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Tabeo e2 Kids Tablet Review

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Screenshot tabeo e2 kids tablet

Tabeo e2 Kids Tablet Review

Price – 149.99

Age Group – 5 and Up

Publishers – Android

Tabeo, and Toys R’US

Quality – Good


What is the Tabeo e2 Kids Tablet

The new Tabeo kids tablet is 2013′s model. It comes with the 4.2 Android OS and some upgraded hardware. You will see several parental filters through the Mobile Parent app. It allows you to choose how long apps are available and what apps are available to your child.

Your kids will also have access to the Toys R’US store for movies and TV shows. You can find free and purchasable apps via the Tabeo store.

It is 8″ and comes with a very thin bumper case. Has a very wide range of colors displaying more than 16 million colors.

It has 30 preloaded apps that are a medley of learning games and popular games like Bejeweled 2 and Fruit Ninja.

You will also have the ability to add movies, music, and media content for your kids via WiFi or USB connection to your computer. With an expandable memory slot you will not have to worry about filling the internal memory with your kids favorite content.

Tabeo e2 Kids Tablet Specs

This is kinda of an odd sized tablet being 8 inches and almost more of a square look than the normal rectangle style. It has a resolution of 1024 x 768 and is a multi-point touch screen.

The CPU is a dual core 1.0 GHz processor and has a separate quad core 1.0 GHz GPU to increase the processing power and speed. It has 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory which can be expanded by 64 GB with a micro SD card slot.

There are 2 cameras. The front is a mere .3 MP and the rear is 2 MP. You can also use these for video capturing.

As far as connectivity it has both Bluetooth and WiFi. It is a single antennae single band WiFi connection which is nothing special.

There is a a rechargeable battery that gets an average life cycle of 5 hours.

Other ports include a USB for charging and connecting to your home PC, G sensor for games, speakers, headphone port, and microphone. You can also connect it to your TV with an HDMI port to view what is displayed on the screen.

In The Box

  • Tabeo e2 8″ Kids Tablet
  • Protective Case
  • USB Cable
  • Power Supply
  • Starters Guide
  • Warranty Card

The Good

  • Good Price($149.99)
  • Newer OS(4.2 Android Jelly Bean)
  • Separate CPU and GPU
  • Expandable Memory(64 GB)
  • 30 Apps Included
  • Web Filtering Software

The Bad

  • Bumper Case and Tablet are not Very Durable
  • Cameras are Low Quality
  • Sound Quality is Average
  • Battery Dies in 5 Hours

The Breakdown

This is an above average kids tablet. They have upgraded the quality of many components and it performs much better than the previous model. There is a beautiful screen and it is larger than the normal kids tablet(7″). This tablet is going to move much smother than its predecessor.

The durability will be questionable with the thin case. If you purchased this tablet I would invest in a better case. You can also find some stylish accessories with this tablet like the headphones.

There are lots of available apps and many free lite versions that are riddled with advertisements. You will also have some options for educational content and story books through the Tabeo Store.

It has been loaded up with a newer version of the Android OS and would play almost any game available today. It also has a nice expandable memory card option so you won’t have to manage memory space.

I would check out the Nabi 2 or Kurio 7s before I purchased this tablet. They are in the same price range($150-$200) and offer better educational value and parental controls.

My Full Video Review of the Tabeo e2 Kids Tablet

Best Price

You can find current bidding and lower prices at  eBay

Please Read

I have had an overwhelming amount of email and comments on the website and YouTube channel about the parental controls so try these 2 things first.

1. Set up mobile parental filter on your PC first.

2. Watch this Video on the parental controls. It shows you why the apps you download are not running, why you may be having trouble with downloading the Amazon AppStore, and some features of the parental controls.

3. If you did a factory reset and need the apps restored to your tablet this is the page where you can download the PC file and get instructions.

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  1. Hi I purchased this tablet 2 months ago for my son as a Xmas gift. Everything was working great and today after not being used for a week I went to turn it on and wouldn’t turn on so I assumed the batteries were dead so I went to plug it in to charge and when the tablet turned on it say 67 percent so I let it charged to 100 percent and now it died again at 67 percent. Would you know why this is happening?

    • I would try charging it longer than when it hits 100%. Seems like 67% is actually 0%. Not really sure how that happens on a device as I have never seen it.

      • Thank you I tried that and it seems to be working

      • Hi, my daughter has a taebo and today all of sudden it just quit playing videos on YouTube, it says that the flash player has to be updated.

        • Most of the time a hard reset will work. You may need to uninstall and reinstall the app though.

  2. I have 2 tabeo e2 tablets and i downloaded the amazon appstore on problem is i install a game from amazon on one tablet and when i go to install the same game on the other it wont let me.the only way i could is by unstalling the amazon there a different way?

    • There are actually 2. Both tablets should be registered to your Amazon account so you can look up the app on your PC or tablet and tell Amazon to send it to the other tablet, see my how to add minecraft tutorial. Or when you log into the Amazon AppStore on the tablet that doesn’t have the game you should see 3 squares and an option to view “my app” when you push it. From there you can add it to all your devices.

  3. Hi, Ryan.
    I think I should have come to you first… but what is done is done. Somehow my daughter put her tabeo2 on safety mode, which locked all the apps. I googled it and someone commented (not on your site) to reset the system. Now that I have done that I am having trouble getting Amazon App store, pre-loaded apps, and paid for apps back on the system. Can you please give me advice on best way to go about adding all of this so I don’t spend another 5 hrs on this. Thank you.

    • Unfortunately you will have to add the apps back through the link I provided. For the Amazon AppStore you will need to go back to your parental settings and make sure they are set correctly and then go to settings and check “Unknown Sources” search Install Amazon Appstore and it should be your first search result. Then reinstall. While inside the Amazon appstore use the 3 square box icon to find “my apps” there you will find all of the apps you have purchased and you can redownload them. You can also push them through Amazon from your PC.

  4. My daughter loves Nickjr and ABC mouse, but she is unable to use these sites without a flash player. Is there a flash player available? Is there a way to use these sites effectively?

    • Unfortunately no, and Adobe has pretty much abandoned trying to get their product to work on anything other than Apple or Windows.

  5. hi i have the tabeo just tabeo not the e2 i want to reinstall the preloaded games and the apps store cause i have nothing anymore but in the page i can not download the it says there is nothing does not exist what can i do please help

    • There are 3 different files so I would try one of the other 2. Someone else left a comment to the same effect that there was nothing in the first file they tried to download.

      • thanks i try the other two but no, theres nothing too i thougt maybe its my computer so i try the files for the e2 and those i was abble to download so maybe the company erase the others. i send a mail to the tabeo support mail but they do not answer so i think i need someone who download already the file can share it to me

        • Unfortunately I’m not sure where you’ll find it but hopefully someone left it on their PC.

  6. Can I download itunes on the tabeo?

  7. which flash player do i use on a tabeo e2 if adobe flash player does not work

    • What are you trying to run that requires flash player so I have an idea of what you need? It could be something other than flash player not working. If it’s ABCmouse I’m still working on a solution because I can’t get it to run properly even on a Nexus which is plenty fast enough to run.

  8. Hi Ryan very helpful information here. Thank you. Do you know why on my daughters Tabeo I would be getting this message when i click on a movie in netflix ” Sorry we could not reach the netflix service. Try again later. If the problem persists visit the netflix website ( 0041 )”.It was working fine on Friday and I am able to get the internet on the Tabeos browser. Im stumped.

    • Sounds like an error in the app. Try stopping the app and clearing the cache in the settings/apps. Then relaunch the app. If this doesn’t work then you may try uninstalling the app and then downloading it again.

      • Thank you very much. Uninstall and reinstall did the trick.

        • Sometimes the easiest solution is the best, glad it worked.

          • Hey Ryan I have been trying to get netflix to work on a Taboe 2 and said to watch instantly you’ll need a computer that meets the following minimum requirements then it list windows Mac of chrome os

          • Are you using the browser or the app. The app would work a lot better most of the time. You can find it in the Amazon AppStore.

  9. Hi I purchased the Tabeo E2 for Christmas and downloaded the Amazon App Store like you said, then I downloaded the Netflix app but the movies are poor quality and I can barely hear them. I tried deleting the Netflix app and re-downloading but its still the same. Even when I just go to the volume is very low. Do you know why? The other game apps are very loud.

    • I’m really not sure why the sound would be lower on just one app. It is some kind of default setting the app has though if all the other ones are louder. As for the picture it will depend on the speed that it downloads the movies at, could be why volume is low too. This tablet although able to stream is not really built optimally for this process. Most of the kids tablets only have a single antenna and single band WiFi with the exception of the Kindle Fire HD which uses dual band dual antenna.

      • Thank you for all of the info here. I struggled on Christmas Day like everyone else, but did a workaround that I found in a tech forum using the URL of the parental setup site and the tablet’s unique number.
        Then, I saw your suggestion to download the Amazon App Store. Changed the Tabeo into an even bigger excitement.
        I really wanted Subway Surfers for my girls. Found a way to install Google Play and got it! Thought I’d share:

        • There are several apk files using this video and not all will give you the Google Play Store even though they are labelled Google Play apk and some may even corrupt your tablet. I tried 4 and none worked correctly and one downloaded mobi genie which you can get some good google play apps from. I don’t recommend this method but you can use it for more apps.

  10. Hi Ryan,

    You seem to be the only Customer Service that works. I have a question or two. I keep searching for apps that should be on the Tabeo App Store, but are not. Like “Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster”. Also, “Where’s My Water” came with the system, but my kid accidentally erased it. The app store can’t find it. This applies to dozens of Android games that are free. Please help.

    Thank you!

    • Am I able to get these apps on my computer and transfer them to my son’s Tabeo?

      • I just downloaded the Amazon AppStore but I cannot see it on my Tabeo desktop.

        • Use the 6 square button and when you find the Amazon Appstore then hold it to paste to your home page.

      • if you go to the link in the previous comment it will download to your PC and when you connect and transfer the file and then use the install wizard in settings it will reinstall all the apps.

    • You can download the apps again. The comment previous to yours has the link. I’m going to transfer it to the bottom of the page so people can find it easier. It will probably reinstall all of them though. The way they have the download set up is to reinstall all of them after they get erased if you reset the tablet to factory settings.

  11. I was able to download the free apps; but cannot get onto the Tabeo Store to purchase any additional apps. The message I get is…Tabeo Store (Offline Mode)…Please go to online mode to sync your apps. I have tried Chat several times but no answer.

    • I would just use the Amazon AppStore. Here are 2 videos to help you Parental controls and Amazon Appstore.

      I would say somewhere in the settings it has been changed to not automatically connect to Tabeo for updates etc which is why it is not connecting and showing you in offline mode. Are you connected to WiFi when it says this?

    • Make sure that your Wi-Fi is turned on before you go into the Tabeo Store. If the Wi-Fi is not on and connected, then you will be presented with Offline Mode which shows what apps you have already downloaded and installed from the store.

      If it’s still not working, try sending an e-mail to

      • This is a Toys R Us tech trying to help based on the ip address. Thanks for using the no follow.

  12. After 4 days was finally able to set up the parental controls. During the first day with the tablet working my niece was playing with setting a swipe password and now can’t get pass the lock screen. How can I unlock the tablet when the swipe gesture password is forgotten?

    • You can try reloading from factory reset. If you hold volume + when booting it should bring up a little menu in the top left before it loads. You can use the volume down button to select a recovery option and the volume + button to select it.

