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Posted by on Aug 5, 2013 in Kids Tablets Comparisons | 227 comments

Vtech Innotab 3s vs LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra – Best Kids Learning Tablet

Vtech Innotab 3s vs LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra – Best Kids Learning Tablet

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Today we are gonna take the top 2 kids learning tablets available and find out what is the better value. A lot of parents struggle to know what are the best products available so I will do the research for you and help you come to a conclusion based on the facts about these products so you get the best value for your child.

Both of these tablets are being released in the Fall of 2013 and will offer your toddler great value. They are both great educational tablets for kids. They are basically the same product with slight differences put together by different companies.

These kids tablets are built for ages 3 - 9 and mainly the toddler age in my opinion. By 7 or 8 years of age your children will be much more capable of operating full Android tablets or Apple iPads. They will definitely offer a lot of learning for pre-K to 2nd grade though and will give your children that learning edge.

innotab 3s

Price - 99.99

Publishers - Disney, Nickelodeon, Pixar and more

Camera - Swivel 2 MP

Battery - Rechargeable Battery Pack(included)

WiFi - Yes

Included Apps - 20

Screen Size - 5"

Memory - 4 GB

Expandable Memory - Yes

Kid Safe Browser - Yes

Headphone Port - Yes

Educational Value - Excellent

Buy Vtech Innotab 3s and Save $14

leappad ultra green

Price - 149.99

Publishers – Disney, Nickelodeon, Pixar and more

2 Cameras – Both 2 MP

Battery – Lithium Ion Rechargeable(included)

WiFi – Yes

Included Apps – 11

Screen Size – 7″

Memory - 8 GB

Expandable Memory – No

Kid Safe Browser – Yes

Headphone port - Yes

Educational Value – Excellent

Buy LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra and Save $10

What I Like About the Vtech Innotab 3s

As you can see they are very similar in build. The one noticeable difference is going to be the size with the LeapPad Ultra being a 7" HD screen. The other significant difference is the price, Innotab 3s is $50 cheaper. LeapFrog charges you the extra $50 dollars to pay for an unnecessary 2nd camera and 4 GB of memory.

In the long run it would be better to have the Micro SD slot(Innotab 3s) so you won't have to manage the memory when it's full. Will your child notice the difference in the screen size, maybe. You also get more pre loaded apps and games with the Innotab 3s.

For the $50 you could get a couple cartridges or accessories and a Micro SD card and pay the same price. Both kids tablets are exclusive sellers of the content available so you won't be downloading any Android Apps. They are also both very durable kids tablets and will take a lot of beating before they break.

Read Innotab 3s Full Review

Get Innotab 3s Exclusive Bundle For Boys $99

Get Innotab 3s Exclusive Bundle for Girls $99

What I like About the LeapPad Ultra

The LeapPad Ultra has the most extensive and well produced learning games available on the market today. The LeapFrog team does a great job of filtering and producing content that not only engages children but teaches them knowledge and reasoning skills.

It is a bit more pricey but it is more durable, 2" bigger, and has double the available educational content. You will also get the same video playback options and better screen.

Read LeapPad Ultra Full Review

If your child is 6 or older then I would start looking at some of the great Android options.

Final Decision - LeapPad Ultraleappad ultra medal winner

The Vtech InnoTab 3s is cheaper and will save you the frustration of managing storage memory but they will be more interested in the content which is vastly greater on the LeapPad Ultra. LeapFrog has gone to great lengths to produce the best educational content for kids.

If you don't mind spending the extra money then your really going to like the software for parents and the additional options for games and books on the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra. The LeapPad is still a clear winner because of the userability and outstanding educational content. View the consumer reviews by clicking the button below and see why other consumers give this tablet 4 out of 5 stars compared to the Innotab's 2 to 3 stars.

This conclusion does not apply if you already have a lot of cartridges for either system. Stay with the previous brand you have always used as the content is very expensive and backwards compatible on both.

Get Free 2 Day Shipping with Amazon Prime

You can find the 4 star LeapPad Ultra at Amazon here for nearly 20% cheaper. Look for the more buying choices on the right side.

 Is there an Android Tablet that is a Kids Learning Tablet?

Interested in another option? The Nabi Jr is an Android tablet that offers great value and education as well. This tablet is very flexible with apps, durable for kids, and offers great education as well.

If my son was still in the 3 to 5 age range I would be getting the Nabi Jr Nick Jr edition. They have updated the specs and added $200 worth of content and is still cheaper than the LeapPad Ultra. It's receiving 4.2 stars from consumers.

nabi jr

See 4.2 Star Nabi Jr Nick Jr Edition


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  1. I am looking for a durable tablet for my 2 year old grandson with Autism. We need something that focuses on learning (letters, words, counting) at this time, he is using (minimal) sign language to communicate, and we thought it may help if he had something “fun” to learn with. Any thoughts? I keep going from the Nabi to the Innotab 3s to the LeapPad, and I am more confused than ever. I appreciate any insight. Thanks!

    • If you contact Nabi they give discounts for children with autism. It’s usually half price or close to that.

  2. hi I have two girls, 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 and I would like to get them educational tablets. the 2 that I had heard about are the innotab and leapad but im now discovering that there are a variety of options. they like taking pictures but are not able to navigate their way around an ipad. I would like to purchase something that they can grow with.


  3. I have a 2 1/2 yr old son and a 4 almost 5 yr old daughter. I want to get them a tablet, but I am not sure what is the best one. I want something educational for them, they love taking pictures and looking at them. It also has to have a good battery life and be durable. I want to get one tablet for both of them, what would be best for both of them?

    • If I decided to get one for each of them what tablet(s) would be best? What is the best tablet for their ages?

    • I prefer the Android tablets. For that age range I would get a Nabi Jr Nick Jr or a Nabi 2. Referring to your next comment I would still buy the same tablets but the Nabi 2 for the older child

  4. What is the best tablet for a four year old (turning 5 in january). Emphasis on educational content, wifi,battery, and camera. Cost also a factor, so the Kindle HD is out.

    • I’m guessing your budget is around $100 if the Kindle Fire HD is out. There really aren’t a lot of great Android tablets out at that price. The best one is going to be the ClickN kids tablet.

      If your not worried about Netflix and Android apps you could get an innotab 3s. It is not a long term buy though, especially if your child used your smartphone or other tablets.

  5. My son is 7years old, still ok to buy one of this pad .Their
    said from 4 to 9 years but i m worried he get bore

    • At 7 you are much better off getting an Android tablet. I would start your search with the Kindle Fire HD.

  6. I am thinking about purchasing the Innotab 3s minnie and doc mcstuffins editions for my 2 and 4 year old girls. Would I be able to download media that I purchase from the vtech site to both devices.

    • Yes the 3s has WiFi but I recommend buying the cartridges versus downloading them in most situations. Since you have 2 girls using it they can’t really share the same game at the same time without purchasing and downloading it. This is not something I have run onto before but I would verify that they will only charge you once to get the same game. This should be the case but you never know.

  7. Deciding on the best educational tablet is exhausting. I appreciate your website and information you provide. I purchased the InnoTab 3S because of the expandable memory and other positive points you made. However, I am going to return it to the store because the rechargeable battery pack is not included (you state that batteries are included), and purchase the Leapfrog Ultra. I have also been looking and debating purchasing the SmartTab Jr at Big Lots. They have them for sell at a great price with an additional percentage off. Any thoughts, or are we comparing apples and oranges between Leapfrog Ultra and SmartTab?

    • I’m curious as to which innotab you purchased, would you mind emailing me a photo or sending me the name? Was it a bundle?

      The SmartTab is a full Android tablet and not really the same as a LeapPad. It has options like Netflix and downloading Android apps where as the LP Ultra is cartridge based. It does have the capability to download the games or books but with the limited memory this is not recommended.

      I’m not real fond of the SmartTab at Biglots. You should consider getting the pro model from Meijer if that is what you want to purchase. It has a lot of upgraded components for $20 more and also more content. It also has more apps included.

      • I appreciate your patience and kindness with responding to the multiple questions which can be similar to the one you answered earlier. I have read through many of the comment streams and have gained a great deal of info, and apologize for being redundant. shopping for a kids tablet is like cramming for a final exam. Yes, the InnoTab 3S was a “Planes” bundle which included a carrying case. I wouldn’t have thought the would exclude the adaptor and rechargeable battery pack. I will check Meijer’s website (i am familiar with Meijer’s from when I lived up north), here in Atlanta there are no Meijer’s. Thanks again and Happy Holidays, again I appreciate your help!

        • Thanks so much for getting back with me. I was unaware some of the bundles did not come with the same accessories. The regular model says includes rechargeable battery pack and charger a $34.99 value. They are basically swapping the battery pack for the content they include on these bundles. Their way of making additional money after the purchase and keeping their bundle costs down.

  8. I have both the Innotab 3 and the leap pad 2 and trying to decide which one to keep for my 4 year old. He loves games and I am all about the educational part. Which one will offer the best option to satisfy us both? I was leanings towards the innotab because he loves taking pictures.

    • They both have extensive libraries in educational games, LeapFrog does have more though. If you like the camera feature I would keep the Innotab. The memory is also expandable so you could put his favorite movies on there as well.

  9. I have a 5 year old and wanted to purchase a child’s tablet. He is in a bilingual program and mostly immersed in Spanish. The problem I see is that none of these products seem to support much in the way of Spanish learning. Games/ apps etc seem to be VERY limited outside of English. Comments and/ or suggestions…

    • There are a few that are bilingual. The Meep! X2, Vinci and a couple others are available across the world. The Vinci tablets have the most in ways of multi lingual apps and it also offers Google Play. Here is my review on the Vinci III M tablet.

