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  1. Hi:) im trying to download more games but one of my friends sold it to me and its asking for a password… im trying to call the number it says but so far no luck would I be able to reset it myself? I love the product by the way!! My 4- yr old has learned alot and loves it! The password is the only downer:( but jus because id like to add more stuff to it

    • Which tablet? you may need to do a factory reset to clear the accounts.

  2. my mother in law got my son the smartab junior he has used it twice and said to charge it up as it become 0% went to charge it up and it brang up a very funny screen like a wave, nothing else seems to be working how can I reset it to fix it?

    • You can try a factory reset from settings or if you can’t get in there should be a small pinhole to do a reset of the tablet. Make sure its not your mic.

  3. I bought the Smartab Jr Model STJR70GR for my 7 year old. He opened it on Christmas. I went through the setup guide but it appears to have been a return. Every time I try to do something it asks for a password. I never created any password. Does anyone know how to do a FACTORY RESET on this thing? Im getting frustrated. I have emailed customer support and have tried calling but the number just rings busy. Not very motivating for this product.

    • Many customer services are overwhelmed at this point but things will calm down soon. You would need to go to the settings menu and there is an option in there for a factory reset.

  4. I wanted to comment about the smartab I purchased at big lots. I actually love it for my son, even myself. Only thing I’ve noticed so far is that you have to hold it a certain angle for it to pick up wifi with no interruption. Also, with wifi being on the battery life is so low. With wifi it lasts average 2-3 hours. Watching videos ofcourse. So what I did was download tv shows and movies for my son on am sd card then I play them there so I wont use up the battery so fast when I’m not home to charge immediately. Alsi camera is very poor. But that didn’t really interest me. The volume is very loud. That’s a plus.

  5. I bought the SmartTab Jr. yesterday and will be taking it back tomorrow. Frustrated me. I purchased it for my 6yr old because i don’t think he is ready for a 3DS like his brother but he enjoys using my Samsung Note 10.1 and I’m tired of sharing with him. I wanted something educational and fun. I purchased this from Big Lots for the sale price of $71.99. After charging it overnight, i tried it out. It kept freezing. I would tape an icon several times and then realize that nothing was happening so I would have to hit the power button for it to go black and hen hit the power button again for it to come back on for it to work. Test #1 – fail. Left it so i could go to work. When I got home and tried it again, no issues with moving around. I downloaded Netflix because my son likes to watch the same movies over and over again. I clicked on a Mater movie that he watches and it was horrible. I could’nt even read the sign that was in the movie. Very poor resolution to put it nicely. Test #2 – fail. So I am resetting the factory settings and taking that sucker back tomorrow. I would rather spend a little extra on a Kindle Fire or something then to have to deal with this. Not happy.

    • It’s average for the price range. You will see similar screens etc on tablets in the under $100 price range. You are correct that a Kindle Fire, might be a little more, but it’s well worth the extra money to escape the frustrations of a failed device. It is the absolute best for streaming media in it’s price range.

      • I actually ended up getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7″. I already have everything Samsung anyways, including a Note 10.1. For a little more, this one has a camera. Can add parental controls, educational stuff, games that he likes. I think this will be a good fit for him.

        • I agree that this can be a good fit for kids as well. Samsung makes really good products. I’m currently going through about 5 tablets SmartTab Jr 2, Nexus 2013, Kindle Fire HDX, Kobo Arc HD and the SG Tab 3 7″. Never enough time to get everything on the website.

  6. I visited your reviews for the Nabi 2 Nickelodeon, & Nabi 2 Disney.
    I can’t seem to decide. Which one do you think would be the better buy? I have three children ( 9,6, & 3) and the enjoy watching both networks. I have seen so many reviews that after a while I you forget which had the best apps.

    • Have you checked to verify you will be able to use the Disney Channel option, main draw to this tablet over the Nickelodeon edition. They are identical with the exception of additional apps by corresponding characters. Also you will need WiFi to get the most out of these 2 tablets. If you don’t have WiFi I would consider the Kurio 7s. Feel free to leave me more info so I can help you.

  7. We were looking into the SmartTab, was hoping you had a chance to review it and give us your opinion.

    • I have started my review but still waiting on the device to come in. It said by Friday this week but still haven’t seen it.

      • How can I factory reset parental passwords I can not get the smart tab to except the one I set please help.

        • You will need to do a factory reset in settings or contact the company to see if they can email you the password but I’m not sure if they store it for you. Might be worth a shot though if you have already downloaded a lot of stuff to it.