      • i Purshased the tabeo and when it gives me the option for pay pale or credit card it doesn’t let me use either when I put in my card info and hit continue it doesntndo anything but a little black box appears to come up by the continue bottom!, tech support have no clue what this is and we have reset the tablet and done everything possible beside returning it. They’re sold out everywhere I want to keep it I just want it fixed please help

        • I’m not really sure either as I have not ever had this occur on any of tabeo e2 tablets I bought this year.

  13. I tried clicking on the link the get the preloaded apps on mine since I had to do a hard reset and the link wouldn’t connect. Is there another link? Thanks for your help. I have been trying to get this setup since Christmas!

  14. I bought my 7 year old this tablet for Christmas because his brother has an iPad. I wanted him to have something to play in the car while his brother is on the iPad, but the tablet hasn’t worked since the day he got it. I set up the parental controls and the tablet well before Christmas so he could use it day one but every time he goes to play a game it says there is a problem with the parental controls but it flashes so fast across the screen you can’t figure out what to do. I’ve tryed clicking on the icon in the corner with no luck. Help! I don’t want to have to take it back.

  15. Can you get netflix on the tabeo?

    • Yes you will need to download the Amazon AppStore and then add the Netflix app.

      • Tried to figure it out on my own. But how do you install the amazon App Store?

        • Never mind. Googled the app from the device and was able to install. Thank you!

        • I see you figured it out but I did make some videos if anyone gets stuck.

  16. Hi! After get the first one that did not worked ang get a new one. With this one the set up for the parental filter was more easy. And after that I saw it could be a great tablet. Bt now some of the apps keep frezzing when my dd tried to play them. The firmware is up to day.

    • You could just have to many apps running. Try closing apps when your finished with them. Just because they aren’t displayed doesn’t mean they aren’t running in the background. You should be able to see how many apps you have running using the two rectangles button or by going into settings and looking at the apps. Excessive apps cause freezes on any device.

      • Thanks…your site has been very helpful to try this tablet…because the thing that I like the most besides the price is the big screen in comparison with others kids tablets. I already taught my dd to close the apps that she was using because she was going back to the app screen and open another without close the previous and now she look them in the 2 rectangules and close far so good …it did not freeze today. Thanks again. .

        • Your very welcome. Sometimes the solutions are easy but not apparent.

  17. I purchased the tabeo 2 for both boys. Everything was working fine. Until the tabeo died within a hour. We left it on the charger for 5hrs still no charge..long story short the charger did not fit in the charger port..there was a shortage in the charger port..after wraping the cord all around it charged up..the games that are downloaded continue to freeze..the kids were very sad and disappointed..I went back to toys r us and got $260.00 back..I am very upset that the one thing that made my kids happy is now gone..thanks for placing a product on the market with a great idea but it only executed hearts..very disappointed!!!

  18. Thanks so much Ryan!
    Followed your instructions and was able to get app store set up.

    • Great news, one step closer to mastering your kids tablet. Glad it was helpful.

  19. I got through parental controls but I am having two issues, one zip file to restore apps was empty, so trying the file now; and the one tablet that does work will not load internet pages. I am trying to load youtube and when I try to log in, the page continually refreshes then says “The page has become unresponsive”. Youtube is a google product and I do have the ban search engine box in parental settings unchecked… any advise? You seem pretty knowledgeable and dedicated to helping us all out. Thank you, my kids are still hoping I can magically fix it for them so we don’t have to take them back.

    • Another thing that could cause this is there are usually many subjects check marked that are a part if YouTube. You can find nudity, violence, profanity, etc on there and this could be causing the browser loop.

      I didn’t do the app replacement so I don’t know why the file would be empty. Did it take very long to download? This could be indicator as to why the file is empty. This is a fairly large file and should take some time to download. They may also be hidden files.

      So if you click on the recover file and there’s nothing there but the file shows a large amount of memory it could still contain files that can only be accessed by their wizard program on the tablet. Someone forwarded me the Tabeo help email and I put it in the comments with all of the directions.

      • Thank you that makes sense, I think the remaining changes I have to make will be manageable- Thank you for all of your help in addressing all of these issues, you saved us from having to take these tablets back. Quite happy with them now.

        • your very welcome. Part of helping people decide what to buy is helping them get them working. Next year I will have a much better plan to help eliminate a lot of the issues so you guys will have answers preChristmas

  20. This product really is a piece of junk. It is marketed as “high impact” yet my daughter dropped hers from about only a foot up by accident about 10 minutes in and the LCD screen is completely shot. Tabeo/Toys’r'Us support said there is a limited warranty that only covers “manufacturer’s defects” (of course). So now I have a really upset 7 year old and am out 150 bucks.

    The tabeo website and the profil websites are also a piece of junk. I have been in IT for 16 years. Clearly they didn’t load test these sites in anticipation of the numbers of concurrent users they would have on Christmas. Sounds a lot like another site that had this problem recently ( Did CGI build this one too? No one could get in, people (including me) were double/triple charged for the MPF profil account, and the support chat did not work.

    All around, please do not invest in this tablet. You may as well just buy your kids a decent low-priced android based tablet and use free open software to monitor and provide parental controls. Certainly I should have. I got sucked in and my family has paid for it.

    Merry Christmas Toys’r'us!!!

  21. This Tabeo is a piece of garbage. I bought 2 of them for my twins. The parental controls could not load. After 20 plus hours between the non answered phones and the unresponsive on line chat I contacted Toys R Us directly. That was NO help. Finally I took them back to the store. They did not want to accept them back since they were open. However, since there were MANY returned for the same reason they took them back. I purchased 2 Kindle Fire HDs. These are GREAT right out of the box. My kids are loving them. I expected MUCH more from Toys R us and Tabeo. What a disappointment and DISASTER. STAY AWAY!!!

  22. Hi, I purchased a Tabeo for my daughter for Christmas and it is yet to be operational! To say I am pissed would be an understatement! I registered it but the apps will not open and customer service is non-existent. Their phones are perpetually busy and they don’t reply to emails or chat!!!! Anyone knows how to remedy this problem?????

    • None of the apps will open? Did you try the video I made showing why the apps tend to not open because of the parental controls? I would also power the tablet completely down by holding the power key until it gives you the option to power off and then turn it back on.

      Their customer service is literally swamped with issues and unhappy parents.

      Let me know if any of that remedies your situation.

      • Yes, I tried all of that and the apps still will not open.

        • You can try a factory reset next. You will lose the additional apps but if you have a PC I left a link in the comments of where to go to get your apps back.

          You basically download a file to your PC and then transfer the apps to your tablet.

          • This is what I’m in the process of doing. However, upon connecting the Tabeo to my computer, it will not let me move the recover files into the Tabeo root folder. I’ve tried copy/paste and drag/drop. Both are unallowed actions. Haven’t been able to get through to customer service after waiting on the phone for long periods of time. Any suggestions?

          • Try turning on your USB debugging setting in options. This allows that tablet and computer to talk.

  23. My husband and I had such a difficult time setting everything up in this tablet. After about my 2 hours and his 3 hours, finally set up. We could not play any of the apps, and had a difficult time trying to figure out how to unblock the apps. Now a day later all the free apps that came along with the tabeo are gone, Can those be retrieved and how?

  24. This tablet is good at first, until you start downloading ‘free’ kids apps. I downloaded a couple of them from the Tabeo shop for my daughter, and as soon as they run, adult content and ads pop up (Dating, online chatting, gambling) and there’s no way to turn it off unless you uninstall the app. The parental filter is on, but these ads keep running. Going to return it today for a Kindle Fire. Sorry Tebeo.

    • When apps are created by third party companies they get to choose what ads are on there. IDK why they would be using adult ads on these children’s apps. I agree very unacceptable.

      • Hi Ryan, this page has been very helpful with setting this thing up. But I do have a question… Is there a way to download a YouTube app?? I search the amazon store and the actual app isn’t there and the ones that are don’t really work. I found an itube app for my son to watch children’s shows but it needs YouTube to play the videos. Please let ,me know! And thank you for the video that showed me how to download the amazon app store!

        • No problem. I try to do videos so more people can get help.

          If you don’t like the available apps there is an option called side loading apps, it doesn’t always work though. Basically you’ll need to find the apk file on your PC and add it to an SD card. You will also need an apk installer app from Amazon. It basically unzips the apk file and installs it on your tablet from the SD card.

          I have not done much side loading besides on my Nexus 7 which I actually just connect to the PC. This is how I got Amazon Instant video available on a tablet that wasn’t a Kindle.

          Your other option is make the YouTube URL’s available on the web browser that you want your child to have access to.

  25. i paid a 1.00 to put n my parent filter n it worked …then hours later afterwards is told me apps where do u unblock apps for good?

    • If you watch the video on i just made on this page it will explain the parental controls and why they get blocked.

  26. I am a disabled mother of a very disappointed 4 year old. I only receive 710.00 a month from social security and with the left over money I had after paying bills I bought my son a Tabeo 2 for Christmas and I haven’t been able to set it up so he can use it. the customer service number isn’t a working and I cant reach anyone on their website either. It just brakes my heart to see my son sad on a day that should be filled with joy.

    • Everyone has been overwhelmed at this point with the Tabeo e2 website going down. It should be running just fine now.

      • thx for the useful information here. it would be even more useful parents would read the comments section before asking the same thing that was literally mentioned 3 seconds prior. sifting thru it was a nightmare, but hey wow… i don’t have any questions! :)

        thx again for putting the site up.

        • There is so much I would like to do as the website progresses. This is really my first website and trying to help parents and learning along the way what will help even more. You guys can expect some good changes like a FAQ at the end of every review next year, a video showing the parental controls being setup, and some tabbed reviews allowing for less scrolling. Any pother suggestions of how I can help even more will always be appreciated as you guys give e the information of how to make this site be the best it can be.

    • I purchased the Tabeo e2 for my daughter for Christmas. Due to the Mobile Parental filter no games or internet access would work. The parental filter application is embedded in the operating system, Bad feature. It should be optional not mandatory to use this application. I reset the tabeo 4x to register the parental filter application and no luck. I called the customer service number 2 days in a row and busy continually. The staff at Toys r Us told me they could not offer any assistance. I returned it today and went to Best Buy and purchased the Samsung 7″ tablet for the same price.

    • I can’t get passes wifi connection. Been trying since Christmas. Please help!

      • I would try powering all the way down and then back up to reset the wifi inside the tablet. If this doesn’t work you can try a hard reset where you hold the volume plus button while you power it up.

  27. How do you download music into the music player?

    • You can attach it to your PC and add music directly to it or use an SD card with music on it.

  28. I was told by customer service you can download apps from the tabeo store and use them without having wifi. I have wifi at home but purpose of purchasing tabeo e2 was so my son can watch Elmo, einsteins, etc when we are in the car and shopping. I took a ride and they are inaccessible. Even with wifi at home the apps Wong connect. I’ve Ben calling customer service since 7am and it’s been nothing but busy! Tried connecting to chat support and been waiting for 3 hours. I’m so frustrated!!

  29. My kids tabeo keeps beeping and it’s charged. Any ideas?

    • That’s the parental filter making that noise. You will see the app running on the top left.

  30. How do I get to the 1000s of free apps on tabeo app store. I’m only finding a couple

    • It’s kinda a selling point from them and not a reality. You can add the Amazon AppStore which has lots of free apps. I have a video but watch the changes you will need to make in your mobile parental filter first. Just added a link at the bottom of this page.

  31. why is it that whenever I do a search in the address bar or try to go to another search engine it directs me to Wikipedia?

