer some questions I have. In a previous comment you said the watch Disney app is free but do you have to have a certain tv provider to watch it? I have 2 children. If I were to buy the Disney edition nabi and the regular nabi 2 on black fiday is it possible to put the Disney content on an sd card and load on the regular nabi? I hate to buy two Disney tablets when the nabi 2 will be on sale for $99.00

    • You won’t need a TV provider but you will need WiFi. You also will not be able to download this app on a regular Nabi 2.

      Thanks for the questions

  31. Thank you so much for all of your reviews, they have been so helpful! I was really interested in the Nabi for my twin 2.5 year olds but was nervous about the negative feedback-but you put most of my worries to rest.

    Do you think the Nabi 2 Disney would be appropriate for a 2.5 year old? They are always on my iPad playing games- i didn’t know if the Nabi Jr is more appropriate for them- I just like the idea of Disney since that is something they enjoy. Thanks!

    • It’s the same navigation on both of them. I would get the Disney edition if that’s the content your girls like. The major advantages of the Nabi Jr 16 GB is it has twice the memory, the same processor, and a swivel camera for taking photos/videos in both directions a and it’s less expensive.

    • I have been searching for a list of the different apps that are included on the Nabi 2 and the Nabi 2 Disney Edition. I just purchased the Nabi 2 through the Nabi website because they have a special price for children on the autism spectrum. However, I have another child who is not autistic and I wanted to purchase him a Nabi 2 for Christmas as well. He is 4 years old and will be 5 in March. I know that Walmart will have Nabi Jr. on sale for $99 on Black Friday. I just didn’t know if it would be good for him since he will be 5 in March. I don’t want to get something that he will outgrow in a few months. I would rather it last a while. I don’t understand why I haven’t seen a list of included apps. We do not watch SpongeBob at all, so I am assuming I should not purchase the Nickelodeon version because there would be several apps they are not allowed to play with. Do you know of any place that will be on sale during Black Friday or any other time before Christmas.

      • Walmart will have the Nabi 2 for $99 on Thanksgiving at 8pm

  32. Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for reviewing the tab. How do you place movies on it? I read somewhere that Disney digital movies, Ect, weren’t able to load onto this tab because of digital registration. I’m sure there is a way to do it, but since you had Madagascar on your demo, I was curious how you did it. Also, please do post the video on how to load the Google Play store.


    • Your right there is a way to do this. There are 2 types of software. Ones that play the movie and record what is being played and then more expensive software that overwrites certificates because companies continually try to put limitations on property we purchase as consumers to protect against the small percentage of people who don’t pirate it but want to use it multiple ways for their household.

      As for rooting it I’m working on a video to make it very easy for you to root it the same way I do. I will never post it on the website because there will be one parent that messes it up and then blames me because they can’t follow directions. You need to realize this will void your manufacturers warranty as well.

  33. Hi Ryan,

    I’ve seen you mention several times in your reviews that you have Google Play on your nabi 2. How can I get google play on my daughters nabi?

    • I used 3 programs I downloaded from the internet from XDA. I have been hesitant to share this process with people but I can put a video together if your interested in it. I can’t claim responsibility for your tablet if you mess up the process is why I have yet to post how I do it. It takes about 30 minutes but I like to have Google Play available and it speeds up your tablet and will give you the capability to store apps on your SD card as well.

      • Yes i would love a how to video for this. I do understand the risk involved with this and in my no way will hold you responsible for anything. Just need a little guidence :)

        • I’ll get one to you in the next day or two. I’ll probably be using the Nabi Jr Nick Jr I got for my nephew but the only difference will be the file I show you to download.

  34. I have this Nabi 2 Disney tablet for my 6 year old. We have had it since the beginning of October. It says and you state that memory is expandable up 32Gb via microSD. We purchased a 16 Gb card b/c internal memory was full, which was also why we purchased it. I was hoping to download and install apps onto the SD, but it will not let me. The option is not available. Nabi claims that android will not allow us to do this.

    So, my question is: how do you actually put apps onto the SD without having to delete existing games? We have been really happy with this tablet until now.

    I also put the ES on it, but do not quite understand what I need to do. I didn’t feel like that really did anything.

    Thank you for any help on this!!!

