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SmartTab Jr Pro Kids Tablet Review

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smarttab jr pro


Price – 179.99  $99

Age Range – 5 and up

Related Publishers – Android and Disney

Quality – Average


What is the SmartTab Jr Pro

This seems to be an obscure(very little info online) Android tablet for kids that many people have been looking at due to a nearly $80 discount at the Meijer discount chain who is now offering it at $99. I have had several requests to determine the quality of this product and have ordered one to examine it further. It comes in 2 bright colors, either pink or green.

There is very little information about it even on the Meijer website where I ordered it from. The one thing they are not shy about mentioning is the $100 in Disney content that is included. I reviewed some of the apps and books and these are very common among the top kids tablets this year. They consist of interactive books that also have games included with them. The book’s games range from finding items within the story to actual 3D racing with Cars and even creating your own stories with your child’s voiceover.

It also claims to have a few unique apps like arcade and kids shop but I saw the same two exact apps within the new Polaroid Kids Tablet 2. The arcade had a bunch of SNES(Super Nintendo Entertainment System) style games, took me back into the past. I have yet to determine what other AppStores will be available but I will be sure to let you know in my video review. It will  feature the Maxthon kids safe web browser that only allows approved URL’s to be accessed.

SmartTab Jr Pro Kids Tablet Specs

It has a 7″ screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 and again reminds me very much of the Polaroid Kids Tablet 2.

The dual core processor has no actual mention of speed and 1 GB of RAM. It will be running the 4.2 Android OS.

The internal memory has 8 GB of space and is expandable with a micro SD card, size also not mentioned but I’ll put an educated guess out there that it will be 32GB.

They have also included 2 cameras with the front being a .3 MP and the rear a 2 MP. Neither are great but they do get the job  done for a child.

You will have WiFi through a single band single antenna.

The battery is li-ion polymer with no average battery life listed. I will test this when I receive it.

The ports will include a mini USB port and an A/C adapter port for charging.

In the Box

  • SmartTab Jr Pro Kids Tablet
  • USB cable
  • A/C Adapter for Charging
  • Quick Start Guide

The Goodsmarttab jr pro apps

  • Newer OS(4.2)
  • Good Price($99)
  • 70 Pre-loaded Apps, Books, and Games
  • Above Average Screen
  • Kids Safe Browser
  • Amazon AppStore

The Bad

  • Cameras are Low Resolution
  • WiFi has Connection Issues
  • Battery lasts 3 to 5 hours
  • Power Button Sticks
  • Charger(thin prong charger easily broken)
  • No Google Play

The Breakdown

The things I enjoyed about this tablet were the screen and included content. For the price it had good movie playback. The speaker volume is a little light but overall better than other $100 tablets. The screen was better than the ClickN Kids Tablet($100) but really didn’t seem as solid. The power button stuck a little and I worry about it eventually falling off. I also had issues with the WiFi staying connected.

If your budget is under $150 then get a Kindle Fire HD, much better product and tons of Disney content is available as well.

So far for the price the specs look fairly good but how it operates and the functions may be 2 different stories. Sorry for the late arrival of this review as I have seen many people looking for this review and this one slipped under my radar.

My Video Review

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  1. Does any one know what kind of book files it accepts? I’ve seen people post about what kind of movie and music files it supports but nothing about books. Any help?

    • I really couldn’t tell you. I didn’t see it in the manual so you would have to call the company. A good app with books like Meebooks might be a good option though.

  2. How can you delete apps you put on, and can you delete one of the preloaded apps?? Thank you!!

  3. My mother in law purchased 1 of these SmarTab’s for my daughter and it was awesome for about a month and a half. Then I noticed it became harder and harder for it to charge and then finally the actual hole that you plug the charger/UBS plug in actually fell with in the Tablet and I can’t connect anything to it to charge.
    I also experienced the seams to come apart too but not so badly I was concerned

    • Can someone plesse give me a customer service number that works. The number 18777688481 number tells me to call a tech support number at 1 702 722 5098 and it never connects my calls. My son has a smart tab jr from christmas and the port is broken and wont charge with any charger. Thanks.

  4. Got one for my nephew for Christmas and it stopped charging within 2 weeks. USB charger won’t work either..

    • This product seems to be falling in standards daily. It was one I was highly worried about.

  5. Yup, the power button stuck, and now will not turn on…after only a month it is going back… also battery life was only 1-2 hrs…. talk about bad product

  6. Sadly, I bought 2 of them for Christmas. 1 of them stopped charging after 3 days. The other one will charge using a USB cable. Returned 1 and got our money back, seriously considering returning the other one. Loved the games that they had on them though. Loved how it was Disney/Marvel themed and loved the parental locks. Also experienced a lot of the issues with apps that we downloaded from the app store. Oh well. Lesson learned I got what I paid for right.

    • Usually by round 2 most companies work out a lot of the bugs, unfortunately that is not the case yet with the SmartTab.

      • hi ryan. im see you are very helpful we bought are nephew a smart tab jr from big lot. i dont know how but he has a porn app on his tablet now. im trying to remove it but i can not get into the settings we never set a pw and now its asking for one. is there a pw on it in the booklet as we can not find the booklet. please i need help in getting this removed. thank you

        • got it figured out :)

          • Glad you got it figured out. Do you know how he got it on there. I’m assuming it came with some other app he downloaded, this is why a lot of the kids tablets don’t use Google Play because of those types that are available and then they would have to find a way to block only mature apps.