    • Watch the video I just added which explains why the parental filter is doing this

  32. Finally got the Parental Filter app to work after trying multiple times. Working fine now!

  33. So i have read all your comments regarding the Parental Filter that no one seems to be able get pass. Yesterday I spent 3 hours trying to figure out if I was doing something wrong until I called CS and spent an hour waiting to hear ” too many people were on the website to register thats why no one can register”. I knew it was just to get me off the phone or they really didn’t know what the problem was. So now Im returning this tabeo that my son has been waiting all year for. He had the some one last year but I had to return within 2 months bec it stopped working (thank god for a warranty. I used my refund to get this new version and Im nt happy having to tell my son he can’t play it. I just spent another hr this morning trying to get through CS and the line is busy. Can you recommend another tablet that my 6 year son will like? I heard the NOBI was good ..what do you think?

    • My first recommendation is the Kindle Fire HD. My second would be a Nabi 2. This tablet is having issues and Tabeo can’t work it out fast enough to help all the frustrated parents.

  34. The parental controls piece is a joke. Their server has to be up to use the product, and it’s been down at least since Christmas. The same thing everyone else is reporting from every where. Unbelievably, they have it set up so nothing will work until parental controls are set up. Seems like common sense to have it set up so everything works, and then you can remove access with parental controls. I’m taking mine back today. I don’t want a tablet that will be dependent on one of their servers working, when they obviously don’t even have a backup to their server. It’s a joke.

  35. I am having the same problem as many others with not being able to set up the parental settings. If I either disable this feature or clear the cache, will it harm any of the other features on this tablet? My 4 year old is so very upset that he can not use this gift.

    • It’s collected data by the app and not the actual app. It shouldn’t harm anything. It’s just resetting it to it’s very first state before it was ever run.

  36. Please help me fix this tabeo to use the internet, because all it searches is Wikipedia ..

    • Figured it Out finally :)

      • Been playing with taboo for a little and the beeping has started – can’t figure out how to get it to stop .. every time it beeps the parental filer active pops up at the top left …

        • it’s trying to block something when it activates, You can watch the video I added to my YouTube channel of how to adjust the parental controls.

    • See the video I just posted above and this will get your web browser working.

  37. Hi my daughter accidently defaulted the tabeo2 to factory settings and messed up the free installed apps can I get them back

    • You can but I do not have the link. If you call customer service they will get it reinstalled for you. I had the same issue.

      • Customer service is a non stop busy signal.

      • what is the phone number for customer service i have the same problem with the apps

          • Wait a week! I spent 1hr 10 mins listening to your call is very important to us no one picked up. Today I try again and again 1 hr and the CSR was clueless, same as the ppl that return your email every 48 hours! I did however read through these posts and watched a video and it’s ok for now. I will probably return and get the kindle fire hd.

          • I’m glad you did get some resolution. Maybe they should have paid me as a CSR, lol.

      • I bought the Tabeo 2, and I have set the parental controls, but the “pre-loaded” apps will not load. I ran the set up wizard 4 times now, but when it comes to the step with the apps, it just says they are not available and skips it.
        I have tried calling customer service ALL day, but the line has been busy. I tried e-mailing them, and live chat, but still no responses.

        • See other comments. Someone left a link of where to go.

    • If you go to the tabeo support page, you dan download a zip file with the apps… takes forever! I am still downloading it myself.

    • Yes you can. You have to go to the website go to the tablet you have download them to your home computer and extract them from there. there is a 4 plus minute video to watch that will take you through the steps. the app will be recovery I just finished doing this

  38. How do you do the perental filter thing ?

    • You should be able to just launch the app (looks like 4 different colored flower petals), set up your account, and then access everything.

      • It amazingly started working today just by doing the same thing as yesterday.. Maybe it was the high volume due to Xmas.. Thanks!!

    • Go to to fix parental control issue. Customer support is being overwhelmed at this time. To many customers trying to access parental control website made it crash.

  39. I cannot register my Tabeo 2 using the Mobile Parental Filter. During the registration process I recieve the following error;
    “Registration must be launched from the connected tablet by the app itself!”
    Any ideas?


    • This is the most common issue I have heard about this tablet today. For some reason the app is not recognizing that the tablet is launching the app and throwing up an error. I would call tabeo or return it for a product that will work.

      • Parental filter is a piece of junk. They have apparently tied the parental filter to the device, but that isn’t being recognized during setup. Only way around it is to do a factory reset on the device; then you lose the preinstalled apps. Works fine after factory reset, but I haven’t managed to get all the preinstalled apps reinstalled! Not very happy about the purchase, and wouldn’t recommend unless you’re very tech-savy parent!

    • My son is 6years old and we are extremely disappointed in this tablet. The apps dont work, the parental filter isnt working. The only app he can access is Fruit Ninja. I have tried doing a factory reset and starting from scratch five attempts later we havent made any progress. Does anyone know if Toys R Us will set up the tablet if I return it for a new one?? I work in the technology industry and I am simply baffled by this device!!

      • It was an issue with Tabeo and not being able to handle the onslaught of parents that all set up their tablets on the day of Christmas. I set up 2 today and they are now working. Try using your PC and the video I just made. Should make it easier.

    • Hi! I had the same problem… Yesterday was impossible to set up the parental control, but Today I did it !!
      Question!!! the 1 dll charge is per month? Are there any more charges?? And after we set up th parental control there’s a strange sound like when you press a phone button….How do I make it go away???

      • No it is a one time charge that gets refunded. It’s mandatory so they can prove you e-signed the COPPA compliance. Most kids tablets have this.

        This noise is when the filter is activating so you can view the video I just made on how to adjust the settings to get more out of your Tabeo.

    • I (and many others) had the same problem. After several attempts from the tablet, I typed the http address EXACTLY (from pg 1/4) to my computer and was able to complete the set up process from there. I restarted the tablet and got a message saying it is now registered. I lost all of the pre installed apps though and am trying to recover them. Hope this helps. Good luck.

    • Go to to fix parental control issue. Customer support is being overwhelmed at this time. To many customers trying to access parental control website made it crash.

    • I was receiving the same error, called tech support. They are aware of the problem it is on there in. What I kept on doing was x-ing out and starting over, about 4 trys I got through.

    • you must call the company and register it .

  40. Question – we got our son the Tabeo e2 and are trying to get parental settings up and running, but every time we get to the 4th step, it tells us that we must set it up from the app. What are we doing wrong? Does it need to be hooked up to the computer? I know it’s Christmas, so whenever you can we would love to hear from you. Thanks.

    • No this is a common issue many parents are having. I have had about 20 comments here, my YouTube channel, email, and other sources today alone. This third party app does not always work and is having lots of issues. Your best bet is contacting tabeo, whose lines have been busy, or returning it for a better tablet.

  41. We bought our kids the tabeo 2 for Christmas but we can’t get passed the parental filter we get to step 3 but the a pop up comes up that says we have to register from the app but again at step 3 the same thing all over

    • This is a common issue that many are having. The parental filter is not working correctly.

    • The system was down for Christmas it should be up now just try it again

  42. I am have many problems getting tablet to connect to the internet …let alone Tabeo’s website which is now off-line….Tech-support off-line and e-mails being returned as undeliverable……any idea how I can by-pass the Tabeo 2 parental feature….? since everything is blocked until you do….please help …I have a disappointed 5 yr old

    • Return it and get one that works. I have had over 30 complaints and that’s usually less than 10 percent of people that are having this issue.

      • Its working today. Where do I get the more free apps?

  43. Hey Ryan,
    Any idea how to get past the parental control stuff, to access anything?!!

    • close it out go to settings, then apps, clear the cache after you stop running it.

      • Thank You JESUS!! I was to the point of complete and utter anger over not being able to access the #800, Live Chat or Email for 2 days!! I was going to bring it back after seeing my 6yr olds disappointed face! Your idea worked and I am done with the setup and parental controls. Thank you Sir and Happy Holidays!

  44. I can’t get my tabeo e2 parental control to let me register. It keeps saying it has to launch from the app but I do that and it still doesn’t work. Nice. My son can’t even play his new tabeo on Christmas. I am NOT happy. Any advice?

    • Unfortunately you are one of many having this issue today. Something is wrong with this mobile parental filter app.

      • This is the email I finally received after Trying to attempt to reach customer service for 2 days. Unfortunately I returned the tabeo today before I received this. I plan on buying the Kindle Fire HD.


        To re-install the Default Applications to your unit please do the following:

        1.) Download the file called to your computer from the following website:

        2.) Extract the .zip that you downloaded to your computer. You will need to use an
        extraction program such as Winzip
        (, Winrar
        (, or 7zip ( to do this.

        3.) Once extracted you should now have a folder called RecoverApps that if opened has a
        bunch of APK files in it. If you open it and find another RecoverApps folder in it open
        the second one, that will have the APK Files.

        4.) Connect your unit to your computer and open the drive on your computer so you can see
        all the folders in it. Copy the RecoverApps folder that actually contains the APK Files
        into the folder on the unit called System.

        5.) Once the copy is finished disconnect the unit from the computer and on the unit go to
        Settings -> About Tablet -> Start Wizard. Confirm you wish to run the Start Wizard. Then
        turn the unit off and then back on and you will be taken through the Start Wizard. Once
        completed the Default Applications will be re-installed to the unit.


        Due to a high volume of traffic, we are currently experiencing problems with the Mobile Parental Filter server. Please follow these steps in an effort to resolve the issue.

        1. From the homepage, go to Settings > Applications > Running > All. Select The Mobile Parental Filter app and tap the Clear Cache button. Press the power button and reboot the tablet. Once the tablet reboots, try to register the tablet again.
        2. From the homepage, go to the Web Browser > Menu [on the right, three vertical dots] > Settings > Privacy and security [left] > COOKIES [right] > Clear all cookie data. Press the power button and reboot the tablet. Once the tablet reboots, try to register the tablet again.

        If these steps do not work and you continue to experience Mobile Parental Filter issues, we sincerely apologize. Please be patient and try registering the Parental Filter at a later time.

  45. parental filter will not let me confirm with above email. any suggestions

  46. I just bought this for our daughter and we are having many issues. It was keeping a charge my husband started to set it up we get to the parental control part do what it says pay them the dollar and they sent an email saying it didn’t go through and to try again $10 later and it still won’t work. After all that it won’t hold a charge nor will it turn on. Any feedback would be great thanks

    • Do a factory reset then return it for another one. There are serious issues with this third party app.

    • There is a second option to call a 800 and cudtomer service will set it up for free

  47. i am having a very hard time setting up the parental controls on the tabeo e2. The tablet is not loading the parental filter page. Is there any way you can walk me through it?

    • This is an issue many are having and not something you are doing wrong. You will need to contact tabeo or return it for another product.

  48. Does anyone know whether or not I can get netflix on the Tabeo? If so, how do I do it?

    • You will need to install Amazon AppStore and then download it. Here is a video.

      • Hi Ryan,
        First thank you for the help that you give to so many people including myself! I watched your youtube video on how to download netflix on my daughter’s tabeo… I downloaded the amazon app the way you said and searched for netflix,however it won’t download the netflix app! Any suggestions?

        • I just put a video up of why some apps don’t work after you install them. Try that and see if you have the parental settings setup correctly.

  49. Can my son play Minecraft on the Tabeo e2 if I download the Amazon app? Thanks!

    • Minecraft PE is available through the Amazon Appstore. It does show as compatible in my devices.

