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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Tablet Review

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samsung galaxy tab 3 kids

Price – $229

Released – November 10, 2013

Age Group – 3 and Up

Related Publishers – Google Play, Kids Group, Samsung

Quality – Excellent

 Save $40 on the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

What is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Tablet

This kids tablet from Samsung is actually a hybrid of their 7″ adult tablet. They covered it in a Candy Corn shell, yellow tablet and orange case. Then added some very good content and parental controls to make it even more appetizing for parents with kids over the age of 3 to purchase.

The kids mode app comes with a carousel of cards that lead to various apps including the Kids World app that  is an amusement park where you can find lots of fun learning games and ways to play. This is by Bluepin and there are 2 free apps in every category that each have several activities. Some other apps are going to include a creativity app, inventions 1 and 2,  Toca Train, Hair Salon 2, Ocean, Kids Planet discovery, Wipeout, Fruit Ninja, Where’s my Perry, Toy Story Smash It, and others. You will also have access to the Samsung Kids Store and Google Play. I found several good apps for FREE like Lego Star Wars and Subway Surfers.

The parental apps will give you the power to decide when the tablet is usable so if 9 is bed time and 8 is when everything goes off it will automatically shut down. You will also have access to how long apps are played, which apps they will have access to, which apps are displayed on the home screen, and a password to keep kids locked in the Kids Mode.

It is also a full Android tablet so if you want to use it to surf the web, watch movies, or play games you will have a normal Samsung Galaxy Home Screen.I did not see a kids safe web browser unless I missed it but there are a few options inside Google Play to remedy this. All apps downloaded will be available in kids mode if you choose.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Tablet Specs

This kids tablet comes with a 7″ screen with 1024 x 600 resolution and you won’t have to worry about poor color or brightness. If you have owned any Samsung phones or tablets this one is no  different, it meets all the standards of all of their screen. Very Beautiful.

I was a little surprised they used a 1.2 GHz processor but I also didn’t experience any lag, crashing or load times, 5 to 15 second app load times depending on the size of app. It will also come with 1 GB of RAM.

You have 2 cameras a front 1.3 MP and rear 3.0 MP which is better than any other kids tablet I have seen.

The memory included is 8 GB and you expand  it with a micro SD card up to 32 GB for all that music and movies.

Some other functions include a mini USB for charging or connecting to your PC, WiFi for connectivity, Bluetooth for accessories, and a Lithium Ion battery that lasts for a solid 8 hours. You also have 2 speakers, a microphone, and headphone port.

In the Box

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids
  • USB cord
  • Wall Charger
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Tablet Manual
  • Orange Bumper

The Good

  • Great Visuals
  • Great Audio
  • Google Play
  • Expandable Memory
  • Great Cameras
  • Great Content
  • Good Parental Controls

The Bad

  • Price $229
  • No Web Safe Browser
  • Educational Content was Lite

The Breakdown

This has been easily one of my top 5 favorites. I wasn’t crazy about the price but Samsung is the Apple of Android. Great quality and longevity with their products. If your budget was $200 I would just increase it to $230 and go for this tablet.

Compared to other kids tablets this is the premier tablet but you can get a quality tablet like a Kindle Fire HD for a lot less. You won’t have Google Play unless you root it but you have FreeTime unlimited that gets you 10,000 apps, games, books, and Videos.

The Nabi 2 and Kurio 7s have  better education but I wouldn’t even put them in the same category as far as quality but it is more expensive. Your basically trading content for better components.

At the end of the day this is a great product but you will have to pay for it. I thoroughly enjoyed almost every aspect about this kids tablets and definitely deserves to be in the category of best kids tablets in 2013. I hope you enjoyed my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Review and below is my video review and hands on thoughts.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Tablet

My Video Review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

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  1. if i reset the kids tablet will the games be erased?

  2. Just got the tablet. I turned off the wifi in the parents mode, but you can turn in back on in the kids mode settings. How do I eliminate the option of my kids turning on wifi?

    • you can try removing the password in your parents profile so your router won’t allow it to connect.

  3. My 7 year old and 4 year old have the samsung kid tabs and love them. We are visiting my sister and logged into her wifi which is a secure network with password. All if our phones connected to wifi and are running w/o issue. The kid’s tables are logged into the network and show a connection on the screen but when I try to go to the internet, google play etc, it says no connection on both tablets. Any ideas?

    • It could be the level of protection she is running on her router. This is usually the most common reason a table won’t connect.

    • We are having this same problem and I have had to reset the whole tablet twice now. Kinda annoying to redownload all the apps we previously downloaded. Can’t figure out why and have never had this problem on any other device

  4. Hi! I purchased 2 of these for my kids for Christmas. We love them but the only problem we have encountered is that the wifi Keeps turning off. When I go to settings, it tells me it is either still connected or there are no wifi’s available. I turn wifi off and back on and sometimes it works but sometimes it just hangs in “searching for available wifi” status and so I have to restart. It then will work. I have not noticed a pattern or a cause of the disconnect. Have you heard if this is a known issue? I returned one of them and now it’s fine but now the 2nd one is doing it.