      • I have two smartabs jr and chargers dont. Work. So how. can get. Them fix

        • Try one of your phone chargers with it. If that doesn’t work it may not be the charger that has the issue.

  7. Just brought one of these for my daughter 3 . NZ played it couple times and noticed a split around the seam, Lost the volume button, so there is a risk of choking in this, TErribe Tablet and very disappointed in it, Trying to get a refund is next to impossible

    • I imagine they are much more interested in keeping the money you invested when buying this product. They seem pretty willing to replace them if they come up with issues though. A good quality for an electronics company considering the costs of the products verse profit.

  8. bought two, one will not charge only had it like 5 days, tryed both chargers on it, problem is with the tablet, was charging through the computer now it wont even work in that port…any suggestions?

    • I would call the customer service number, it’s in other comments, and see about a replacement getting shipped to you. If neither port will charge then there is probably something wrong with that component or battery.

  9. My samart tab luncher stop working and pop up stuff gone and strange sound come this devices

    • I would call the customer service number and express your issues. Another visitor said they were really good over the phone to correct the issues she was having and they got her a replacement sent out.

  10. Hi – I bought these tablets for my 3 young children. My eldest would like to play a game on it which is via Facebook. I have tried to override the parental controls, but no matter what I try to do, I continue to get a message along the lines of you are not allowed to go to this website.

    • Some websites are automatically blocked. This is how they prevent Google Play installation. You might try searching for a Facebook apk and see if you can get one of those installed so that you can get the app on your tablet.

    • After turning off safe mode, go to parental controls–>parental control settings then click on restricted apps…I unblocked browser, explorer, search & email…click save then exit. Next click on the online icon (purple background), on the home page there should be a bunch of “approved websites”, click on the plus sign, add the website you want to access and save it.
      To be honest , I havent a clue if the parental controls thing had any effect but at the end of it all I was able to access whatever website I chose as long as I added it first.

  11. We forgot the password for safe mode and parental controls. Does anyone know how to reset it?

    • I would use the phone number listed in the comments section to see if the smarttab can help you recover it via email. If not you may end having to do a factory reset.

  12. my grandsons screen cracked on the smart tab. do you know if it can be fixed? and if the price would be worth it?

    • For the price probably not. Most smartphone repair shops can do it but usually about 100$.

  13. Hi.. Had my smartab 20 dec the app store on there i download app they say completed and then it ask me to download them again.. man im getting mad cant dowmload anything… help lou

    • and when i push it theres little circles appearing is that right

      • I’m not sure what this specific tablet does but most show the Android guy come on screen.

    • This tablet is actually having some issues with storing apps. It is consistently not storing them and then they disappear.

      • I am having the same trouble with the tablet storing apps. I download them, and my daughter is able to play them for a day or two, then they just disappear. I go to reinstall them, but it says they’re still on there… Any ideas?

  14. Hi Ryan, thanks for all the great support with this product. I bought this for my 2 year old and haven’t been too disappointed being that it’s for a 2 year old. We will probably upgrade however in the not too distant future. I have gotten frustrated in modifying the browser as of late. When I downloaded amazon app store it asked me if I wanted to use the kid safe browser or the regular browser and I accidentally hit kid safe browser; now I cannot download any apps. Please advise how I can change this preference. Thanks for your time!

    • That setting is probably stored in your cache. I would go to the settings and delete it for the browser and see if it resets.

  15. I bought the Smarttab Jr from Biglots. I don’t see the options in parental controls to add other app stores. I added the download site for the google play apk to the safe sights and downloaded google play, but I am getting the error “Unfortunately Google play Store has Stopped”. How do I un-install the google play store from the tablet?

    • If you go into settings and then apps you can find that Google play apk and uninstall it.

  16. The power button wont work and its less than 2 weeks old help is there any othervway to get it to turn on??? I didnt buy the meijer warrenty :((((

    • There is a one year manufacturer’s warranty for defects and this is a common problem.

    • Im having the same problem the power broke and went in. now I can’t turn it on or off. I didn’t buy the Meijer warranty either. on the box there is a customer care phone number. im calling tomorrow. today is sunday. good luck.

      • Would you mind leaving the number you are using so I can post it. I gave my SmartTab to a friend’s child.

        • Support telephone number is 1-877-768-8481

        • sorry for the delay I just saw the reply. the customer care number is 1877 768 8481. or on their website they have live support, I called and I was treated nice and patiently Im sending the tablet today to be fixed. Thank you Ryan for all the help and support you provided us.

          • That’s great news and I’m glad you were able to get it resolved and you came back to share with others. Thanks again.

  17. I dont care for this brand tablet. The volume button is stuck inside. The games also freeze.

    • I had an intuition about this tablet before I even received it that it might have some issues.

      • I was expecting a better quality on this tablet because of the original price and Disney apps. but to be a kids tablet has really bad quality, cheap plastic. Wifi antenna sucks. thanks god I bought it on sale $59.99 but I regret it power button went inside the tablet, my hope now is the manufacturer warranty.

        • I really think they just had the higher prove on it to make it look like a great deal.

    • I brought this tablet for my daughter for Christmas and the power button has been stuck for 3 days. Would you happen to know how to do it?

      • This is one of the flaws of this tablet. Your best bet is to contact the store where you purchased it because it does have a one year manufacturer’s defect warranty.

  18. My daughters smart tab is on but when we go to swipe it so we can go to the main screen it won’t do anything, it looks like it’s frozen or something. What do I do?

    • I would try a soft reset first. Just hold the power button until it powers all the way down. If a pop up comes up and the touch screen isn’t responding then try to use the volume + as an enter button.