      • Hi my daughter is 3 1/2 and plays some games on my iPad …. Still needs a lot of my help. I personally don’t think a 3 yr old needs an iPad but noticed the tabeo e2 is pretty reasonable but wondering the quality and if it’s a waste…. Should I just spend the $ and get the iPad or will this do the trick for a yr or so until she’s older and more responsible

        • If you buy an iPad, get a great case. I would personally get something cheaper like this for a couple more years. I wouldn’t spend that kind of money for something like until my son at least 10 and even then debatable. I love my Android products now that they are surpassing Apple tech.

          For a 3.5 year old I would get an SG Tab 3 kids as it is setup and ready with appropriate content for that age. I don’t like that the Tabeo e2 is not set up for multiple profiles where you can restrict apps. There are many other better tablets for kids her age.

        • If u can buy a iPad or a nabi or nabi jr. The taboe e2 sucks. I bought 4 of them for my girls and problems from the start couldn’t get past the parental setup controls and u have to pay 1.00 cause if u call the number it provides for u all u get is a busy signal. then one of them lost all the preloaded apps. Another is frozen with the time circle on it. I am so returning them all tomorrow. I also bought a nabi jr for my 2 yr old had set up in a few minutes. Well need less to say me 3 1/2 yr old took it over because her a
          Taboe e2 sucks

      • How do i get pass the parental control i cant evev create an account

        • This is a common issue. You can clear the cache in settings and try rerunning it or just uninstall it.

    • hi am trying to set up my new tabeo2..but cant get no internet or next flex…anything,,!

  50. i DL facebook onto my Tabeo2? I did get the amazon store app downloaded successfully.

  51. I am trying to decide between a tabeo e2 and leap frog ultra
    for my 5 yr old who wants and ipad. Any advice?

    • The Tabeo will be much more like an iPad than the LP Ultra.

  52. Was comping the tabeo e2 to a leapfrog ultra which should I get for my 5 yr old?

    • A LP will still work for a 5 year old but I purchased the Kindle Fire for him. At $139 you won’t find a better quality product.

  53. can my child go on the internet with this tablet….

    • Yes it has wifi so if you connect it to a network your child can be online.

      • Where do I go on the tabeo to connect to the internet? I would like to download the Amazon Appstore but can’t find the web browser? The Tabeo Store doesn’t have many free apps. Will the Amazon Appstore have more free apps?

        • The Amazon app store does have more free games and it’s the button with the world on it.

  54. Hey, I have a 5 & 7 yr old and was looking for some tablets. I like this one but the only thing I want to know is that if you can actually download optimum app (cable tv) ? my kids love watching tv on my ipad. SO I need a tablet that can “replace” the ipad lol

    • To stream videos I would recommend the Kindle Fire HD. It’s the only one built to do that and has dual band dual antenna wifi.

  55. I like Amazon AppStore for things like Netflix but I think the Tabeo Store has better apps geared just for kids… I would feel uneasy letting my child browse thru Amazon AppStore when there’s stuff like “Free Sex Positions” and “Foreplay Game 2″ on there.

    • That’s true. I don’t let my son browse either. He usually sees new games through in app advertisements. He has the FreeTime Unlimited subscription through Amazon so all of his content is foltered

  56. Can some one PLEASE tell me how to download the amazon app!!! I have searched for it on the Tabeo store and ad-libs and can not find it.

    • I downloaded it!! :) I feel so accomplished now LOL

      • It takes sometime to figure out some of the quirks to make it work. All of these companies prefer you use their appstore but I like to have access to a lot more.

        • i got it downloaded but it says it is not allowed, i think due to parental controls – i’m in my parental controls now trying to figure out what to un-checkmark so i can use amazon app store.

          • I made a video of how to set the controls up so this won’t happen this evening, see if that helps.

  57. Will it support Google Talk ?

    • I don’t believe so. If it is one of the few Google Apps on the Amazon AppStore you could. I haven’t had any issues with Amazon apps working on the Tabeo.

  58. I checked out the click n tablet and I didn’t like the responses from other ppl so I will be buying the tabeo e2!.. Can I download netflix and are the apps free for this tablet?

    • Yes it has netflix and apps for free through the Amazon AppStore.

      • Hi. I bought the tabeo for my son and was not able to get netflix

        • you have to go to and download the appstore then use that to DL Netflix. Before it will let you install amazon you have to go into your parent account and allow it to do that…not too time consuming.

    • I bought two for $99 each for my 5 year old son my 9 year old daughter. alot of educational stuff, and I just downloaded netflix and angrybirds from amazon which my son loves and they work. However when I was looking for youtube for my daughter I got many versions like YT comedy,YT Hip Hop etc but not the real thing and their reviews weren’t so favorable. I mean you can get around it by using your web browser google. you can also download vevo if your into music.

  59. Hi..Ryan i was if the Tabeo e2 can print off a wireless printer…if so what printer work the best…


    • Some companies do have apps on the Amazon AppStore. I have never really used this feature except with my note 2 phone and my HP printer.

  60. Hey Ryan,
    I have a 2.5 year old and I reallllly like the nabi but it’s a little out of my price range including the taxes (single mom). Is there a tablet that you can recommend that’s in the $100-$130 range that will allow my daughter to download educational games that she can use with or without WIFI.. Thanks so much

    • The ClickN kids tablet could be used for that age range. It has big buttons and you could add educational games. The case isn’t as protective as you would like for that age. Most of the ones on sale are built for 5 and up. I believe you can find good deals on the Meep! X2, Tabeo e2, and Kurio 7s. Really all of these can be made toddler friendly by adding apps from the Amazon AppStore. Let me know if you have any questions about them.

    • Hey Rena,

      The Tabeo 2 is on sale at Toys r us now, for $99. I just bought one yesterday.

  61. Ryan, I was looking at the Samsung Galaxy 3 Kids tablet. Is it better than the Kurio or Taboo e2?

    • Yes it is. The SG Tab 3 kids is easily one of the best tablets to buy.

  62. Hi, I have reviewed your tabeo 2 video and seen that you gave it a rather decent review. The issues you now speak of are they fixable with updated software? I have purchased this for my 4 year old but purchased the Kindle fire HD for my 8 year old. As I think the my 8 yr. old can get much better use of the kindle right now.

    And does Kurio 7 have an educational curriculum integrated into the tablet? I know the Nabi 2 doesnt I have played with that one. Or is there just better educational free apps already installed on it.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Oh and the tabeo 2 is available for $99 right now :)

    • When they fix the parental control app you shouldn’t have any more issues. I haven’t seen an upgrade on it yet.

      As for the Kurio 7s it has 30 educational apps for kids 6 to 11 so roughly 5 per grade level. Its not really a set curriculum but popular subjects for each grade.

      The Nabi 2 is actually the only kids tablet with a very structured educational program. It won’t show on a store model because it requires WiFi and a parental account attached.

      Amazon will also be releasing an educational curriculum that will be part of the FreeTime unlimited app. The one thing the Kindles lacked will be available early 2014.

      Hope this helps

      • Yes, thanks! But how do I download amazon app on this thing POP

      • Hi, I purchased two of the Tabeo e2 tablets for my boys for Christmas. I have been working diligently since 6:30am this morning to set up my parental control eettings…. which its not working. I am a nurse, and consider myself knowledgable, I know it shouldn’t be this hard. Do you know if there are any recalls on this product orvany issues with the intial parental control set up?

        Very Frustrated

        • Yes there is issues with this tablet and the third party parental control app. I have had more questions about this tablet today then any other kids tablet.

  63. I bought 3 of these Tabeo 2 Tablets for my 3 daughters ages 3, 5,&8 &you said they do not offer any educational apps can i download educational apps for their age ranges or should i just return them&buy different tablets?? because i want them to have fun but also learn with their tablets.

    • You can find educational apps through the Amazon Appstore. They are usually free or very inexpensive. I wouldn’t return them for just that reason.

  64. It looks like they have a brand new store on the Tabeo e2. I clicked on the Mystery Apps app and all of a sudden I have a new Tabeo Store that is MUCH better than the current Tabeo AppsLib. I love the Tabeo Dollars within this new store. It lets me add money to the account and let my son buy his own apps. I must say that I am impressed!

  65. can you get online from this or use for educational games? i got this for my 5 year old daughter but the reviews are not so great. this is her first tablet as well as mines. and is it oovoo compatible?

    • You can get online with this tablet and ooVoo is available through the Amazon AppStore. It lacks some things that makes an average kids tablet be a great kids tablet. The way it operates is good for the price but the parental controls and education are fairly non existent. For the price I prefer the Kindle Fire HD but you have to sacrifice the cameras. ABCMouse doesn’t seem to work well on tablets period. It runs if you have flash player and the Nabi 2 and Kurio 7s do but the WiFi is slow enough that it does make some of the videos choppy. This is an ABCMouse issue and they need to get a tablet friendly app developed. I think parents should be contacting them as I intend to and insisting on them developing this.

  66. How can I download Netflix on my tabeo e2 from Amazon

    • Go to the Amazon AppStore app and search Netflix and then download that app. Let me know if you need more help. Did you already download the Amazon AppStore?

      • Ryan..I bought this without realizing my son won’t be able to watch Netflix, play Minecraft etc…can you PLEASE give me step by step instructions on how to install the amazon app store? Once I have the amazon app store I should be able to download our favorites right?
        a worried parent ( trying to set it up before Christmas)

        • I’m going to add a video to the site in the next day or two because others have struggled with this as well. Check back tomorrow evening in my How to section.

  67. hello im debating on which tablet to get my 3 kiddos (5,4,2) i was looking in to the tabeo e2, which they have the colors my kids like, but lately they have been using my ipad cuz of netflix, is there a kid tablet that have apps such as netflix angry birds, educational apps ? , thanks

  68. Hello great site!! I am from Windsor, Ontario Canada. I am wondering if the Tabeo will even work in Canada if i will get any apps? Iam trying to decide between the Xo tablet and this Tabeo e2… please advise thxx

    • I can’t say how many exactly will work from the Amazon Appstore but I would definitely go with a kids tablet that does have Google Play. It is going to give you a better chance to find more apps as Google is a worldwide company.

      Nabi and Amazon have expanded to Canada but the details are still being worked out. Probably another year or two before you will see the majority of apps working.

  69. Hi ryhan me and my husband got our daughter a tabio e2 for this christmas and its stil in the box not opened I wanna know if we should take it back. After all of the comments I’m seeing I’m really not sure on what to do. the sales man in toys r us made it sound like it was the best childrens tablet out. Please help and thank you sooo much!

    • It’s not the best but it is a Toys R’Us product affiliate is why they are going to push the sale on it. It runs fairly smooth and has a nice big screen for a great price. You will have to search for your own educational apps as it doesn’t have any. The parental controls are also not very good. I prefer about 5 other kids tablets before I’d choose this one, does depend on age of your daughter as well.

    • Take it back. I have the first version I bought last year. I have had to replace both a total of 8 to 10 times in that time frame. The have great customer service. However it takes weeks to get it back and then within 2 to 3 charges they need replaced. There are many different ones out there. I hope this helps.

  70. Hi Ryan,
    I have been going around in circles to get two tablets for my kids (4.5 and 2.5 – she’s pretty decent with my iPad). They both love the iPad and I fear something too child orientated will just lead them back to my iPad. I was about to purchase a couple of Kindle Fire HDs but missed out on Cyber Monday and since then I’ve been lost. I want to be able download movies for long trips, games to work off-line, durability, perhaps play games with each other and access to lots of apps. I also fear the Nabi 2 is about to be replaced and the Barnes and Noble Nook will be uesless in Canada where we reside. Any suggestions?