    • I have never had any trouble with my Samsung Galaxy tabs. I also have not seen any complaints besides one with this tablet.

  5. I purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kid for my 5 year old for Christmas. Two concerns:

    1. Can apps be saved on the Micro SD Card?
    2. How can I password protect purchases for every purchase? Right now when I enter the password, there is a 30 mins. window.

    Thanks and great article.

    • No and yes. You can’t normally install apps to an SD card but you can try the app root internal 2 external sd. As far as the 30 minute window is concerned I would try resetting the tablet after purchases and then see if that window closes so apps can’t be purchased or push the apps to your tablet using a tablet or PC. So if your kids find an app they want, you can now purchase from your device and tell Google Play which device to send it to. Very cool new feature.

  6. Hi. We purchased the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids as a Christmas gift for my 6 year old son. He has already learned that when the time limit runs out (as set via parental controls), if he simply turns the device off via the main power (upper RH edge) and then turns it back on, he can then swipe the screen open and continue playing for random amounts of time – sometimes quite long. This of course defeats the parental controls aspect. Have you run into this issue with this tablet, or, if you have one on hand can you try to duplicate it and advise as to what we need to do? Is this a known issue? Thanks very much.

    • I was unaware of this. I’m sure your not the only one to figure it out and they will have to do a patch. I’ll check the Samsung site and see if they have something in the works.

  7. I’m so disappointed with my purchase of a SG Tab3 kids, my husband and I bought it for the purpose of transferring my sons kid videos to his tablet for him to watch when we travel. Unfortunately, ever since christmas I been talking to Samsung tech support trying to figure out how to transfer them from my MAC. Bottom line is that I was able to transfer them but the tablet is not playing the movies. They are not playing because of the protection that the movies have (DRL) i think thats what is called? Do you know of any tablet I can transfer movies with no problem?

    • So I don’t think it is necessarily the product unless Samsung puts some kind of weird lock on them. There is software out there that can get around the licenses etc. People say you can’t get Disney movies to work on these tablets as well but I gave them a solution for that and my son takes his Pixar movies with us everywhere. I have a PC with my iTunes account and I can transfer my movies etc. It might be as simple as accessing your iTunes account on a PC. You should be able to use a file format that works on that tablet like an MP4, which plays on almost any Android device, basically turn your iTunes movies into playable MP4′s.

      Try this link’s advice

      • Ryan, thank you for answering. I actually used aimersoft to transfer the movies to my mac and they work perfectly they are mp4. but when I moved them to the SGT3 kids it would not play. They told me that tablet would not play videos unless they were from google play, or any other place were you can download straight from the site. Maybe the regular tablet 3 has the capabilities to do so but not the kids.

        • There is always a way around these things, that’s why I buy Android. I gave mine away to the winner of the competition so I no longer have it to find the solution for you.

          • Thank you so much for your time, we all appreciate your help. Happy New year!

          • You can try feeding the movies into the program I use to transfer movies to the sd card. That might work.

  8. My granddaughters father bought this for her for Christmas he set it up… How do I reset the 4 number password? He doesn’t remember what he put

    • You will have to go to the Samsung website and find the product and the support page for the product. I will try to do this later if your having issues but I’m currently not with my laptop. They should be able to email the number to you.

    • Anyone ever have trouble using kid mode under kid tv shows? My daughter is unable to watch any preloaded shows….then a game window pops up cant get it to go away. I even powered off and back on. All other features work thus far.

      Any help would be appreciated…at this point wished I would of just bought her the ipad mini instead.

      • I actually didn’t run into that myself. Is the tablet connected to WiFi when you try to watch them. Usually videos are just thumbnails that go to a url to download while connected to WiFi as they are pretty large files to store on the tablet itself.

  9. I’m looking for a tablet for my 7 year old. I currently have the ipad mini. I want him to use the educational apps but every time he ends some playing angry birds etc. There is no parental control. I’m looking for educational but also fun and with access to angry birds, Disney apps etc. any suggestions on which is better Nabi or Samsung 3 kids tablet

    • Unfortunately none of the kids tablets let you differentiate between regular apps and educational apps so that you can set timers to expire on just the games.

      The Kindle Fire can deny access to apps and videos altogether and only allow books but that’s about as good as it gets currently. It’s a really good idea of how to tweak the parental controls though.

      Of the 2 you mentioned the Nabi 2 does have a chore list and treasure box app that gives your child incentive to finish educational apps to earn more games. However I find the Nabi AppStore to have very few games my son would even work to earn. You will have Google Play with the Nabi 2 as they have just released an OTA that allows it.