  10. Hello Ryan,

    Thank you so much for having this website. I have listened and read your reviews but this is the last site after MANY and I am still not sure what to choose. All of my friends recommend the ipad for my 5 1/2 year old son but we also have a 1 year old that he could pass which ever tablet down to in a couple years.

    So we would rather not spend even 200 but if it is going to be perfect for him we would consider spending more. Could you please include prices.

    He loves loves loves video games mostly cause we don’t let him play much,we dont have a system at home we would prefer a tablet that has a lot of games applicable for his age already on it and educational. He also loves taking pictures and art, math and reading, and updated graphics or characters on the games would be a bonus.

    Thank you so much in advance for suggestion as to which tablet we should purchase. Your time is so appreciated by all of us!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

    P.S We are from Canada, not sure if all are available here or just online, we would rather purchase in person… but if it is highly recommended we would consider purchasing online.

    • There are a couple great tablets that will compare to an iPad but much cheaper because they don’t carry the same logo. The Kindle Fire HD($139) is probably the best for the price but won’t have a camera for pictures. Not all apps may be available but I know Amazon gas expanded to Canada.

      The next good option is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 kids ($189). This is actually your best buy because of Google Play and you live in Canada so it will have access to more apps than any of the other kids tablets. It comes with apps designed for 3 to 9. It also has some preloaded creative apps(drawing), creative thinking apps, education, best cameras on a kids tablet, and many free apps.

      The Final two options, not as good as the first two, are the Nabi 2($179) or Kurio 7s($149). Nabi has just released products in Canada and is definitely one of the best all around kids tablets. Very durable and a great educational system that is very straight forward knowledge based learning and quizzes. Yoou will need WiFi to access the education. Utilizes same appstore as Kindle Fires.

      As far as the Kurio 7s I’m not sure if that will be purchasable at a store up there. Best in class parental controls because of flexibility and numerous settings. Has the same appstore as the Nabi 2 and Kindle Fires. Also has educational games. They are not as straight forward as the Nabi’s education curriculum but more like games that teach them various subjects.

      I hope that narrows your search and the SG Tab 3 kids would be my purchase.

  11. I have a 5yr old son turning 6 in Feb. and wanted to get him a tablet because he wont stay off my Kindle Fire. So I was thinking about the Leap-pad Ultra or the Innotab3s. Last Christmas we got him the Kurio7s but it kept freezing and I took it back. So I’m leading towards buying the Kurio7s again or the Nabi2, which one do you think would be better out of the two or would you suggest a different tablet.

    • I think either would be a great choice. Unfortunately most of these companies first gen models had software issues, Meep, Nabi, Kurio etc. As far as I know I have not had any issues with the second gen models, meep! x2, nabi 2, or Kurio 7s. I would consider a Kindle Fire for him if he already likes it.

  12. Oh my goodness. I have reading all the reviews and again so confused. My son will be 4 in February. He as become interested in taking pictures. I want him interested in educational games (ones that he can trace letters) I want the best for the bucks. It would be nice to have netflix but not a necessity being as though he can watch movies on his portable dvd player on trips. The games for all these devices seem expensive. My friend suggested Innotab. I don’t mind paying more if it will keep him active longer. Thanks.

    • I’m not really sure by your comment if your leaning toward Android or not. Since netflix is not really a necessary then an innotab and leapPad will do the job. The innotab is much more cost effective and both tablets have iffy wifi so don’t consider this a perk. The games will also be similarly priced but I do have some pages where you can find them less than the normal $25 a cartridge. Some of the Android tablets are not responsive to a stylus so for tracing letters again your best bet will be one if these two. There are some exclusive bundles on this page that are a great deal and I have seen then drop as low as $69 which means you get a cartridge or two with them.

  13. Ok I did find that the kindle fire does have a camera but its the more $$ one.. and it’s only front camera. The nabi has a front and back right? I love this page it has helped me but also made my choice harder lol I just want to pick the perfect match. :) I have been reading all your reviews

    • The Nabi 2 only has one camera as well. It’s a front 2 MP. Don’t mean to make your shopping experience more difficult. Just wanted to inform consumers about what they are getting, lol. Let me know if you have more questions.

      • ok i think I am going to go with the nabi but not sure if the 2 would be better or the jr.. I want to beable to get on netflix. I just dont want the 2 to be too advanced for my 2 1/2 yr old. What would u choose?? And i really do appreciate all of your help.

        • No problem and I would get the Nabi Jr Nick Jr. You should easily get 3 to 4 years out of it and the content is already preloaded for that age group plus you get a swivel camera that takes pics and videos in all directions.

          • Thanks soo much for your help

  14. Will either one of these allow netflix?

  15. I have tried reading all the comments for help but figured I would still ask you for your opinion. My daughter is 2 1/2 and she loves watching videos and playing games. I was going for the inotab3s or leappad ,but I figured maybe a real tablet would be better. We sometimes travel so I want something thay will be very reliable and keep her attention. Lol. Someome said to get the kindle fire but is it educational like the others. I’m just wanting somethin durable and educational and no more than $180 please help me.

    • The Kindle Fire HD does have a lot to offer any child. They are on sale today for a $50 discount. See my Cyber Monday page. There are tons of educational apps and websites you can use. Also the battery life is amazing and will keep her busy on long car rides. There is also a really good buy on a case great for young kids on that page.

      • Thank you.. Would you recommend the nabi or kindle fire?

        • Both have their advantages but I prefer the Kindle Fire HD.

          • Ok Thanks. Thy are sold out of the deal on amazon.. Do you know if there is any other way to connect besides wifi.

          • Yeah they went fast since they started at 5 last night. You will need to either connect it to your smartphone or go to a local WiFi spot like Starbucks or McD’s to update and download apps.

          • I just seen you cant take photos with the kindle :( so thats a con for me. She loves taking photos and doing face time. So im guess ing the nabi would be better for her unless you know of another tablet out there that is educational and has a camera and all

          • Another option is the Kurio 7s which is educational, has 2 cameras, and can skype.

          • Do you know anything about tabeo2 tablet for kids..Sorry I have so many questions I just want to get the best one for what I want.. Movies, pictures,educational and wifi and will work when not hooked up to wifi. :) Thank you for all your help

  16. I have an almost 2 year old daughter who plays on my ipad ALL the time, she knows how to use it, play apps, amazes me for her age but I need to get her something so I can have my ipad back. I was looking into either the Innotab, Leappad, or Nabijr?? Which one do you recommend?? Thank you! =)

  17. Can you use the ABCmouse program with the innotab3s? is there a better option? I have a two year old and want to get him something that he can start ABCmouse on and grow into. Thanks

    • No it won’t work with the Innotab 3s. I ran it on my Nabi XD the other night. You need a tablet with flash. Possible options are the Nabi’s, the Kurios, and a couple others have flash player.

  18. Hi Ryan,
    I’ve been reading a lot of the following comments and am maybe more confused now on what to get!! I have a 2yr daughter and nearly 4yr son….both crazy about our iPad!! I want something for each of them…apps,games, parental controlled wi fi, but not too slow! They get quite impatient.
    Thank you!
    Sorry if you’ve answered this same Q 162 times already!! I just need someone to tell me the best choice for them at this time.

    • I’m not sure of your budget or how important Google Play is but my thoughts would lead me to the Nabi 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 or Kindle Fire HD. All of these will be fast and have parental controls etc like you mentioned. I linked your comment to some of the reviews and if you have more questions about the individual ones hopefully I can help narrow it down for you.

      Your welcome and thanks for visiting

  19. Hi, I’m looking into getting my 2yr old a tablet, I initially wanted to get him the leap pad 2 but was told about the innotab 3s so now I’m not sure which one is better. He uses our iPad & navigates it pretty well, he likes to take pictures with it & watches caillou and curious George on YouTube on it. I need help in deciding which one to get him.

    • Neither one of these tablets are going to offer YouTube but if you would want to add videos I recommend the Innotab 3s because of the expandable memory which would allow for several videos.

      • My son is 2 as we’ll but plays with lots of apps, music, and photos. I hate to spend the money on an iPad but with the versatility and the longevity of the ipad versus the innotab or leapfrog I have a hard time going with either. Is there an alternative kids tablet that is cheaper but offers what the ipad does or should we just go with an iPad?

        • Your best 2 options are going to be the SG Tab 3 kids and the Kindle Fire HD which is on sale for $100 on my Cyber Monday page. Also the SG Tab 3 kids is also on sale for $40 off and will have Google Play which is nearly as extensive as iTunes.

      • Does anyone know if the innotabs or the LeapPad2 can be connected to a smartphone as apposed to a computer. Our daughter has both but we only have internet on our smart phones so…please help.

        • Use someone else’s PC or tether your phone to your PC if you have one but no internet access. I don’t think there is an app that a smartphone could run to do this process but you could contact LeapFrog for alternate solutions.

  20. Hello! I am a grandparent that really needs some advice!! Wanting to buy a tablet for Christmas for grandson turned 4 in August and loves playing NickJr & Pogo on my laptop. Got him an InnoTab last year and he does like it but also want something I can get ABC and NickJr. Which tablet would be best for him to learn and play games. THANKS

    • You will definitely need Flash Player but fortunately most of the Android tablets have this preloaded. The Nabi 2 and Nabi Jr both have a Nickelodeon edition but Nabi Jr Nick Jr is focused on the Nick Jr characters so it is probably a better fit.

