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Posted by on Jun 25, 2013 in Kids Tablets Comparisons | 11 comments

Top Rated Kids Tablets With Wifi

Top Rated Kids Tablets With Wifi

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Want to see how the best rated tablets for kids stack up against each other? I'm gonna put these 3 top rated kids tablets with wifi head to head and see who comes out on top. Will the winner be the Kindle Fire HD, Apple iPad Mini, or Nabi 2. Here are the specs breakdowns followed by the Pros and Cons of Each.

I wanted to see the top rated kids tablets side by side before I bought one for my son. I don't think you will be surprised at the results. You can't be number 2 in electronic sales if your not the best overall tablet.

Spec Comparison


ipad new










Battery Life





Parental Controls

Android 4.1 UI



Dolby Digital

1.2 GHz



Dual Antenna

11 HRs

Front 1.3MP

Amazon Silk

Free Time


Above Average

Apple 6.0

LED Backlit


Digital Compass




Dual Band

10 HRs



Apple Store


Below Average

4.0 IC



2 Rear




Single Band




Kids Store


Top Notch

Final Thoughts

The Kindle Fire HD is a clear winner for best rated kids tablet.  iPad Mini has no parental controls and costs almost twice as much for a little faster processor and 2 cameras. Nabi 2 falls below in almost every aspect except parental controls and the Kindle Fire blocks the entire web.

Overall I chose the Kindle Fire HD because of great content through Free Time, that only costs me 2.99 a month, for Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, EA, and more. I also like how fast the wifi downloads and was a great price at 199$. The CPU is not as fast as the other 2 but runs the Kindle Fire HD perfectly. Kindle Fire HD is definitely the top rated kids tablet because it will grow with your child well into their late teens.

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You might choose the Apple iPad Mini if you already have a large amount of content on the Apple Store you want to share with your kids or the main use will be photography and video recording.

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The Nabi would be my choice for kids under 5 because of its durability. It is also my top all around pick for kids tablets and they have released a new nickelodeon edition.

See New Nabi 2 Nckelodeon Edition

Looking for Younger Children?

If your looking for younger children then we have the top comparison review for the best pre-k kids tablets. See all 3 of the new educational kids tablets in 2013.

See New Innotab 3s vs LeapPad Ultra plus Nabi Jr
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  1. I saw your video on how to transfers apps to the nabi 2 but could not make out what you were doing? What folder did you click on at the beginning! Do you have to download it! I don’t have a my file folder! Please help my son is so up he can’t get his games!

  2. Hi Ryan,
    My name is Michelle. I have a 2 year old son who is ahead of children his age in learning and I want to get him a tablet. I’ve looked at all of your Youtube videos and read the comments from other posters (parents) asking whihc tablet would you recommend. I looked at the Samsung Galaxy 3 tabs kids and the Nooks HD. Which one is better for my son. I can’t decide. Thanks for your help

    • My sisters girls have the Nook HD but wasn’t really impressed with it all. The best tablet for that age would be a Nabi Jr Nick Jr in my opinion.

  3. Could you please do a review of the wolvol kids tablet? Thanks.

  4. whicj is the better tablet..the tabeo e2 or the yellow galaxy tab 3 (kids edition)

  5. With all the information laid out like this it is so much easier to make a choice before I go to the store. Thank you! Now, when I get home the set up instructions will be here waiting as well. Good job.

    • I have many more videos coming and will be doing about 3 a week to help you set up and use your Kindle Fire. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

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