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Posted by on Oct 26, 2013 in Kids Tablets Comparisons | 237 comments

The Kurio 7s vs The Nabi 2 – The Best Tablets for Kids in 2013

The Kurio 7s vs The Nabi 2 – The Best Tablets for Kids in 2013

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The battle squares of between 2 of the best tablets for kids in 2013, the Kurio 7s vs the Nabi 2. With Christmas quickly approaching a lot of parents are getting their research down and even purchasing the kids tablets of their choice before supplies run out. 2 years ago there was a mad dash for tablets for adults and now that we have seen what an interest our children have taken to them, suppliers have met our demands with more durable and child safe products.

An Intro to these Kids Tablets

The Kurio 7s is a revamped version of the original 7 and as you guessed the number represents it's screen size. Some new features they have added are the additional educational program and some upgraded components. It comes with a standard blue bumper to protect the tablet and runs the Android OS, 4.2 Jelly Bean. This definitely going to be a best seller this year.

The Nabi 2 is produced by Fuhu, one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world. This is due to their expanding line of kids safe tablets. They currently have the Nabi Jr, the Nabi 2, and the Nabi XD. They preload their tablets with the Wings educational app and a lot more. It is also an Android tablet and currently runs the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

kurio 7s

nabi 2

Speed Comparison

The Kurio 7s runs a dual core processor that is 1 GHz processor  and also has a separate graphics processor and 1 GB of RAM. It runs really smooth with these specs but still doesn't compare to to the 1.3 GHz Tegra 3 Processor with fifth core battery saver and graphics chip. It also contains 1 GB of RAM. This  is truly the premier processor in kids tablets, only rivaled by the New Kindle Fire HDX. This is still a definite plus on the side of the Nabi 2 though.

Screen Comparison

Not a whole lot of difference in this category. Both screens are 7" and have a resolution of 1024 x 600. I can noticeably tell a lot of color or contrast difference in these 2 tablets and is therefore a draw.

Memory Comparison

Another draw in this category. They both contain 8 GB of internal memory and can be expanded by 32 GB with a micro SD card.

Durability Comparison

This is another win for the Nabi 2 as it is the most durable Android kids tablet I have ever seen. This video of a drop test done with this tablet was really amazing. The Kurio 7s is also durable but I wouldn't try to replicate this 10 ft drop test.

Educational Comparison

Both of these tablet companies opted to build and produce their own educational platform. Kurio decided to go with programs by DR Nussbaum and Nabi produced a program called Wings. Both of these have great educational value and leaves us at another stalemate.

Battery Comparison

For the most part the batteries run about the same amount of time between charges as well. You will get about 8 hours of normal use and as little as 5 hours for web surfing and more intense operations. They are both Lithium Ion batteries and I have heard of no instances of them dying in any short periods post purchase like some of the cheaper kids tablets.

Features Comparison

A lot of the features are the same which include WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI port, headphone port, and SD card slot. One noticeable difference will be that the Kurio 7s has 2 cameras instead of the single camera included with the Nabi 2. We will give the features category  to the Kurio 7s for this reason. It allows you to take photos and videos from the rear and see what your capturing.

What I Like about the Kurio 7s

Some of the main features I like on this tablet are the option for 8 profiles and 4 different web safe browser settings. I really like all the apps they give you which exceed 60 and you get a bunch of educational content as well. It also runs a newer OS and costs only $150. This is definitely my favorite choice for multiple users or as the family tablet. It is very flexible and has 3 resources to buy content from.

Read Full Review Buy Kurio 7s

What I Like about the Nabi 2

The Nabi 2 is super durable and super fast. It is my favorite all around kids tablet because it is so flexible in every aspect I value as a parent. They also let you utilize a chore list and points system within the educational content so your children can earn new apps through completing work and educational content. They have also just released a Nickelodeon and Disney Edition for even more content at only $20 more.

Read Nabi 2 ReviewSee Nickelodeon EditionSee Disney Edition Buy Nabi 2


These are both great kids tablets for 2013. In the battle between these 2 tablets the Kurio 7s vs Nabi 2 it is more a less a draw. The Kurio 7s is an optimal product for the family. If you are buying a tablet for just one child then I would spend the extra money and get a Nabi 2. Either way you won't be disappointed with your purchase and both will add a lot of value to your child's life.

If you have any questions or comments then please leave them below and I will get to you in a very prompt manner.

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  1. Hello Ryan!

    First of all, thank you SO much for your help. We are very appreciative of your advice! I have the same question as every other parent here but I would feel better if I got personalized answer. :)
    Although we have 5 daughters ages 14,13,11,8,3 I am primarily purchasing this for my 3 and 8 year olds. (The older girls got a Chromebook and Playstation.)
    I am currently looking at Kurio: $129, Nabi2 $179, Kindle Fire HD 7 (previous gen) $99.
    What I’m looking for:
    1. Durability (something my 3 year old won’t break anytime soon.)
    2. Ability to play educational games on PBS, Disney, NickJr, ABC mouse for a long time without much lag.( I guess this depends on the Wifi right?)
    3. Ability to watch movies on Netflix for long trips, so storage would matter here…
    4. Top notch parental controls.
    5. Something that can be easy for my 3 year old to use but that can also grow for my 8 year old.
    Lastly, we are on a bit of a budget but are willing to accommodate if you feel spending more money is worth it in the long run.

    We do have Amazon Prime membership although, to be honest, we don’t use it as much as Netflix.

    Thanks in advance for your help!! :)

    • The only one that really meets your requirements is the Nabi 2. It is durable, they released an update that will give you most of the apps you want through Google Play, you will have good parental controls, you will have Netflix but not on the go, I do have a remedy for this where you can add movies to your SD card, the Nabi products are also easy enough for a 3 year old to navigate. It is the same format as the nabi jr which is designed for that age.

      Sorry that was like one long run on sentence. Prime currently doesn’t have as manny movies but I’m sure Amazon is working to remedy this, I find enough to watch and enjoy my 2 day shipping enough to keep it, the only reading I do is for the website and the modest amount of free time I do have.

      Thanks for the comment and hope it helps. Although I like the Kindle Fire HD better I really think the Nabi 2 would be a better choice for your situation.

  2. I just bought the kurio 7s for my 7 years old son, every time I try to download something it lets me download it but does not give me the option to open it or even see it on the home screen. And my son likes to go on YouTube/or download stuffs. It’s been only 3days since I bought the tablet for him and he doesn’t like it already. He tells me to return it and get an RCA tablet because he’s cousin has that and he downloads from it. What can I do because I don’t wanna exchange the kurio 7s for the RCA tablet

    • Is he using a kids profile. If so you have to approve the app after download so it will show on his profile.

      If he is not hit the all apps button, six squares, and you will see all the downloaded apps. Then hold the app down and it will scroll you to the tablets home page so you can leave easy access to it.

      • I did that but I still don’t see anything that I download and because of that my son does not wAnt to use because he does not like the preloaded games/apps that the tablet comes with. I don’t understand why it does not allow me to download the games that my son likes.

        • Did you also turn on the setting “Unknown Sources” if your trying to download from Amazon and this is not checked it will block installation even though you were able to download it.

          • Yes, I did that but it still won’t let me download anything, is this suppose to happen? Please help me any way you can because my 6years old and 4years old are fighting over my iPad because neither one like their tablet. My 4years old daughter has a tabby and I’m having the same problem with it too. What I hate most about bothe tablets is that when I try to download something they give me something else. For example i tried to download “kakaotalk” on both tablets but they give me some else that not even related to what I type. Please help me, I will like to give them one more try if you can help me before I decide to return them both. Another thing about them is that they keep frozen which I found crazy because I just bought them tablets. Please do anything you can to help because after I return them I will still have to pick another one for them, and I don’t even know which one to pick anymore. Thank you!!!

  3. I received a nabi 2 for my five year old. I love the chore list and parental controls but find it not so flexible in allowing me to download apps not in the nabi App Store. I’d really like to add google play but was under the impression I would need to root the tablet for that, which I don’t want to do. Please help! Should I return it for a different tablet?

    • If you have the regular Nabi 2 they just released the OTA for it that will allow Google Play. Just update your tablet and then go to the everything nabi blog for the instructions on how to add Google Play.