      The main advantages of the SG Tab 3 is 2 cameras, a nicer screen, and better speakers.

      Hope this helps.

      • Hi I bought the Samsung galaxy tab kids edition for my soon to be 6 year old daughter. She loves it and I love the parental Control features it has. One problem I’m having with it though is that when I open the kids’ store it doesn’t show any of the kid apps. It says “there are no apps available at…”. We Are from Belize in central America, could that be the problem? I would find that strange though since the kids store is simply the play store narrowed down to kids apps and we can access that. Please please help

        • There will be some restrictions placed on apps available but your right you should still have some Google Play apps available. I’m unfamiliar with the restrictions put on this country and why.

  10. My husband and I are looking to get a tablet for our almost 2 yr old. She is constantly playing with our tablets (iPad and Samsung galaxy) and is not fooled by the “kids” leap pad. We figure that it will only be used for the next 2-3 years as technology is always changing, but we are torn between which to get her. We want her to have something to play educational games, watch kids videos, sing along songs and possibly take pics on but the last is not a deal breaker. The biggest concern is that anything she taps on will be fine for her. We currently have amazon prime as well. Do you recommend the SG kid, kindle fire or Nabi 2?

    • If you have Prime I would get the Kindle Fire HD and the FreeTime Unlimited subscription. It’s only $3 for Prime members. I bought a marware swurve case and got the subscription as my sons first Android tablet and don’t regret anything about that purchase.

  11. The samsung galaxy tab 3 kids edition and the fuhu nabi 2 Disney edition are both 199 at bestbuy. I have a 4 year old boy and 6, &8 years old girls that will be sharing this tablet. I bought the samsung but I haven’t opened it yet (because it’s not Christmas yet). I’m unsure if I made the right decision though. These products are so close in comparison. :/ Did I buy the better of the two?

    • The one thing the SG Tab 3 kids is going to be missing is the ability to add multiple profiles for kids. I personally like the tablet better but I’m a huge Samsung fan.

      One other consideration would be if you have a home network so you can connect the tablet to wifi. So many functions on the Nabi 2 require this like Fooz University and Disney channels.

      Both are great tablets:-)

      • Wow thanks for the quick response! So yeah I do have a wifi network at home. Would you say in my case scenario that it is an even draw between choosing either one of the said tablets?

        • No problem. I’m just sitting around the house so i’m in and out. I would have got the Nabi 2 Because of a multiple profile option which leaves their game saves in different files. The problem your going to have is their is only going to be a little more than 2 GB of space on the Nabi Disney. They are releasing OTA’s for them so you can add Google Play soon. All of the ROM’s are little different but since it’s their product it should happen fairly quickly. The reason I mention this is you can remedy this with apps like external to internal SD card. I used this method on the XD just to try it out. I added Google Play by rooting. It switches where the Nabi looks for files allowing you to install apps and use the 32 GB SD card as the internal memory after it loads the basic OS files. So these are options. You will also have the same option on the SG Tab 3 kids as it already has Google Play. The screen and cameras are a lot nicer on the SG Tab 3 kids. You will only have one camera on the Nabi 2. There are solutions for the dilemmas of both. You could add the Kids Place app to make multiple profiles on the SG Tab 3 and it will stream better.

          • Your advice has really been helpful! Thank you!! My wife went ahead and wrapped the samsung tablet we bought haha! One last question…if I installed this remedy you mentioned for the samsung to create profiles… Is there an app out there for the samsung that would mimic the nabi in terms of the education grading system?

          • There is not a single education app to my knowledge that has that much software. Some of the educational apps I like are by Kevin Bradford and 22learn. Also the clickn kids phonics app should be coming out in January based on my conversation with their rep.

            The first 2 quarters this year I’ll be tackling which companies educational content is the best and working with who is developing apps. This is the 3rd big year for kids tablets and I really don’t understand why they are so far behind developing these for parents. The only company I currently have any relationship with is hooked on phonics.

            Also Mr Nussbaum has apps available on the Kurio so I’m going to contact them as well cause his games are really fun and educational.

    • My son just received the galaxy tab 3 kids and about 2 hours into playing it stopped responding. I forced it to shut down & it still wouldn’t work after it restarted. Anu suggestions?

      • You can try a hard reset. Power the tablet all the way off then hold the home button and volume up button and power button. This is a different type of reset. Try this and let me know if it works.

        • I bought my grandson the galaxy 3 tab for Christmas. The tab stopped working while he was playing a game and now it won’t take a battery charge. Any suggestions?

          • It’s still within it’s one year manufacturers warranty so if the battery won’t hold charge it will be covered.

  12. I never even knew that Samsung made a kids tablet until I ran across this link reading your comparison on the Nabi 2 and Kurio. I’m a huge Samsung fan, so I’m def. interested in this. My question is, I’d be purchasing this for my 4 year old daughter who is autistic. She is VERY tech savvy, but is rough on her electronics. So would you say this tab or the Nabi 2?