  19. Hi i got one for my son and none of the charges are working.

    • This could possible be an issue inside the tablet if it won’t charge from either port. It could also be the charger, hard to tell without having it in front of me.

  20. I download ed Netflix.not even a minute into watching a movie it turns,in to bunch of lines? Your thoughts?

    • Try stopping the app and then clearing the cache in your settings for the Netflix app. I would start there.

  21. I am having an issue with apps that I have downloaded from the amazon play store disappearing. The apps still appear under My Apps in Amazon however they no longer show in the apps on the device. When I select to open the apps when I’m in the Amazon section it gives me the error message “unfortunately app store stopped”. I can delete the app from amazon and it will allow me to download the app again however it will just disappear again usually after the device times out. The apps that are disappearing show as being compatible with the smart tab so I’m not sure what to do to correct this problem. In researching similar error messages on different devices the fix has been downloading the build prop editor. Are you familiar with this or have any suggestions on how to resolve this issue. My daughter gets excited over playing these apps and when she signs back in they are gone and it’s very frustrating.

    • I have not used a build prop editor before. Are you comfortable based on the answers you found to try it yourself? If not I’ll learn how to use it and make you a video showing how it works.

      • I am not familiar with it at all. It seemed to have resolved the issue on the other devices but all of the step by step guides were mainly for phones and with the smarttab being so new there isn’t really anything out there you can find on it so any assistance you could provide would be appreciated. Not being familiar with what build prop editor is I didn’t want to do something that could damage the device or make the issue worse.

        • Tomorrow is my BDAY so tell your daughter to hang on for a day and then I’ll get on it.

          • Happy Birthday! She will be fine. Whenever you can get to it is fine.

          • So I looked over some articles on the build.prop editor. I would not advise this course. It would require you to root the device first and I really doubt you will find a root file for this tablet. This requires a programmer basically changing the files on your ROM. You can find ways to do this on XDA, maybe not for the SmartTab Jr though, but there is always some risk in this process as you can make the device unusable all together. It’s called a bricked device because it’s as useless as a brick when you destroy files that are necessary for it to operate. If it was a more conventional product like a Nabi 2 where thousands of people had tested the root program and I was about 99% sure it would work it might be a different story. Sorry I don’t have a better answer but I wouldn’t advise you to try this.

  22. We purchased this for my 2 year old for Christmas. We can not get the amazon app shop to download. It keeps saying download failed. Any help or tips would be appreciated.

    • The wifi tends to cut in and out on this tablet. It interrupted some of my downloads as well.

      Try resetting the tablet and then connect and download. Someone left a comment saying they had to hold it at a certain angle for the wifi to stay on.

      • it seems to be downloading other things fine and wi fi is connected fine, it just won’t do amazon, its very frustrating we tried contacting both smartab people and amazon people and neither could tell us what was wrong or how to fix it.

        • You also change the setting on security “unknown sources” this has to be checked for it to work.

          Are you on the page to “install the Amazon AppStore” from the first search result(not ad) in Google?

          If your on the right URL and the settings are adjusted I really don’t know why it would do this either.

          • i try to put into the browser and it says sorrry i am not allowed to visit this website

          • It’s how they prevent you from getting the Google Play Store. Even if you manage to get to the page the download button will not activate.

          • ok i found how to let me get to google and tried to do it from there and it still wont let me keep saying download failed.

          • Do you know the website of the manufacturer to email too, I bought 2 of the smart tabs and the on button is broken on one of them. Don’t have the original boxes they came in. So I figured I would email the company and hope to get an answer. Thank you

  23. We bought one of these at BigLots after seeing it sell out at Meijer online. We thought we were getting the same thing at BigLots but didn’t know there was a difference between the two. Our version came with very little Disney content. The biggest problem was I could not get the WiFi to connect to my network. Tried and tried, reset and tried nothing. Then the power kept cutting in and out while using it. JUNK! We took it back and there were many people returning them the day after Xmas. We got a 2012 Kindle Fire HD from Best Buy for $99 instead with the FreeTime section for him and he LOVES it. Best move I ever made taking that “tablet” back. Don’t waste your money! There is very little documentation and no website to refer to the product.

    • I learned about these two very late in the season so there probably isn’t a lot out there on the internet as I am one of the few that tries to get to all of tablets with reviews and videos.

      You will be much happier with a Kindle Fire HD.

  24. We just bought my nephew a smartab jr and we can’t get it to do nothing. It’s like stuck on the smartab screen . We have turned off and then back on but it gets there and stops

    • Try a hard reset. When you power it on hold the volume up button before you press power. This will usually fix this issue.

  25. Is there customer service for this notebook? Mine did not have any preloaded safe sites on the safe browser. Also, it says space is running low…but I have almost nothing on it. Under storage total space it only shows.98gb?? What is NAND flash? It says 3.57 gbunder this? Thx

    • There is one set of memory for just the main files and one for the apps. That is why you are seeing two memory locations.

  26. OK so I had just gotten my 2 children These tablets but it is the 1st tablet so i was wondering if u knew how to download apps……


    • In the parental controls there is an option to use various AppStores. You will need to download the app for some of them to work. The Amazon app store which is the biggest available is this section.

  27. I was wondering if you could add videos on a SD card also….


  28. Hi Ryan – I cant thank you enough for this website. I bought this tablet at BigLots and now I am having second thoughts and might return and just go all in on the Nabi Disney Version for $199. 1.Wanted to get your thoughts and 2. Wanted to ask you if it is possible to download the DisneyJr App from the Kindle App Store for the SmartTab? I ask because my kids play that and watch their Disney shows 90% of the time and if I can not download that app, they will still end up using my iPad anyway! Thank You!