      And I agree. would be nicer to choose apps from any store as a reward considering how small the Nabi Appstore is,

      • It’s the nabi 2 Disney edition

        • The OTA update that allows Google Play for this tablet is not out yet but should be within the next couple of weeks.

          • Where does your information come from? If it’ll only be a few weeks its worth waiting

          • I converse with Nabi Fan A Techs regularly as they get more info from Nabi then they send me.

            I’m hoping to build a relationship with their PR dept this year but currently they had been available during the Christmas Season.

            I have a better relationship with other companies who make sure I get the info that parents will want to know about.

  4. I have a 7 year old and I currently have an iPad mini but I’m now looking for a tablet with more parental control. I wanted to be educational but still have access to games like angry birds etc. Which is better Nabi, kurio, or Samsung galaxy 3 kids tablet?

    • My preferred tablet is the SG Tab 3 kids, then Nabi 2, then Kurio 7s in that order. It does vary a little depending on your situation and what you are wanting to do with it.

      • I want it to be educational but at the same time entertaining for my 7 year old. I like the apps the apple ipad has so I was wondering if the nabi 2 will be limited with the types of apps I can download? He saw the Samsung galaxy 3 kids and love it but I wanted to make sure which tablet is best for him. I also have an 12 year that is really smart, which tablet would you recommend for her? Thanks for your help.

        • The Nabi 2 just added Google Play to their recent OTA for the tablet so tons of apps available.

          I like the Nexus, Kindle Fire HDX and Samsung Galaxy Tabs, I gave the SG Tab 3 to an 11 year old for Christmas and I think it never got set down since it was opened.

  5. I have a daughter about to be 2, and I dont kniw if I should get her a Nabi or Kurios7 which one do you suggest for her? Oh and she also loves watching Dora the explorer, can that be watched on the nabi or kurios7? Which one do you suggest?

    • I would get the Nabi Jr Nick Jr. Lots of Dora content and perfect for her age.

  6. Hello! My daughter will turn 9 soon and will soon get a laptop through school. Is she getting too old for a Nabi2?

    Thank you!!

    • For a 9 year old I prefer the Kindle Fire HD or Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 regular edition.

  7. Hi. I have a five year old and an eight year old. I purchased the Nabi 2 for my eight year old (I think). Torn between the LeapPad Ultra or another Nabi for my five year old. Please help!!!!

    • I would get the same one. It will eliminate arguing and everything you buy through the AppStores you will only have to purchase once. It just simplifies your life, :-).

      • Okay. Thanks. So the Nabi 2 isn’t too advanced for my five year old, right?

      • Im glad I saw this because I was wandering which was better for my 6yr old son. So the Nabi 2 is better you think? They do have Ninja turtles and he likes them.

        • What about the galaxy 3 kids?

        • If your son is a TMNT fanatic like mine then the Nickelodeon version will be perfect.

  8. Your reviews have helped so much. I purchased a kurio 7 already, but saw a xo kids tabled advertise with google play. I have not opened the kurio 7 yet. I wanted some advice. My main reason for a tablet is education purposes. My son is turning 8 and is struggling with reading. What do you think of the xo and google play? Am I good with the kurio, or is kindle better, or the xo?

  9. I have twins and I can decide on which tablet to get them the nabi 2 or the kurio 7? what do you recommend me they are always on my phone playing games. PLEASE help me out.

    • sorry my twins are 7 years of age and I can decide on the nabi 2 or kurio 7

    • Really either works well for this age. The Kurio’s educational games are more fun though.

  10. I am buying my 2 and a half year old son a tablet for Christmas, yes, I know he is young. All three of his older siblings have 3ds and ipods. He loves to play games and watch movies and tv shows. I am debating between the kurio for 129 with a $50 gift card, and the nabi jr nick edition for $140. Idk which to go for!! Do they both get Netflix as well??

    • The Kurio is going to be preloaded with mainly content out of his age range but this is a great price. You could always add Fisher Price apps and other kiddy apps to it through the Amazon Appstore though. They do both have Netflix.

  11. Hey, I’m torn between the Nabi 2 and the Kurio 7. Which tablet would be better for a 3 yr old and adult to use? I want to get something that they both can use.

    • The Nabi 2 would probably work best out of those 2. I would prefer the Kindle Fire HD though.

  12. Hi I purchased the Nabi 2 on black friday for $99 and just saw Target has the Kurio 7s for $129 and a $50 gift card so making it ruffly $79. Which one would you suggest for a 3 year old.

    • Wow that is a great discount. Both are geared more towards 6 and up but the Kurio has the Disney books etc. The Nabi 2 is going to be more durable though, probably an important factor to you having a 3 year old.

  13. Hi Ryan, Thanks for the previous suggestions, I bought my 6 yr old nabi2 disney, my 4 yr old kurio7s, both are great but I find kurio7s is like too grownup for my 4 yr old, just curious that was good investment, she has no complaints but the games she can not do all by herself and needs help. So do I need to keep it or give second thought. Thank you.

    • There are lots of apps that you can get for her. On Amazon AppStore search Fisher Price and you can find tons of Free games for her to use. I would try that before you returned it. The Kurio 7s is more setup like a grown up tablet. Can she handle navigating to the games but struggles with the actual games? If that’s the case I would try what I suggested first.

  14. Thank you so much for you thorough reviews. Wish I would have found your site before getting my son an innotab last year. While he likes playing with it I have already purchased 4 cartridges and hate to buy more. Given the choice he would rather get on my iPhone and watch videos on you tube. I am completely illiterate when it comes to computer stuff. I have only downloaded 2 free games on my iPhone so don’t really understand all the app stuff.

    So my question, I am thinking about getting a tablet for my 5 yo son. He likes watching you tube videos/cartoons, playing games on Mickey Mouse and pbs kids web sites. And taking videos and pics with his innotab. I’d like some educational content. I like the sound of parental controls though don’t understand how that works. Sometimes he gets into angry bird videos with a lot of bad language. Would that be avoided? Something that will grow with him. And that we could use on long car rides. Would I be able to purchase apps that I could use on his tablet and my iphone? After reading all your advice I’m leaning toward the kurio 7s or the kindle fire. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Those were actually the 2 I was thinking about before I got to the end of your comment. The Kindle Fire HD is unmatched for the price but Kurio 7s has the best parental controls.

      The Kindle will be much better for many things you mentioned with the exception of taking pictures. If the cameras are a must then get the Kurio which has 2.

      • I read a bunch of reviews on amazon for the kurio and they were terrible. Lots of issues with not charging, down load problems, and poor customer support. Do you know if they fixed any of those issues? Also does the kindle fire come preloaded with any kids games or learning stuff. Thanks again!

        • The first Kurio was like many other kids tablets including Nabi and Meep!. The first models had so many issues it was a bad experience for many. I have a 10s and I’m yet to experience any issues with charging. The cord does not hold in there as snug as I would like though.

          The Kindle Fire HD has a subscription called FreeTime which has over 10,000 games, books, and videos for kids. The cost is about 3 to 5 dollars a month but is worth every penny. I wouldn’t trade my Kindle Products for anything else. You can find plenty of educational content and they are in the process of developing some new material including an educational curriculum for the Kindles.

          • Thanks Ryan! The free time would just be with wifi right? So for long car rights I would need to buy some apps that don’t need wifi.

            So I have another question. I have 2 step grand daughters age 5 and 9. Last year I got the younger one an innotab and the older one a nabi 2. My step daughter told me the 5 year old is really wanting a nabi like her sister. I hate to spend $180 on a nabi when it seems like the older one could probably benifit more with the kurio or kindle and then give the younger one the nabi. So I’m wondering if I get 9 yo a kurio will it look kind of like the nabi so the 5 yo thinks she’s like her big sister. Or not worry about that and get the 9 yo the kindle since it will last her longer. They have wifi at home. The 9 yo is testing 2 to 3 grade levels a head and loves to read. They are rough on things though.

            Again thanks. I will be telling all my friends about you site soooo helpful.

          • Actually most of the FreeTime apps only have to be connected to WiFi to download but my son plays the Toy story apps wherever we go with no WiFi. It is basically just a link to the download for kids and it keeps memory free because you can delet it and redownload later.