    • I would get a sturdier case if I purchased the SG Tab 3 Kids.

      Nabi is a supporter of the Autism foundation though. They will give you a hefty discount if you purchase through them. They also just added Google Play to the Nabi 2 through the new OTA update.

      • I just purchased the Nabi 2 Disney Edition and I’m so undecided if I made the right choice. I’m very disappointed with the fact that there isn’t Google Play, however I keep seeing comments about an upcoming update?? Is it already available and how do I get it? I also don’t like the camera on the Nabi 2. Its awful but the more reviews I read it seems that you can’t get a good camera on a kids tablet like you can on a regular tablet. Basically I’m tied between returning the Nabi 2 to get the SG3 tablet or just keeping what I have.

        • I don’t believe the update for this model is available yet but should be out shortly. You can check in your settings to see if an update is available for your device.

          The camera on the Nabi 2 is actually the best front facing camera(2MP) on a kids tablet and the same pixel density as on an HDX. The SG tab 3 kids is a 1.3 MP with the best rear camera(3MP). Kids are concerned mainly with the ability to draw on pics and make funny faces etc, still I get your point, someone add a 3MP front and 5MP rear. Realistically I see this happening with next years models.

          Memory is going to be your main concern with the Disney edition with a mere 2GB+ available for apps, but up to 32 GB for your media, videos, music, and pics.

  13. I have a very smart 9yr old daughter who is in gifted classes. She wants a tablet and at first wanted the Nabi but heard a friend’s mom telling me not to get it that she’d out grow it quickly and that I should het the Kindle Fire HD or the Samsung galaxy tab. While she’s very smart she’s not very responsible and I love the durability of the Nabi. I want a tablet that she can have fun on and watch her YouTube videos but is also an educational tablet too. Also not looking to spend more than $300 and one that’s still gonna be good
    come next yr.

    • So in that price range there are tons of great Android tablets. Most of the education for these tablets stop around 11. You could definitely get a great teen/adult tablet and add a sturdy case. My favorite 2 are the Kindle Fire HDX and the Google Nexus. These will last you for years. Just add the Kids Place app to the Nexus for parental controls. They both also stream videos eye really well not to mention to of the nicest screens. They both run $229 and are the main 2 tablets I use.

  14. Leaning towards this tablet for my unexposed 5 year old starting kindergarten in Fall 2014. Will it have enough processing to manage school projects (.doc, .pdf, .xls)? I am looking for longevity in the usage of the product but don’t want her to have too much access until she’s a little older. I want to be able to check my email on the go (hotspots of course) but other than that it would be hers to grow into. Should I get the SG 3 tab and then add parental controls because of 16 gb rather than 8gb?

    • Either will work. You will need to add some apps and the Kids Place app to make it the regular tab 3 kid friendly. I would prefer the 16 GB version myself. You can get apps that handle pdf’s etc on both of these.

  15. This review is very helpful. I have a question. Since we can access google play apps.can we download the kindle app onto the galaxy kids tablet?. If so can we then open the freetime option on the kindle app?

    • There are ways to get the Prime video on tablets other than the Kindle but it is somewhat of a process and you need to add a few apps. For FreeTime Unlimited I could not find an apk file but it’s possible there is one out there.

  16. Also I want the tablet that has allot of free apps and will withstand a very hyper Child.

    • All screens are somewhat fragile but this one can easily be protected with one of the many SG Tab 3 cases.

      • But which is better nabi 2 or samsung galaxy 3 kids? For durability?

  17. How does the samsung galaxy tab 3 kids edition hold up if dropped compared to nabi 2? I’m torn between which one to get?? It would be for a 3 year old and 5 year old.

    • I’ve personally never dropped this one but for that age I would get a real sturdy case just for that one time it, one with a screen protector built in for spills etc.

      • So neither nabi 2 or samsung galaxy 3 kids have the built in screen protector?

        • No they don’t. You can usually find them on Amazon for as little as a penny.

  18. My son will be 5 in February, looking at getting him a tablet. have looked at the Galaxy tab 3, galaxy tab 3 kids, and the Nabi 2. would you suggest one over the others?

    • I prefer the SG Tab 3 either kids or regular edition. The regular edition will require you to find your own parental controls and kids apps on Google Play but you can make it work. A lot of people don’t want to spend the extra $30 but I like the included games and having a kids app store.

    • Is the nabi 2 better for 6yr old or galaxy 3 kids?

  19. My daughter is 9 and I was thinking about getting her the SG 3 Kids. Do you think she is too old for it? Also, should I get the one with the orange bumper or the one with the case and stylus?

    • I would just get the regular SG Tab 3 and add the Kids Place app. Save some money and then buy some apps to put on it. The content included is for 3 to 9 years so very little use for a 9 year old for the extra $40.

