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Posted by on Oct 18, 2013 in Kids Tablet Wifi Posts | 34 comments

The Kurio 7s vs the Amazon Kindle Fire HD(3rd gen) – Best Family Tablet under $150

The Kurio 7s vs the Amazon Kindle Fire HD(3rd gen) – Best Family Tablet under $150

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If your looking for a great family tablet for under a $150 then these are the best 2. The Kurios 7s vs the Amazon Kindle Fire HD for best family tablet available in 2013. 

What do they have in Common?

Both of these tablets have parental controls and multiple profiles available to make them very family friendly. You can switch between the profiles and all of them have individual settings. So your 5 year old may not have access to every app but your 8 and 10 year old do.

They are both 7" with multi touch point HD screens. They also both run dual core processors that are similar in speed. Both are also on the more durable side as compared to tablets designed for adults.

The Kindle Fire HD and Kurio 7s both come standard with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB of memory.

Let's Break Down the Specs and Features

 Kurio 7s

kurio 7s


 Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire hd 3rd generation


Screen Size




Battery Life


Web Browser




Exp Memory



4.5 Stars

4.5 Stars


8 Hours

8 GB


Front and Rear

Dual Core

1 GB




4 Stars

4 Stars


10 Hours

8 GB



Dual Core

1 GB


What I Like About the Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire hd 3rd generation

The Kindle Fire HD has a program called FreeTime Unlimited that runs between $2.99 and $9.99. It has around 10,000 apps, books, and TV clips for kids. It is a monthly subscription fee but has an abundance of content from Nickelodeon, Disney Pixar, Warner Bros. and more.

The other great features of this tablet are the outstanding WiFi. It is dual band dual antenna and faster than an iPad Mini by more than 33%. It also has an outstanding battery life for lots of hours of use between charges. The last big feature I want to mention is the Dolby Digital Speakers. They sound amazing along with the look of it's HD screen.

Read Kindle Fire HD Full Review

What I like About the Kurio 7s

Screenshot kurio 7s

The Kurio 7s has co-developed educational content with Professor Mr Nussbaum. This content is great for elementary school kids and not only helpful for kids but a lot of fun to keep them engaged.

They have also developed what I  consider to be the best parental controls that have more options. The web safe browser has 4 options or security levels for members of the family at any age. Each if the 8 profiles can be set individually.

Another one of the features that I like is the expandable memory up to 32 GB. This gives you the option to add whatever media you want via the SD card and not have to worry about the space. The HDMI port is also invaluable if you want to connect your tablet to a TV and view movies or apps on a big screen.

Read Kurio 7s Full Review

Which Kids Tablet is Actually  the Best Family Tablet

Without a doubt I would choose the Kurio 7s over any tablet if it was going to be used by multiple family members. It is a very versatile tablet with great features and a great web filter. It also  has more options of app choices because it contains the Kurio store, Amazon app store, and 1 Mobile Market.

The expandable memory also makes it very appetizing. It has 2 cameras which allow pictures and videos. It's not an iPad but you get all of these functions for a quarter of the price.

Another great aspect of the company is how active they are with their customers. Just today I sent a message to their Media Team with Facebook and they contacted me in a very short period.

Between the educational value, great parental controls, more functions, expandable memory, great entertainment, and excellent customer service it is a very easy decision in the Kurio 7s vs the Amazon Kindle Fire HD to see why Kurio 7s is the clear winner.

Buy Kurio 7s Family Tablet

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  1. Dont forget that kurio has flash player which is a key selling point for myself who has been researching all options after “cutting the cable cord” with that feature I believe you can watch free videos from top kids networks ( disney,nick jr, etc) directly from the website,for FREE (vs amazon prime membership) correct? My personal dilemma is how to handle movie prime or netflix on the kurio, or just purchase(how do you play on the kurio?) Also, is it better to buy educational apps or subscribe to kindle free time unlimited? Please help asap

    • Flash player has been abandoned on the Android tablets. The ones that do have it don’t stream fast enough in most cases either. There are things I like about the Kurio but this is not an option I see as a viable option to base a decision off of. I have tried using many flash players on many Android tablets and it works for some things like Netflix but not others like ABC Mouse.

      For movie watching and streaming the Kindle Fire HD is the best as it is the one of the only tablets that utilizes dual band dual antenna wifi. Just my opinion and experience using a lot of the tablets available on the market today.

  2. I bought the clickn kids for my 7year old for Christmas. He dropped it and cracked the screen and then it stopped working the next day. I am going to try and return it and get him something else. I am trying to decide between the Kurio and the Kindle. One of the main things that I liked about the ClickN is that I didn’t have to put in any debit card information because of the free google play store. Do either of these have an option similiar?

    • You can use the Amazon AppStore without a credit card for the Free apps. Both of those tablets use that AppStore as the main source of apps. You will have more options for apps with the Kindle Fire HD and it’s a better tablet. Parental controls are not as in depth though.