    • I didn’t see an app called Disney Jr in the Amazon AppStore. I didn’t see it in Google Play either. They both have video apps for certain characters like Jake and others. This is not going to be a tablet for streaming. The WiFi on mine dropped in and out everytime I used it. Your best choice for a streaming kids tablet is the Kindle Fire HD($139) or HDX($229).

  29. I just bought two of the big lots smart tab jr. for the grandkids. I started reading some of the reviews and a little worried. I decided to charge one just to try it out and maybe make my mind. It has been charging for seven hours and is at 68% is this normal. My laptop charges in a few hours. Please get back where I can carry these back and get something if needed for Christmas……..thanks

    • There are better tablets out there for $100. I have seen plenty on sale at Toys R Us this week. The Tabeo e2, Meep X2, Kurio’s.

      • Thanks Ryan, I exchanged them for Kurio 7′s hope they work out……

    • Rodney, only the wall charger with the skinny pin will charge the tablet. The micro usb will not charge the tablet. I’ve noticed they charge pretty fast when the screen is not on. Also, to help save battery life, turn down the brightness all the way and shut off the wifi. Thanks, B

      • Update to my last comment. The micro usb will charge the tablet just not as fast as the wall charger. Sorry for the misinformation.

        • Brent, I had the first smart tabs. After reading the review’s exchanged them for Kurio 7s. Paid about double the price and don’t have the Disney app. If anyone finds where you can download one would be great……

          • The new Kurio 7s has lots of Disney books etc. you can also find Disney apps through the Amazon AppStore.

  30. I have purchased three of these tablets Smartab jr2 at Meijer for my triplets. I had to exchange one as the wifi antennae did not work properly. I’ve noticed some strange things with these tablets. You can only charge with the power adapter, it say it charges with the micro usb but it actually does not as the power went down when connected. Only certain amazon apps work with this device. I purchased all the Toca Boca apps and loaded them to the tablets. They worked just fine. I turned the tablets off and powered back on again and the apps are gone. WTH??? I have no clue why an app would just disappear. I am very disapointed by this and plan on calling the manufacturer about this. I also downloaded the google play store .apk and tried to install it. It installed but wouldn’t run. Looks like it is being blocked. I did put a 32GB micro sd card in and it will play mp3 music only (no aac/m4a files). It will also play .mp4 and .m4v video files in the gallery app. Also, don’t buy large apps as they won’t install. The apps only install to the 1GB internal memory. I bought Sonic 450MB and it wouldn’t install as there wasn’t enough scratch space. Hope this helps. If anyone finds a case too, let me know. Thank you all for the info. B

    • Unfortunately some of the cheaper tablets do have issues. Thanks for sharing your experience though.

    • Your very welcome and glad you left a lot of info for others as well.

      I haven’t seen any cases yet.

    • I got 5.5hrs of movie watching out of the battery. Not too bad. The manufacturer has not replied back to my email to them and I assume they will not. Overall, this tablet won’t win any awards but I think it will be fun for my four year olds to play with in the car. It is what it is, a $70 tablet that I hope lasts a year or two. I will probably get my 7yr old daughter a Kindle Fire HD next year as this tablet is a bit rudimentary. Ryan, do you know why some apps disappear on certain android tablets? They certainly don’t on apple tablets. ;^) Thanks again!

      • Not something I have ever researched. I haven’t ever had it happen to me but the main tablets I use for personal use are the Kindle Fire HDX and the Nexus 7″(2013). I rarely use my iPad mini as the other two stream faster and just look better.

    • I found a case for my sons. Its just a universal black leather one that folds up around it. The corner are kind of like rubber bands and that hold it in. Found it at Best Buy. Bought this for my son for christmas, no major issues yet.

  31. Can you share how to add movies to this tablet?! And, do they take up a lot of GB’s?? Thanks!

      • The Smart tab jr. I bought only has 50 + apps and books and the problem I am having is as soon as I turn it on the screen flips. Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening?

        • You can try switching the auto rotate off in the settings. That is an odd problem.

          • Thanks Ryan, I contacted the company and they walked me through totally rebooting it and it seems fine for now.
            Thanks for this site,

        • You might have the 1st version, the one shown with over 70 apps and games is the smart tab junior 2

          • Probably. It wasn’t even labeled the 2 on the website but it was how the box displayed it when it came in.

  32. Quick Question. I just purchased this tablet for my little ones. I’m looking to buy a protective case for it. Definitely needs to be protective(in case of drops with the tablet, etc) Any ideas/suggestions?

    • I would take it with me to Best Buy or Walmart and just try on cases. You should be able to find a generic one to fit it.

    • Walmart has a case, it is generic intended for most 7 inch tablets works pretty well. $20

  33. I had bought this one for my son i really like it because it was easy for him to learn how to used it i mean he knows how to use my phone so he learned very quickly the games and very thing, i had to return it because i had a lot of trouble with the screen and the power button it ran out of battery very quickly, i’m currently looking for a similar one any recommendations?

    • When you say similar I’m assuming content. At this point I really would consider the Kindle Fire HD. I knew this one would have a few problems. The tablets under $100 usually just have a few issues. The Kindle Fire has Freetime unlimited. A subscription that costs $3 to $5 a month but you will never have to purchase an app, !0,000 included from publishers like Disney and Nickelodeon.