      • Thank you for your response. Do you think the SG tab 3 is the best one to get her? I think about $200 is as much as I want to spend. I have a Galaxy S4 and she plays on that and we have Amazon Prime. I am worried that I am going to pick the wrong tablet.

        • You can’t go wrong with the SG Tab 3 but if you have Amazon Prime you might consider the Kindle Fire HDX. It was on sale from $229 down to $184. The HDX is one of the top 3 tablets for older children. Both will have great longevity and you shouldn’t need to purchase another tablet until it just stops working. They both have good battery life. The HDX has a nicer screen, better processor, and faster WiFi.

          I personally would get the HDX if it is on sale, but the SG Tab 3 is a great second to meet your budget.

  20. I’m looking for a tablet for my 14 month old. Yes, I know he’s young bit he’s a wiz on our phones and kid apps, but I need something more educational. I attempted to buy the innotab baby 3, but the graphics are horrible. Help!

    • So the page you are on is a great option for young kids, Samsunng Galaxy tab 3 Kids. The other option is a Nabi Jr but it’s not as good as this one but it’s $40 cheaper for the Nick Jr model which is their top of the line Nabi Jr.

  21. Will this tablet work in canada I live right next to the border windsor, ontario. I was thinking about getting the tabeo e2 or xo tablet but this one is really catching my attention! its for my 3yr old son for christmas and he is better at comeputers then i am…lol Thanks great site so much info

    • I saw your other comment and this would be the preferred tablet I would choose for Canada. Samsung is worldwide and has Google Play giving you the most app options for your locale.

      Your very welcome.

  22. Purchased a Nabi 2 for $129.00 for my 7 yr old grandson. It’s still in the box. Just learned about the Samsung Galaxy tablet for kids the other day. Can get it for #189, but price is a concern since that’s a $60 difference. What do you think I should do?

    • That’s a great price on the Nabi 2 and I would keep it.

  23. I also like the Samsung Galaxy 3. Which would be better for my 2 yr old.
    Nabi 2
    Samsung Galaxy 3

    • On your last comment this is tablet I suggested but didn’t know your price range so I also offered an alternative with the nabi jr nick jr.

  24. Kurio 7s or sg3 kids? My son is 5 almost 6 and he loves my galaxy phone. I want him to be able to use the tablet as we travel and also be able to read books, as well as just have fun with it. The money isn’t an issue. I’m really torn between these two tablets!

    • Both are great tablets but the SG Tab 3 is still a much better tablet. They didn’t add a web filter like the Kurio 7s but there are some apps you can use to do that when he does start surfing.

  25. I’m looking to purchase a tablet for a 5 year old. My child loves the learning material such as ABC so with that being said I will need a tablet that will be able to download different learning websites. Which is best Meep or Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids? Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

    • I have not tried it on the Meep! X2. I’m really not sure it has Flash Player but I know the SG Tab 3 kids does. It is also just a much better tablet in my opinion.

  26. I’m so torn over these kids tablets! I’m looking to buy tablets for my almost 3 year old and my 4 year old. They are both very comfortable with our iPhones and iPad but I just don’t want to spend the $$ for more iPads. I like both the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 kids and the Nabi 2 Disney edition. I’m leaning towards the SG Tab 3 kids but the Disney content on the Nabi is holding me back since I know they would love it! I am not very familiar with Google Play, would I be able to get Disney content there as well? And would a regular SG Tab 3 be a reasonable option (is the kids version worth it?)

    • I forgot to mention that I also have amazon prime! I like the ability to use an additional SD card on the two above but I also know I can store in amazons cloud. if you had your pick, which would you choose?

      • I would choose the SG Tab 3 Kids but I’m biasedly in love with Samsung products. They are the Apple of Android.

        • thanks so much for your opinion, it really does help! after spending hours looking at all these tablets, I have decided to go with the Samsung. Apparently the kindle fire doesn’t hold up well to abuse and I really like the double camera feature on the Samsung as well as the handle on the blue case. I also feel as though content availability for all of these will be fine in the end. thanks again!

    • I’m not sure of the exact count but I would say Google Play is even bigger than iTunes store. It is the biggest and most comprehensive collection of Android apps. There is just as much Disney content on there that is purchasable. The main draw for me would be the Disney channel but you will need WiFi and a cable provider to get it on the tablet. The difference in price is debatable for the content. I personally like the included content parental controls etc but that’s going to be more of a question for you. You can get the Kids Place app on the regular SG Tab 3 but your passing up on a unique kids store that has lots of games and about 20 other apps including the educational theme park.

      Hope that helps

  27. My 2 year old loves to play with my Nexus 7. So for Christmas I wanted to get her a tablet. I just now saw the Samsung Galaxy Tab for kids. I planned to get her the Disney Edition Nabi. Which would be better? She loves watching Disney Jr and singing with the shows. So would it be better to get the Nabi? Thanks.