  8. Hi! I was wondering if you have looked into the Samsung kids tablet yet? We have been trying to figure out what tablet to get our boys (7 and 5.5). I have been researching the Kurio family tablet and looking into the Samsung, but have reall found no reviews for the samsung yet. Any advice would be great!! Thanks!!

    • Actually the Samsung Galaxy Kids Tablet just came out Monday. UPS says I’ll have mine Wednesday or Thursday and I preordered it. I’ll have a review up for it as soon as it gets here. I’ll have a video and written review for you ASAP.

      Like to be hands on with the tablets before I rate it. Hope you will come back and visit and get a few thoughts about it.

      Thanks for visiting and if you do decide to buy it after you see the review I would jump on it because I preordered and still had to wait to get one.

  9. Have you seen this tablet: Polaroid SmartTab Junior Pro? I saw it in a Meijer Toy ad, and I can not find it anywhere else.

    I am guessing it is brand new. Does it have android? Any info you can find, would be helpful!

    • I had this same problem today! After realizing that it is spelled incorrectly I searched for SmarTab. And found the website for it. Looks like a good tablet and a great price from meijer!! And it does have Android operating system! Hope this helps you.

      • They actually contacted me and asked if I wanted to sell these on the website. I’m waiting for them to send me a tablet to do a review on it before I pass judgement. Cheap is not always good.

        • I got this on sale and its for my 2 year old so i’m not to worried about it. Everywhere i’ve seen it, its priced at $200 or more. Its not cheap. Good luck with it.

          • Maybe inexpensive is a better word. I have seen many tablets under $100 that didn’t work so well. I don’t want to pass judgement one way or another until I have it and can properly give an opinion on. Do you mind telling me where you purchased it so I can get one shipped to me. They sell for $80 wholesale.

      • can you get netflix on this

        • I would imagine it had either Google Play or Amazon AppStore which means it should have Netflix.

          • I just want to say that your reviews have been my go-to this Christmas season!
            I, too, have been searching for info on this SmartTab, and the only info I could find was out of New Zealand…where they’re selling these babies for $249. I’m thinking that’s why we are getting them so cheap in the US from only a couple of small retailers..Big Lots here in the south amd Meijers up north. The few reviews I’ve read have been good. We shall see what you say!

          • Thank you Mandy and I wrote part of my review and my SmartTab Jr Pro is in the mail. Hopefully have it next week so I can give you a preview.

    • I bought it this weekend at Big lots for 69.99

  10. What tablet would you suggest for a 2 year old? Not that worried with what the boxes say the age range is. Just durability and apps for games and learning that would best suit his age and grow with him.

    • Most of the kids tablets are designed for 3 and up with the exception of the Vinci III M kids tablets. They have lessons starting at age 18 months. It is probably not as durable as the Nabi 2, LeapPad, or Innotab, but it will grow with your child. I’m really leaning towards the Nabi Jr or the Nabi 2 because of longevity and durability plus it has tons of educational content but most of it won’t start until age 4. Until then you could definitely start with apps from Amazon, Nabi, or Mobi go. They are readily available and a lot cheaper than the cartridges by LeapFrog or Vtech. Nabi has some educational apps and games that start with age 3.

      • Hmm… I was leaning towards the Vincii but not I’m not so sure. Ha. I just don’t want to waste my money if it’s not that great and also don’t want to waste my money if the others won’t be equipt for him yet. He loves playing on our iPads is why I’m even considering a tablet for him at this age.

        • You will find many similar games that he likes on your iPad for many of the Android products. I generally recommend these products because they are so durable and have so much content. The Kindergarten lessons do start with simpler stuff like letters and shapes that he will be learning soon anyways. The Nabi Jr would probably be a great place for him to start.

          • Thank you!!

          • Your very welcome and thanks for visiting and commenting.

  11. I see the Kindle Fire HD ranks third here, but the nearly twice as expensive Kindle Fire HD 8.9 ranks eighth. Is it a case of the 8.9 not having enough bells and whistles to justify the expense?

    • Actually I like the affordability of the 7″. It’s almost in everyone’s budget. The 8.9″ offers a lot of the same options plus some. If you can afford the larger one then go for it.

      I also generally think the 7″ tablets are a much better size for little hands. My son is 5 and with his malware swurve nerf case it fits perfectly in his lap and he can hold it with one hand and play with the other.

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