  34. i had bought this one but had to return it was having trouble with the screen and the power on button the battery went low super fast and i don’t like it does not have Google play, but what i did like is that my son learned how to use it quickly and it was very fun for him i am currently looking for you similar to this one what would you recommend?

    • The ClcikN Kids Tablet has Google play and is also simple to learn. It’s not great quality but it is better than this one interms of quality.

      Those are actually the same to issues I had with my SmartTab Jr 2 and what I advise about to be careful about. Seems like it might be a trend or the norm for it.

  35. I am looking 2 tablets around 100-120 $, must have camera, WiFi, more space, 7″ , educational, they like disney games, we need use tablets in car. My girls 2,5 and 5 use my galaxy, but samsung kids it’s expensive. Any suggestion ?

    • Someone just left a comment that the Kurio 7s is on sale for $129 at Target but you also get a $50 gift card as well. I would jump all over that for your kids. Or get one Kurio 7s and get a Kindle Fire HD(easily the best kids tablet).

      • Thank You :)
        I order 2 Kurio 7s from Target. It’s good deal $50 gift card and USB Car Charger for each tablet. Maybe is too much for 2,5 old but the price is good and she like take pictures, watch movie and books. But also I can use this tablet too.

  36. I want to get my kids a educational tablet an have some fun on it, But, I want one with google play store. Do you have any suggestions?

    • You have a few options. The ClickN kids tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 kids, XO kids tablet, Vinci tabs, and probably one or two more. The SG Tab 3 kids is the best but also the most expensive. If your budget is tight I would get the ClickN kids tablet as a secondary option.

  37. I am waiting for review.

    • I know a lot of people have been waiting for this one to be complete but my son was just born Sunday so we are just getting settled back in. I got the tablet yesterday and currently using it to get a feel. One thing I have already noticed is the power button is sticking after a handful of uses and this worries me it will either fall off or stick permanently. I will try to get to it this evening for everyone.

      • Do you think this tablet, thw smart tab jr pro, comes to par with other tablets such as the meep? Or any of your other tablets, like xo? I got the innotab 3s the other day but returned cus it seemed too juvenile for my 6 yr old…Thanks

        • I think they still have a little ways to go to catch the top kids tablet makers. They are moving in the right direction by adding great Disney content and upgrading their components but not quite at par. For the price it is not a bad deal though.

          At 6 I would agree it’s time to buy an Android kids tablet.

  38. I would love to buy a tablet for my son but don’t now what to get him. I was thing of getting him a fuhu nabi jr or the smartab. My sons age is 6 and 10 month there both always in my ipad

    • My son is 5 and I got him a Kindle Fire HD. He is old enough to use a quality tablet and Amazon keeps the cost down by making next to nothing on their tablets. It seems like your budget is around $100 based on your current selections but if you are going to have to get a new one in a year, why not get some grand parents to chip in to get a quality tablet for a little more.

  39. Just went to Big Lot’s I tried the display model they had. The Actual Price was 71.99.

    Likes – The Apps

    Dislikes-Battery, screen glare.

    I do admit its not a full indepth review. But from what I saw in the 30 mins I played with it was 2 major draw backs.
    1- I played around for 30 mins and lost about 25% of battery life, and that was not even with full brightness. 2- the brightness on the screen had little effect on the screen glare I was getting from the lights at big lots. Also unless you held the tablet at a straight forward angle, the picture would look dark.

    The plus is the apps. It did have some nice apps and books for kids. I t also felt comfortable on the hands.

    My biggest issues and I ended not buying was the Battery life and how quick it drained 25%, it doesn’t help that it is not lithum-ion so battery life will get worse.
    Brightness, and how I could not see anything on the screen at a angle.

    • I agree. Just got mine from the post yesterday. Trying to get some videos done and then finish the written review. Not bad for the price but has some drawbacks.

      • I have been reading your reviews on this tablet & others comments…thank you for sharing. I have a couple of questions/comments. I purchased 2 of these (both colors) for my girls. The oldest is 11yrs & the youngest 8yrs old. I feel kind of bad, b/c it is a little juvenile w/ all the Disney stuff. However, I do like how easy the parental control & safe features are to create/access. However, do you know if if it can be set so that whatever i want to allow them access to can be available whenever they turn it off & back on, w/out me having to put in my passwords each time to unlock them (google for example)??? It seems that each time its shut off & then turned back on, safe mode & parental protection is immediately back on. I like this feature, believe me, but i would like to make it a little more accomodating for me too (if you get my drift!)! Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks again :-)

        • I just turned the lock screen off and mine doesn’t do this. In your settings in the security folder there is an option to turn that lock screen off. Hope that helps.

    • Can you verify that the tablet on sale at big lots is the same as the one at meijer? they look similar, but in the comments, there is aquite a bit of confusion. It seems to be that the tablet on sale at big lots says 25 apps/games, and the meijer says 70 apps/games. The processor also seems to be different. The one at big lots comes in 4 colors and the version at meijer it only comes in 2. There seems to be alot of confusion on this point and the review above by Jonathan is from big lots, which seems to be an earlier version with less features. Maybe its smarttab jr vs smarttab jr PRO? Could you clear up this gray area?

      • It is not. The one at Big Lots is the first model. The Pro model I got from Meijer actually said 2 versus pro on the box. The Meijer tablet(Pro or 2 however you want to refer to it) is about twice the tablet. Better processor, twice the ram, more apps, etc. I have not had any issues besides some sticking of the power button.