            I would do exactly what you planned. The Kindle Fire HD or HDX is a great buy for even older kids. I prefer this one for many things and I have about 30 tablets. It will be great for reading and there are so many Free Book apps and Amazon also gives away free books daily. It is also the best tablet for streaming anything. On my Cyber Monday page there is a super kid tough case for the new Kindle Fires. The 9 year old might be wanting something more like a folio though. She is getting to the age where she wants to be like adults and have the same look on her tablet. As long as the tablet fits inside the folio and has no visible edges showing it should protect it enough for drops.

            Thanks again

  15. Your website is fantastic! I have a four year old son and am torn between them all. He uses my iPad now with all the popular games (angry birds, despicable me, etc), along with some educational ones. I want to get him his own tablet that can grow with him, is durable but doesn’t blow the budget. Which would you suggest?

    • Most of the sales are gone already, I haven’t seen much in the last week, For a 4 year old the Nabi 2 is going to be your most durable but most have cases available that bring the durability up at par. You will be able to find great apps on almost any of these. If he is anything like my son I would consider the Kindle Fire HD. The FreeTime unlimited subscription makes the Kindle fire HD one of his favorites. He really likes the SG Tab 3 Kids as well but we hav only had it for about a month but those are his 2 favorites now.

  16. Hello I have two sets of twin girls ages 4 and 6 during Black Friday I purchased the nabi 2 for the 4 yr olds but I am debating whether to get the 6 yr olds the kurio 7s, nabi 2 or kindle fire I am leaning towards the kurio 7s but I want something that they will enjoy for a couple of years could you please let me know which you would recommend for 6 yr olds. Thanks

    • I think all 3 will do great but the Kurio 7s has an older feel to it. The educational games are very good as well. The Kindle Fire is an anyone tablet. It’s easily top 3 for all tablets. I bought the HDX for me, point being they will last as long as they run.

  17. Hello! I am having the hardest time deciding for my 7 year old boy!!!ARGGG!!!…You seem to have the answers! I am looking at the nintendo 2ds (walmart 129 w case and 1 game), Nabi 2 (179) or the kurio 4s (99 w preloaded disney apps and headphones.) He said he wants something he can carry in his pocket but Im stillnot sure that is the best choice…HELP me:)

    • I think a tablet is much more affordable long term because games are so expensive long term for something like a 2ds,maybe a couple bucks for the most expensive apps on a tablet. You could get the Kurio 4s if it needs to be a pocket size. I think it is great deal for $99 considering what it is capable of.

  18. ok so I’ve read pretty much every kids tablet review on here albeit from the Binnatone Appstar tablet!? NOW can someone possibly give the review for the Appstar and also compare it against every other kids tablet for Christmas 2013?

    kind regards

    • I will try to get some info on this tablet and see if can get one ordered. I’m still missing a couple of the kids tablets.


  19. I have had the Fuhu for my son for over a year now and although the tablet itself is amazing, the charging unit for it is abismal. It is very small (like the size of a jack for headphones) and breaks very easily. That was the first charger unit we bought. The second one broke at the electric prongs, literally the prongs separated from the charger box at the strip. So that has been the frustrating thing for us. I don’t want to buy another one because of that. But….is the Kurio any better for charging? (Keep in mind both my children are old enough to charge their units on their own without awareness of durability of the chargers themselves).

    • The Kurio’s use a mini USB the same size as a common phone like the Samsung Galaxy’s charger. I find these to be very durable and interchange them for many electronics.

  20. Just one note: if you are looking for a second tablet and already have a Samsung tablet or phone that is loaded with apps it is to your benefit to buy another Samsung product. we were told by bestbuy that they can be connected through the same account. this means whatever is downloaded onto one can also be viewed on the other. Haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds time saving for my children and their many games. just one more thing to think about this Christmas.

    • Definitely is a good feature to be able to push apps to your child’s device from your own. I like this feature as well. I’ve mentioned it in a few other comments on other pages. Thanks for dropping some more info and for your comment.

  21. I am completely torn between these two. I am so afraid of the internet for children now a days. Which of these two has better parental control as far as internet alone. (Example: If I allow them to go to, are they going to be allowed to see inappropriate videos?)

    Please HELP ME!!!!

    • The Kurio has the best internet software. There are for options for settings that include no access, parent approved access, Kurio filtered websites, or category filtered websites. As far as YouTube Google has changed the settings and you have to be logged into your Google account to see the mature videos. There is always the off chance that something doesn’t get labeled correctly but it is rare and that’s why as parents we need to flag these videos and either get these accounts banned who cannot use it properly.

      • i think kurio7s is better because u can set u locks and other stuff to

        • I do love the parental controls but Nabi did just put Google Play on their tablets which is a huge plus.

      • That’s not what I experienced last night when trying to find a way to make YouTube available for my 7yo. Without being logged in, I typed in “sex” and got results for videos that were pornographic in nature. I can’t log onto YouTube to lock the Safe search on his profile because the filter denies access. I can log into Google to use their additional controls, which also controls YouTube and allows locking the Safe Search on the Parental profile, but those settings won’t go across to his profile because the profiles are separate. I’m afraid that without some sort of Safe Search consistently applied to YouTube on his profile, he’ll stumble onto porn on YouTube someday. How can I prevent that?

        • You can add an app called tube mate where you add videos from YouTube that you find acceptable and just deny access to YouTube.

          Have you tried creating a Google account on your PC for him and then applying the parental controls through YouTube.

          YouTube has always been an issue with inappropriate videos being available. Some will not mark the mature only button when they load videos and it would take a very dedicated group to monitor this and flag all of these videos.

  22. The Samsung Galaxy 3 7.0 is $159.99 at Amazon and the Kurio 7s is $149.99. Would you recommend one over the other? Durability is not an issue, longevity is as I’d like it to grow with my 8 year old. I’ve narrowed my lengthy search (compared with Kindle Fire HD, Nexus7 and Nabi2) down to these two, so I’d like to know if one is better overall. $150 is the top, top of my range but I would go a few dollars over if the SG is the way to go. Thanks. Your site and feedback with people is amazing.

    • I replied to your other comment and sorry for it taking so long. I can’t get to the comments that my spam filter picks up while I’m at work.

      Thanks so much for visiting

  23. Hi
    I’m looking at buying a tablet for my little brother for Xmas. He is 6 and his all time fav game is plants v’s zombies my question is can I download plants v’s zombies to the kurio 7
    Thanks heaps

  24. The Samsung Galaxy 3 is $159 at Amazon and the Kurio 7s is $149 (Nabi 2 is getting to pricey for me). I’m trying to decide b/w the two. I want it to last for a while and grow with my child. Not over concerned about durability and more concerned with longevity. Thank you. Your site is a life saver in this search.

    • I’m sorry about getting back to you so late. The spam filter caught your comment it appears twice. Those are both great tablets. I really like the educational content on the Kurio 7s and you won’t have that many parental controls on the SG Tab 3, although that is a great deal. I think the longevity of the SG Tab 3 would be better and that’s a concern you expressed.

      Really sorry again, I have to use a spam filter or i would have so many comments that are outrageous and make no sense.

      • Thanks for the reply. That was my bad sending the message twice, I didn’t realize the first one went through. When a tablet, in this case the Kurio 7s, is preloaded with apps, does that count toward the total 8 GB capacity? or do I have 8GB beyond the preloaded apps?

        • Yes it does take your memory up. Generally you will have about 4 GB depending on the tablet. I try to always check and mention how much space you have out of the box in my videos, which are on the individual reviews or they also have their own page.

  25. I was trying to find out if any of the apps for the Kurio 7s worked with the pictures/camera part. I tried asking them on there fb page but they just directed me to some websites. I would think will 60 apps they would have one that worked with the pictures. Thats what my daughter loves to do with my phone. take pictures frame them , write on them etc… maybe they didnt know what I meant.

    • There are several free apps you can get too. On the Amazon AppStore there are several that do things like change filters, let you draw on them, add funny props and so much more.

      • Yes i seen there apps you can get , which i have no idea how to do and if they cost i have no credit card to get them, but is there one that already comes with it to do fun things with pictures.

        • There are some free camera apps. Another option is a prepaid credit card or Amazon Gift card that you can load onto your Amazon account.