  21. Hi please can you help me I’m looking at buying my 3 nearly 4 year old a tablet, he is use to apple products and navigates them well but I am worried about him dropping an iPad?! I want something educational but also something he could watch movies on and play music etc I was looking at the innotab3s but am now completely put off this as he would be impatient with the loading times, I’m more going towards the kindle fire hd or is it worth paying the extra for an iPad mini with a good protective case, please help :)

    • I see your in the UK so your best options are going to be the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids and the Kindle Fire HD. You will have more app options with these two and they both run more at par with the Apple products than others. The SG 3 Tab Kids is geared towards 3 and up and the Kindle Fire is pretty flexible with FreeTime unlimited and lots of free educational apps available. The other 2 are going to be terribly slow compared to an iPad and he will probably just want the iPad back.

  22. Hi, im another confused parent. My daughter and son both have nabi 2′s they are 6 and 4. Im upgrading my 6 yr old to a kindle fire hd as shes very intelligent and asked for a kindle to read on. My eldest son (12) is getting a nexus 7 (hopefully if can get good price, do u know if anything similar to nexus 7, like samsung tab2 maybe? Will probs be 1st gen nexus as looking to spend 100 max) as he is also getting new windows phone for bd)
    My 4yr old is more into xbox so not looking to upgrade him as has nabi 2 as mentioned.
    So its my 2 almost 3 yr old im confused about. He has played on the nabi 2′s since was old enough to figure it out. I had thought to just buy a new cover and give him the 6 yr olds nabi, reset etc. Then i got guilty and thought i would get an innotab 3s as something a bit dif. But reading ur comments to others this would be a set back as already more than capable of operating the nabi 2 and android devices. So then i thought maybe the junior version, but im uk and cant find them. So now i dunno. I really would just give him my daughters nabi 2 but then there might be arguments if she wants to play that instead of kindle….what would you do? He is a very advanced almost 3 yr old so not sure the nabi junior will last long. Plus he can play the nabi2′s we already have no maybe the innotab or leappad would be a nice change, but maybe the innotab as has more apps on it as dont want to br buying cartridge after cartridge (even on nabi’s i only download free games lol im tight after spending so much on the devices lol) any help much appriciated thanku. (Ps its the little ones bd on xmas day hence the guilt at not getting him a ‘new’ toy when all others are getting) thx

    • I love Samsung products and have never had any issues with them so I would say find a Galaxy tab 2 on Amazon. As for your younger one idk. If the older one is getting a new kindle fire you might just get a new bumper and do the factory reset. You could save the money and purchase something else. I’m pretty tight as well when it comes to this kind of stuff. If the other one is working I wouldn’t just put it to the side for occasional use. The Nabi Jr is nice but since you don’t have access to the Nick Jr model I wouldn’t go this route.

      • Thanku!! I was looking at either 7 or galaxy tab 2 so thats great. And yes im thinking new cover and get him the tool bench and hoover he wants (obv toy ones). Expensive business this!! Thanku

    • I have a 3 year old and he loves the kindle fire. he stole it from me and since he was so into it I gota new one and gave him my old one. we have Netflix loaded as well as a variety of apps. like angry birds and various educational games, most of them were free so that’s a bonus. I also have some dora and jake episodes downloaded for when WIFI is unavailable. I find that he can navigate pretty good on it. I have lock on purchases (learned the hard way, he ordered 3 seasons of bubble guppies)I also have a good durable case on it for the just-in-case but he hasn’t dropped it, yet lol. I think this will last him longer, as he grows ill swap just out the “free” apps

      • I agree we love our Kindle Fire HD. I want the HDX for Christmas. I used a marware swurve and some screen protectors and so far so good. I also use free apps by 22 learn and other various producers of educational content. FreeTime Unlimited has been great for us and paired with Prime, only my wife uses the iPad mini.

        Thanks for the comment and sharing your experience.

  23. So, perhaps you can help me out. My wife and I have our 12yr old boy who passed his vtech vsmile and vsmile cyber pocket with a whole buncha games 2yrs ago down to our other son who’s now 6 1/2. We just recently bought a samsung galaxy note 10.1 and it’s awesome. Our youngest has been hinting about the leap pad ultra, but I almost think he’ll outgrow it soon. We’ve gotten a few games for both kids on our tablet, and they seem to enjoy them ( deer hunter 2014 perhaps too much) So, would a better option be getting the youngest a tablet of some type instead of the leap pad ultra? And if so, would we go for a nabi? Or is there a different brand you may recommend? Thanks.

    • For a twelve your old I wasn’t sure if you were looking for him as well but you obviously already have a google play account so you might consider something like the regular samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ and add Kids Place App so you have control over what he is using it for. The youngest I would also get something with Google Play which really limits your options but the best one is going to to be the Galaxy Tab 3 kids edition.

      An alternate solution is the Kindle Fires but you would need to root them for Google Play. They have the Amazon AppStore and you could add Prime and FreeTime Unlimited. Those would be good alternates to Google Play and they are really good tablets as well. I wasn’t sure of your budget but you could also use the contact is page and email me with more info.

  24. Can either the leappad or the innotab be loaded with ebooks that I already have downloaded on my own tablet and computer? If so what file formats are they able to handle? Also the same question but with MP3′s?


    • Sorry it took me longer to get to your question. I had to pull out the manuals as I don’t use either of these regularly. The Innotab 3s uses the MP3 in the format of an AVI and so does the LeapPad Ultra. As far as eBooks I couldn’t find any indication that you would be able to access them or which file format they are using

  25. I have a 18 month old and she’s very smart when it comes to electronics and knows how to use my phone and open her apps, i hardly ever have my phone because she’s playing on it. I really am leaning towards the innotab 3s just because I want her to grow into it and I can recharge it! I hate the thought of buying battery’s. I want to know if I HAVE to buy a cartridge for it or if I can just download free apps like I do on my iPhone? And is there a way to lock it so she cant go online. I just want something I can control where she goes and what she does on it! Thank you!

    • You won’t be able to get free apps but you can download the content on the cartridges instead of going to the store to buy them. This is going to be more like a handheld game system mixed with toy and tablet.

      You can jut disconnect wifi so the internet won’t load unless you need to shop.

  26. My son will be 6 in February. he owns an innotab original and loves it. he also plays games on my ipad and iphone. I want to upgrade his tablet. do you suggest the innotab 3s or something else? I like the idea that I can keep the games we already have if we stick with vetch, however I am concered that it won’t be advanced enough for him. what is your thought?

    • I would go Android at this point and start with the Nabi 2, Kindle Fire HD and Kurio 7s. Let me know what questions you have.

      • thanks! do these all use apps only, and what is the typical cost? or do they have game cartridges like the innotab?

        • None of the ones I mentioned use cartridges. The apps generally range from free to $2.99.

  27. Thanks for all your research and comments! Which is the best for transferring or downloading videos/movies/music on to? Right now my son likes looking at our own photos/videos and music videos we have downloaded so I want to make sure I can put some of that onto the tablet as well.

    • Your welcome. When it comes to adding videos etc, I really like either the Nabi Jr or Innotab because they have expandable memory slots. You don’t have to use all your internal memory up to get these videos on the tablet,

  28. I have an almost 2 yr old boy that I was wanting to buy one of these for a Christmas present. I am conpletely undecided now after reading this site. I have a Samsung Note 2 that I download a lot of toddler apps for that he absolutely enjoys playing. Does any of these have this same option lf getting apps from the android market? Also I liked the fact that these two could communicate with cell phones. So basically do any of these that you talk about take pics/videos, “text”, download android apps, have educational games, etc? I liked the fact that these came with apps but im not into having to purchase the cartridges.

    • Your best option is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids. It will have all the same options,

      • Will the nabi jr nick jr have any of those options? I was interested in that one because he loves all the nick hr characters.

        • The Nabi Jr will have the same options but you won’t have Google Play. You will have the Amazon AppStore, Nabi store, and 1 mobile market.

          • Ok thanks so a lot. I dont know much about the amazon store does it come with the option of free apps like the google play offers? Sorry about all the questions I just want to know im getting something worth the money and that my son will enjoy.

  29. I am considering buying the innotab 3s, leappad ultra or nabi jr for my 2 year old daughter. I am mainly interested in educational value and longevity. I have read several of your reviews and still am not sure which way to go. She loves to play on my phone but does not really do anything. She has played on a tablet a few times at her babysitter but not too often. I am just torn which way to go. I really do want to focus on the educational side. She loves Mickey, Minnie, and Princess Sophia. I had looked at the Innotab 3s sophia version. Just interested in your thoughts. Thanks so much.

    • I think for a 2 year old this is probably a good way to go as long as your not worried about investing into the cartridges. They cost quite a bit more but the educational value is very good. When Disney builds an educational curriculum for an Android tablet they will be right where parents want them. No more toys that pose as tablets. I would rather save money on the Innotab 3s and get some extra cartridges then buy the LeapPad Ultra but that’s just me. I think 3 is the age which Android becomes the best option unless your child already has a lot of experience on these devices.

      • She actually just turned 3. I am so used to her being 2. She does not have a great deal of experience but is learning a great deal at daycare. Colors, days of the week, months etc. I just want to make sure I can challenge her but not frustrate her and keep it fun. I am a teacher and this is really important to me to foster learning as a positive. Do you still feel the innotab is best?