    • I agree with the Nabi 2 being shortly replaced by a 3 next year but I don’t work for them so I couldn’t tell you when. The Nabi’s are just moving into Canada this month which will give you much more app options etc. I assume the Amazon AppStore works well in Canada as they are moving to the UK too which means they are also expanding their reach in a Global manner. Not really sure what the budget is but you can still get the Kindle Fire HD’s through Amazon but not at that insanely discounted price they were available at for Cyber Monday. They make plenty of great cases for this product

      • Thanks Ryan – I’m going to give this some more thought but I appreciate the extra info. All the best, Karl

        • Your very welcome. I appreciate your visit and comments.

      • Hey Ryan,

        Happy Holidays. I was wondering if my 5 yr old son would be able to use his tabeo e2 on christmas, because I don’t have WiFi? Also what are some great educational apps for the tabeo e2 for a 1st grader? Also, I’ve read almost all of your comments towards the tabeo e2, is there anything that you think is great about this tablet? Imo you make it sound worthless. I’m just curious I don’t want to feel like a fool for purchasing this tablet for my kid. I also don’t want him to be disappointed. Thank you in advance for responding to me. I’m not trying to offend anyone just want to know if I was foolish in my purchase as I can’t find the receipt. Thanks

        • Yes almost all the games that come preloaded will be playable. As far as educational content I like Kevin Bradford games and 22 Learn has some pretty good apps as well. It’s still a good tablet for the price and not trying to make it sound otherwise but very disappointed in the way they are handling the customer service with people who have issues with the mobile filter.

          The Tabeo e2 has a beautiful 8″ screen and runs fairly well. Also it has a good price tag. Something is just wrong with their mobile filter and needs fixed which is one of three components I look for on a kids tablet, web filter, educational content, and parental controls. I would promote the Kindle Fire HD over all of them if it had a good web filter, therefore my best suggestions are usually the Nabi 2, Kurio 7s, or SG Tab 3 because they offer all of these components.

    • I agree with the Nabi 2 being shortly replaced by a 3 next year but I don’t work for them so I couldn’t tell you when. The Nabi’s are just moving into Canada this month which will give you much more app options etc. I assume the Amazon AppStore works well in Canada as they are moving to the UK too which means they are also expanding their reach in a Global manner. Not really sure what the budget is but you can still get the Kindle Fire HD’s through Amazon but not at that insanely discounted price they were available at for Cyber Monday. They make plenty of great cases for this product as well.

    • Hi,

      I live in Toronto, Canada and I was wondering how can I purchase the Tabeo e2. I need two, they don’t sell them in the toys r’ us over here (not sure why) do you know where else I can get them ASAP.

      • They usually restrict purchase where they have not secured a large enough app source. I would consider purchasing something else. Nabi has just added Google Play and is now available in Canada.

        If you really want them I will pick them up and ship them to you but shipping is going to run you almost as much as just buying a better tablet available to you.

        • Thanks for responding back Ryan. I’m thinking of buying the samsung galaxy 3, it is currently on sale for $150 over here. Would you know where I can down land educational games or apps on it? If I purchase anything online I will not get bit in time.

          • There are lots of educational Google Play apps. I would just search the subjects you are looking for on Google Play and use the highest rating filter and it will produce ideas based on other users experience. So if your looking for math apps and multiplication is what you need, search for that.

  71. Hi Ryan

    Wow! Thank you for this website. I just bought two Tabeo e2′s but I am thinking of returning them after watching your video and scanning these comments. When I bought them eariler today I really was not sure I would keep them but things sell out and i would rather have it and return it than miss it.

    So my children have online homework to do and not all of their sites work with ipads since they do not have flash player. They have our old iphones and I am always trying to get them to play educational games but I think the screen is just too small to comfortably play some of them. I am normally a dedicated Apple fan but in this case I have to go another direction.

    I see you recommend the Kindle Fire in the comments but in the article you recommend Nabi 2 or a Kurio 7s. I am going to review your site in more detail but if you were buying for your children for entertainment and education with parental controls, which would you recommend? (7 and 9yrs) Thank you again for this site!

    • Amazon is still working out there Flash Browser and they currently do not contain a version of the Flash Player. The Two tablets that I usually recommend are the Kurio 7s and Nabi 2 which both come with Flash 11.0 or newer.

      I’m glad you found this site as well and you are right, Things do sell out.

      • Hi, I bought 2 tabeo e2 for my 9 and 6 yr old two weeks ago. Really wish i had found this site before. But since i have them i wanted to know where could i get cases for them,since they always seem to be sold out at the stores every time. if they have to be same brand or not and . I need something very kid proof for my 6 yr old.

        • Toys R’Us is going to be your best bet. I would go to their website and order one so you can verify you’ll get one. I couldn’t find anything on Amazon.

          • Thanks so much, i will check out the website.


  73. Hi,

    I want to buy a kids tablet for my 6year old son for Christmas I’m interested in the tabeo e2 he plays in my iPad a lot he loves playing games and watching netflix and educational games for a 1st grader would the tabeo e2 be good for him?


    • There is no educational games by default on this tablet. I would consider the Kurio 7s as a great alternative to this one. You can definitely search out apps on your own means but I really like the Mr Nussbaum games and the parental controls on the Kurio 7s.

      • Why is it that you don’t recommend tabeo e2? And does the kurio 7s have Cartoon Network?

        • I had some issues with mine and the web filtering software and I’m not the only one. Another parent said it stopped working altogether and the answer tabeo gave her was not helpful at all. They need to fix it.

  74. hello these comments have been very helpful. I have a two yr old. he has become fluent in using my ipad 4. I am wanting to get him a tablet around $150. I already had the kindle fire Hd and was not a big fan. the main concern is that I want him to be able to play his games or apps without wi fi. I have Wi-Fi in my house to download everything, but he often travels and like to play games in the car etc.. also, I would like to be able to access the same apps I got for free
    on his tablet. I am not sure what market that is, but I get the same app options when I search for them
    on my cell phone galaxy s4.

    • To meet the conditions you set there are limited options because you want Google Play and it also rules out the Nabi’s because the educational content requires wifi. To get a good tablet and still have what you want I would go to the Cyber Monday page and get the regular SG Tab 3 and add the Kids Place app. It is $150 and will have Google Play. It is much better choice than your other options. You will have to get some kids apps but there are a lot of Free apps. Try searching Fisher Price apps to start.

  75. Hi Ryan, I am looking for a tablet that suites my just turned 4yr old daughter, I was looking for the one which is more educational, I just purchased nabi 2 Disney edition for my other daughter, so dont want to go for the same one. What would you suggest? I was planning on leappad ultra but after looking at the limited memory, I am in dilemma.

    • I received you email as well would should contain all the info you need.


  76. Hi Ryan, I purchased the tabeo e2 for my almost 9 year old son for Christmas. In your opinion is this tablet too young for him, as he is used to my kindle fire and loves my iPad 2? It seems like a lot of his younger friends have iPads as young as 5, and he really wanted an iPad mini. I don’t want him to be disappointed at Christmas with the tabeo e2. Which do you recommend?

    • If your budget doesn’t allow for the iPad mini the Kindle Fire HD or HDX is the next best thing. They make practically nothing on these tablets because they are so good for the price. The WiFi screen and processor on the HDX far surpass a mini iPad. I’m not a big fan of the tabeo e2 tablet as I have had to many issues and it’s just not as good as A Kindle fire HD for almost the same price.

      • Ty, I’m going to get him the kindle fire hd:) best buy has it for $99!

          • The kindle had doesn’t take photos,which I know he will want:( which other tablet can I look at?

  77. Hi Ryan! My 9 year old loves listening to music… Is this tablet good and able to use it for listening to music like an iPod or MP3 player? And how’s the quality for listening to the music?

    • You can add music too it but it does have only a single speaker and you would probably be much better off with a Kindle Fire HD which has awesome media quality.

  78. Are you able to download and play YOUTUBE, NETFLIX, and MINECRAFT apps on this tablet?

    • Yes you can all 3 are available in the Amazon AppStore.

  79. I have a question, I have a daughter that is 13 and a boy that is 14 is this tablet to young for them or should I go with more of a kindle fire.

    • I wouldn’t say it is to young but they will enjoy the Kindle Fire HD much more and it’s cheaper if you buy it on the link I left for cyber Monday sales.

      • Hi- I’m wondering about the link to cyber Monday sales that you are talking about. Thanks!

      • Do kindle have a camera because my daughter 12years old love to to take pictures

        • The previous gen Kindle Fire HD and new Kindle Fire HDX have a front facing camera.

  80. Hi Ryan and Happy Holidays, The Tabeo e2 have Google Play Market, if no what app is for download app in this tablet. and what another tablet have Google Play market for kids, Thanks

    • Hello and this one utilizes the Amazon AppStore and the Toys R Us store. A lot of the kids tablets also have other smaller stores like 1 mobile market or slide me.

      The ones that utilize the Google Play store are SG Tab 3 kids, ClickN kids tablet and camelio.

      Thanks for the questions

  81. Hi, I bought 2 tabeo e2′s, and am having issues with the parental controls not turning on. It worked for the first two times I played with it, but after that, it no longer became “active” is there anything I can do to fix this? Tabeo customer service was of no help at all. I wound up downloading “kids place” from the amazon app store.


    • Unfortunately Kids Place App is probably your best option as this mobile filter seems to be plaguing the Tabeo e2. I’m sure there will be a patch at some point that I will put in this thread when it comes out.

  82. Hi, I wished I had read all this reviews before purchasing the Tabeo e2 for my 3rd grader. I did not expect buying a tablet until she was older, but since she has had a hard time with the new “common core standards” I figure we could get educational apps to help her out. Is there an educational curriculum app (3rd. grade)that could be installed in the Tabeo e2. We have Storia and I hoped it would be available in the Tabeo e2. Do you know if Xmath and BrainPop are available in the Tabeo e2. Can you explain how limited are the parentsl controls in this device?
    Thank you in advance for your response and thank you for having this service available to technologically challenge parents such as me.

    • BrainPop and Storia both apps available on the Amazon AppStore. I couldn’t find xmath. So you will be able to add these apps. There are also some other apps available by Kevin Bradford for a 3rd grader. I hope this helps.

      Thanks for the questions and your welcome.

      • Thank you Ryan for all your info… I do need help with this device… I’ve setup the parental controls and there are things I like, but you are certainly correct it is limited and annoying to say the least. I have not been able to find the Amazon app store. Can you please help?

        • Go to your web browser and search “install Amazon Appstore” your top search result should take you to a page with a button that is big and gold saying install. Make sure you have gone to your settings and then security and selected allow from unknown sources. This will allow your device to install the app. Let me know if you need anymore help.

  83. I would like to know which tablet do you reccomend for my 4 year old daughter, its between the nabi 2, Kurio or the tabeo. she has a innotab 2s and never plays with it. She can operate a ipad with no problems. It would be for entertaining and educational purposes like abc mouse and she loves disney. Thanks

    • I would go with the Nabi 2 Disney edition or Kurio 7s. They both have a lot of Disney content. They will preform more like an iPad this you get yours back.

  84. I’ve been reading through all the comments above/below. I have a daughter who is almost 5 yrs old. She has never had a tablet before but enjoys playing on my iPhone and the computer. For educational items it sounds like the Kurio 7s would be good for her but then the Kindlefire HD sounds like it would be good for her for books, apps and movies/tv. Now I’m confused as to which one would be the best for the money. What do you suggest? Also, do both the Kurio and Kindlefire have parental controls?
    Thank you for your help.