  26. How do the two tablets in this article compare with the LeapPad products? I am new to the kids tablet market. I have a 3 year old and we want to get him a tablet for X-mas, but we also want one that he can use for years to come. And also, since the Kurio is an Android product, does that mean that there is free content available from the Play store. thanks

    • Neither of these tablets have the Play store but they have the Amazon AppStore but you will have free Apps available. They have a lot more flexibility for growth and long term application. Your best choices for a 3 year old are probably the Nabi Jr Nick Jr and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids. The education is slightly better on the LeapPad but you lose so many options you have with the Android kids tablets.

  27. Hi, I have three boys; 4, 9, and 11 and one girl 3 that I want to buy tablets for (all their own). The bigger ones will want games more their age while the little two are use to games on my Droid and Nook. I really want them to have educational games in addition to games like Flow Free, Angry Birds, Where’s My Water and other logistic games. What would you recommend for each child? Any and all help is appreciated. I have been looking for weeks and I am lost! Thank you. Also, I have 2 older girls 13, and 14. Any electronic suggestions for them that won’t cost me a fortune? I have $150 budget for all 6. Thanks Again!

    • Oh my goodness you have a lot of kids to buy for, such a blessing. I’m going to start with the older 2 because they have the SG Tab 3 on sale for $149 right now and that is a $50 discount. You can find them on my Cyber Monday Page.

      For the 3 and 4 year olds I would get The Nabi Jr Nick Jr. Lots of games on Amazon and good preloaded content.

      The 9 and 11 I would get the Kurio 7s because it looks more grown up and has a lot of games, 30, and 30 educational games from Mr Nussbaum. They have a more Android feel but still the parental controls you want. There web filtering software and parental controls are the best among kids tablets.

      I hope that helps and you will share with your friends on FB or G+. All of the options are at your budget limit of $150 or below.

      • Thank you! I will absolutely share on FB!

        I was looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 for the two youngest. It is a little over my budget for them but I believe it has a full Google Play (please correct me if I am wrong). Would it be a good device for them in giving me what I want, fun and educational wise? Also, do you know what games/apps come on the Nabi Jr Nick Jr and the Kurio 7? I can’t find a complete list anywhere.

        Thank you again, I hope I’m not asking too many questions. :-)

        • I would have suggested those but was trying to stay on your budget. I don’t have a complete list and mine our now boxed up ready for Christmas for my Wife’s brother and sisters. You can see a fairly complete list for the Kurio 7s at this walmart page. I couldn’t find a complete listing on the Nabi Jr Nick Jr.

          You might just consider the same tablet for all of them if your going to do that. 1 app purchase will work on all six and you could add Kids place to the middle children’s tablets.

          • Thanks Again,

            One question from what you stated. You said that if I bought them all SG 3 7.0 then one App purchase would work for all of them. Are you saying that it would work on 6 different devices, or 6 different profiles on ONE device? Thanks again. I can’t tell you enough how helpful you are!

          • You can add it to 6 different devices. Google Play actually has the option for you to purchase the app on your android smartphone and you can tell the device to download it if it is connected to your account. All of them will show as the same device so it would be harder to tell in your situation but it’s a great new option. You could push apps to all of the tablets.

          • Thank you so much! I didn’t know that about Android. Can you share a link of a good place to make the purchase from? Thanks Again!

  28. Have you done any comparisons of the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7.0 and if so how does it compare to the Kurio & Nabi2?
    Are any of the 3 better for regular internet access as my girls need to get onto their school websites often.

    • The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and kids model are far above the rest with the exception of Kurios web filtering software which is great. The cameras and other internal components on the SG Tab 3 are better than the other 2.

      I haven’t done anything yet and realistically need to write 3 comparisons with the SG Tab 3 but haven’t found the time.

  29. I have 2 boys 7yrs & 4yrs. Looking to get either the Nabi 2 or Kurios 7s for my 7yr old for Christmas. They will both be playing on it so I want something durable enough for my 4yr old. I love the idea of being able to assign chores on the Nabi 2 but would like the option of Google Play with the Kurios 7 (My husband is pretty tech savvy so he could add the Google Play if that is an option to make it available on the Nabi 2). My 7 year old is very smart and we want something that will be educational, allow us to download books on and still be entertaining and fun. So a few questions:
    Does the Nabi 2 have a multiple profile option?
    Is there a chore app that I could put on the Kurios?
    Which one has the most pre-loaded apps and programs?
    Which one would be best for e-books?

    Thanks in advance, will add reviews and recommend your site to friends.

    • I haven’t seen a ROM replacement for the Kurio 7s so Google Play won’t be available until and if someone creates one. I’m not a programmer so I can’t help there. The Nabi 2 has a couple of options for rooting.

      The Nabi 2 does offer multiple profiles.

      The Kurio has more preloaded apps.

      There is no chore app to earn coins with on the Kurio.

      Either would work for eBooks I believe they both carry Mee Genius.

      Your welcome and thanks for recommending it.

      • For the chores, I’m not really interested in the coins that Nabi provides. I would rather just have a chore app on there that he can use to keep track of and complete and then I would pay him an allowance. Do you know of some apps like that for download?

          • Great thanks. Would you recommended rooting a new device or just purchasing a device that has the capabilities in the first place. I want the parental controls and durability so I get nervous about the Kindle.

          • Both the Kindle and Nabi 2 are fairly easy to root so I wouldn’t let that be my deciding factor since either can be rooted and you will have Google Play. If you get a good case for the Kindle you will be just as safe as the Nabi 2. I used a marware swurve and ours has taken a few tumbles and still in good condition,

  30. How does the Kurio7 compare to the Kurio Touch 4s? Does either one have more to offer.. or is it the same thing/different size?

    Thank you so much!

    • The Kurio 7s has 30 more apps and bigger. They are setup the same and have the same parental controls though.

  31. I have a 3 and.. almost 5 year old, I was leaning toward the kurio7 and now I’m at a loss?

    • There are lots of options available and would need to know more about your situation to help. Do you have WiFi, are they going to share one, what your budget is, and what is the main thing they will use it for. This would help give me a better idea of what you want so I can narrow your search.

  32. Hi! i was wondering if the Kurio 7s will have educational games for a 10 year old? i want a tablet that focuses on English/Reading and Mathematics..

    • Yes the educational content runs through elementary school.

      • Would you recommend purchasing an extended warranty for Nabi 2?

        • Depending on the price they want and how long it is. I prefer the square trade warranties on Amazon as opposed to, say Walmart. If you can get 2 years for $30 more that’s actually a safe bet to guarantee your purchase for 2 years.

  33. I am debating on which tablet to get my 4 year old. Between the Kurio 7s and Nabi 2 are you able to get on the abc mouse learning site? She loves getting on it so I want to find one that is able to get on it.

    • Both of these have Flash Player which is what is needed for ABCmouse but I have never tried to use it because I’m not a subscriber.

      • Does the kurio 7s or nabi 2 have an app that your able to chat or text. Like the one the innotab 3s has

        • There are free texting apps available in the Amazon AppStore. Won’t be exactly like the Innotab which becomes a subscription cost after the first year. The only one of the older kids tablets that has a built in app is the Meep! X2.

    • you should get the nabi because she is four years and the kurio is for a little bit older kids

  34. Hello there my sons are 4 and 7 and both play with my ipad 2 so I am wanting to get them a tablet that will be the most similar to that. I see that you have mentioned that the nabi 2 some games wont play unless hooked up to the internet. This is a big concern because we travel all the time so I need something they can play mobile but the games on the kurio 7s will still play? So basically my question is which one is going to work Mobil the best without an internet connection?

    • You will be able to find games on both through the AppStore that will be playable without WiFi. The Kurio 7s has educational content that can be played on the Go where the Nabi 2 doesn’t. They both will have pretty much the same game options since they both utilize the Amazon AppStore.

  35. Hi, I am sorry if this has already been asked. My kiddos are 6 and 5. I am concerned about them growing out of the nabi. Is that a silly concern? I would buy one for each but they are so close in age, the product really needs to be the same. Thanks for all of this great information.

    • The content is built around 4 to 11 so I would say no. Some adults root these and use them for personal use because of the fast processor. I use the XD over all of my other tablets except the Kindle Fire HD when I want to watch a movie.

      This is a great product regardless of age. I will note that I prefer the web filter on the Kurio 7s.