        • I would consider the Nabi Jr at 3. Have you seen my videos on this product yet. The included content is quite good. I did get it for my 2 year old nephew but I’m not into spending a lot on cartridges. I like that it doesn’t limit their learning. They have such a large library of lessons but it will require WiFi to use. Get the Nick Jr version. Even if you don’t like Nick content like Dora, you can get rid of it but they revamped this model and it’s actually better than the Nabi 2 in my eyes.

          • Just watched several of your videos. I love the nabi disney. Does that have the upgrades you are talking about that the nick jr has? If not can you add the disney stuff to the nick jr one? Thank you so much for your help and the informational videos.

  30. My sons are 3 (will turned 4 in January) and 7. They both know how to use a computer, but have no experience at all with pads and smart phones. My 4 yo learn very quickly, but my 7 yo is autistic and even if he’s interered by these kind of toys, he finds it difficult to him to manipulate.. I would like to buy one for both of them, but I cant find the best one! we are in Canada (Quebec) and it seems to even complicate the all thing! The Nabi 2 seems interesting to me, but did it’s right that it’s difficult to used for people in outside USA? (because of the stores related to it). THere is the Innotab 3s and the Leap Pad2 too… Any help?? :)

  31. My 2 year old currently plays with my iPad mini. I have downloaded loads of her fav movies so I was looking to buy either the leap pad ultra or innotab3s as a tablet for her to play games. She can use the ipad with ease, from a locked screen she can unlock it and go back and forth between playing app games and tv shows/movies. Would she be bored with the other tablets? Wanted something for her to play with the Disney games!
    Also read somewhere there are problems with the tablets being very slow.
    Good reviews! I like how you have done the table comparison :) Thanks!

    • These 2 tablets are slow in comparison to any of the Android tablets and especially an iPad. Really with a good case you will be safe with most of these kids tablets. As far as Disney Games go your best option would be the Nabi 2 Disney Edition. It has 30 extra Disney apps, books, and videos.

      For my 2 year old nephew I opted for the Nabi Jr Nick Jr because it is more of a toddler tablet and has a lot of the same components. You will be able to do things like Netflix and there are lots of Disney apps on the Amazon AppStore. I’m just not into spending a ton of money on cartridges for a toy when they make tablets for the same age range.

      I’m not sure of your budget but the tablet that will preform closest to an iPad and have lots of kids contents is the New Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids. It runs like every other Galaxy Tab but has all the child safe options.

      • Thanks Ryan :)
        I am from Northern Ireland in the UK so best buys wont ship to me unfortunately :( I will have a look at the Samsung kids tablet.
        Of the other 2 tablets above (vtech and leap frog) which one would be the best for her or are they just too slow and would bore her? There are so many mixed reviews its really hard to know what to do!

        • Forgot to add, I dont mind her using my ipad for videos and movies. It was the educational side of things I was aiming for as the games for vtech and leapfrog would help her with maths, english etc rather than just being a game to play

        • They are slower but if you buy the right games she should still get engaged. Many people swear by the LeapPads and you will have more game and book options. If she is going to use the iPad for movies then that kinda negates the best option the Vtech has over the LeapPad which is expandable memory for movies.

  32. 5 & 9 yr old girls. 9 has an ipod & 5 uses my ipad. she has an Innotab but it does not work half the time 2 yrs old. So wanting to get tablet for 5 yr old. looking at leapfrog ultra but now since she uses my ipad all the time and reading your reviews thinking could get bored. What do you suggest? also looking at getting tablet for 9 year old but she has bad habit of dropping and losing so dont want to spend a ton $ on hers. both are very techy & experienced with the ipads. NEED help very undecided!

    • For the oldest you could try the Kurio 4s which is $99 and a little bigger than an iPhone. It is inexpensive but still has all the options of a tablet. If you wanted to stay with the same theme the Kurio 7s is very nice and educational for your 5 year old. I think she would get bored with the Ultra and you could potentially sink a lot of money into cartridges when she is at the age when an Android tablet will work better.

  33. Hi Ryan,

    Really nice to have this site to go to. So very helpful and informative, even for me who is not so much into the techy stuff! So, I have 3 boys, very smart, actually; the youngest will be 2 in January, the middle one 5 in December and the oldest 10 in a week. They aren’t that into tech, either, because they haven’t really been exposed to them-they enjoy playing subway surfers on my Android phone, but the almost 5 and almost 2 year old also enjoy Disney, especially Mickey mouse clubhouse, Diego, ect. They also (even the 9 yr old still ) enjoy PBS shows like wordgirl, wordworld, etc. Almost 10 year old plays his cousin’s kindle hd when he visits and really likes it, so we thought of getting him one this year . All 3 boys enjoy reading. My husband and I have a very limited budget, but want to get them something educational for Christmas or their birthdays. Games would be a treat for them as well. Limited budget as stated, but I’ve been drawn towards the nubi 2 for my 9 yr old, after reading your advice to the questions and comments. Prior to visiting your site, we thought of getting innotab3s for 4yr old, and would let almost 2yr old share. Please advise. Thanks.

    • If your on a budget both of these tablets are good. The Nabi 2 will be on sell for $99 on Black Friday. Someone else just informed me they will have the Innotab 3s on sale for $79 and you get a $20 gift card which would make it only $59. I haven’t confirmed this but Black Friday ads are circulating. These are the only 2 I have seen this year in the ads that are actually priced under normal retail. Hope this helps.

      Thanks for the question.

      • walmart has the 79 with 20 gift card option bundle. This week only..

        • Great update. I will try to get an easy link up for you guys so everyone can get this bargain.

          Thanks Christina

  34. Thank you so much for this site! I’ve found it very informative and will absolutely pass on to my mom’s groups.

    My question is, The Vtech Innotab3S is on sale at Walmart for $79.96, with a gift card for $20- making it only $59.96. Does this make it a better purchase for twin 5yo boys who’ve had their own (cheap from China) androids for the past 2 years, or should I look at the Nabi 2?

    Thanks for what you do!

  35. Hi, I am comparing the innotab vs leap pad and getting very confused. Looking for a tablet for a 4/5 and a 5/6 year olds which are very techy and love playing games on my iphone, I don’t want them to have something to kiddy or they will get bored. Which one would you suggest?

    • Neither. If they play on an IPhone these will both probably just frustrate them. I would look at the Kurio 7s which has education and games or the Nabi 2. They will function more like an Apple product for around the same price.

      Also if education is not going to play a big role in your decision then the Kindle Fire is going to be the best tablet to get. It has a lot of eBooks for reading and quite a few educational apps but still not the same as Disney Cartridges for these two.

      Thanks for the question and let me know if I can help you further.

      • Can you download games from the internet such as google play or apple store onto either in nota bot leappad?

        • Sorry innotab or leappad?

        • You can only buy through either LeapFrog or Vtech for games, apps, or books for these 2

  36. I have a 2 yo and almost 4yo, we want to get them their own learning tablets. Which would be the best for them? My almost 4yo is great at navigating my iPad. I want them to have access to abcmouse. Thank you.

    • If the 4 yo is using an iPad and you get the LP Ultra or Innotab 3s they will probably be disappointed and get bored easily because of load times. I’m a big fan of the Nabi Jr and Nabi 2. They use the Maxthon web browser and all you have to do is type in the url and then approve with your parental pw and it will be available.

      Your welcome

  37. ok i would like to know which tablet would be best for my 4 year old he needs a learning one also i would like one he can listen to music on with headhones does the nabi have this feature i had the inno tab it was real basic and simple so i was thinkin the leap frog till i came across this and seen the nabi??

    • The Nabi Jr and Nabi 2 just offer so much more besides a basic educational toy. Depending on your budget I would say Nabi 2 but if it’s less than $150 the Nabi Jr Nick Jr is a good substitute. It will also depend on what your child likes as characters to decide which one is best as far as apps are concerned.

      If you give me some more info I can help you further.

  38. Hi, between kurios 7s and nabi 2 which would you go for? If nabi 2 would u wait for the nabi xd release?

    • The Nabi XD is already out and I did a video review on it yesterday.

      The Nabi 2 is a little more durable then the rest so it depends on the age and how rough your child is. I would say if your kids are 5 and older and are careful then the Kurio 7s will work fine. If their not then get the warranty or the Nabi 2 which I still suggest the warranty on because they are still tablets.

      The good thing about the Nabi 2 is they have 2 special editions through Nickelodeon and Disney. I have done video reviews on all of these so it comes down more to your preference like having 2 cameras on the Kurio 7s.

  39. Hello I need help!! I bought the InnoTab 2 for my son’s birthday & he likes it although they came out with the 3s which has wifi & I would prefer something with wifi…After looking at all the reviews I am unsure which to get between the InnoTab 3s & LeapPad Ultra…I will be purchasing for a 2 & # year old so which is best? They like taking pictures, playing games, & recording videos of themselves..


    • 2 & 3 year old sorry for the typo

    • If you already have games and cartridges for the Vtech then I would stay with it. They are very similar except you can expand the memory for more space for movies and videos they make.

      Thanks hoe the c

    • If you already have games and cartridges for the Vtech then I would stay with it. They are very similar except you can expand the memory for more space for movies and videos they make.

      Thanks for the comment and visit.

  40. I’m so confused! I was going to buy tablets for my 2 and 4 year old grandsons for Christmas. After reading your reviews, I was sold on the Nabi 2. I got on Amazon to buy them, and the reviews on there are split. It got 3 stars, 153 reviewers giving it 5 stars, and 112 giving it 1 star. Now I don’t know what to buy. Help! Any idea why so many would rate it so low?