  40. I have a 4.5 yr old and would like to get him a tablet. He likes playing games on my ipod but I would like him to using something of his own that is more educational. I am debating the Innotab 3S and Smartab jr pro. I guess things I am unsure about is the additional cost associated with the cartridges for the Innotab and how much the stuff is you can buy from the Learning Lodge. And it just seems like the Smartab would be selfcontained whereas, the innotab with have more stuff. Also, do you know if ebooks purchased from Scholastic books can be read on either of them? And I am assuming that the Innotab will be more durable bc it is more beefy. Thanks!!

    • The Innotab probably is a bit more durable. The cost of cartridges will cost you quite a bit more. roughly 15 to 25 dollars a game, ebooks are a couple of bucks. I’m not real familiar with downloading from scholastic but I’m sure there are ways to get them to work on the Android tablets

  41. ok, read all that. saw the smartab jr for kids at biglots. shopping for my 7 year old daughter and don’t know which is the best “kid friendly/charger port sturdy” tablet out there for less than $100. Hoping closer to $70 or $ 50 hopefully. out of your testing and reviews what would you suggest ?? thanks so much

    • I wouldn’t get the one at Biglots but the one at Meijer. Mine said SmartTab Jr 2(package) but it said pro on the website. It’s much better for the extra 10 or 20 bucks.

  42. Hi,

    I am just wondering if you can put movies onto the system – and also if it will play compressed files like .avi? Also, do you know if you can download games from googleplay like minion rush, angry birds etc?


    • I just got mine today. It does not have Google Play by default but it does have the Amazon AppStore which has those games. I just used an MP4 video in it and it worked. Not sure which other video formats will work though.

  43. Does anybody know if it’s a case for the Disney tablet junior? I purchased one through big lots and wanted one for my 2 yr old..

    • on search for 7″ Protective Silicon Case for Children’s Tablet PC Blue .

      It also comes in Orange. It is 6.82 with free worldwide shipping. It took about 17 days to reach me, but well worth it…

  44. Still trying to decide Nabi jr vs Polaroid smart tab jr at Meijers any new grandchild is 2.5 years old and loves talking tom cat I will need to be able to download it if possible to one if these tablets..thanks in advance for your suggestions..

    • I know the Nabi Jr will have access to it as it is available on the Amazon Appstore. I would be real surprised if the SmartTab Jr is not already preloaded with it or have access to the Amazon Appstore. For the price it is hard to pass on the SmartTab but it won’t be as good as the 16 GB Nabi Jr.

    • This tablet has an app called talking ginger which is same as talking Tom but a more kid friendly looking cat

  45. I just received the tablet this morning. It has the amazon appstore. I have already downloaded Netflix. There are a few Disney apps and about 15 books but not 70+ like the box says, unless I am missing something….

    • It could be the regular edition which only has 30 apps or they have counted apps that aren’t really games or books.

      • Just saw Big Lots is selling it for 79.99 this week. Regular price is 99.99. Looking forward to your review. I might just pick it up and return it if your review is not that great. One thing that drives me away on these cheaper tablets is the battery not being lithium ion.

        • It does me as well. some of them last a mere 2 to 3 hours and a Kindle will run for 4 times that amount and not really that much more money. It should have come already. My dad sent my son something for Christmas a week after I ordered the tablet and the Go Cart is already here. Going to have ot pay a visit to the post office.

    • How did you get netflix downloaded? I can’t seem to figure it out, thanks!

      • You have to download the Amazon Appstore first. Go to your appstores in the parental controls and then download through their link. After you have downloaded the Amazon Appstore, find Netflix and download it as well. You will need to add it as approved apps in your parental controls if your kids are using it in safe mode.

  46. Hi I picked one of these up at Meijer for the 69.99 as well as a Nabi Jr for the same price and I was wondering in your opinion which one would be the better tablet for a little kid? Thanks

    • Or would you go with the Nabi 2 which I was able to get for $99.

      • I would keep the Nabi 2 over the other 2. That is a great deal.

        • Thank you for your input!

    • That would depend on if you have WiFi. More of the content, educational wise, will need it for the Nabi Jr. The SmartTab Jr Pro is more of fun educational games from Disney and Marvel.

  47. the tablets are great! they have a lot of apps they will not get bored. I got them both for 68.88$

  48. It must be frustrating not having the tablet yet, I’m cutting it close with mine being delivered dec. 10-17…hopefully it is a good tablet, but just in case, I also bought the innotab 3s bundle for the same price, about 70 ea. Shipped. Hopefully after reading your review I can make my decision, since I’m not very tech saavy, but I know I dnt want to get my 5 yr old a fancy tablet till later on, just want one that can get netflix, variety of apps, and educational ganes as well as good parental controls….will be looking forward to reading tour reviews with response to these specs:)

    • Specs are sometimes deceiving the greater number does not always mean better. With that being said I know everyone has been anxiously awaiting it. For the price it is still not a bad buy. You won’t find anything else at this price with that many apps and the ability to use netflix and other Android apps.

      • can you download angry birds and other games like on your phone..on this smarttab junior pro?thanks

        • I haven’t verified which games you can download or which appstores it uses. I’m sure you will have options for popular games like that though

  49. i bought 2 @ biglots wht a deal i was able to go to the website southerntelecom and they have other options im using 1 mobile market its just as good as google play it has netflix hulu plus angry birds skype tango pretty much all what a deal. you do have to turn off the safe mode off to view the folder app just like a reg tablet

    • Is the smartTab at Meijer the same as the
      one at Big Lots?

      • They actually aren’t the same. The one at Meijer is the pro model and comes with more apps and better internal components.