  36. I see that the Nabi2 is going to be on sale. Is the Kurio7s going on sale anywhere? I have yet to see anything

    • I haven’t seen anything on the Kurio 7s yet. I probably won’t get Cyber Monday ads until Thanksgiving or even Black Friday because most companies don’t want to ruin their sales on Friday. I get them a couple days ahead because I’m affiliated with these companies. I’ll post something if I get any news.

    • it’s on sale for black friday in Toys R Us (:

      • I just got my ad saying they were starting at 12:01 but hadn’t got a chance to look at it yet.

        Thanks for the update :-)

  37. I am torn between the Nabi 2 and the Kurio 7. My kids are ages 8 and 11. I don’t want them to be too young for my 11 year old. Although price is not a concern it is nice to price compare. I just want the best one with the best features. When the Nabi goes on sale on Black Friday what comes with that and what extras do I need to purchase? I guess I am asking you to tell me which one to buy them because I am so confused.

    • I would get the Kurio’s because your kids are older. It has a much more Android feel and the educational apps are a lot more fun. I like the flexible web browser settings as well. With the Nabi 2 you are going to have to enter each URL and approve where the Kurio will just filter out what they shouldn’t see. The only accessories I would get is a bumper case and an Amazon Gift Card. Set them up an email and their own Amazon Account attached with just the preloaded gift cards so they can learn to budget how they spend their money on apps without getting into your account.

      • OK thank you so much. And that is a great idea, teaching them about budgeting, which is important. Great! Thank you so much! I am so glad I found you on here before I ventured out on Black Friday, which I have never done before and didn’t want to this time. (to get the Nabi for $99) Thank you.

  38. I have the IPhone and my son loves to play games on the phone, he also likes the Ipad. We bought him the regular Kurio which is the same size as a phone. He likes to download apps from the android or Iphone markets. My question is am I missing out by buying him the regular Kurio?

    • I’m assuming your referring to the 4s touch. You lose 30 included apps which includes the Mr Nussbaum educational content. It also only has the ability to use 4 profiles. Other than that they are pretty much the same besides size.

      Thanks for the question.

  39. I have a simple question… the internet for the Kurio 7s very limited?? If I’m going to buy my son a tablet I want to be able to also do what I need to do on it.

    Also does the Kurio play youtube?

    • It’s not limited at all. There is a parents section that has an Android browser with no filter. And, yes YouTube can be played on this as well.

  40. I have a 7 yr old boy and a 2 yr old girl. I’d like to get one tablet for them to share and i can have my ipad back. She, of course, needs early learning apps (which I can download) and toddler games and he’d love to have games and Netflix. I’d like to have parental controls on his tablet usage and also educational apps are important. I looked at the new Clickn Kids tablet but the reliability seems iffy. Any suggestions would be helpful. The $200 Nabi is more than I want to spend. Thanks!

    • Another possible option is the Kurio 7s($149) or Kindle Fire HD($139). On the Kurio 7s You can definitely get some toddler to preschool apps for her and they have some great games for him as well. The Kurio 7s also has 60 apps preloaded. Now on the Kindle Fire if your not opposed to a $5 a month subscription the FreeTime Unlimited gives you 10,000 apps, books, and shows. They can have separate profiles as well and you will have parental controls but no web filter which is not in the FreeTime app/subscription anyways.

      I like the Kurio 7s parental controls have because they are the most complete in my opinion. Like they balled up everything every other company does and put it into one package.

      Final note if you want the Nabi 2 you can find it at Walmart on BF for $99 while supplies last or Gamestop for $129 if you miss out at Wally World.

      • Thanks for the quick reply! I didn’t know about the GameStop price!

        • Your very welcome. I try to pool from as many sources as I can for the parents.

  41. What would be your best suggestion for a tablet for a 4 year old? He is hard on stuff and I am looking for something that he can get educational content out of.


    • Nabi 2 is definitely the best for those rough little boys. Only kids tablet to pass the 10 ft drop test.

      • Thanks Ryan! One last question. Do they have apps that can be utilized without being connected to wifi? Thinking of use in the car, at Grandma’s house, etc. Is the Nabi Jr worth anything or would you suggest going to the Nabi 2? Thanks again! Your site is awesome!

        • Thanks and your welcome. There are still plenty of apps that can be used outside of Fooz University which is the main loss when you don’t have WiFi. Depends on the age whether the Nabi Jr is a good buy. It actually has more memory and the same processor if you get the Nick Jr edition.

          • Perfect! Thanks! Now to convince my husband to spend the money :)!!

          • Tell him how much quieter they will be in the car and they can entertain themselves while at the grandparents. :-)

  42. We are trying to decide between the Nabi 2 and Kurio 7 for our 5 year old girl. I would like it to have educational items, good camera, game apps, wifi, durable, watch movies, and something that can grow with her. Can you give me some help to make the final decision.


    • The Nabi 2 won’t have 2 cameras and the Kurio’s are average. The kids tablet with the best cameras is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 kids. It has a 1.3 MP and 3 MP camera. They will also have some very protective cases available to ensure durability. If you want the back camera then go with the Kurio if the SG tab 3 kids is out of your price range. They all offer a lot of good education as well.

  43. Ryan, I have a child with severe special needs. She is 16 yrs old but cognitively about 2-3 yrs of age. She loves to take my I-pad mini and play games on it. Also she loves to watch videos on netflix or that we have purchased and downloaded. I was thinking about getting a tablet of her own for Christmas. She is really used to the I-pad but I want something more durable & kid friendly. But it isn’t easy teaching her how to operate a device. What tablet would you recommend? And thank you in advance for all your time and effort you put into helping all of us. :-)

    • Your welcome. The Nabi 2 is going to be the most durable. I find it very easy to use and there are only 6 big icons on each page and you can easily swipe togo to the next page.

  44. I got my 2 yr old a Kurio 7s for Christmas and I want to know should I get my 14 yr old one too. Can she write papers and do presentation and save to flash drive or connect to computers in school to present?

    • She could definitely write papers and connect to computers at school through the mini USB port. I really have not experimented with the office apps they have available to know about slide shows etc for a presentation. Realistically with a keyboard it could be used much like a laptop but it is still not one. I have Polaris Office which offers word, excel, and power point. I hope that answers your questions. Also it doesn’t look so kid like outside of the included bumper and in a keyboard case.

  45. Okay so@ Walmart they have the nabi 2 for 179.00 and then nabi 2 nick edition for 199.00 but everyone calling the nabi 2 nickelodeon what’s the Difference? I’ve been torn Between the nabi2 tabeo e2 and the kurio7 I want them to be able to play pbs kids disney jr and still have all the more playful apps I don’t want it all educational or they will lose intrest fast. Can any of these do netflix or play online games like anmial jam? They are 6 and 8 year old boys to and they already broke my samsung Galaxy tablet screen twice! soi need durable too

    • The Nabi. 2 is the only one of the 3 to pass the 10 foot drop test. They will be on sale for $99 on Black Friday at Walmart. I had to provide UPCs for Walmart associates to find the products I wanted and none of them really knew much about them.

    • They can all use Netflix and they all utilize the Amazon AppStore so your choices will pretty much be the same no matter which one you pick. They all have flash player as well so the websites you mentioned will work as well.

      Main difference in the nick edition is the 30 nickelodeon edition apps that are exclusive to that tablet.

      • Okay thank you! I did put 2 of the nabi 2 on layaway last month under the impression they will ad match if it went on sale black friday and when I saw thry would be 99 I went in to ask about it they said it will be diffrent upc so I couldnt! didnt really wanna spend my thanksgiving in line at walmart but its a big savings. This made look at kindle to not give Walmart my money. Do they have a otterbox type case for a Kindle or parental controls

        • They certainly do. I have 2 pages of cases for the Kindle Fires. Here is last years model’s cases and this years model’s cases. They use an app called FreeTime Unlimited which is also a subscription if you wish. It has 10,000 apps, books, and games for $3 to $5 a month. I like to use my son’s HD when he goes to bed to watch movies on Prime(Netflix parody). Hook it up with an HDMI cable and watch on the Big Screen while I reply to comments and work on the website. Hoping the wife gets me the new HDX for Christmas :-).