    • The Kurio 7s has the best and most in depth parental controls in my opinion. There are still plenty of options for books for the Kurio 7s just as there are educational apps available for the Kindle Fire HD. If you don’t plan on having it connected to WiFi I wouldn’t get the Kindle Fire HD as it has a lot of WiFi content and will need access to it to be as useful and functional as it can be for a good user experience. The Kindle Fire HD is the best for your dollar in my opinion.

  85. So I’m looking at getting my kids each a tablet for Christmas. Same one so they don’t fight over them. They are 3 and 4. Which would be the best one to get them? I want to stay around $150 and not higher. I want it to be somewhat educational with the apps an offer kids books. They enjoy watching YouTube and listening to music. We would also like to find something that they can watch tv shows on. I’m very stuck between the tabeo e2, the kurio7s and the kindle firehd. But I want something that isn’t at the same time expensive to buy apps and such for. They enjoy nickelodeon and Disney. Which one would be the best for them and their needs/wants? Thanks for any answers.

    • I would get the Kindle Fire HDs if your willing to invest the $3 a month for the FreeTime Subscription. You get access to over 10,000 Disney and Nickelodeon apps, books and videos. If you don’t want the monthly fee I would go with the Kurio. To answer your last question they utilize the Amazon AppStore so they will all be the same price when purchasing apps.

      Thanks off the question and comment.

  86. Hi Ryan,
    I am looking imto getting my 6 year old son a tablet. His 7yr old brother has the first tabeo and I feel as though they could get better educationally. But I have a few questions to clear up. So on the tabeo e2, you can access aps from google play? You can download the cartoon netwrok ap? How about scholastics storia? Can you download that as well? How about the xfinity tv ap? I have a nook hd + and was considering gettong hom one of those but I’m so unsure. I have been experimenting with the nook to check parental filters and aps.

    • You will not have access to Google Play yet. I’m working on this still. I checked and it said Storia is not available through the Amazon AppStore for the Tabeo, only available for kindle unless you can get Google Play to work. Cartoon Network is available through the Amazon Appstore for all devices. Xfinity TV will also be available for all devices through the Amazon AppStore.

      The Nook is one device I’m not real familiar with and my budget is maxed on buying tablets for the website so probably won’t happen until next year.

  87. What’s better nabi 2 or tabeo? I have a two year old that runs my iPad better then my husband. I have tons of educational games on there that I downloaded from the App Store. But I don’t want to have to plug into my computer at home cause it’s only running for wifi purpose at home for my iPad. My PC is soooo old. I wanted a tablet for my child so I can have my iPad back. What is best for my children and moms can use from time to time too

    • I think the Nabi 2 would be a much better choice than the Tabeo e2. It does require WiFi to use the Fooz University apps. I think the parentsl controls and durability are a lot better. Here is a video I made about the Nabi 2

      • I’m looking for a Kids tablet that will support Adobe Flash 10.2 in order to use it for an ABC Mouse subscription. Anything out there aside from Ipad ? Thanks so much in advance for your help.

        • Actually every Android tablet I have seen this year has had Adobe Flash Player 11 or newer. A lot of apps require this as well.

  88. I am wanting to get a tablet for a 5 year old. So far, I am torn between the Leappad Ultra and the Tabeo e2. I know that there are differences as far as the educational benefits with the Leappad, but other than that can you give me your suggestion?

    • The Tabeo would be one of my last choices for a 5 year old. I would look at the Nabi 2 Kurio 7s and Kindle Fire HD. If you give me more info about what he will use it for and what you want it for I could cut your choices down and give you a better suggestion.

      Do you have wifi, does he have any experience, how important is education? Etc

      • We have wifi, so yes wifi capable is a must. She plays on my moms Kindle Fire and her aunts ipad and she has an ipod touch but it is my hand me down! We curretnly have a 1st gen leappad and she saw the ultra and that is what she said she wanted. I just want to use my money wisely and wasnt looking to spend much more than the cost of the ultra. She likes the leappad games but she also likes temple run and some of the other app games. She will bascially be using it for entertainment purposes.

        • Go with the Kindle Fire HD then. It is the best for your dollar and for $3-5 a month you can get FreeTime Unlimited, Over 10,000 apps. It has the fastest wifi as well. My son is 5 and he loves FreeTime. It just seemed more economical to me to spend $36 a year and get a better tablet for less. I also downloaded a lot of educational apps for free. I think she will be happier with this choice and since you have wifi available for her she can just tap the books and apps she wants inside FreeTime and they will download.

  89. I just bought 2 tabeo e2′s for my kids and didn’t really review any other tablets are they ok for the money?

    • They are Above average. I like some of the others better, but the screen is nice and the games are good. Not really any educational apps and the web browser can be irritating when the web filter is on. Mine kept loading multiple pages. Bumper not very protective either so I would look for some good cases.

  90. I wonder about ‘Bumper Case’. Isnt that harmful? whether Silicone or Urethane.

  91. Have you downloaded many apps onto the tabeo e2 from amazon apps? Trying to figure out if i could download more educational stuff for preschool age. Thanks for your help!

    • I prefer the 22 Learn apps. I used them for my son. Another good one is Kevin Bradford’s games.

      • And those should download fine to this tablet? Perfect! Thanks so much!

  92. Hi! Like everyone else, I want to find the best tablet at a reasonable price for my 7 and 5 year old daughters. So far, we’re thinking it’s going to be between the XO tablet and the Tabeo 2. Does the Tabeo 2 come Google Play ready? I am a little confused by all of this. I liked the way the Tabeo 2 worked at the store. The XO tablet wasn’t powered up at Toys R Us when we were there, but it has better reviews overall. Plus, we have an android tablet which they are used to and the XO tablet looks more like the tablet that we have. Also, from other reviews I have read, the “Dream” program the XO comes with is liked by so many. Any insight on any of this would be much appreciated.

    • I did not like the XO tablet at all and mine was broke right out of the box. A good possibility you will have issues with the screen at some point. The Tabeo e2 seems like a decent tablet but you will not have Google Play. I have had issues with both of web browsers in these tablets. It would open multiple windows and not go where I wanted to even with all the filtering turned off. Just my experience. I prefer the Kurio 7s over both of these but it does not have Google Play either.

  93. We just bought two Tabeo e2′s for my daughters for Christmas. I’ve read all your reviews / comments, so I will not ask the same questions. I am curious if all the apps that are available through Amazon’s App Store can be downloaded to this tablet. If so, then this tablet could be made very educational through those apps (I know there are none preloaded, but it would be very easy to download them). Please let me know if you have had any experiences with the Amazon App Store and the Tabeo e2. Thank you!!

    • I can’t say every single app can be downloaded but every app I downloaded did work. Yes it can be made more educational through some of the great educational apps on the Amazon AppStore.

      • Thank you sir. We think this will be perfect for our 3 and 5 years olds…

        • Sorry for the delayed response. I think I was responding to your comment last night and got side tracked so it got approved and not responded to. I usually leave them in moderation until I can get to them.

  94. Which one would you recommend for an 8 yr old my daughter likes to google stuff for homework she really like to use the internet . Would she be able to use the tabeo for that as well as playing the games. Thanks

    • She can play games but not download them from Google Play. You can use Google search engine though. I’m not really fond of any of the kids tablets that offer Google Play. All the Good ones restrict the use of it though.

  95. I’m so torn over what tablet to get my 4 and 6 year old daughters. I want a tablet that they can learn n play. And have the Google store. Its out of the kurio 7s or the tabeo e2…which one do you think I should get…??

    • Neither of these actually have the Google Store. they have other store with some of same apps. The only kids tablets that will let you are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, XO Kids Tablet, Vinci Tablets, ClickN Kids Tablet, and Camelio Android Family Tablet. There might be a few more but both of the ones you mentioned are restricted in app purchasing.

  96. Hi, I currently have a Kindle Fire HD and my son (7yrs.) is constantly on it. So, I want to get him a tablet of his own for Christmas. Which one would better for a 7yr. old who loves games such as: fruit ninja, temple run, angry birds, etc. but also likes educational games and disneyjr website as well. I was looking at buying either the kurio 7s, Meep! x2, Nabi, or a kindle fire HD. Please help!

    Thank you!

    • If you have a Kindle Fire HD just know none of these other three will compare to the way it preforms. They will not be as bright or loud or stream as fast. The main draw to the other 3 is the parental controls and educational games. I think your best bet for him to transition and both of you to be happy is the Kurio 7s. It has a great setup for a 7 year old. My second pick would be the just stay with the Kindle Fire’s but there really isn’t a good web filter for it that I have found.

      Thank You

  97. Thanks for the review. We purchased one for our granddaughter. Can you purchase Aps with a ToysRus giftcard?

    • Most of the apps that Toys R’Us have licenses for are free anyways.

  98. I have an almost 4 year old with a slight developmental delay. He receives speech and occupational therapy at school, and the therapists use some apps with him during therapy. We also let him use our iphones and ipad, to play games and watch cartoons, but he’s always pushing a million buttons, won’t stay in an app, etc. We want to get him his own tablet that’s safe for him to play with, hit buttons, etc. I’d like to spend less than $150 – do you have a recommendation?

    • The Nabi 2 will be on sale at Walmart for $99 starting at 8 PM on Thanksgiving. That would be what I got for him in this situation. He will be locked in Nabi mode and only have the apps you have available to him. They also have some videos and cartoons provided that you have WiFi.

      • Will we also be able to download apps like Disney Junior and PBS kids on the Nabi?

        • You can add these as approved websites for your Maxthon safe web browser so your child can have access to them.

  99. How do I access the Amazon store to download apps.. I accidently did a factory reset on it I hope this doesn’t effect that.. can you give me the steps to access the Amazon store thank you

    • Just go to your web browser and type install Amazon AppStore. That should get you right to where you need to be to install it. it is the 2nd or 3rd search I believe.

  100. Which is the better tablet for a 6 year old girl, the tabeo e2 or the nabi 2 ? Thanks.

    • Really depends on what she is going to use it for. I would pick the Nabi 2 because there is no educational curriculum on the Tabeo e2.

  101. Thanks for the detailed review! There are so many options for kids tablets it is overwhelming!! :)

    We are getting a Tabeo e2 for each of my kids for Christmas. Does anyone know if NetFlix is available to download?


    • Netflix is available through the Amazon AppStore which is accessible on this tablet and your welcome. Thanks for the comment.

  102. Which one you consider better the Tabeo E2 or Kurio 7s. My kids loves youtube and looking downloading their own kiddie games in android market. Which one does not have limited internet access. Example can they search web for anything like a regular android. My daughter is 7 can she used for school work surfing the web

    • I like the Kurio 7s better and with this one you can give children full access to the internet as well.

      • so does this mean we could never give kids full access on the Tabeo e2 ? my

        • This tablet is pretty much wide open already. You can turn off the web filters so they will have full access to the internet.

      • i meant to include in my response was how well does the Tabeo e2 work with youtube videos? my kids are youtube junkies…. I put three on layaway not realizing their was a Kurio choice? I see there is a 7s and 10s can’t tell if it is a size difference or are there spec differences too…. my boys are 9 and almost 11yrs my daughter is 7yrs

        • It will work with YouTube but you should have got Kindle Fire HD’s for the same price at $139. If you want to stream anything then there is not match for the dual band dual antenna WiFi on the Kindle Products. The Tabeo e2 and Kurio 7s have some good games included though. The 10s is just a bigger version of the 7s. Specs are fairly similar.