  50. Have you gotten a chance to review the smart tab?

    • Unfortunately not. Meijer must take forever because most packages my dad sends take 4 days and Friday will be two weeks.

      • Did they give you an estimated ship date? Just curious because their website says shipping time is only a week.

        • They said between this Monday and next Monday, so I’m assuming that is the 5 to 10 business days.

          • I ordered one on monday. They ship using fedex smartpost which is 2-7 business days. The item is in transit, it was picked up Wed morning and has been shuffled around a few fedex locations. Should be here by Saturday.
            Did you check the tracking number on fedex?

          • I didn’t check. I have spent so much money on tablets and building this website I usually don’t pay for expedited shipping. And I have 4 in transit right now so I usually just wait till they get there, plus it’s the holidays so shipping can be unreliable. I promise to get it up as soon as it gets here though.

          • I ordered two from Meijer’s on Cyber Monday and got them on Saturday! I opened one and messed around with it a little and it seems pretty good. I do think the Nabi 2 is much better, but for $69.99 (and free shipping) they are worth it. I’d rather spend $140 on these two tablets than spend $400 on two Nabi 2′s!! ;) I am looking forward to your review though because there are a few settings I couldn’t figure out how to get to so hoping I’ll learn some tricks from watch you play around on it!! And just as a little FYI, incase you didn’t already know, it will be delivered by your local Post Office, not by FedEx themselves.

          • Good explanation why it took so long. USPS has already destroyed a couple packages of mine this year. There service is less than satisfactory. I agree for the price it is still a good purchase but I wouldn’t have spent $179 or whatever they had originally posted. We just had a new addition to the family so don’t know exactly when I’ll get to this but hopefully soon.

          • I agree, they are not worth $179. The $69 price tag is very appropriate, and I don’t think I would have spent $99. And like you said, many similarities to the Polaroid tablet, unfortunately. Overall I think my kids will enjoy it, but I am sure eventually they will be upgraded to the Nabi 2.

          • Who knows you might win something from the website. I’ve decide to continue drawings even after Christmas

  51. I bought my son age 4 the Nabi 2 7″ and daughter age 2 the Innotab 2s Minnie Mouse edition…but now Meijer has this smart tab Jr pro on sale for $69.99?! I know u haven’t looked at it yet but that’s the same price I paid for Innotab and wonder if it’s a better buy?! Both kids are used to iPad, Innotab isn’t quite like iPad right?

    • The SmartTab Jr is going to be more like a tablet and have more options than an Innotab will. You will have things like Netflix and Android apps available for it.

      • Oooops I meant Innotab 3s, I’m concerned the tablet may not have the educational learning tools like Innotab 3S may have, however she will know it’s not an iPad. I just read the poor “don’t buy” reviews about the Polaroid 7″ and am worried it’s gonna end up like that! But don’t wanna miss a great deal at $69.99 and another $5 off by creating an account at meijer?! Ahhhh

        • I have tried not to put that label on it but it’s built like a toy and it’s suppose to be a tablet. My Polaroid kids tablet 2 was very loud and something snapped inside when I put an SD card in it. I’m very Leary of this tablet and it’s quality. You will have great education on either an LeapPad and Innotab. That is their main focus and selling point is quality of education.

  52. I see several comments asking similar things, and now so shall I :) im curious if uve been able to play with it yet? Im a single mom of 3 (9, 7, 4) and as you can imagine I try and get them pretty much the same things when it comes to certain things of course.. well a tablet is one of them,! Because of the super low prices and how much they enjoy fhem! Ive saved for months to get them their own tablets..for one, I NEVER get a turn, and its ALWAYS full of their apps! I figured I would get the baby (my baby is 4 lol) the same as the.big kids, otherwise he will still take mine :) I happened across this tablet this afternoon and it caught my eye. If he was able to use google play on it to get the games he is used to playing ON TOP of the Disney apps, I think he may actually like it…obviously my biggest fear is that I do spend the money for a ‘kids tablet’ and it doesn’t get as much use as it could have, had I just went with a plain one! Im hoping there area few more opinions!! Thanks for reading!!!

    • I still haven’t received it. I’m not a big Fan of the Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 and this seems to be the same exact tablet but I bought one so I could inspect it further. I’m going to giveaway my SG Tab 3 Kids so make sure you sign up for that as well. I would consider Kindle Fires as they are still fairly affordable and work for many ages.

      Another good tablet with education and good enough for many ages is the Kurio 7s.

  53. I guess all im trying to find out is r they like any other tablet’s can u get on youtube with it and down load like the Mickey mouse movies… thanks..

    • I know you can get Netflix as someone got customer support to help them get it and left it in comments. You would need the Amazon AppStore or Google Play to make that happen.

  54. Does anyone know the age range for the Smart Tab? I have a precocious six year old, and while he likes Disney and Marvel, I don’t want him to get bored with the content. I couldn’t find an age range listed on Meijer’s site.

    Thanks for spotting this obscure product. We are among those who would like to consider it, but have found it hard to locate information about it.

    • Mine is supposed to be her this week. The content is designed for 5 and up though. A lot of it is marvel and Disney interactive books. For the price you can probably get a couple years out of it. I would have suggested the Kindle Fire HD while it was on sale but they just sold out of the Cyber Monday deal for $50 off.

      Actually a visitor brought this product to my attention. If you view the Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 the content is almost identical but on a different tablet.