    • I found this review very helpful, thanks! I have three kids 5, 2 1/2, & 1—I’m leaning more toward the nabi 2 due to its durability–but you commented that the nabi 2 will be on sale at Wal Mart on Black Friday—any word that Best Buy May do the same? I’m interested in the Disney Edition as that is really what my kids are into now and from my understanding, Best Buy is the only place to get the Disney Edition—is that so????

      • Your very welcome. I don’t foresee Best Buy putting the Disney edition on sale since it has only been out 2 months. As far as I know that is the only deal on the Nabi 2 this year.

        • I just found the Kurio 7s Disney version on QVC—do you know how this compares to the Nabi 2 Disney edition??? For my 5 & 3 year old, which do you think would be the better one????

          • I have not seen a Disney edition of the Kurio 7s. I searched their website and FB page to make sure I didn’t miss anything. QVC may call it that because there is quite a bit of Disney apps preloaded. I like both of these quite well. The Kurio 7s has a couple features like 2 cameras and the Nabi 2 only has 1. the Nabi 2 is a little bit more durable but other than that they are quite comparable except in price. If you don’t have WiFi I would definitely go with the Kurio 7s because you do lose some of the features on the Nabi 2 without it.

  46. Once i download games, ebooks, or educational apps will he only be able to use them with a wifi connect?

    • That is really app dependent. Most games have an offline mode but peer to peer games require wifi. Most books are such small files they download completely and are accessible offline. Most educational apps are small enough as well that they won’t require wifi.

      • Which kids tablet is best for kids 4 and up ? I want educational apps books that help them read and of course durability. Do you know one that will be on sale for 100.00 on Black Friday ?

        • The Nabi 2 will be on sale Black Friday at Walmart for $99

  47. Here’s my dilemma… I have a very advanced 9 year old, daughter a somewhat forgetful more carefree 8 year old daughter, and a 5 year old BOY! (And I mean that in EVERY sense of the word). They all want tablets for Christmas, which is fine. But how do I decide on what’s best for all of them? I want them to be able to use the tablets for education AND fun. Also, if neither have access to Google Play, does that mean every app has to be purchased? And if so, from where? I guess my main question is: should I buy different tablets for each child based on their own unique characteristics, or would 1 of these be suitable for all 3? If not, could you suggest a more sufficient choice?

    (Yes, I know I asked about 10 questions in there. I’m sorry. I just thought getting them all out of the way once would be more efficient than responding 10 times lol) Thanks in advance!

    • I’ll try to be as brief as possible but realistically you may need more than one type of tablet but you don’t want issues with them fighting over each others. IDK how you feel about Nickelodeon, my BOY loves TMNT, but I think the Nabi 2 special edition would be best for your son because it’s durable. For the older children Nabi’s will work as well but the Kurio 7s has some fun educational games for children a little older than your son, 8 and 9. An alternate solution is Kindle Fire HD’s for all and get a heavy duty case for your son. You really can’t get a tablet that looks and sounds the way the Kindles do. I have some videos on all of these and if you have more questions let me know.

      Amazon AppStore has many of the same apps as the Google Play store but not as many. It operates the same way as Google Play with Free apps and they even have a free paid app everyday. All 3 of the tablets I mentioned have access to the Amazon Appstore.

      Thanks for the questions and comment.

  48. you referred me to these two tablets instead of the innotab or leappad. it does not appear that they use game cartridges, but apps instead. will he be able to play these games in the car without wi-fi, or is wi-fi required to play them? he uses the innotab in the car all the time, so this is a very important factor. thanks!

    • The Kurio 7s will have a lot more non WiFi games to play in the car.

  49. Will it be possible to purchase nickelodeon apps even if i decide to get the nabi2 tha already has the disneypreloaded?

    • So far they have not released any of the apps outside of the actual special editions. I don’t think it will happen either because then people would just save money and get the regular edition and then download the apps.

  50. You have all the answers Im looking for and everyone is asking all the right questions but now I don’t know what I want. This is a great review. My son is 2 & as most kids he is always on my ipad. I want a tablet for educational and entertainment purposes as well as something he can grow with. Leafrog ultra is no longer an option but kurio and nabi 2 disney/nickelodeon has my attention. These tablets in my opinion almost sounds better than my ipad. This difficult.

    • Let me know if you have any specific questions and I’ll help you the best I can

    • Hi my son is 2 half and luvs playn wit my s3. he loves playing with it i wish to purchase his own tablet and again one he wont grow out of. i have purchased the kurio and unsure if i should keep it it is unopened at the moment

      • The Kurio is generally designed for older kids and most of the content is designed for 5 and older. There are a few games for younger kids and the Mee Genius app for books. You could also get the Fisher Price apps which are mainly Free to add some more games and education for him.

  51. I have been reading your reviews which have been very helpful. I have decided on the kurio for my 7yrold but am still having a hard time deciding for my 11 yr old. She would mostly use the tablet for education purposes games and movies. I’m stuck between the Samsung, kindle and kurio.

    • By 11 they really need the best you can get for your dollar and I am a firm believer in the Kindle Fires. There really is nothing that c

    • By 11 they really need the best you can get for your dollar and I am a firm believer in the Kindle Fires. There really is nothing that compares to way they preform for what they charge. They also have an office program so with a keyboard case it would be more like a laptop for homework.

  52. I like the Nabi been leaning towards it just wish they had the 2 cameras like the kurio ….what is your take on the Kurio 10s ?

    • I love it. We decided to keep ours that I’m using for my videos. My wife loves it anyways. It has a better front camera for better self portraits and videos. I should have a preview of it in the next couple of days.

  53. I can’t decide between the two tablets. I want to purchase one for my 5 year old son. He likes it all, games, pictures, movies. I like the educational part and parent control. Overall they both seem to have pros and cons. I want the overall better of the two tablets in your opinion. Thank you for your help!

    • You get a ton of the same features so I’ll tell you how I decide. If he is rough on toys get the Nabi 2. If he is carful and cares for his toys I like the Kurio 7s better.

      Sorry to be kinda vague. I really like the Kurio but I the Nabi 2 will take more abuse.

      Thanks for the question.

      • Thank you for your quick response. It was just what I needed to help make my desicion easier. Thanks again!

        • Your very welcome. I try to be prompt for everyone but I do sleep and have obligations in life outside the website.

          Also Parents who buy from the website actually are the ones who provided the funds for me to do all of this. I do it all to help a very clouded marketplace that only brings to light the pros of these tablets when consumers actually want the drawbacks as well so they know what they are getting when they purchase something.

          Thanks again.

  54. Ryan,

    Any idea if either of these tablets can be used on I have a subscription to their website; however, can only use it on our laptop.. which isn’t that kid friendly. Their website states the product must support Adobe Flash 10.2 or higher. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

    • The Nabi and Kurio support flash player. I just checked the versions on both and they were 11.1 or 3 so you should be ok. I don’t have a subscription so I can’t verify but the flash player you require is on there. I actually get this question quite a bit.


  55. Your reviews are very thorough! I was wondering what u think of those or possible another would b best for her and if u might answers a few more questions. My daughter just turned 3 and I have been looking at the nabi jr, nabi 2, and also the Kurio 7s. I like the larger screen size of nabi 2 and kurio 7s but she is barely 3 and is only somewhat familiar with my iPhone. She can tap and swipe pretty well but that’s about it. I didn’t know if the kurio 7s and nabi 2 would be to difficult for her navigate or if the educational content would be too advanced? Also if the content especial on nick and disney versions would be from older kid shows as opposed to her favs like Dora and sofia the first etc? Durability is also paramount lol! Also, do any have google play? Thanks!

    • I would honestly go with the Nabi Jr Nick Jr version. It has a lot of good Dora content and you get more internal memory on it. They are both really durable short of slamming it on a corner or screen on a corner of say a coffee table. I think the Kurio 7s is still a little to big kid for a 3 year old. The Nabi 2 could go either way and it would more depend on which you prefer.

      None of these tablets mentioned have Google Play without rooting which voids your warranty.

  56. bottom line-the nabi2 has speakers in the back which means not great sound and no rear view camera- but is faster and has a better app store then kurio 7s.
    Kurio has 2 cameras, speakers in front and is cheaper.
    I went with the kurio 7s just for the camera feature.