  3. Hi,

    Just wondering if either of these will play movies from a USB stick or external hard drive connected via USB??


    • I actually hadn’t used that method yet but I can definitely try it out and let you know.

  4. I just found your website and you have an awesome site! I need some advice on which tablet to purchase for my 9 yr old daughter. I’m torn between the Kurio 7 and Kindle Fire. She likes to primarily play games, watch movies and listen to music on youtube, but I would also like her to read books on it. There are so many pros and cons between the two.

    My biggest concern with the Kurio 7 would be that she would outgrow the educational games since she’s in 4th grade. I would like it to last for years to come. I love the parental controls and I also like the cameras and the ability to increase the memory.

    I like the Kindle Fire for the speed and all of the apps, books and movies. I don’t like the fact it doesn’t have a camera, but she’s young and she can use my android phone for pics. For the money, I would have to purchase a 16g.

    I’m sort of leaning on the Kurio, but I don’t want to make another purchase in a year due to her outgrowing it.

    Thanks for all of your help!!

    • I’m all about the Kindles. The cons you mentioned are a few of it’s drawbacks but how they make such a great tablet affordable. For what you are wanting and her age I would definitely get the Kindle Fire. You don’t outgrow them. I use my HDX over all other tablets. The only one I like close to it is the Google Nexus and I own expensive Apple products as well. They are great products for your dollar.

  5. I’m undedided on a tablet for my 5yr old. She does very well with her older sisters Galaxy tab but Im not interested in paying that much for a tab for a 5yr old. She likes to play games and watch movies and videos. Which kids tab would you suggest.

    • My preference for a tablet under $150 is the Kindle Fire. It is the highest quality you are going to get for your dollar. They also are going to release a kids educational program in 2014, the only thing they lacked from being the top kids tablet. If your not opposed to paying the $3 to $5 subscription cost for FreeTime Unlimited there is no doubt what you should decide on. You don’t have to get the subscription but it is a small price for the 10,000 games, books, and videos they give you. It is just far above all other tablets in quality, from fast WiFi and processor to great screen and sound.

  6. Even though this article is a huge help, I’m still undecided. I really like the Kurio 7 for the educational content and parental controls. But I am drawn to the Kindle Fire HD for its excellent video streaming and sound. Would I be able to get educational content and parental controls on the Kindle?? Or excellent streaming on Kurio?? My daughter is 8 and would use a tablet mostly for playing apps and watching YouTube, also a few websites.

    Thank you so much! You are a life saver for parents!

    • Your very welcome and there are lots of educational apps on the Kindle Fire HD and it’s currently on sale on my Cyber Monday page. You will just have to install them and it’s not a curriculum. There is no way to make the Kurio stream faster so I think your better off getting the Kindle Fire HD

  7. I have a computer savvy 8 yr old who loves to watch movies and shows on my nook and her Dad’s laptop. Her one year older sister had the original Nabi, which she, surprisingly, uses very little.
    I want something with strict parental controls that I won’t have to worry about freezing when she wants to stream video, with a lot of educational content. She also loves to read.
    I seems, reading all your reviews, that you would recommend the Kurio 7. Is that a correct assumption? I’m technology clueless. She’s surpassed me already :-)

    • For streaming your best option is the Kindle Fire HD and for all the rest the Kurio 7s would be the best. Depending on how fast your internet connection is you should be ok with the Kurio 7s and stream

    • For streaming your best option is the Kindle Fire HD and for all the rest the Kurio 7s would be the best. Depending on how fast your internet connection is you should be ok with the Kurio 7s and streaming videos.

  8. Does the Kurio 7s have the same ability as the Kindle Fire to watch movies anywhere??

    • If your speaking about Amazon Prime that is unique to the Kindle Fires but all Android tablets you can add your own movies to.

  9. I am looking for a tablet for a 7 year old soon to be 8. I have been reading a lot of your info on the Nabi jr the Kurio 7s and the Kindle Fire HD. I am not too concerned on the price I am concerned on durability and accessibility to educational content, parental controls, fun apps and something that can grow with her for a few yrs. I really like your review on the Kurio S but read many negative reviews about screen freezing and battery issues etc. Do you know if those issues have been resolved. What is your bottom line on those 3? Please help :-)

    • Nabi Jr is for kids younger than her as the ideal age is 3-6 years old.

      The Kindle Fire HD is one of the best tablets a available on the market and the main drawback is no web filter so you would need to find a third party app to control web content. There are plenty of apps available that have educational content but it won’t be a curriculum so you will have to invest in outside sources like ABC Mouse which is a good idea anyways.

      I haven’t had any issues with my 7s or 10s and again some of it will come back to teaching your kids how to close apps so you don’t overwork the processor. Also I haven’t had any issues with charging these tablets either. The Kurio’s have the best parental controls available in my opinion because they work for any age.