    • They also say you can’t have Google Play on it but all of my Nabi products have it. That’s the great thing about Android is there is always a way to do what you want.

      I’ll get mine out and verify the space is being freed up but I usually just move files over to the SD card with the ES file explorer or my home PC. Your basically just telling the app to look in a different place to execute the file string. I have a video that shows this with the Nabi 2 Videos.

  35. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks so much for the reviews. Thanks to you, I think we are leaning towards purchasing a nabi Disney version for Christmas for my two girls. One question that I can’t find the answer to: do you have to pay extra for access to watching the Disney channels? If you were to purchase the regular nabi 2, would there be any way to add the Disney channels later? Thanks!

    • It’s not going to cost extra to watch the Disney Channels it’s one of the features of the included software. I don’t think the Disney apps will ever be available outside of the special edition tablet. People would just buy the Nabi 2 at a cheaper price and then get the apps which defeats the purpose of them even making a special edition. I could be wrong but I really doubt they will ever make it available and that might even be in the contract with Disney.

      Thanks for the questions.

  36. Dear Ryan,

    We purchased the Nabi Disney version for our daughter who is 2 years old. Upon opening and using it we are questioning whether or not she is too young for this version of Nabi. She has used our I-pad and sucessfully navigates through and that’s why we thought the Nabi Jr. Was not for her. What are your thoughts on this and can we salvage this.

    • I sent you an email so just let me know some of your thoughts on what you would like to do.

  37. I was looking at buying either a LeapPad Ultra or a Innotab for my 3 year old nephew for Christmas. However, after reading your thorough reviews (thankyou!), I am now thinking a tablet like the Kurio or Nabi2 would be a better choice.

    I have read through most of the comments here, but was hoping you could respond specifically to my questions so that I have all the answers in one place!

    1. Are the tablets durable? My nephew is a true 3 year old boy! Is there a protective case that can be bought with them?
    2. With the Kurio, would I have the ability to download Disney games?
    3. Is the educational value with the tablets equal to the LeapPad?
    4. Which is more user friendly for his parents? I don’t want to add a bunch of extra work onto them by buying him his own device.
    5. What would your personal recommendation be for a 3 year old boy who plays on his mom’s iPhone, but has never had experience on an iPad or any other personal devices?

    Thanks so much for your help! This is a fantastic site!

    • Your very Welcome

      1. The Nabi 2 is the most durable 7″ kids tablet – here is a video
      2. You will have the same options with both for the most part because they both carry the Amazon AppStore
      3. The educational value of these 2 is very comparable to the LeapPad. With the special edition Disney you will have some Disney educational games as well. I personally think Disney has some of the best educational content available and you will find them on all App stores. By 5 he probably won’t even pick up a LeapPad so it would be a 2 year buy and you would end up investing hundred in cartridge that will be worthless after that.
      4. I found both of these very parent friendly. Easy to set up and get started, Easy to learn about options like the the web safe browsers, and easy to maintain.
      5. I think the Nabi Jr and the Nabi 2 would actually be better for a 3 year old. Easier format and nice big buttons that lead to apps, books, and videos. If you were to decide on the Nabi Jr get the Nick JR as it is a much better and upgraded product. The special edition Nabi 2′s also offer a lot more content to keep him entertained and get him educated.

      Thanks for a wonderful comment and questions. Hope you will share our site on FB or G+

  38. I am looking for a tablet for my 3 yr old for Christmas so I can get my iPhone back from him. My main problem is I want to find a kid proof tablet that has the apps he likes on my iPhone or he will still want my phone. His favorite apps are the disney jr app, disney appisodes, and jake and the neverland pirates. Can you get these on the nabi 2 or does it have to be the disney edition? Also can you get the apps that are on the disney edition in the nabi 2 if u pay for them?

    • You won’t have access to all the Disney content unless you buy the Disney edition. It is the major draw to their special editions.

  39. Hi do you know if you purchase these in the uk? My daughter would love one! Thanks

    • There is no one selling these in the UK. If you really want one contact me on the contact us page and I can get you one at cost plus shipping.