    • They both offer the Amazon AppStore, which is bigger than either the Kurio store or Nabi store, but I agree. I like the front facing speakers, screen, and extra camera. For $150 it is a great tablet.

  57. I’m planning on getting the Nabi 2 for my 6 year old, but am still a little up in the air for my 10 year old. He will be using it mostly for games, but also wants to read. Can you get the Kindle or Nook apps on the Kurio 7s? I was considering the Nook HD for him as well (I like it better than the Kindle HD for various reasons), but I like the fact that the Kurio has apps already preloaded and tighter parental controls. Thanks!

    • The Kurio’s will not install the Nook App because it is available through Google Play. Mee Genius is the primary bookstore the Kurio’s use. You can find a lot of eBooks online but if your oldest is an avid reader you are much better off getting a Nook or Kindle Fire HD.

  58. I can’t decide which one to purchase for my nephew who is 8 years old. He really wants a tablet mostly for games. I know his favorite is Minecraft. Curious if he could download it for the Nabi 2. I’m leaning towards the Nabi 2 but really can’t decide. You make good arguments for both tablets!

    • If he is 8 I would go with the Kurio 7s or Kindle Fire HD. The Kindle Fire HD would play this game the best though. He won’t have cameras but it will do the best for what he wants to use it for.

  59. After reading all of the correspondance from above, I have gone back and forth between the Kurio 7s and the Nabi 2. I have an 8 and 5 year old. They currently use my Kindle Fire HD. I wanted to get them each a tablet of their own. I don’t want the 8 year old out growing the tablet to soon but the chore list seems nice. The main use will be for games, reading books, listenig to music and watching movies. Although she enjoys Angry Birds, Temple Run, etc. I don’t mind if she has these but I’m more intersted in the educational ones. She occasionally will need to complete homework linked to her school’s webpage. My 5 year old wants whatever my 8 year old has. Any thoughts on what you might do? Also, did you ever get around to trying the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 kids edition?

    Thanks for your help!

  60. Hi Ryan, my son will be turning 9 & he typically uses our smartphone & iPad to play games, watch Netfiix etc. Similar to most others I’d like a tablet that will grow with him, be educational & allow for the other features you addressed. They will be getting iPad Air in school to assist with homework – so I’d like a tablet that is age appropriate & then some & will allow for all the features he loves from our technology. I like that both also have camera & video options. Any further thought to share on what may work best for us? Thanks a bunch!

    • I’m going to start on the high end to even compare to the iPad Air. The Kindle Fire HDX($229) is going to be your best bet as far as quality of product and great function. It has 2 cameras and better visual and sound quality than even the IPads at one third the cost.
      Something less expensive that will have all the same options but a little less quality of components is the Kurio 7s($149). It has more education than a Kindle Fire though. I have videos and reviews on these as well.

  61. I am interested in purchasing a tablet for my 3 year old. I had decided on the Nabi 2 Disney Edition after seeing your reviews. I was able to sort of play with a regular Nabi 2 recently. I didn’t realize that wifi is required to access the FoozKids things. Do you need wifi to access the Disney games, books, music, videos, etc.? I was trying to get something that has the most/best programs without having to constantly have a wifi connection. Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

    • Your welcome, a lot of these kids tablets will need WiFi to access games etc. The Kurio 7s has a lot of educational programs and doesn’t need WiFi to access them. A lot of the kids games won’t require WiFi either. Videos on the other hand almost always require WiFi because they would eat up all of your memory. You could just add movies to either of these so he had some videos as well. Let me know if you have any other questions and I will try to help you.

      Thanks for the question and comment

  62. I am really on the fence about a tablet for my daughter. She is 3 years old but very tech savy and loves my iphone. She usually uses my iphone to watch netflix and play various games (anything ranging from fisher price apps, nick jr apps, to angry birds and fruit ninja). She also likes to dance to music as well and occasionally likes to take and look at pictures. Is there any tablet that would be best for her? I want something that can grow with her (I’m afraid she may outgrow the Nabi Jr. too quickly) but I also want something durable. I’ve considered the Nabi2 but am a little leary after reading some poor reviews. I’m also considering the posibility of an ipod touch as well (or getting myself a new phone and giving her my old iphone!). With so many choices, I want to make sure I’m getting the best one for the money.

    • If your uncomfortable with purchasing the Nabi 2 then there is always the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 kids edition. I’m currently going through it since it was just released on Monday. I’m very impressed so far. Not only with the way it functions but the content as well. I’ll have a review and video up by tonight. Hope that helps but didn’t really know your price range.

  63. I have a a 4 yr old who has an iPod touch and loves it , we like the fact I can download movies and get FREE games , he’s had the leapster and didn’t care much for it he’s also had the leap pad and he didn’t care much for that either he is really familiar with the iPod touch and the way it works and I’d like something simple to figure out like that. I love that each have educational games but my big thing is being able to download from the android market without having to pay for every single game as that becomes expensive and a pain when he doesn’t care much for them he’s not old enough for cut the rope and such but he likes power ranger games ninja turtle somethings that wouldn’t fall in educational categorey . thanks so much !

    • Both of these tablets have access to the Amazon AppStore which has lots of Free games. If you want Google Play your best option is the Meep! X2 which didn’t make my top 3 but is still a pretty good tablet.

      Another option is to root the Kindle Fire or Nabi 2 which isn’t extremely difficult either. I have Google Play on both of these. Let me know what you think about these options and I’ll try to get you some narrowed options.

      Thanks for the question.

  64. Hi, thank you for this review. Can either of these tablets download Skype or some other similar software? I have 2 boys..3 and 6 and need to buy them each their own tablet. I am most interested in educational games, ebooks, netflix and also some ability to “facetime” with grandma. Which would you recommend?

    • The Amazon AppStore has Skype available for both of these tablets. They both have everything you mentioned so really it depends on which one your prefer as far as looks. I like the web browser options on the Kurio 7s better. Also if you aren’t going to get a special edition Nabi you will get a lot more preloaded content on the Kurio 7s. If you have any more deciding factors let me know.

      Thanks for the question and visit. Hope you will recommend us on FB or G+.

      • Thank you for your quick response!

        • I try to check in as much as possible to answer questions and comments and your welcome. Hope you share this site on FB or G+.

  65. I’m trying to get my sons a tablet to share, they are 11 and 6. It’s more for the 6 year old. He loves playing my iPad and tries to download games all the time. He loves to play sonic, motorcycle games, temple run. He’s also hearing impaired so id like it to get loud, but I do like the chores to get more apps thing. Which do you think I should go with. Black Friday sales are coming and they have nabi2 for like 100 bucks but I just want to get the right one. My 6 year old is also clumsy and doesn’t take care of things like he should. All that being said what would you suggest?

    • The loudest is going to be the Kindle Fire HD. I constantly have to tell my son to turn his down. They are amazing entertainment tablets. You could get last years model for around the same price as the Nabi 2 whose volume really isn’t good and the speakers face the rear. The Kurio 7s is a little better with 2 front facing speakers but still won’t compare to a Kindle Fire HD. You won’t be finding Black Friday deals on them but you can get a 32 GB Kindle Fire HD 2nd gen for around $120.

      Thanks for the question. Hope you will recommend us on FB or G+.

  66. Hi,
    We just bought our 4 yr old the Leap Pad Ultra and regret it. There is very limited wifi browsing capabilities. You can’t surf whatsoever. We would like to know your recommendations about which tablet allows surfing with parental controls. Our kids love the Sesame Street website and Nick Jr. and others, they watch cartoons play games and actually prefer the websites over apps and cartridge games. We also prefer quality, large screen and resolution and speed are a must. (many tablets don’t specify how much browsing capabilities they have, or I am confused by their wording.) Thank you so much.

    • No, I agree. When you go to most of their websites it’s very obscure. It says web safe browser when realistically almost all of these are different as each company has their own product and software to make it a web safe browser.

      The tablet I like the parental controls for the web browser is the Kurio 7s. It has 4 different settings that range from no filter to only websites entered by parents. You can also used preapproved sites by Kurio and then a subject filter. It also has pretty good wifi and a lot of included apps.

      Thanks for the question.

  67. I am looking to buy my 7 year old a tablet. I was wondering which one one you would recommend for reading books, listening to music, watching movies, playing games, etc. Thank you!