    • That is a huge bonus of the Nabi 2 Disney edition. I like the SG Tab 3 kids better as a tablet but the content on the Disney edition is almost unmatchable with all 3 Disney Channels and Disney Radio. You will need WiFi and a local cable provider for the channels to work though. There is also Netflix you could add to the SG Tab 3 kids which will have lots of great shows. Either way she won’t be short of entertainment. One thing to think about as well is you have a Nexus so you already have a Google Play account and that will work with the SG Tab 3 kids but not the Nabi 2.

  28. Hello Ryan, I have a soon to be 3 y/o girl whom is really smart. I’m debating on whether to buy her the Nabi 2 Disney Ed, the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, or the Kurio 7s. I have even contemplated on the Kindle Fire HD. She loves taking pictures and watching movies/shows. I have wifi at home and I am willing to spend anything under $250. Also, I want to get the Samsung Galaxy Note for myself, if that helps any. Please help me out in choosing the nearly perfect tablet for my toddler.
    Thank You.

    • Definitely the SG Tab 3 Kids edition then, See my Cyber Monday deals. It will allow you to only have one account on Google Play and manage all the content from your tablet. You can actually go on Google Play and tell her tablet to accept downloads that you buy from your tablet. The Notes are Awesome BTW. The content is also very targeted to the 3 to 9 year old range. I just think it makes it easier if you both have the same tablets and it’s amazing. I have to tell my son to go to bed now and he actually put down the Kindle Fire HD and Nabi 2 for it, He is 5. I was able to get him great games for FREE like Lego Star Wars from their special Kids Store.

  29. I have a 5 and 3 year old. I currently have a leap pad 2 but need another thing. I think I have it narrowed down to the Tabeo E2 8 Inch Kids Tablet or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition. I would like something that is going to last and keep the 5 year olds attention long term (that is why I am deciding against a leap pad ultra). They both LOVE playing on my iPad, and both the iphone and android phones. What would you say is the best between the two above?

    • Hands down the SG Tab 3 kids. Myself and many others have had some issues with the third party software which is supposed to be a web filter but is having lots of issues. One mom told me it just disappeared. For me it kept opening multiple tabs even though I had turned off all the filtering content. Not sure what’s wrong with it but I’m sure it will be fixed by Spring.

  30. The information on here has been helpful. But I’m still torn on the right tablet for my 7 year old. She is very mature for her age and knows how to use my phone and computer very well. I bought the Kindle Fire HD but realized that it did not have a camera to it. I just purchased the SG tab 3 for kids. I haven’t opened it yet but it seems a bit babyish (if thats a word) for a 7 year old. Can you give me some advice?

    • Although it seems a little young it is one of the best kids tablets you are going to be able to purchase this year. Cover the Candy Corn with a good case and remove the childish games. Then go online and pick a few more appropriate games. If you don’t like the background then download the Kids Place app and you can still lock it down but it will be more in the format the way your phone would. That way you have some parental controls. Alternate solution is return it save $30 and get the real SG Tab 3 and install kids place and use that $30 to put some of her favorite apps on it. If you have an Android phone all the apps she has already got will be free to add to this tablet on Google Play after you log into your account.

      That is my best solutions. It will out perform most other tablets on the market and since you were willing to spend the money it’s best to get the top tablet or technology you can afford at the time because it is a constantly evolving market.

  31. Ok, please help me…need 3 tablets for kids ages 7.5, just turned 9 and 12. I was going to buy them the 2012 Nexus 7 32gb for $149 shipped. But then my friend advised Samsung Tab 3 7.0 (also $159) and another suggested Kindle HDX. Which would you suggest? I’m looking for lots of games for the younger ones, ability to go on websites for homework/research (but no access to the adult content) and ability to grab a book. Is Kindle only way to read a book on a tablet? Thanks!

    • If you go with adult tablets you will need to install Kids Place App to lock down the tablets so they don’t have access to everything. The thing is all the tablets you mentioned are amazing tablets. You can find books on all of these. The Kindle Fire HDX is going to be the best looking and sounding but also the most expensive of the ones you mentioned. The great thing about the Nexus 7 model you mentioned is that you have 32 GB of internal memory which you will need for apps. The only one that will have expandable memory is the SG Tab so you would get 16 GB for apps and then an additional 32 GB for movies and music.

      For the price range I would go with the Nexus or SG Tab 3 and your decision will be between more memory with the Samsung or a nicer screen with Nexus. They both have WiFi and cameras so those are the 2 biggest variances. They are both excellent. I left the HDX out because it is closed source and Google Play won’t be an option. The only way I would get these is if you were planning on subscribing to Amazon Prime and have an enormous amount of Bandwidth available to you because they would all be streaming movies together all the time and probably having to wait because all 3 tablets will be connecting and calling for to much data all at the same time.