  40. My 4 1/2 year old wants the Nabi 2. She loves the commercials on TV. Do they all glow in the dark, sing, etc. Also, I am not sure which version we want…is there anything that compares the Nabi 2 vs the disney special edition vs the nickelodeon edition? Can you purchase the nickelodeon and/or disney apps separately? Thanks—we have ipads and kindles, but I don’t know much about the nabi!

    • They do have cases you can buy that glow in the dark. The Disney edition does have Karaoke songs included by various Disney stars. You do have to buy the special editions to get those apps included. As far as kids tablets it’s the best in my opinion. We also have all three of these in our house but I don’t let my son play on the iPad because it is a lot more expensive to replace.

      To compare it to those, it’s not as fast as the iPad and it doesn’t have the entertainment presence of the Kindle Fire. It is built to be educational and fun for kids. The durability is also unmatched by other tablets. I have lots of videos displaying the Nabi 2.

      If you have more questions then let me know and I’ll get to them as soon as I can.

  41. I am interested in purchasing it!!

  42. I’m trying to decide between a leappad ultra or innotab 3s, but after reading reviews I’m more confused that ever. Now I’m leaning towards the nabi 2 Disney edition. My question is are the apps available comparable to the cartridge games that are available for the vtech & leapfrog options. My daughter just turned 4. We currently have a mobigo 2.

    • The education on the Nabi 2 is very good and the Disney edition has even more including interactive books. They have a couple markets available including Amazon AppStore, Nabi Store, and 1 mobile market. It is the best all around tablet in my opinion. Another great option is the Kurio 7s which uses the same stores except swap the Nabi store for the Kurio store.

  43. Hi. I was wondering if the kid tablets work off of wifi alone or will I need to have a data plan like I have for my tablet?

    • All of these work off of WiFi. You will need a home network to connect them or take them to where WiFi is available to download additional apps. None of these are currently paired with companies like AT&T for data plans with exception to the Kindle Fires and that is an optional upgrade.

  44. On the Nick Jr. review you mentioned that you would post how you got your home movies on the tab?

    • I have a screencast of this when I added them to my Kindle Fire HD. The only difference is you really want to save movies to your micro SD card.

      Do you already have DVD Ripper software on your computer? This allows you to take movies from disc to your computers hard drive. Once you do this you can easily copy it to the file explorer. I always rip in MP4 format because almost every Android device will play it.

      Anyways let me know if you have a ripper and I will show you how I do it with WinxDVD Ripper. That is the program I prefer because it will write over the certificates they place on DVDs to try to prevent you from copying them. The program I use in the video is a free ripper but takes longer than my software.

      Here is the link to that video and if you have more questions after you watch the video let me know.

      • Can you access Netflix and Hulu on the Nubi 2 Disney?

        • Yes both are available on the Amazon AppStore which is available on the Nabi 2

  45. I have been researching kids tablets and almost bought the Nabi 2, but I kept seeing reviews of it freezing, having to reset it, and it not holding a charge. I also read that many had problems getting a replacement charger. What are your thoughts? I have a 6 1/2 and 4 1/2 boys and they are outgrowing their leap pad.

    • Here is a couple thoughts on that and I want to break down why people have that issue. If I don’t close my open apps on my $700 iPhone it freezes too. People tend to never close the open apps and it’s like overloading a brain so when they reset it then it starts working again. A good practice for all of your pieces of technology is to close the open apps every time you charge it so you don’t over work the processor(brain of the device).

      My thoughts on the charger again I will go to the same example. I have had nearly every iPhone and the chargers always break. Should we actually expect a company to replace them or if it takes some time to get a new one should we really bad mouth them about one small issue. I just buy a new one because all things wear and tear.

      All of these tablets are under $200 and for what you get out of them it is a bargain. I don’t know who writes those reviews or if other companies pay people to do them. I have one and it works great but I help my son take care of it.

      Every once in a while you get a lemon in the bunch but if the company takes care of you and sends you a new one we should be happy they are willing to do so. I recently bought a kids tablet that had complete lines of pixels discolored, that is a serious issue in quality of components.