    • A lot of the reviews dealt with the power issues and former customer service issues that Fuhu is since reconciling. They are upgrading the chargers which seem to be an issue with parents and most of the freezing and resetting of the tablet issues come from parents not monitoring the tablets and closing apps which leaves the tablet very constrained. It is like any smartphone or tablet if you overwork it, there will be issues. Close unused apps. They have upgraded a lot since then but it is still a necessity for parents to close apps that are running but not being used. Like your smartphones most of us use an app manager to close our apps or even double tapping the home button on our iPhones to close apps we are no longer using. It is just a best practice to use with technology in general.

      If you look at the Nabi Facebook page they try to reconcile with every parent to help them in any way they can. All of these tablets can have an issue or 2. Last years Meep! had many software issues but this year it is definitely a top 10. Go to the other websites like Walmart and Best Buy as well and see they consistently receive four stars or above. I never pool all my info from one site as it can be skewed or dictated by the provider. I use hands on experience and pool data from all of these sites to get the most well rounded verdict for parents. I gain nothing for pointing you one direction or another.

      Some parents also expect these $200 products to preform like a $700 iPad but spend $500 less, that is an unrealistic expectation. I have held and played with these tablets all year long and your best performers are the Nabi 2, Kindle Fire HD, and Kurio 7s. I have been playing with the new Meep! X2 and have been really impressed but unwilling to commit to it as it has only been here a few weeks with very few parents reviews to corroborate it’s performance. Just because I get one that works correctly doesn’t mean the other 50 million will. I will also have my new Samsung Galaxy 3 Kids Tab next week and will be doing a full review and video on that as well.

      Sorry for such a long response but I have trouble recommending products that have such a short life on the market when there are a few that really shine above the rest and have been around a lot longer with more history.

  41. I am now really confused!! I have a 4 year old daughter that I would like to buy some type of educational, art, photo device for this Christmas. She is not a “gamer” or “techy” like my 6 year old. She has computer experience but no Ipad or android. Because of her attention span and that she is more of a “get up and go” type of person, I do not want to invest a great deal of money as this would be sort of an experiment with her. What would you suggest as my best bet. If she actually uses the device I would be willing to upgrade in a year. Please help and thank you.

    • I don’t really recommend the tablets under $100 because most of them seem to fail in one way or another so lets look at tablets under $150. My top recommendation is the Kurio 7s because of the overall quality of the tablet but at 4 years old you could also get a Nabi Jr Nick Jr and have quite a great tablet with lots of great content.

      Let me know more info about exactly your needs and wants and I will find the best tablet for you. You can contact me directly at the Contact Us page to email me. Sometimes I even have tablets laying around the house that will meet your needs.

      Thank you for the comment and visiting

  42. I’ve read most of your comments and am now leaning towards a Navi product. My oldest just turned 3. He is a whiz on the iPad with tons of apps (educational and otherwise) and enjoys Netflix every once in a while. This is a silly question but how different would the android-based Navi be for him and would you suggest the Navi Jr over the Navi 2?
    Thanks for this review. Extremely helpful!

    • I think it really depends what your child is into. I’m going through the Nabi Jr Nick Jr as we speak and it has a lot of great content for the 2 to 5 year old range. They also updated a lot of components in this new model and I’ll go over that in my video review. I’ll come back in an hour and post a link. This tablet will do everything your speaking about. It is not going to be much different and at his age he is better equipped to learn it than we are.

      Your most welcome and thanks for the comment and Question. I will leave a link very soon and I hope you will share this site with your friends.

  43. Hello Ryan,

    This is my first time on your site…you have done a great job on helping us busy mothers out!!
    Now, here is my question, as I am sure you have been asked this already (yes, there are too many comments and reading through those would take me forever!)
    I have an 18 yr old boy and am very confused as to what to get him (I was sold on the leappad until I came across your site)he loves to learn (very interested in the abc’s, 123′s, words, colours, etc) I was looking at something for him that is more on the ‘educational’ side then the ‘playing games’ side…now I need your help!! you mention the nabi?? I have never heard of that!!
    What would you recommend for an almost 2 yr old that would help him ‘learn’ more??
    thank you in advance for your help and feedback!!!!

    • I like the Nabi Jr more than either of these tech toys. It’s less than the LeapPad Ultra but twice as powerful. I am working on a video review for the Nabi jr nick jr currently. It has some of children’s favorite characters from nick jr plus all of Fuhu’s educational content.

      Not only is their lots of education without having to purchase cartridges but it is functional enough to last your child well into elementary.

      I will be going more into detail about the contents within the tablet when you purchase it so you will have a very clear idea of everything that is possible with this kids tablet.

      • Hello Ryan, just following up with my last message. Like I had said, I was looking at purchasing something ‘educational’ for my almost 2 yr old. He is into colors, numbers, abc’s. I am wondering what you would think is the best for a 2yr old in terms of teaching him new things. He is talking now and understands what certain things are so I want to buy a tablet that is entertaining and basic (if that makes sense)for him as well as teaching him educational things. I dont know anything about these tablets. You were saying that a nabi jr would be a good idea?? have you done your reviews on the nabi jr and nick jr?? what do you think (overall) is a good one to get for a ‘beginner’? I have never heard of either, not sure if they are available in canada??

        Thanks again for all your help!

        • They will be available in Canada starting in December as Fuhu is going to branch out a bit. Here is my review on the Nabi Jr Nick Jr. Your alternates are the Innotab 3s or LeapPad Ultra. They are a bit more expensive in terms of games but if you don’t have WiFi I would be considering these 2 first. They have lots of games and a few for younger kids that will focus on things like shapes and colors. Another alternative is the Vinci which has a curriculum starting at 18 months. The names of these tablets are all linked to their respective views.

          • Thanks for all your help Ryan!!

          • Your very welcome. I appreciate you visiting and anything you have shared with FB and G+. I hope it was really helpful.

  44. hello I have tried to read all comments and still unsure. My daughter will turn two in December, pretty smart cookie if you ask me. I am trying to decide which tablet will work best for her. They seem to do the same. Add on here and there with the Leapfrog. I am torn not sure which one would be best. All questions on this site seem to aim towards same question of what age would be best for a 2 year old. Thanks in advance.

    • Sometimes it is very difficult for me to answer as well. All the boxes say 3 but a lot of parents already hand off their smartphones to keep kids entertained in the car or when need arise. Both of these tablets will work well for a 2 year old. I like the Vtech if you plan on adding movies because of the expandable memory slot. I think by 4 or 5 they will definitely out grow both of these and that’s why I offer an alternative(Nabi Jr) to these tech toys. I think you can squeeze an extra year or two out of this purchase by choosing the Nabi Jr.

      My son stop playing his LeapPad at 4 but he loves his Kindle Fire HD and Nabi 2. I think it more depends on what he is in the mood to do. If you tell me exactly what your intentions and wants from a tablet I can narrow it down pretty easily because they all have different functions and options.

      • Thank you so much for your quick responses. Yes i agree the kids turn the ipads a lot quicker these days. My daughter slides the iphone all day long. Im not sure if i have a preference or a main idea for her to have a certain device. My oldest had the leapster many many years ago so i guess with this day and age the tablet would be in comparison. I appreciate your feedback!

        • Thanks for visiting and commenting. I try to get back with people as quickly as I can. I hope you will recommend us to other moms on your FB or G+.

  45. Hi, I have been reading some of the comments made. I to was also trying to find the best buy for my 5yr old son and was concidering the Inno Tab. But now reading you posts would the Nabi 2 be the better option. He wants it for educational learning but also game play.
    Is this availabe in the UK?

    • 5 is the perfect age to really consider the Android tablets. My son is 5 and he never picks up the LeapPad anymore. He has Almost every tablet on this site available to him and he always asks for his red iPad(Nabi 2).

      The new special edition Nabi 2′s are only available in the US currently but if you check the Nabi 2 review I have Amazon links that will ship to the UK. I have also opened it up to UK if you want a special edition I will pick one and ship it to you at cost.

      Thanks for the comment and don’t forget to share this site with all your friends with FB and G+

  46. Found your website after researching tablets for my kids. My son is 3 1/2 and my daughter is 6 1/2. Both of them have had limited “tech” experiences since we do not own Apple products and the kids only play a few games on our phones. I would really like to get them their own devices but honestly don’t want to spend a ton of money on the very first device they own. On the other hand, I don’t want to buy something they won’t use for very long. Please help.

    • To save some money and get some quality tablets around $100, you could get a Nabi Jr for your youngest and Kindle Fire HD(2nd gen) for your oldest. They are both around a $100 and they would be good starter tablets to see if your kids enjoy them before you make larger investments.

  47. I apologise if this has been asked already but… I’m looking at getting a tablet for my 3 1/2 year old for Christmas and was debating between the Innotab and the LeapPad as I had never heard of the Nabi Jr (maybe it’s not available in Canada?) My son is very used to playing games on my iPod touch (so a very small screen) and his dad’s Android phone (a bigger screen). I was leaning towards the LeapPad just because of the number of apps so how does the Nabi compare that way? If it’s an Android tablet, would it have the same apps that we can get for the phone or is there a greater selection of educational apps or ??? Sorry again if this has all been answered already – not enough time to read all the comments!

    • I always respond to my comments. The visitors are what makes this website what it is. You will have access to a lot of the same apps on the Nabi Jr that are on your husbands Android phone. It is not google play but you will have the Amazon AppStore, Nabi store, and mobi go. As far as the educational content, it is very extensive. It runs from kindergarten to 5th grade and has several lessons in each grade and quizzes for them to take. There are also additional educational games for prek and several games included. If you go to my nabi jr review you will find buying options that will ship to Canada.