      As far as web-filters I will probably be doing some research shortly on that because I’m getting a lot of questions on it lately and some parents are opting for adult tablets and adding the parental controls. I’ll get something together before Christmas to help parents find some web filters to install before they hand off these tablets.

      I hope this helps

      • Thanks for quick reply! I do have Amazon Prime, and stream on my Ipad as well as download movies onto it. Can my kids download movies from my Prime onto the Nexus for long car rides? Is there an Amazon app for that particular tablet? I read your opinion about older generation Kindle on sale for $99. Would that be a better choice for the 7 and 8 year old, or should I spend the $50 more for the 32gb Nexus and know that there’s ample storage? Thanks and happy holidays!

        • I think I would personally get the younger kids the Kindle Fire previous generation which only comes with 16 GB but if you have movies already through prime you could download movies to the tablets for long trips and then delete them and free that storage back up. Plus they can stream whenever they are at home.

          With the money you saved you could upgrade your oldest to a Samsung Galaxy 8 or 10 and get a Bluetooth Keyboard case because he or she is more likely to need it for projects for school and there are some nice tablet versions of office for reports, slideshows etc.

          You happen to comment right when I was moderating before bed. Try to get on and help people every couple of hours except when I sleep, lol.

          I appreciate you visiting and commenting.

  32. Whats the difference between the kindle fire hd and the tab 3 kids which one would be a better choice for a 8 year old

    • The WiFi, screen, and sound are going to be better on the Kindle Fire HD.

      With the SG Tab 3 kids you will have a good screen, WiFi, and sound but just not as good. It will have 2 cameras and Google Play are the main advantages.

  33. Your site has been a seriously huge help!!! Thank you!!

    I am looking for a tablet for my 3 year old. (Mostly so she’ll stop stealing mine!) I’m on the fence between the kids Galaxy and the newest kindle. These seem to be the only 2 with 2 cameras and that’s a big plus for my camera addict daughter. Can you add extra storage to the kindle or is it all in the cloud? Do you know if, with the galaxy, I can download google+/picassa to ease the upload of all her photos? I’m assuming so since it allows other play store apps.

    With both of these we can skype, correct? I also like google hangouts and I’m guessing that’s not available on the kindle (as well as the other google play store apps).

    As for parental control… is there anymore control on the new kindle other than the in app / other purchasing? Seems that is the only control I currently have. Which is why I’m leaning towards the galaxy for her and maybe the kindle for me.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!

    • Thought of one more question.

      How customizable are the screens? Are you able to put the apps most used on the first screen? Delete pre loaded apps if she doesn’t like them to make room for the ones she does?


      • They are called cards on the SG Tab 3 kids, idk why, and they are totally customizable. There is a 20 card limit for it but they have an all app button to see more apps that you have given them access to. Hope that answers your question. The option is within the parental controls button.

    • The Kindle Fires are all internal memory and it has to be purchased at the same time with the tablet. The only other option is like you said the unlimited cloud space. The SG Tab 3 does have all Google Apps Available. Both will Skype. Google Hangouts is not available on the Kindle Fire.

      The main function of the Kindle Fire parental controls is controlling which apps are available and time control. You can also disable in app purchases. The SG Tab 3 kids has pretty much the same parental controls. I haven’t done much research into the 3rd party web filters yet because my son is 5 and I just don’t give him access to anything.

      I love the Kindle Fire HD for movies for me but also my son loves the FreeTime unlimited app. It’s like $3 a month for 10,000 apps,books,and videos. Worst case scenario you guys could share both for whatever. I would be on the SG Tab 3 kids for things like hangouts you might want to do.

  34. I’m trying to decide On a tablet for my turning 5 years old grand daughter. She is comfortable with both mom and dad’s android phone and iPhone. I wanted to get Skype to converse with grandma and books and educational use. I am not against games but would love option of reading to her from distance. After hours on your site was thinking kindle fire Hd 2nd generation but is download of educational limited or good. You bring up entertainment as its strength. Thank you. This site is awesome for those of us who know very little.

    • You would definitely need last years model of the HD so you will have a camera to Skype but the WiFi will give you a strong connection because it’s so fast. They will have to find apps but they are out there in plenty for little or nothing. Fisher Price has like 100 apps. They would also have the FreeTime option which has 10,000 books games and videos. The only other tablet I would suggest us the SG 3 Tab kids but it will be almost twice as much. If you go to my Cyber Monday banner they have this Kindle for $100 off.

    • You would definitely need last years model of the HD so you will have a camera to Skype but the WiFi will give you a strong connection because it’s so fast. They will have to find apps but they are out there in plenty for little or nothing. Fisher Price has like 100 apps. They would also have the FreeTime option which has 10,000 books games and videos. The only other tablet I would suggest us the SG 3 Tab kids but it will be almost twice as much. If you go to my Cyber Monday banner they have this Kindle for $100 off.

      Your very welcome and thanks for visiting.