      To summarize you will find bad stuff about everyone of these tablets and to see parents compare them to iPads is just unrealistic. It will not run like a $700 piece of technology because your only spending $200 and that’s the budget they have to put together the best tablet they can for the amount of money we spend on them. Some tablets are better than others and the Nabi 2 is the best all around tablet because it is durable(not unbreakable), educational, and has lots of entertainment. The only tablets that compare are the Kurio 7s and the Kindle Fire HD but I feel they are lacking one of those 3 components that make a great tablet for kids the best tablet for kids.

      I hope this puts things in perspective and I’m always here to help any way I can.

      • THank you for your thoughts! I just don’t want to get something that will break on them!

        • I agree 100%. I wouldn’t want to buy something that would break either. It is quite a bit of money to invest. Sometimes you have to consider the source and the validity of the claim. I’m sure not every parent has had a 100% positive experience but I have seen a lot of these tablets come and go quickly and Nabi is here to stay. This product has improved and I guarantee the Nabi 3 when it comes out will have a more sturdy charger. Companies learn and grow and their is a reason this is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. They try to do the right thing and when they make mistakes they try to make it right. I think the same thing of Kurio, Amazon, and Apple.

          I just want to put some of the rumors to rest because there is a lot of negative info and misinformation about a lot of these tablets. Sometimes some of these tablets fail but it is to be expected so the important issue is really do they make it right when it does happen and do they correct the issues in new models? Also, are we as consumers taking care of our products correctly to keep them functioning or do we just expect things to work with no maintenance, It’s almost like a required oil change on a car.

          Thank you for your questions and comments. There are a few really good kids tablets out there and the Nabi 2, Kurio 7s and Kindle Fire are just the ones that have worked best for my family and that have given myself and many other parents great customer experiences that go unmentioned.

  46. I have tried sending an email to the contact us page but get a response of no results found when I hit send. Was curious if the Disney edition was still available from the tutorial?

    • I’m going to check out why the Contact Us page is failing to send you a Thank You email nut this just happened recently with a new update they just released. I received both emails. I believe the Disney Edition is already spoken for but I will verify that and email you.

  47. Hiya really want the Disney edition for my son :( will anywhere be selling to uk soon? Thanks melanie

    • I have not seen any pop up at Amazon yet and it is only sold at Best Buy currently. I have offered my visitors the opportunity to get them at cost plus shipping. I feel really bad that what I consider to be the vest deal this Christmas won’t be available over seas.

      • Hi Ryan

        I sent you an email via the contact us page. Not sure if it has gone through?

        How much approximately would it cost for Nabi 2 Disney + shipping to London UK?

        Thanks again


        • I replied to your email and they are asking for a zip code to give me an estimate. I’ll find out for you shortly.

  48. Interested in purchasing the Disney Nabi2. Do you still have one available? I do have one question, can you add youtube to it?

    • I still have it. Just go to the contact us page and shoot me an email.

    • Send you an email.

      • I just returned you an email. I will also send you the tracking I’d so you know roughly when it will get there

  49. Hi! I’ve spent a lot of time watching your videos and reading your reviews. Initially, I was sold on the Nabi 2 Disney edition for my 4 year old twins for Christmas this year. However, I added their Facebook page and have seen nothing but complaints about this tablet. Then, through your reviews and videos, I decided that maybe the Kurio 7s would be the way to go. I realize that the Kurio wouldn’t be as fast as the Nabi 2, but doesn’t it come loaded with more content than the Nabi 2? Also, can you verify that the Nabi 2 Disney edition comes with the Amazon app store? Can you download apps onto the sd card? I thought I heard otherwise.

    • The reason their fan page looks like that is because that is their customer service source. They do not have a number to call but every time I have messaged their team I get a response within a few minutes.

      They both have pretty much the same amount of apps. The Kurio 7s has 60 and I believe there is 55 on the special edition disney Nabi 2.

      Neither one has the Amazon AppStore installed but it is easy to add on both of these tablets.

      Like any other Android device you have to choose the storage location to change where It is stored when you download it. Almost anything can be moved besides the firmware when using an app like the ES file explorer.

      • So, in your opinion, the Nabi 2 Disney is worth the extra $50 compared to the Kurio? Also, my girls love games for entertainment value, does the Nabi Disney have as many games as the Kurio? Thanks for your help! I’m so torn on which one to get them for Christmas!