      I hope I have answered all your questions and that you will share this website with other parents via Facebook or google plus.

      Thanks for the comment and the visit

  48. I apologize for asking what might seem to be a redundant question, but I also am looking to purchase either the LeapPad or Innotab for my 2 1/2 year old. After reading your many great reviews, I am sold on the Leap Pad. My only concern is that on the box for Innotab it states age appropriate for 3+ and the Leap Pad states for age 4+. Does that matter? They seem very similar. Thanks!

    • I don’t know the exact reason they changed it this year because it has always been 3 to 9 but my theory is that it is a larger 7 inch screen is not quite as durable as the 5″ screen it has always come with. The cartridges are still all designed for 3+ and I think they are just covering themselves in case a 3 year old breaks it they will not be held responsible.

  49. I’m sorry if I’m repeating a question that has already been asked and answered, but I’m super confused. I have just turned 5 year old twins and I was originally looking at buying them the leappad ultra for Xmas, but then I thought I should look at Innotab. After reading quite a few of your comments, I am now thinking maybe Nabu would be better suited. The things is, even though they are twins, my son is a bit more advanced than my daughter, and so maybe a Nabu would suit him better and Leappad for her? Would you ever suggest 2 different tablets in the one household, or is that just me being ridiculous? Thanks in advance for your thoughts :)

    • This is just my opinion based on my sisters twins. You almost have to get them the sames thing because if you get your daughter a LeapPad Ultra but then she wants to play all the cool Android games your son’s tablet has then they will be fighting over his tablet. For 5 year old children it is time to move up to Android especially since they are charging more for the LeapPad then these much more powerful kids tablets like the Nabi Jr and Nabi 2. Both will work great for your children but I would buy the Nabi 2 because it will have a longer life span for your children, say age 10 or older, as opposed to the Nabi jr that they may grow out of at 8 or 9. I hope this answers your questions and that this site has been really helpful and you will share via Facebook or Google +.

      I find almost every situation a parent has asked me to be slightly different and therefore possibly have a different answer. Thank you for visiting and asking a question.

      • Thanks so much for the help. I will now look at the Nabi2 x 2 for them both. I really appreciate the help and will definitely recommend this site to others. Cheers xx

        • I really appreciate it and your very welcome. I just try to put all the information together to make things easier on parents. When I was searching I went to 50 different websites and got way to many conflicting reviews. I just try to put the facts in front of parents and hopefully sell a few tablets along the way. Your children will be very happy with these tablets.

  50. I am looking for a tablet that will keep my triplets entertained on long flight they are 17 months old would what would be the best tablet?

    • Are you planning on purchasing one for each of your children? My first thought would be something that will entertain them with movies and games. The second thought is you need something that will run for a good 9 to 10 hours while they are not sleeping. Honestly none of these tablets really fit your situation. The Kindle Fire HD has a long battery life and it’s very easy to add movies to. You could also get the FreeTime unlimited which will have lots of stuff you could use with or without WiFi. Wasn’t sure if it would be available to you on your flight. That’s my best suggestion.

  51. We have a 3 year old that has been using the iPad with us since he was 18 months, but now he wants to use by himself and we prefer to get him something more appropriate for his age. We were thinking of the InnoTab and Leappad, but now you mentioned another option. Do you think it would be better for us to get him the Android Nabi 2?

    Thank you so much for your review!

      • So I noticed they have a Nabi Jr ages 3-6 and the Nabi 2 ages 7-10… which one should I get him? He just turned 3. Sorry for all the questions, and thank you for the quick response.

        • The Nabi 2 is actually 4 to 40 and the Nabi Jr is 3 to 9. Either one will do. The biggest difference is the Nabi Jr is 5″ and the Nabi 2 is 7″. The Nabi 2 is just more powerful and a little quicker. If he likes Disney characters then I would go with the new Nabi 2 Disney Special Edition.

  52. I’ve been looking up reviews about kids tablets and your website is extremely helpful. My daughter is 4 1/2 years okd and she absolutely loves playing on my phone and watching Netflix. I was looking at getting her the leappad ultra. But would the nabi 2 be better.? I don’t want to spend money on one that she will eventually get bored with. I want something that will keep her entertained but also educational, which is more important to me. She knows how to operate both android and apple products but i want something thats durable. Which would you recommend.

    • i would definitely go with the Nabi 2 in your situation. You can have Netflix and education. If she is already familiar with operating touch screens then she will love it. It will also last a lot longer for her because this tablet is good until a kid just wants something new. Check out the home page too, Nabi has released some special edition tablets for Christmas this year.

    • Thank you. Since the Nabi is an android tablet, does it have the google play store or is there any way to getting it on the tablet to be able to download apps.? I know my baby cousin has one and his parents had a hard time with this and it turned out they could inly have the Amazon market which has been a problem. I think the inly reason I’ve been “iffy” about getting is because I’ve been reading reviews saying that the screen tends to freeze a lot, battery life is not all that, and the charging port seems to go bad frequently on them. Have you heard of any of these complaints

      • It doesn’t have google play available. You have the amazon store and the Nabi store. As far as freezing I haven’t heard or verified any of that to be true. I know there were some issues with the nabi jr and nabi 1 charging originally but they have since fixed those components with the newer models that are in production.

        The only way to add google play to these closed system tablets is to get a program like es file explorer and loading pages of code interrupt the block they come with.

        The only open source kids tablets I am aware of are the clickN kids tablet, Vinci kids tablets, and XO kids tablet by OLPC. This is a common way kids tablet companies make up for not profiting much off the tablet sale itself.

  53. I am trying to decide between the nabi jr nick jr edition and the nabi 2 Disney edition for my daughter who just turned 2 for Christmas The nabi jr is appealing because she is very fond of Bubble Guppies Dora etc but she also does like Mickey just wondering if nabi jr is good investment or should I just go ahead and get her nabi 2 with the mindset it would grow with her longer? Can’t decide if her current love of nabi jr characters that I know would draw her in enough of a reason to purchase over nabi 2?

    • I can definitely see her moving to the Nabi 2 in a couple years but don’t doubt the power of the new Nabi Jr. They totally revamped the Nabi Jr Nick Jr edition. It has a better processor and a ton more memory and content then the regular one did, plus they added a Tegra 3 Processor and doubled the RAM. Either way would work but I personally would invest in the Nabi Jr because she is 2 and then move to the Nabi in 2 or 3 years. By then they will have even more available content, and probably a brand new Nabi 3.

      • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your input by far the most comprehensive reviews of the tablets of these kind I have found and I have really searched! Thank you thank you Will be purchasing nabi jr nick jr edition

        • Your so very welcome and I am glad to have been helpful. Please share with your friends. We are still a new resource for parents and we can only grow with the help of our current parents. I’m trying to save parents from having to search so many places and get them all the information they need to make a more informed purchase.

  54. Love all the info, Thank You! My only question is, is either tablet more durable as far as being dropped, or lets face it thrown around. We really to purchase something to get our 2 yr old off our labtops but he’s so rough on stuff!

    • I haven’t actually read any consumer reviews about either tablet being easily broken but I have heard some parents express they liked the feel or the back better on the leapPad Ultra. Both of these tablets also have a silicon like case that will help protect it and make it easier to handle. Can’t really say whether I would choose either of these tablets just based upon durability.

      Sorry I can’t be more helpful but thanks for the question and comment.

    • I’m not sure on theses particular pads but, My daughter has the leappad 2 and She has dropped it a couple of times. Even on the kitchen floor from a distance and it still works great!

      • The major difference is going to be that the LeapPad Ultra is 2″ bigger which means it requires a tougher screen to be just as durable as previous models. Both of these tablets have great track records as far as durability but that doesn’t mean they are indestructible and kids should still be taught handle with a degree of cautiousness.

        Thanks for leaving your experiences for other parents.

  55. Hi Ryan thanks for your comments on the Innotab3s and LeapPad Ultra,my 6yrs son has the lp2 but looking at the Lp Ultra to get him for Xmas. It sound the better of the 2 tablets,but hope leapfrog would bring out a new one with inprovment to the memory from 8gb to 32 or 64gb so you can have more space for movies, music and videos,hope it would come out for xmas. Thank you.

    • The LeapPad Ultra is this years Christmas model. It was released in August of this year. I doubt we will see any changes like that anytime soon. You might consider the Nabi 2 if your looking for a mix of movies and education .

  56. Hi firstly fantastic website, I came on here all confused and with your help I am nearly there with my decision. I have a 4 year old boy and I want him to have his own pad to play educational games on and grow with him. I started off between the leappad ultra and the innotab 3s however I am now on the nabi2 after reading all your comments. I just want to ask first of all do you think this is a good idea for what we want, how can I buy it in the uk as Walmart don’t ship to the uk and more importantly how do I buy the games and apps for the device. My son is into disney( planes cars mickey etc) do they have anything along these lines. I am so use to walking into a shop and buying a cartridge the downloading apps is a bit alien to me but I do understand it if I have a site I can go to buy. Thank you in advance for your help Debra

    • Thank you and they released a Nabi 2 Disney edition through Best Buy. I’m not sure if they ship to the UK. I’m seriously considering picking up some of these tablets and shipping them to my visitors. I don’t really understand why Fuhu chose companies that won’t ship overseas. I have had other requests for the Nabi 2 Nickelodeon and Disney edition. If you don’t mind paying for the shipping I will stop and get one and ship it to you. I really think you will get more for your dollar through the Nabi 2. Feel free to use the Contact Us page and email me.