          • Where can I find kindle fire hd for 139 at?

  103. So what children’s tablet would you recommend over all for a 4 & 2 year old? My 4 y/o can use my iphone better than I can. I will be buying 2 separate ones. What would be the best for them to be able to use now & also grow into?

    • Depending on your budget, Samsung just released their new kids tablet and it’s pretty amazing and geared towards kids around 3. A little more durable tablet that runs well is the Nabi 2 and they have a Disney edition that has lots of fun content for a 4 year old. It also has educational content through the elementary ages.

      I like the Nabi Jr Nick Jr for a 2 year old. That’s what I got my 2 year old nephew for Christmas. It also carries the educational content through the elementary school.

      • So would one of those you mentioned be better than the tabeo? And what is the samsung one called? I don’t even mind buying 2 different ones instead of both the same. It would actually be better that way! Thank you!

        • I like all of those better than the Tabeo e2 especially at the ages we talked about. It’s called the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids. I left you a link in the word Samsung on the previous comment. That’s why it is blue.

          • Thanks!! I will check them out. I think the Samsung is more than I wanted to spend–unless I can find it on sale sometime!

          • It is definitely on the high end of kids tablets. Doubtful you will find it on sale this year with it just coming out 4 days ago. The other 2 are really good options as well.

  104. Its David again, I went and bought 4 of the tabeo tablets. I opened one up and started playing. Everything works fine but I can’t find how to get apps from google play. Any special instructions on how that works?

    • The way I did it crashed my Tabeo last night. I was working on something for another visitor. I tried some different methods but can’t get them to work. I asked some friends about building a root program for me but don’t know when it will be available yet.



        -I take no responsibility for the damages that may or could occur from following this guide. I posted this guide because it worked for two different Tabeo e2 devices that I currently own. I am not iffiliated with any of the softwares or apps you will use, nor do I take full credit for these instructions. A lot of trial and error from multiple users.

        -Must have the File Explorer app that is included in the pre-installed apps on this device. If not, you may need to master reset the device and add them again. You can also add another profile to the device to have the apps installed all over again.

        -Anytime you see a pop up asking for ROOT access for any of the apps that we run in this tutorial, select yes!

        -Parental controls don’t seem to work well with the Play Store. Recommend uninstalling it once your done with the tutorial using Titanium Backup from the Play Store. If you can’t get to the play store because of the parental controls, force stop, wipe cache/data on the parental controls app and then access the play store again.


        Step 1: Install Drivers

        Go to PdaNet site:
        Download Version 4.12 installer (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP (both 32/64bit Users). Alternate instructions for MAC users.
        Install PdaNet
        Once finished run PDANet
        On the device enable Developer Options
        Slide down status bar>settings>about tablet>keep tapping on the build number at the bottom (fast) until developer options is enabled
        Press the back arrow, developer options should be listed right above the About Tablet option. If not, reboot device and see if its there.
        Once enabled, in developer options, enable Debugging.
        Connect the device to the computer via USB cord
        Follow the instructions on PdaNet.
        Once completed, close the program and then Exit completely out of PdaNet. PdaNet should not be running at all before continuing.

        Step 2: Import Files to Device

        Download the zip file and place on your desktop
        Unzip using 7zip or other programs. 7zip is free online and works great: 7zip:
        This can be done by selecting the zip file, right click it and select Unzip Here.
        Now open My Computer, and open the Tabeo which is now listed under Devices because you installed the drivers using PdaNet.
        If you don’t see your device, go back to Step 1 and start over.
        Now, copy and paste the Tabeo Setup folder to the internal memory of the device.
        Now, cut and paste the file from the Tabeo Setup Folder and move it a directory up in the internal memory. So you should see the Tabeo Setup folder next

        Step 3: Root Device:

        Run the Android_Root exe file inside the Tabeo Setup folder that is on your PC desktop. (AKA Kingoapp Software:
        Once it scans your device, press the ROOT DEVICE button.
        The device should reboot when its done.
        Congrats, you are rooted!

        Step 4: Install Apps

        Find and launch the file explorer app that was included with the pre-installed apps on this device.
        Select Internal Memory > TABEO SETUP Folder
        Select and Install:

        Run Busybox > Press the Install.
        Once done, swipe all he way to he far left screen “Applet Manager”.
        Press Install
        Exit and reboot device.

        Launch the File Explorer app.
        Select and Install:

        Flash Gordon Site:….php?t=2250555
        Open Flash Gordon
        Select “Browse for File”
        Find and select the app you moved to the first directory of your internal memory.
        The file is Googles Gapps 4.2.2 flashable zip, I changed the name because this app has issues with long zip file names.
        Once you selected it, expect to wait awhile while the app unzips the file.

        (If it flashed the Unzip message really fast or gave you a invalid error message, that means it didn’t unzip right. Recommend reboot the device, and go through the Busybox process again.)

        If Flash Gordon does in fact take awhile to unzip, select the checkboxes:

        -Uncheck the SafeFlash
        Press FLASH.
        You will have to wait awhile, grab a drink!

        Once done, reboot the device.
        Once the device reboots you will be prompted to go through the Google Gapps setup process like any other device. Setup your Gmail account and enjoy the Play Store!

        • I have not verified this method but you guys are welcome to try it so you add Google Play to your Tabeo e2.

  105. After a thorough exploration of your site/review/comments, I was all settled on the Kurio 7s for my 8 & 10 year olds over the Tabeo e2, mostly based upon better parental controls and also the fact that Tabeo is kind of new and not proven as much yet as the Kurio7s. But today I was reading people talking about (and raving about how great it is) Google Play. Is this something available only to Tabeo e2 and not Kurio 7s? And if so, what am I gonna be missing out on if I don’t have Google Play? Thanks so much!

    • Google Play is not option. My tablet crashed last night because of the root. I would consider Amazon AppStore as your best option on both the Kurio 7s and Tabeo e2. When someone like ADB releases a root I will let people know and do a video on how to root and get Google Play.

  106. my mom has purchased the e2 for my 6 yr old son for christmas, and the main thing he was asking for was a 3ds xl. we are trying to decide whether to still get him the 3ds since he will be getting the tablet but doesnt know it yet or to still get the 3ds. my concern is if the tablet can be used without wifi, like in the vehicle, etc… this would help us decide whether he should get both or not.

    • A lot of functions on the tablet can be used without wifi. The main purpose of it is to download more games or movies. If you add movies to the SD card he would also be able to view movies without wifi.

      Thanks for the question.

  107. some people say this comes with its own app store and not google play…is this true? it would suck to have an android tablet and not access google play…also, is it possible to download facebook,instagram apps?

    • It doesn’t come with Google Play as most of these kids tablets don’t but it can be added to all of them. All of them have access to the Amazon AppStore which has almost all of the popular apps like you mentioned.

  108. How were you able to download the Google Play Market. I attempted to download the apk file and load the App from there. The icon shows up on the desktop but it won’t open.

    Thank you for your help

  109. So the tabeo can access the full google play store? My daughters 3 and 5 always fight over grandmas ipad. They love playing free flow, angry birds, tic tac toe, hill climber and so on. I just want to make sure this is all accesible.

    • Yes you can download everything from Google Play. This is one of the few kids tablets that does allow you to do this.

      Thanks for the question

  110. The Kurio is a great tablet for young kids , tweens as well as for adults, educational and fun wise. My only problem is in charging the Kurio. Only being able to charge it via the USB is not good. Right now , I can not charge it due to the USB port being “wobbly”. That is THE only problem. #1..Kurio original, over heated while charging. #2..Kurio original , had an intenal cracked screen. #3..Kurio 7s , can’t charg via USB. Will try the Kurio again, one last time.

    • There are lots of good kids tablets this year. If you think it is not the best buy grab something else. I only offer opinions and its up to you as parents to make the decision. I do research and play with them and have almost everyone of them and just tell you my experience while using them and what I see while using them.

  111. After going through this review, I came to the conclusion , with my price range the kurio7 would be the best fir for my 5&4 years old , since I am more into educational apps.
    My question how to convince the kids to swith from Tabeo to kurio? and same time like and live my Iphone and Ipad alone.

    • Put them up and give them the new one. My son(5) never plays with my iPad mini or Galaxy Tab 3 because he has his own tablets. I put plenty of games and apps he likes on his tablets and he seems very content.

      Make sure you get the Kurio 7s, it is the newer of the 2 models.

  112. I just got the Tabeo e2 for my 11yr old is she to old for this product? The people at Toys R Us told me there was not really an age specific on this item.

    • The Tabeo e2 is probably one of the better kids tablets to get for older children(tweens). It has no child mode but it does have some parental controls like a web filter. You should be fine.

      Thanks for the question

      • She wanted a Kindle fire Hd, It’s the kids are so advanced these days, I hope she doesnt find it to childish, she plays most of the games that are on this tablet on her phone. but anywho thanks for your help.

        • It is still a pretty good tablet. It’s a little bigger and will have Google Play which will be a big Plus if she is already playing those games on her phone. I would open it and run it before Christmas though. A couple of customers have had issues with theirs. My copy worked just fine but it will be disappointing if her copy doesn’t on Christmas Day.

          • I seen some of the comments, I check all electronics and play with them of course before the kids get them. The life of a kid these days.

          • That’s always a good thing. At least you know if there are any issues ahead of time.

            One reason I started buying them and doing videos so parents can see them in action.

            Thanks for all the comments.

  113. I want to get each of the kids a tablet, they are age 5 and 9. Which do you recommend between the new samsung galaxy kids tablet, and the tabeo e2? Their favorite apps are furby boom and minion rush. Can you get those apps on either of these tablets? Looking at pictures of the galaxy, the screen looks a bit too childish for the 9 year old, or can that be changed? Thanks!

    • The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids comes out this week and I will have more answers when my copy comes in. The Screen will not be interchangeable. It will be yellow and orange and I’m not sure what kind of cases will be out with it.

      Both of those games are available on Google Play. Your current options for tablets that include Google Play are the Tabeo e2, Meep X2, and ClickN Kids Tablet. I wouldn’t recommend any if the other ones that do offer Google Play.

      Check back on Wednesday when the Galaxy comes out and I will have more answers for you.

  114. Hi! I’m looking for something fun and educational for my soon to be 4yo daughter. She is already proficient with an iPad and enjoys playing educational apps as well as watching tv shows (disney, pbs, nick jr) on it. I’d like to purchase something she can grow in to as well. What do you think about the leappad ultra vs this tabeo? Which one has access to the most/best apps as well as able to load videos/movies? Parental controls are obviously a must as well.

    Thanks for your help!

    • If she plays on the iPad she won’t pick up the LeapPad. She will ask for the iPad again. The Tabeo really lacks any education. The best tablets this year, in my opinion, are going to be the Kurio 7s and Nabi 2. The Nabi 2 has a Disney edition that will feature all 3 Disney Channels and Disney Radio. As far as other shows you will have access to Netflix on both of these and they carry a lot of shows from all 3 stations.

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a question. Hope you share our website with friends.

  115. I would like to get a tabeo e2 for my 11 year old daughter she has an instagram account is there an app for that on the tabeo OR WOULD I HAVE TO GET IT IN THE APP STORE FOR HER ???????

    • You would have to download the app onto the tablet. It shouldn’t cost you anything extra.