  35. I guess I’m concerned about durability. How well is the case made? Does it withstand drops? Looking at price of adult tablet with expense of a durable case versus the kid version.

    • Either way I would purchase a more durable case and right now the price difference is $10 and the included software is worth more than that not to mention access to the kids store that has some really good free apps like Lego Star Wars.

  36. The nabi 2 is very durable as far as not going to break. How would this one rate ? Do they have protective cases?

    • They have lots of protective cases and with an otterbox or other case like it, it will have percentage of surviving the same spills and drops.

  37. Have a 7 yr old & soon to be 3 yr old twins who all fight over our one I-Pad to watch tv programs & okay games. We were looking into possibly getting an IPad Mini or Kindle Fire HD for the 7yr old as we have quite a bit of apps on our one IPad (Angry Birds, MindCraft etc.,) We were also considering the Leapfrog Ultra kids tablet for the twins to share only because we have an older Leapster Explorer system that we have several cartridges for that can be used on the Ultra tablet. Wondering if we were better off in long run getting a Kindle Fire vs the Leapfrog Ultra

    • If you already have several cartridges it might not be a bad idea to stay that route. However it is about $150 for the new LeapPad Ultra and right now you can get 2 Kindle Fire HD’s for $200 and the third child could use the iPad. Not really sure what your budget is but I think that is a better route than one LeapPad Ultra and a couple cartridges when they could all be using something very similar and has better long term results.

  38. Hello, can some one tell me if the Samsung galaxy tab 3 kids would be suitable for a 7 year old? Im really torn and don’t really know much about them. The adult version (Samsung galaxy tab 3) is so much cheaper but im really concerned this wont have parental controls! Don’t want him getting on the internet without me knowing about it. He really likes angry birds, temple run games etc and you cant get these on Nabi so im swaying towards the galaxy. Just not sure if he’ll be a little old for the kids one. Thank you

    • Last time I checked it was only $10 cheaper if you use the link I provided. It’s priced at $189 while supplies last. I would get the kids model for only $10 more because it includes a lot of games and parental controls that you want.

    • Last time I checked it was only $10 cheaper if you use the link I provided. It’s priced at $189 while supplies last. I would get the kids model for only $10 more because it includes a lot of games and parental controls that you want.

      It is suitable for 7 or really any age because of the way it us built as a dual interface.

  39. The normal tab 3 is cheaper than this kids version.
    I am wondering wouldn’t it be better to get the cheaper one and then flash the kids rom onto it!!

    What ya think?

    • If your able to do that then I would say that is not a bad idea. Most people do not have that skill or the want to learn how to do that. For the average person it’s just better to pay the extra $20 or $30 and get the SG 3 Kids tablet and have it on the tablet when they get it. They just dropped the price to $189 on Amazon.

  40. Now I’m totally confused—I was pretty sold on the Nabi2 Disney edition, but now I see this review and don’t know which to go with??? Bottom line—-what’s the best, most durable for my money??? My kids are 5, 2 1/2, & 1!

    • The most durable is definitely the Nabi 2. I like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids the best because of Google Play it’s only $10 more on Amazon.

  41. Thanks for the review! I was planning on getting the Nabi 2, but saw some bad reviews on customer support. And Nabi only has a front facing camera. Camera is important since my 5 year old loves taking pics of herself and others. Does the Galaxy take video and does it work well? That’s another requirement.
    Thanks :)

    • It does and it works well and this is definitely one of the nicest kids tablets available. It has a 1.3 and 3 MP camera.

  42. Is $229 expensive for a kids tablet? I guess I’m think of adult versions, but this one looks like kind of a cross-over. I mean, this looks more like a real tablet than one designed just for kids.

    Do you think it’s better to have something like this or would you rather opt for a kiddie one for your own kids?

  43. My friend Zach and his wife just got one of these for their little girl for her 3rd birthday. They were showing me some of the features but they didn’t have a lot of time to show me everything because of course she their daughter wanted it back so maybe you can help me.

    I was wondering about the parental controls, can you go into a bit more detail about that?

    Also I read where you said they only use a 1.2 GHz processor. I’m guessing they did they to keep cost down but still from what I saw I agree with you, it’s plenty good especially for a young child.

    • The parental apps will give you the power to decide when the tablet is usable so if 9 is bed time and 8 is when everything goes off it will automatically shut down. You will also have access to how long apps are played, which apps they will have access to, which apps are displayed on the home screen, and a password to keep kids locked in the Kids Mode. I also go over them in the video above so you can get a visual.

      I agree the processor they used still runs well. The funny thing is the speed displayed is actually deceiving on all of these and you actually need to run software to get a better grasp on which is fastest. There are some 1.2 GHz processors that are actually faster than some 1.5 GHz processors. It really depends on who made the processor how well it works and I think some companies take advantage of this by using a crappy 1.5 GHz proves so just to display the number.

      Thanks for the questions.

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