        • That’s a really tough question to answer because I love both of these tablets. A big plus on the Nabi 2 is the exclusive content and the Disney Channels. If they aren’t going to watch them then get the Kurio 7s. It’s beautiful a nearly just as fast when I was going through it. It probably won’t take as much abuse but if your girls take care of their stuff you shouldn’t have any issues.

          • So they have access to watch Disney shows on the Nabi? And do they have full access to Disney radio? In your comparison article, you said that if you were buying for one child, you would pick the Nabi. Since I am buying for two (well, actually three, but I’m buying my 2 year old the Nabi Jr.), would you recommend buying the Kurio? If you had to buy two 4 year olds one, would you buy 2 Nabi’s or 2 Kurio’s. I was thinking of buying one of each to get the best of both worlds, but I would hate for them to like one over the other and have constant fighting.

      • One more thing…other than the Disney content, is there any differences between the regular Nabi 2 and the Disney one?

        • For some reason it is not letting me reply which means we probably filled that string on comments. You can actually watch what is being broadcasted by Disney on all three of their channels and their radio station. I picked the Kurio 7s if multiple kids were going to use the same tablet. I like all the options they have in parental controls for multiple users.

          I agree buy the same one for both. You won’t be disappointed with either I just like the durability that comes with the Nabi 2

  50. Hi Just wondering if this version will be available to buy in the UK soon.

    • It will only be available in the Best Buy Stores. You may see some people buy quantities and then sell them for additional $$$ on Amazon but I can’t verify what any third party dealer is going to do. I will have one copy available for $150 that I used for my review video. If you wanted additional I can pick them up and mail to you for cost. I’m really disappointed Nabi chose to pick 2 dealers who don’t not mail outside of the US.

      • Hello can you updated the nabi 2 you already for the Disney and nick version

        • At this point you cannot update and get all of the software that is contained on these 2 special editions. I really don’t think it will ever happen either because of contractual agreements between Fuhu and Disney or Nickelodeon. Maybe they will release a package upgrade that will let you buy all the extras but I haven’t heard anything of the nature from the Nabi team.

      • is ur nabi 2 disney still for sale?

  51. thanks for the review! just so I understand, the only way to get more games is to download them through Amazon or Nabi right? There isn’t a cartridge like Innotab and LeapFrog that you have to purchase separately? Thanks!!

    • Your very welcome. There is also MobiGo on the tablet when you purchase it as well. You have 3 markets to purchase from that will all have some free apps and you definitely will not ever have to worry about purchasing cartridges. It will operate much like any smartphone but with parental filters and settings to keep your child safe. Thanks for the comment.

  52. Does wings work in full with Disney edition I have heard conflicting stories?

    • My understanding is that the Disney software is addition the Wings. I’m about to open the Nickelodeon edition and do a video review and will go through the Wings program and verify nothing has changed. You will see this video appear later tonight below the article you were reading on the home page or search nabi 2 nickelodeon and you should find us there.

      • Ryan thanks a bunch! Huge help in sorting thru all the choices objectively.

        • No problem. I also added a video to the nickelodeon edition review showing you what the special editions look like. Yours would actually be the Disney software but there is also some additional info about the Nabi 2

  53. I’m surprised it took so long for Disney to work with a tablet company. I mean, this is a guaranteed hit with kids, and Disney works for all generations.

    Does Disney work exclusively with Nabi or do they have other Disney Edition tablets for kids?

    • You can find Disney games, books, apps, and movies on many tablets including the Kindle Fire, LeapPads, and Innotabs. This is the first conglomeration of this kind I have ever seen. They are offering all of the Disney Media Channels exclusive to the Nabi 2 Disney Edition. You get the top 3 Disney TV channels, Disney Radio, some Disney games, and some Disney eBooks. This is most likely going to be the biggest selling tablet of Christmas this year.

  54. I was wondering how big this market is. How does it compare to adult tablets?

    • You will also have access to the Nabi store and Amazon store as well. If your asking about the Disney market in specific I would say they are probably going to reformat most of the content they have on the Kindle and that is available in the Android market to work with your Nabi. I will contact Nabi to see if they have a specific number of content pieces they are trying to get from Disney. I don’t see it being short of a couple thousand total though.

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