  57. Hello, I first wanted to say this is by far the most helpful site yet, thank you. However, I am still somewhat confuse in what to get. I have a 5 1/2 and 3yr old who both love to take pix, videos, listen to music and of coarse play and learn. Which one would be my best investment for each? Hope you can help clarify and understand :). Thanks

    • Thank you and to answer your question either of these will do all of the functions you mentioned. Your 5 1/2 year is going to outgrow both of these in a year or two. I think you would be much better off to invest in the Nabi 2 for your older child. It doesn’t have a rear camera but it is by far the best kids tablet available this year. Instead of getting 2 LeapPad Ultras at $300 you could get an Innotab 3s and a special edition Nabi 2 for the same price. They recently released a Disney edition and Nickelodeon edition.

  58. Hi Ryan, great site dude. I am also in two minds which tablet to purchase for my 3 year old, either innotab 3s or leappad ultra. I have read somewhere that you may need to purchase a digital download card for the leappad ultra costing around £15.00. Does this have to be purchased to be able to purchase apps? If so, is this the same for the innotab 3s? Thanks

    • The digital download cards are purchasable to give you money to spend on your account. You can set up your account with both Vtech and LeapFrog and they can bill you for your purchases directly through your bank. Your actually better off getting these cards from Amazon. Check out this link where you get $20 for under $15 in real cash.

      I hope this helped and thanks for the compliment. I have been working real hard on it.


      • That’s great, thanks buddy

        • Your certainly welcome and thanks for the comments. Have a great day!

  59. I was wondering which would be better for my son that will be 18 months at Christmas? He is really big into Mickey Mouse and all things Disney with a few PBS and Nick Jr. I want something that will grow with and be educational. Thanks!

    • Actually Katie they have released an Innotab 3s bundle for boys that you will find located on this page and is a mickey mouse bundle. They have also released a nabi jr nick jr. If long term is your goal then I would go with the new nabi jr nick jr, This product should last him until he is at least 6 and probably even longer.

      • Thank you! I actually just found out that Nabi 2 has a Disney version exclusive to Best Buy. I may go with it! Great site. Thank you for your help.

  60. Hi, I just can’t make up my mind between innotab 3s or leapad ultra, its for my boy for Xmas he will b nearly 3& a half, he is always on my iPhone & loves all games, educational & general. I gave him an old Nintendo ds I had but he struggles wiv that cos not touch screen & using left/right arrows/buttons just didn’t work:( I like the innotab cos of expandable storage for movies is great:)) where I have an iPhone can either of the devices send pic’s or connect with that kid connect app(it says to smartphone or tablet) but what about iPad or iPhone???? Also do either device need left/right more than touch or stylus?? I av looked at so much info on both & still can’t decide, please help :)

    • I used the general term of smartphone or tablet and should have been more specific. It is compatible with iPhone 4 iOS 5 or android 2.3.3 or greater. Both also have G Sensor games and controller pad games. I’m sure this isn’t helping you much but if you want to add movies then go with the Innotab 3s because it has expandable memory.

  61. I have a 9 year old and we are trying to decide on a tablet to get her for Christmas. I have looked at the Kurio and Nabi but can’t decide. I want something that she can grow with considering her age and not wanting to have to buy a new system in a few months due to her out growing it. I was also wondering if I should just get her a regular tablet. She is a avid reader so I also looked at a Nook also. *I have decided after reading your post to get my 2 year old the Innotab 3s.Thanks so much for the reviews on them!

    • Your welcome. I think your 100% on the right track. The kurio 7s and nabi 2 would be great for her. In my opinion 9 is still to young to have free reign over the internet and both of these have great web filtering programs. I think another really great option is going to be one of the new kindle fires. If you want a really great tablet the new HDX has literally amazing specs but they are $239. Plus there are lots of options for free books with the kindle fires. My son has one of last years HD models and you can get a new 32 GB right now for around $120. All of these tablets will be great for her well into her teens. I still use the Kindle Fire HD for web surfing because they have the fastest WiFi available.

      I wasn’t sure of your budget but I figured if you were thinking about $200 on a Nabi then the new HDX was relatively close and in my opinion it is easily one of the top 3 tablets produced this year.

      Thanks for your comment and I hope this helped you.

  62. Thanks for all the info! I do have a couple questions, or at least asking for some advice. I’m looking at the innotab vs the leap pad. I have a daughter that is 4. She has a phyicisal disability…she has cerebral palsy. We have an iPad now, but wanting something more durable for her. I also am shopping for my 6yr old son. He has some difficulty reading, and thinking I may splurge and purchase them both the same unit, and we can share cartridges. What is some insight that you may have that can help with this desicison? Thanks so much!!

    • Actually both of these tablets would be great for your children. Most of the games come with free E-books that encourage children to read fun stories like Toy Story and Madagascar. If you don’t mind buying different tablets the new Clickn Kids tablet has very focused phonics software(Looney Tunes) for your 6 year old boy and it will be better for an elementary school child because it will grow with him for many more years. For your daughter I think either tablet would work really well for her. They are both very durable but if she is used to the iPad I can see her being very disappointed in their performances. The Nabi 2 is a super durable Android tablet and is for 4 years and up. It has lots of educational programs and they just released a Nickelodeon edition. I left you a few links to explore some more options. You won’t go wrong with any of these options I have suggested. Let me know if you need anything else.

      Thanks for the comment.

  63. I have a 5 yr old nephew and a 6 yr old son who live in 2 different states. I was looking for something that they could use to communicate easier with and also possibly play games together long distance. I was looking at the innotab3s because of its new messaging and didnt know if the leappad ultra had the same feature. Also my nephew had an innotab already. Will those games be complatible with the new innotab3s? My son has a leapster explorer which im sure those games arent compltaible with the ultra.

    • Actually both are compatible with cartridges for previous models. The leapPad ultra will probably be your best bet for the situation you described. It has some peer to peer games coming out just for the ultra so they could actually play and talk via wifi.

      Thanks for commenting

  64. Hi

    With regard to processor in both the innotab 3 and LP ultra, have you experienced any lag caused by apps or certain tasks run on either of them?

    I have read elsewhere that the LP ultra has quite a good processor.

    Also, how quickly will the memory start to fill if just using cartridge games for the LP ultra?

    Do you also know if any games will be made especially for the LP ultra as I know it is capable of better graphics than the previous LP’s as it has had screen and better processor?

    My daughter is 2 1/2 but is quite advanced so I am interested in the content available from LP.


    • Usually the lag comes from the apps. The reason you see it more in the LeapPad ultra is it has an 800 x 480 screen and is 7″ with a 800 MHz processor. The nabi 2 has 1.3 Tegra quad core processor for the same pixel density. The more visual effects In a game will cause this. It can also be caused by firmware issues. The innotab 3s runs a 800 MHz processor as well but only has a 5″ screen so less likely to have the same issue. You really just can’t expect these learning tablets to run like an iPad or even the high end android tablets. That is why the price is so different. If you want something with very little lag I would check out the nabi 2 or kindle fire HD.

      If your going to use cartridges mainly, then your memory won’t fill up fast at all. If your adding movies etc then you could only get about 4 on the leapPad ultra. The only other things that require memory are when you download ebooks and you could probably buy every ebook from leapfrog and not run out of memory.

      I have not spoken to a leapfrog representative so I couldn’t tell you every game that will be different but they will have some games like the new peer to peer games that will only be available to the ultra because previous models did not have wifi.

      I hope this has clarified some of your questions and feel free to leave any other inquiries.

      Thanks for visiting

  65. thank you this has been very helpful as I have been trying to figure out which one to get my son (who will be 3 in November) for Christmas and while I am leaning towards the leap pad now I am still confused as to weather the Nabi Jr may be better. I noticed you can download Netflix on the Nabi Jr. that isn’t possible on the leap pad as well is it?

    • The LeapPad Ultra and Innotab 3s are not built like an Android tablet. They will not do a lot of the same things. The main purpose of these tablets is for educational games and books.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting

  66. Your very welcome. I hope your daughter enjoys her new tablet.

  67. Hi Ryan,
    My daughter is almost two and I was going to get her the Innotab3s until I saw your review. Now I am confused as to which one I should get her. I want the tablet mainly for learning and playing games but I also want her to be able to take pitcures, watch movies/videos and down load things.
    Which tablet would you recomend?

    • The innotab 3s will work fine for all of that. The leapPad ultra has more content available and has a nicer screen is the main reasons I like it. The innotab 3s is getting 4 and a half stars at amazon so many consumers are really happy with it. Check out the post on the home page “buy a kids tablet”. Those fairie bundles are selling really well and you get some games with it.

      • Thoses are the main reasons I am confused. (The content available and nicer screen).
        Learning wise which one would you choose for your son’s.

        • The innotab 3s will work fine. The nicer screen actually puts a lot more work on a 800 MHz processor that can cause freezing. Plus you will get the expandable memory option with the innotab 3s for movies. As far as content they use the same publishers and you won’t be disappointed with vtechs selection. Leapfrog has just been around more years and has more content but I wouldn’t let that be your deciding factor. If it was my son I would save $50 and get some games or a bundle with my innotab 3s.

          • Thank you very much. You have been very helpful.

  68. Hi there, great information! Trying to decide between an innotab 3s or leappad ultra for my nearly 5year old daughter. Lots of reviews say the lp ultra is slow and freezes, have you experienced this and is one quicker than the other for general play use? Thanks

    • Realistically they are both kinda slow. I read a review the other day that compared them to an iPad and these are totally different products at 1/4 the cost. The reason the leapPad ultra freezes more is it is a bigger screen with higher resolution being ran by the same speed processor.