    • If educational games and a camera aren’t at the top of your list then get the Kindle Fire HD. If those are important as well then the Kurio 7s. I like the Nabi 2 for ages 3-7 but after that the first 2 I mentioned are best.

      Thanks for the question and comment.

      • Thanks Ryan for all your detailed review. I already bought a kurio 7s for my7year old daughter who wwould be turning 8 in February. She loves reading, taking pictures, and watching movies and these work well the kurio judging by your reviews. My only concern is based on some other negative reviews from other sites stating that the Kurio stops working after less than 2 weeks of usage. Do you know if that’s true, or should I just go ahead and keep it. Am really confused.

        • I know the original 7 had some issues but I have a 7s and 10s for 2 months and both still work. This is just my experience with them and can’t guarantee anything.

          I personally like the Kurio products. For price I think you get good content and an above average kids tablet. It’s not the Kindle Fire HD or Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 kids but I also don’t see it as a questionable product. I had very good encounters with their social media people on the Fan Page and they don’t know I run a kids tablet website.

  68. Hi Ryan, Thanks so much for the reivews! In a nutshell, I have 8 y.o. and 5 1/2 y.o. daughters – looking for good tablets for them for XMas. Need educational apps for each respective age group as well as the ability to download games. Is either (or any other tablet besides the iPad) comaptible with Google Play?

    • To fit the description of what your wanting the Meep! X2 is probably your best bet. It has great parental controls, Google Play, and $150 or less. If you go to the review page at the bottom I found some good deals.

      • Thank you so much! I appreciate your advice on this!

        • Your very welcome. Thanks for visiting and asking questions.

  69. Hi Ryan! I have been reading your reviews on Nabi 2, Tabeo 2 and Kurio 7s. I have a 7 year old and a 2 and a half year old. They love playing with my ipad, so we have decided to get them a tablet for christmas. We were planning on buying ipads for each, but the price and the parental control they lack gave us lots of doubts. Then we came upon these tablets and your reviews and we have decided not to buy the ipads, but rather one of these. What do you recommend most for them. I want them to enjoy the apps, and not have them fighting over my tablet. We like the educational part, although, they love the angry birds, cut the rope, where’s my water, etc games. What do you recommend the most? Nabi 2? Tabeo 2? Kurio 7s? Thanks!

    • I think the Kurio 7s for them because it has more of an iPad feel and that is what they are used to. It has an older child feel and won’t be a hard transition considering it offers all those games as well. I really think all of those are part of the 60 apps that are included.

      I wasn’t sure if you were searching for one for each or one for both.

      Also the educational games on the Kurio 7s are also much more entertaining and engaging. I would think if they can care for the iPad then the Kurio 7s should be fine. It’s more durable than an iPad but not as durable as the Nabi 2.

      I appreciate you visiting and commenting. I hope you will also share this site with others in your social circles and if you have any more questions then feel free to leave them.

    • Thanks for your advice! We really appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions.

      • Your very welcome and I’m glad you visited and found the info you were looking for at this site. If you run into anymore questions let me know. I’m here to help.

        Thanks for the comments and questions

  70. I am going to buy two tablets for my four year old twins. I am stuck. I want a tablet that is going to allow for educational activity, games, music, and ebooks. Which would you recommend :kindle Fire, Tabeo e2, or the Nabi 2?

    • The Kindle Fire and Tabeo e2 lack an educational curriculum so I would say to meet your needs you would need to go with the Nabi 2.

      Thanks for the question and comment

    • The Kindle Fire and Tabeo e2 lack an educational curriculum so I would say to meet your needs you would need to go with the Nabi 2.

      Thanks for the question and comment

  71. I have two children 9 and 6. We started out with the Nabi1 when it was first introduced. The company was very helpful with questions. We have not upgraded yet in are know torn between the two. My son the 9yo has the new kurio 4s and loves it. We are looking at the getting 7s and 10s or Nabi 2 and XD.
    Thank you.

    • Wow,that is a really tough decision. I have all of these but the 10s and I’m picking that up on Wednesday when another tablet I’m going to do a video review on comes in to stores. To be honest I love the Nabi products but was a little disappointed with the XD. Some of the games I bought from the Amazon AppStore would not play on it. So if your buying a 7″ and 10″ and probably want to stay with the same company so you get more apps for your dollar then get the Kurios. I would also start getting them online soon because when I went to Walmart,shelves were empty, I waited over an hour for them to find a product that I knew was in store based on the website but they had trouble locating it. Next time I’ll order online and then go pick it up at the store.

      Thanks for the question and on a final note the XD was suppose to look like the new windows 8 tile system and that is what the box advertised but it did not operate like that at all. It was the same as the other Nabi products, disappointed. It also is not going to have as many preloaded appsas the Kurio 10s.

      Here are the links Kurio 7s and Kurio 10s

      • Thanks for the great info. We will go with the kurios. My only other question is can the 10s be used like a laptop for homework the way the XD is shown in pics with the keypad.

        • I was looking for a good keyboard case when I suggested the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″. The one I found was like $100 on Amazon. You could get a standing case and a separate wireless Bluetooth Keyboard mat and have the same kind of setup. It was my first idea since you were thinking about the Kurio 7s’.

  72. Hello I have a 2nd old nd would like to buy her a tablet but I’m not sure at all as to which would be great for her. I need one that teaches her #’s, letters, colors, etc. Can u please help me pick one that would b good for her. Thank you

  73. Can I download temple run or subway surfer on either tablet? My 2 kids love those games.

    • You most certainly can. Both of these apps are available in the Amazon AppStore which is available on both of these. My son loves those 2 games as well.

  74. What is the video capabilities between both tablets? I am interested in one that allows me to download movies or atleast watch via Netflix.

    • They both have Netflix but the Kurio 7s would be my preferred because it’s visually brighter and the speakers face the front.

      You can also add movies to both of these from your home computer and 1 mobile Go has videos and TV series to download on to the tablet.

  75. I have a 8 year old, I want a tablet but I don’t want it to be to kiddie for him, which one would you suggest?

    • What are going to be the main functions it would be used for? The one I find to look the most grown up and still have parental features is the Kurio 7s. It’s set up like any other Android tablet with the exception of you controlling the internet function and which apps they will be able to use. You also have time control for the tablet. I think the Kurio 7s would be a great place for him to start.

      You can see my Kurio 7s video review to get a good look at it.

  76. Hello thank you for this informative posting. I have two boys ages 5 and 3 year old and I’m still torn on which tablet to get them. They both know how to operate any android or iPhone and even kindle but I’m looking for everything both tablets offer as well as a tablet they won’t outgrow too soon like they did with the leap pad.

    • I’m really a big fan of both of these tablets. For me with kids that age it would more depend on how rough they are on toys. The Nabi 2 is very durable but there is a good bumper case for the Kurio that will work as well. They shouldn’t outgrow either of these. You can easily turn off the parent mode as they outgrow it.

  77. Thank you so much! This article was very helpful. Im trying to pick out tablets for my kids for christmas and it came down to those two but was really clueless in the differences.

    • Your very welcome. I don’t think they advertise enough on the boxes. If you picked up both at the store you wouldn’t be able to compare them. And forget about asking store clerks for help. Everyone I asked was more or less clueless to their existence let alone what they do.

      I’m really glad you liked it and hope it helped you make a decision. Also would you recommend this sit on your FB or G+. This how we reach more parents.

  78. You have stated that the Kurio has three resources to buy from. How many does the Nabi 2 have?

    • The Nabi 2 has three as well; Amazon, Nabi, and Mobi Go.

  79. This appears to be a huge market and makes me wonder why Apple is not involved. Of course they could be behind the scenes.

    • I think Apple is about as involved as they are going to get even though their market share in tablets has plummeted. They have sturdy cases and a few apps that will make an iPad semi-function like a kids tablet. I would never pay their asking price for my child to have that luxury but that’s just me

  80. Two great tablets duking it out! I guess you couldn’t go wrong buying either, but that just makes it more difficult to decide!

    • They are both really good products but I would buy the Kurio 7s if there was going to be multiple users and at different ages. The Nabi 2 is more built for a single child or kids who are close in age with the occasional parental use and check up with the kids apps.

      Thanks for your comment

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