      If your concerned with issues down the road I would always suggest purchasing an extended warranty so you have peace of mind. There are percentages of failures with all technology and the ones with very high failure rates and poor customer service are the ones I’d be concerned with. I don’t see Kurio as one of those companies.

      I hope this was helpful and thanks for your questions.

  10. I am so torn…Kindle Fire, Nabi 2 or now I have been reading on the Kurio 7….I have a 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 and would like to get one that they can both use (for reading, educational, and shows/movies). I don’t know much on technology, but if something needs Wifi then that program would not beable to be used during travel, correct? Through the Amazon app store u can get movies, books and games..correct? My oldest uses an ipad in school and likes to play games on my laptop. My 2 1/2 yr old is behind on his speech so interactive learning and reading would be good for him. Can u help me make a decision before the sales are here and gone? Thanks!!!

  11. How much slower if the Kindle Fire HD than the Kurio 7s? Does it make much difference? Also, are there many FREE game apps available for both?

    • They run around the same pace but I really think the Kindle Fire is a bit faster. They have their own OS that helps it run very smoothly. They both have the Amazon AppStore available which has 10,000,000 paid and free apps.

  12. I’m pretty much set on the Kurio 7S for my almost 9 year old. I need to now figure out my 2 1/2 year old. Any recommendations since they will fight over the Kurio. She is pretty good on my phone with some of the games. I want to be able to put movies on there also or I guess hook up to Netflix. I don’t know a lot about all this WiFi stuff and need some insite. Thanks!

    • The Nabi Jr Nick Jr is a great option to stay in the Android family. You will be able to have Netflix and movies on there and it runs as well as the Kurio 7s. Also they both use Amazon AppStore so you can buy the App once and have it on both.

  13. I was thinking about getting one of the kurios for my kids. I had some questions though. My children’s ages are 2, 5, and 10 and I wanted to get them all their own tablet. I wondering if the Kurio would be good for the 10 and/or 5 year old? I am concerned that that it may be too “young” for the 10 yr old and a little too advanced for the 5 yr. Should I get this for one or the other or both? Also, I have been considering Kindle fires, Nabis, and Meeps.

    • I think it really depends on their interests and what they are going to use it for. Usually by between 10 and 12 they start getting into a lot more movies and music and that’s when a Kindle Fire HD comes in, but if she is a Facebook person she needs cameras so you would need something else. If you give me more info about your oldest I’ll be able to make a better recommendation. As for the youngest I would get either a Nabi Jr or Nabi 2. The Kurio 7s is perfect for a 5 year old, great education and great Entertainment.

      I linked all of the tablet names to videos I made of the tablets so you can get a good idea of what they are like. Feel free to leave more questions and thanks for visiting.

      • Thanks for the response. I just checked back to see if there was an answer. I got the Nabi 2 on sale on thanksgiving for $100 for my 2 year old and I got the Kurio 7s for my 5 year old and one for my 10 year old. I am debating on taking the one back that I got for my 10 year old. As for your question about his needs, he would like to play games and read books, but we want good educational apps and games for him. He also likes to take pictures. By the way, I really am becoming a big fan of your site. Keep up the good work.

        • I think the Kurio 7s will work well for your 10 year old as well for the needs you have given. The educational content does run through 5th grade and you can always spruce it up with a keyboard case so it doesn’t look the same but you get all the same parental controls which is very important.

          There are many things you can do like get your oldest a separate Amazon account and use gift cards to teach him/her about budgeting and it also has a lot of features of adult tablets like 2 cameras, YouTube and FB. He/she will also be able to add his or her own music and movies.

          I’m really glad you are becoming a fan and hope to be utilizing post Christmas for How to videos and tutorials for the parents.

          • Thanks for the fast response. My 10 year old is a boy so his maturity level isn’t as high as a girl, like my niece who is the same age. He is more into the games and books then anything. I don’t know if you would know this answer or not, but if I buy an app for one of my sons’ Kurio would I have to re-buy it for the other one or will I only have to buy it once and install it on each one.

          • If you buy from the Amazon Appstore you won’t have to repurchase. There are 3 little dots on your tablet and you can just hit that and select my apps and then download it from your Amazon cloud for free. Essentially you could buy it from your device and they can install them on theirs. This will include the Nabi 2 you bought as well since it can use the Amazon AppStore.

  14. Great comparison. For me the fact the Kurio 7 has cameras would push me towards that also. Kids love to take pictures and the apps available now to manipulate them and play with the images gives them hours and hours of fun.

    You didn’t mention in the comparison what the camera’s megapixel sizes were, can you tell me now?

    • The front is .3 MP and the rear is 2 MP. Kids do love to make funny photos and draw on their pictures to make them comical.

  15. Which kids tablet do you think is more “durable”?

    Kids tend to drop things a lot, and I know tablets are delicate things, but I’ve been curious to know which one is the toughest to break :)

    • The best test I have seen is on the Nabi 2. Check out this video. I haven’t seen any other tablet do this yet.

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