  55. You can search YouTube how to smartab …we found a random site. It works great and I got it for 30$ at big lots. My 1.5 yr old loves it

  56. Thank you so much for creating site! I am trying so hard to decide which tablet is best for my 3 year old. He already uses my iPad and operates it with more grace than I do. So I’m not particularly concerned with the age limits. I want to make sure I can continuously add educational apps to the tablet as he is very young and becomes bored when the learning games are no longer challenging or engaging. So, I guess I would say that my number one priority in the tablet for him would be that, and that the touch screen works well–I had read that with some of the kid’s tablets that came with stylus’ operated poorly with actual finger-touch, and he is 3, so using a stylus is not an option. Please keep me informed about the SmarTab, and tell me what you think the best options are for my son’s needs!

    Thank you!

    • Your very welcome and I’m going to replicate a lot of what I have said to others. The Kindle Fire HD previous generation is a steal right now at $100 from my cyber Monday page. You will not get a better deal than this for Christmas. Just by viewing specs and seeing that it is put together much like the Polaroid kids tablet 2 I can tell you it’s not as good as the Kindle Fire HD. Although a lot of specs look similar and seem similar a 1024×600 screen is not always the same no matter which tablet it is on, and processors go the same route, Just cause it says 1.5 GHz as a clocked speed does not mean it will run 40-60 FPS like a 1.2 GHz Kindle Processor and a 1.3 GHz Nabi 2 processor. The Kindle Fire HD screens and now HDX screens are unlike any of the tablets I own which do include high dollar Apple products and Samsung Galaxy’s etc. It is an antiglare and frontlit so the light doesn’t come at you, thus you can see the screen at any angle. The Dolby Digital speakers are also unmatched, If it had a set educational curriculum I wouldn’t ever recommend another tablet. There are plenty of good apps out there on the Amazon Appstore and even educational programs on the internet that could supplement. This will probably be a soon coming project to work with some educational companies to put a package together for the visitor here.

      I would get the Kindle Fire HD and invest in the FreeTime Unlimited and get the 100 free apps Fisher Price offers on the Amazon Appstore.

      • Hello, I was wondering what your opinion is on this tablet (the Disney/marvel) vs the Nabi 2. I already purchased 2 of these but wondering if this is a better tablet for my kids. I have a 2 and 4 year old =)

        • I think it is worth the $70 but I wouldn’t consider this a long term purchase. I don’t see this tablet lasting as long as something like the Nabi 2.

  57. We are looking at one of these for our daughter. She has been using my Galaxy tab2 with several kids apps downloaded. But I have not been able to use it since she learned how to operate it.. I am wondering if I can download the games she plays from Google play to this tablet. If anyone has one could you please let me know. As this would be a major setback for us buying one if not. Or if anyone knows of a more kid friendly tablet for a similar price that we can get Google Play on would be really helpful. Thanks.

    • You will not be able to get Google Play on this. The least expensive tablets that you can make this possible with is the ClickN Kids Tablet and the Vivatar Camelio Tablet. An alternative option is to get an Android Adult Tablet and install Kids Place so you have parental controls. Those are your best options. I will have this tablet available after I review it and usually sell them at a $40 discount because I open them and use them for about 10 to 20 hours unless I intend on keeping them for how to videos later.

  58. how is the adaptor for charging….just purchased the Nabi 2 and I’m very concerned with the charging adaptor…the pin is very tiny and doesn’t look like it will hold up very long…I also read that is an issue for people who already have one.

    • This is one of the reasons the new nabi Jr and XD cone with a mini USB charging port and I’m sure when the new Nabi regular edition comes out it will be converted too. If you have a wall charger for a smart phone I would use that to charge it. I’m not a big fan of the current charger either and the parents have spoken and I’m sure newer models will have an updated charging system.

  59. i want 2 know if i can download super mario ..or can i go on facebook ??

    • Hopefully someone that has one will reply, If not mine will be here next week.

  60. Can I download google play on this device?

    • I’m really not sure what they have blocked but it’s built so similar to the Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 which did block Google Play.

    • Yes, you can. I downloaded it after removing all parental ccontrols. Then you download a new app store (not Amazon) and you can install it easily. So happy to have my Google books and movies.

      • did you download and installed Google Play ?
        can you please explain shortly how to do that?

  61. Hello, I just bought mine too, from biglots… Its says 50+ apps and I don’t think its the pro version… It does not say on the box which operating system.. but I kinda like the specs and more storage 8gb… I hope it’s a good buy.
    Happy Thanksgiving ;-)

  62. We just purchased the Smartab Jr 7″ tablet for our child for Christmas, Do you have any follow up on the quality of this product in case we should return it for something of better quality. The price I paid was $68.88 from BigLots I don’t believe this is considered the PRO version.

    Thanks for your reviews

    • I actually just put something up 2 days ago because I have had so many questions about it. I hope to have one in my hands by middle of next week so I can have more answers for you.

      Your welc

    • I actually just put something up 2 days ago because I have had so many questions about it. I hope to have one in my hands by middle of next week so I can have more answers for you.

      Your welcome have a great Thanksgiving.

      • Does anyone know if you can put the Netflix app on it?

        • As soon as I get it I will have all those answers for you. Usually Amazon AppStore is available on every tablet and it does include Netflix .

          • I called customer support at 1877-768-8481 they told me how to install Netflix app. go to
            then click on right side to support than click under polaroid then click smart tab
            click on first app then go to search type in Netflix then download it on the smart tab

          • Thanks for coming back and leaving this for other visitors. I’m sure it will make it a lot easier for them.

            Many thanks and have a wonderful thanksgiving.

          • Do u no if u can down load kid movies on it..thanks.

          • I would say you could add them to an SD card and play them. I don’t know the format yet.

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