  116. Would u recommend the kindle fire HD over the kurio 7s, its for the kids but also the whole family

    • The Kindle Fire HD would be the best if the adults are going to use it, I use my son’s for Amazon Prime(movies). The quality of the main 4 components processor, WiFi, screen, and audio are unmatched by any other tablet in this price range. I haven’t seen a kids safe web browser on it so it would be more of a choice of whether to add it to the profile or not to add it. Don’t know the age of the children or whether that is even a deciding factor. You won’t have any cameras as well so no FB photo posts unless you buy last years model which has a single front facing camera.

      Thanks for the question and let me know if you need any more help.

      PS if kids are young and you get the Kindle Fire HD get the marware swurve case, It is very protective and ours is still in great shape.

  117. Are you saying that there is a way to get the google play store on the tablet? Im a little confused on what search engine is on the tablet that will allow them to access normal websites. Thanks

    • On the Tabeo e2 you have access to Google Play. The web browser is the default Android browser name Dolphin. There is software that interacts with the web browser to filter results based on whether they are appropriate based on categories you choose to delete from search results.

      I hope that clarifies it a little more. Feel free to leave more questions or comments you have about this tablet.

  118. Would you reccomend the kindle fire hd over the tabeo e2??? I buying for a 3 yr old, 7 year old and 9 year old….thanks

    • Over the Tabeo e2 every day of the week. The Kindle Fire HD’s do not have cameras unless you buy last years model. No other kids tablet can match visual and audio quality of the Kindle Fire HD’s and HDX’s. I watch movies on my Kindle Fire HD over every tablet I have including IPad and I own well over 20 of them.

      The Tabeo is built just for fun so it can’t match the Kindle Fire plus for a couple bucks a month you get FreeTime Unlimited which has over 10,000 books, apps and games by Disney, nickelodeon, and Warner Bros.

  119. Im looking into a tablet for my 9 yr old twins. Is this tabeo e2 appropriate for them ? I also looked at the kurio7 but that one looks more geared younger children. Also i wanted to know if on the Tabeo can separate profiles be setup like the Kurio7 allows?

    • The Tabeo e2 would be fine for them. It has a web filter but no educational apps.

      The Kurio 7s is designed as a family tablet and the education runs for ages 4 to 11 so they would still fit in this category.

      I have video reviews on both so you can see how they look. It is going to come down to your preference. The Tabeo e2 is bigger but you get more apps on the Kurio 7s and it has a mode for children and 4 separate web filtering modes. You will have Google Play on the Tabeo e2 though.

  120. Hey Ryan – I’m considering the Tabeo e2 for my 10 yr old daughter and one for my 8 yr old son. Two questions for you: (1) Some of the pre-loaded stuff may seem a little “baby-ish” – especially for my 10 yr old. It seems relatively easy to add apps, but how about removing if we want to? and (2) in your “bad” list, you cite “no web safe browser”. Can you elaborate? What browser is on this thing? And can’t I, as a parent, block access to all but select websites of my choosing if I wanted to? Thanks so much for your help – I’m a real newbie to tablets and want to make informed choices!

    • They have revised the Tabeo e2 since I did the written review and that needs amended. They have added a lifetime license to a program called mobile filter that does give you quite a few options to block and filter the web. As for deleting apps you can just take them off the available list in the parent mode and they won’t see them in child mode. You can also remove them if you like.

      Thanks for the question and comment. I hope you will share this with other parents with our social buttons like FB or G+.

  121. I am looking into buying a tablet for my 6 year old daughter and I came across the tabeo2 and it all looks pretty good only i was hoping for alot more educational games and apps. Is there a large number of them that i can get for free or buy from the tabeo2 app store and can i add any kinds of fun learning games from other app stores or games that you can buy for things like the leap pad2? Is there any other tablet for kids that is around 150$ or less that has more learning access already on it that also has a fron and back camera? Also im looking for a fun tablet for my son he is only 2 but is very smart and will learn alot from it with my help. any suggestions?

    • The first one I would consider is the Nabi Jr Nick Jr which is $139. Only one camera but it swivels. It has over a lot of education and fun preloaded for his age group.

      The second one you could view is the Kurio 7s. It has 2 cameras and over 60 apps, 30 of which are educational ranging from pre k to 5th grade. It is $150.

      I have written and video reviews on both of these. The videos showcase included apps as well.

  122. Does this tablet have a youtube app or access to youtube?

    • Yes actually you can get both. Thanks for the question and comment.

  123. I just bought the Tabeoe2 for my 8 year old son. He currently plays with my ipad and I am looking for something that he may like just as much (but at a lower price). I like the price point. Would you recommend a different product?

    • I have had a few complaints that their tech squad/customer service have not been able to resolve. All of the kids tablets get complaints though. My preference in this price range($150) is the Kurio 7s. I like the content and the parental controls a lot more but some people have to have Google Play. I’m content with the Kurio store, Amazon AppStore, and 1 mobile Go.

  124. I was very interested in this tabeo e2 tablet for my 7 yr old son and 10 yr old daughter. My biggest concern is internet. With parental controls on can they still access the internet for age appropriate programs? Also, can they text from this device to a parents iPhone? How is the camera picture quality?

    • It does have internet but the filter is a paid service and has a free 30 day trial. They will be able to text because they have several free text programs available. The cameras are the same resolution as any other tablet in this price range. Not vey high quality but good enough for a Facebook photo.

      If you have any other questions let me know and thanks for the comment.

      • U stated the filter is a paid service? Is that a one time payment or monthly? And the filter service, is it so the kids only use age appropriate internet programs? For instance, can my kids go on or other school websites from the taboo e3?

        Thank you for taking your time out to help with my questions and concerns.

        • I checked it out when I got home and it appears to have a lifetime license with the tablet. So part of what you are purchasing with this tablet is the Life Time Licensing to Mobile Parental Filter software. You can set up multiple filters and if it blocks a website you think your kids should have access to you can just override it and permanently allow it. You can also just block the entire web except for the sites you want them to have access to.

          I hope this clarifies it’s functions a little bit.

          • Yes thank you.

          • Your welcome and thanks for visiting and commenting

  125. Are these things worth it or not? My wife & I have 3 kids. Would like to get one for each. Don’t wanna throw away $$$

    Thanks for any feedback…

    • My copy worked fine but I have had 2 complaints on this tablet already. You might look at the Kurio 7s if $150 is about your price range. It is a nice looking kids tablet with lots of educational content and games. I also did a video review you can see on that page.

    • I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. I received it yesterday and got it set up as well as downloaded the Amazon app store and netflix. I played with it a bit and it seems to be a pretty decent tablet. For the money I am happy. I haven’t played with other kid tablets, but I like that this one seems like she won’t outgrow it very quickly. My daughter is 7, will be 8 in April. I can’t speak to owning it long, but I did play with it for a couple of hours to make sure I thought it was worth keeping and hopefully it is durable, although my daughter is good with her electronics.

      • One word of advice don’t ever do the factory reset. All of my third party apps that were included disappeared. I like this tablet as well. Wasn’t my favorite but it was still good and I think it’s much better for the the tween age group.

        Thanks for your comment

  126. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT I bought this tablet for my son Friday. I spent 3 hours Saturday at the library and on the phone with tech support. I ended up having to take it back to toys r us getting a new it did the same thing the first one . If my brother in law can’t figure it out and he is a computer genius . I will have to send it back to the factory they will give him another one or a gift card for toysrus in any case toysrus has my money. Ihave a defective product and an unhappy kid.we could not do anything because we could do. Parental contol app does not work

    • I’m really sorry to hear that. This is the second complaint I have heard on the Tabeo e2 this week.

      Can you kinda explain what it is doing? I would like to try and replicate this and see if I can figure out a way around this.

      Thanks for sharing and sorry you got a bad product but at least other parents will be warned.

  127. Is there a way to attach parents’ google play account to the tablet? I love these ideas of kids tablets, but not making it fuction with google play may cause us to chose a regular tablet.

    • Unfortunately the only kids tablets that allow Google Play I Don’t really recommend. XO kids tablet, ClickN kids tablet are 2 of them. There are ways to edit the files that block Google Play as well, essentially you could get it on any tablet if you wanted to.

  128. We purchased the Tabeo e2 a few days ago & although my son seems to love it I think I might return it. Besides the parental controls and educational apps another reason for buying this product was so my son can video chat my family members who are geographically far away. Tabeo e2 is supposedly video chat capable but the customer service techs cannot tell me why I cannot get any of the video chat apps to work. They cannot even recommend an app that can do so. Skype is preloaded but only supports IM & calls. I’ve tried to download apps from amazon that are compatible with the Tabeo e2 but once downloaded the app is no where to be found on the tablet. This device is very attractive & the 8” screen is very visible comfortable on the eyes. However, I think because this is so new we are the test dummies for any glitches. I think I will return this tomorrow. Customer service reps were not helpful at all.

    • Wow I’m really sorry you had to go through this. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves and one of big companies strategies. If they release close enough to Christmas they won’t get enough negative PR on their tablet before a lot of people have already purchased large quantities of them. Sometimes they release stuff well before it has gone through a long enough testing phase and things fail. The Meep! went through this last Christmas and they didn’t get a fix to the black screens and other issues until spring, leaving a lot of parents stranded with a purchase they wish they hadn’t made. It’s not that they were bad products it’s just that they aren’t ready to released.

      Thank You so much for your comment and warning other parents.

  129. Does the tablet have años internet Explorer? Like Safari? Thanks

    • The Tabeo e2 uses an Android browser Dolphin. It does have a parental filter attached to it so only parent approved websites will be available to your kids. I hope this answers your questions and thanks for the comment.

  130. My son has The kurio 7s and it has 3 markets to purchase apps at including amazon.

    • I actually was just speaking with Kurio USA and realized the error in that review. Definitely going to get that fixed tonight.

      Thanks so much for your feedback

      • Does the Kurio 7s support the google play store?

        • No. The Kurio 7s has the Kurio store, Amazon AppStore, and 1 Mobile Go stores available.

          Thanks for the question

  131. Where were these cool toys when I was growing up? :-)

    • I agree. I play with my son’s Kindle Fire HD. I love the Amazon Prime movies and ultra fast WiFi.

      • U have given a lot of wonderful information on the different tablets out for kids, thankyou. Though u have not mentioned anything on the ClickN Kids tablet. How does it compare to the others, I have read reviews from buyers and it seems ok and is rated 4 star. Though I always try to get the most info that I can. What is your overall opinion on this tablet.

        • I have done a written and video review on this tablet. I try to do every single kids tablet and have about an 80% completion rate so you get as much info as you can.

          • Where can I find ur review and thankyou

          • Your welcome. If she share my site on FB and G+ that is plenty thanks that is how we continue to grow. You put a big smile on my face. Thanks again.

          • I sat and read a lot of these reviews because I am trying to find out if you can watch Netflix on the Tabeo 2. When I try it will not do anything. I would also like to add that had these parents read the instructions they would not have ran it to these problems. I opened my daughters several days before Christmas so that I could get familiar with it and set it up for her. That way Christmas morning it would be ready to go and I could concentrate on other things. I had no problems at all and I didn’t even read the instructions. However, my boyfriend who did not do the same for his son tore straight into his and bypassed everything and of course it locked up on him and will not do anything. It is DOA. I don’t think people should trash Toys R Us because they failed to do their part prior to the kid’s getting a hold of them.

          • When apps don’t work the best things to try are going to settings and then the apps tab. Clear the cache and stop the app from running then reset the tablet and try to run it again.

            If this doesn’t work I would repeat the process then uninstall the app and download it again and then reset the tablet. Netflix is a fairly complicated app because of streaming videos and contacting their servers etc. there could be many reasons the app didn’t work properly on the first install.

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