      I really would recommend the nabi 2($179) or kindle fire HD($110). If you were to get a kindle then they have a case called the marware swurve and my 5 year old son’s doesn’t have a scratch or crack. These are better general use tablets that operate a lot better

  69. Hi Ryan
    Thanks for your feedback, just one more thing, is the nabi 2 Nickelodeon Edition being released in the uk??

    Thanks once again

    • The nabi 2 nick edition is exclusive to walmart so if they will ship it then you will be able to get one. If you really want one and they won’t ship it I will pick it up and ship it to you if you paypal the shipping costs and total cost of the tablet. Contact me via email on the contact us page.

      Thanks for visiting and doing your research with us. Feel free to let me know if you need anymore help.

  70. I have a 2 year old that is fascinated with tablets, like most toddlers. But i want an educational tablet for him. Which tablet has better quality between the innotab3 and ultra ? I’m even considering the innotab2 and leapfrog 2. What would you recommend out of these 4 ?
    I’m over all looking for something to where movies can be transferred, good quality, and durable if dropped or thrown. Also a good variety of educational games. I’m planning on purchasing cartridges, But what games come with ? Thanks !

    • If your wanting to add movies the Innotab 3s would be best of the four because it has an expandable memory slot and movies can eat up the 4 or 8 GB the other tablets have. Also they are just releasing a new Mickey Mouse Bundle which will give you the basic apps plus the read play and create cartridge and the 2 Mickey Mouse games. You can check out this bundle and all the features here.

  71. Which one has the most apps at the best prices ? Can you get the netflix app on ether one ?

    • The cartridge prices are nearly the same because they are produced by the same companies like Disney. LeapFrog has more choices though. Netflix is going to be an option for only the Android tablets. You might consider the Nabi Jr or Nabi 2 if you want Netflix and a great learning tablet.

  72. Hi Ryan
    Firstly I must say what an extremely helpful site you have here and your review is 2nd to none! My daughter is 41/2 years old and I’m looking to get her something like this for Xmas, what would be my best option? LeapPad ultra or Nabi 2?
    Thanks for your help

    • It really excites me to know that people enjoy this site and that they are getting good information from it. I would go with the Nabi 2 for a couple reasons. The educational content is very good on Android devices and about 10% of the cost. Also with the new LeapPad’s price at $150 I would save an extra 30 and get a fully functioning Nabi 2. Also if your daughter likes Nickelodeon then Nabi 2 has just released a special edition kids tablet with a ton of extra software for only $20 more.

      My son is 5 and loves his Kindle Fire and has no issues operating inside of the kids program and your daughter will have the same experience with the Nabi 2.

      Thanks for your comment and compliment.

  73. What a helpful site! I have a 10 year old and 12 year old and they are a little behind in their reading skills. I was considering getting them 2 different brand tablets so they have different options and they can trade off now and then. Nevertheless, you mentioned games I believe they can play with each other if they have the same kind of tablet. Did I understand that right? So I guess my question is, what is your opinion for helping reading skills via one of these tablets and is it clearly smarter to get both children the same tablet? Pros or cons? Thanks!

    • The LeapPad Ultra and Innotab 3s are actually designed for pre-k to 9 so I don’t think your children would get a lot of value for your 2 kids considering they are 10 and 12. I think the best options would actually be a couple Android tablets. The Kurio 7s has some learning curriculum but it cuts off at the 6th grade. I think your best 2 options are the Nabi 2 or the Meep x2 which is brand new to the market. It recently passed all the FCC requirements and will be available online and in stores very shortly. I will be adding a review about the x2 shortly but here is a link to the Meep! site. The last option would be a Kindle Fire HD and the reason I would say that it is probably a great option is because of the vast quantity of access to books through Amazon that I think you could find plenty of books that would interest them enough to read. It has a built in dictionary and reader as well.

      Thanks for the comment and the compliment. If you have any other questions be sure to let me know.

  74. This may sound dumb, but can you download regular apps like Disney Jr.?

    • That’s a great question actually. Disney Junior is actually a web based service and not an app so the only way to get it is to have a kids tablet that has internet access. I would pick a tablet that would have good WiFi connection and a good processor to run Disney Junior if that is important to you. Some great options would be the Nabi 2, Kindle Fire HD, or Kurio 7s.

  75. Can you go to Netflix and Zoodles on both of these tablets?

    • Unfortunately no you can’t. One of the big drawbacks to going with the learning tablets is they don’t offer any of the perks of an Android tablet. Zoodles on the other hand is part of the Ematic FunTab company. Many of the kids tablet companies only offer their own individual kids program because that is how they integrate their parental controls as well. If you want a kids program and the ability to access programs like netflix then I would look at the Nabi or Kurio kids tablets.

  76. I’m actually looking to run out today & p/u one of these! My daughter just turned 3 & even though we love what the Leap Pad Ultra has to offer what we do like is the capability of transferring movies/videos via software to the Innotab….unless you are able to do so with the Leap Pad? I’m sure you’re familiar with this being a parent……grabbing our iPhones while at restaurants & long trips while you can get some peace & quiet thus enjoying the “experience”! I did hear from reviews regarding the Innotab’s performance that your child will grow old during loading times which makes us lean towards the LP???

    • The new LeapPad Ultra does give you the option to transfer movies. It only has 8 GB of memory and is not expandable so you would have to choose her favorite 2 or 3 movies. For a 3 year old it is a great tablet and I haven’t seen many complaints about this tablet yet. Probably the best buy if you don’t mind spending the extra money for cartridges and education is your primary concern.

      I would read the Nabi 2 review as well. If your going to spend $150 then for $180 you can get what I consider to be the best all around tablet. It does have expandable memory and a really great platform for parents and children to interact with it. It says 4 to 40 on age group but it is set up very similar to the LeapPad Ultra and I don’t foresee your daughter not being able to use the picture icons to get into the apps and games.

      Those would be my 2 recommendations and I think if you watched the drop test video and the specs video on the Nabi 2 you would even be impressed with how well it runs, comparable to my iPad mini and Kindle Fire HD. I believe you can find a good bundle pack at Walmart for the Nabi 2 as well. If you don’t find the bundle pack at the store you can use the Walmart option on this site and use the site to store option.

      I hope I have helped you and feel free to send me any other questions.

  77. Do you recommend the Nabi Jr over the Leappad Ultra or Innotab? I’m looking for a young 3 year old. I’m looking mostly for educational content and durability.

    • If those are your two primary concerns and your child is 3 then the leappad ultra is your best buy. I think they have the best educational content overall as they have been in business longer than both Vtech and Fuhu. It’s more expensive but that is the tablet I got my son to aid in his preK training 2 years ago.

  78. from reading reviews of previous versions of these devices i have read that videos and music can be copied onto the innotab, but not the leappad, Is this still the case with the latest versions?

    • Actually you can now copy movies and music over to both of these tablets. I like that LeapPad Ultra has added this option but with only 8 GB of memory and no way to expand you would literally have to pick your favorite 2 movies and leave the rest of the space for apps and games you download. This is one of the main reasons I like the Innotab better is the ability to expand it’s memory by 32 GB. If you have no intentions in taking advantage of these features then you should be able to get by with the 8 GB of memory. If you purchase the LeapPad Ultra I would recommend getting the cartridges online as opposed to just downloading them because your memory will quickly fill up and you will be going through the tedious job of deciding what to keep and what to delete.

      A great question and thanks for the comment!

  79. I really appreciate the comment. I realized when I was researching kids tablets,to buy one for my son, that I was probably not the only one who is struggling with what to buy. When you make an investment like this you want a good experience. I hope you found everything you needed and if there was something in particular I might have left out feel free to let me know so I can add it.

  80. Fantastic website. It is so difficult to know what to look for when buying this type of product. You have taken a lot of the guess work out of buying. A valuable insight to parents everywhere. Excellent work, thank you very much. Mark.

  81. does the leappad ultra has the touch screen like the innotab?

    • Yes it does and from most parents perspectives they said it was more responsive than the innotab as well.The LeapPad Ultra is also 2″ bigger and full HD. Thank you for your comment and visit.

  82. With regards to content, do these tablets typically focus on cloud based content like Amazon or Google Play, or downloadable content + content via portable memory? It seems that streaming might be a pain if you have a slow internet connection, but constantly reloading cards could also be time consuming with the way kids consume movies and games.

    • That is an excellent question that is maybe not clear in the article. They both sell cartridges that are like a handheld entertainment system like Nintendo ds or they also have content that is downloaded and stored in the physical memory. That is why I mentioned the option to expand the memory so you won’t have to manage it all the time. The wifi is mainly for the downloading process, peer to peer games, and sending emails or texts to parents. Thank you for a great question and feel free to leave any more you have. Thanks for visiting kids tablets with wifi

  83. How durable is this thing? Will it stand up to being dropped down a flight of stairs or being thrown against the wall in a temper tantrum?

    • Most certainly will.Both of these tablets are very durable. I’ve researched nearly 30 tablets designed just for kids and have never seen anything like the Nabi 2 though. I’m starting to think they filled it with superglue so no components move. Only the LeapPad and InnoTab are even close to the durability the Nabi 2 offers. I’m surprised the screen is so sturdy and yet responsive. If you have a rough and tumble type of kid then the Nabi 2 is your definite buy. It is so close to a full Android tablet and can actually be rooted to full Android capabilities and yet it is still more durable then the toddler tablets. The wings program is great for learning as well and it offers everything these 2 tablets do as well.

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